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  1. And as I recall NI won vs England that night as we practically jogged back from stadium to try catch some of the game only to find Hungary(?) vs Sweden on TV and a pub full of Swedes!
  2. Know the square root of feck all about the NBA but knew who he was. Surprised to read he once scored 81 points in a game, and that is not even the most scored by a player in a single game!!
  3. RIP Terry. Do agreed with thplinth, never understood what all the fuss was about with MP, however their films were much better.
  4. Did Killie not get him from Luton, who I believe are in the division above Oxford? Seems a strange choice, but no doubt treble his wage...
  5. Probably because she is not the A typical royal bride. Also not so long ago Harry was the wee rascal that no one really bothered with unless he was have pool parties, pumping burds and dabbling in illicit substances.
  6. He is just new to the role. All he is doing is looking after the flock, if you pardon the pun, by speaking out about the failure to overturn a pretty obvious error on the part of the officials - lets the fans understand that he has their back so to speak and will challenge poor decision making.
  7. With all the rumours surrounding Cosgrove, could that of been his last game for the club??
  8. Must mean they are doing away with the new pics every 2 yrs? Shame as current photo is simply awful, head looks larger than the chap from Hellboy/Blade.
  9. UEFA should just grow a pair and ban them. The idea that the Euros are not a major sporting event is just bollocks.
  10. I think initially FIFA looked at increasing the number of teams for 2022 but the Qatar infrastructure would not be able to cope with this so canned until 2026.
  11. Never read the article, this the same Arthur Blank that owns the Atlanta Falcons (NFL)?
  12. Sure Talkshite mentioned that because of the number of nations that where expected to qualify due to seeding but didn't the nation league playoffs will become a farce.
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