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  1. Work with a few Airdrie fans and it is all about Motherwell, don't talk about a rivalry with Albion.
  2. Not checked but imagine the money paid back to the tv people was less than the prize money received, and then you have all the other associated costs of restarting the season.
  3. You know why, they could afford to wait until now - Scotland couldn't.
  4. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18512000.robert-snodgrass-opens-door-scotland-return-admits-love-see-scott-brown-retirement/ Oh my...
  5. Pretty much what Doncaster said recently, asking what it would take for any kind of reconstruction to take place but based on the concept of 14-14-??.
  6. So why does the rest of the top flight start in a different league from Celtic and Rangers if they choose to enter a B team?
  7. Likewise but this coronavirus is taking that to new levels!!
  8. Strong belief that the virus has been around for some time now. Wife was in West coast US last autumn. 3/4 weeks after returning she came down with something akin to flu but it lasted for weeks, and when corona symptoms started to be made known she felt it was very similar to what she suffered 2/3 months prior. Also read somewhere that Stanford publish stuff about people already having antibodies for covid in California area despite never having the virus.
  9. Whilst we bicker about who is better, or worse, Boris or Nicola, it could be worse... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-52627604/trump-spars-with-asian-american-reporter-over-nasty-question
  10. A typical politician's answer, no answer!
  11. https://youtu.be/NVwL2sjayyQ Fast forward 29 mins 👍
  12. Just caught the chap from County Durham asking the minister if they should follow advice from Nicola rather than Downing St as Edinburgh is closer!! 🤭🤭
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