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  1. Sure I read somewhere that from next season the US PGA is moving to May to accommodate TV scheduling, thus making the Open the last major of the golfing year - basically April to July there will be a major each month. Apparently also moving other big tournaments on the PGA calendar as they clash with the NFL.
  2. Hibs took a wee gamble with the fact that Celtic wouldn't be McGinn only bidders by playing him in Europe, essentially de-valuing him for Celtic and therefore making their pursuit a little less persistent - allowing McGinn to head south, and probably for bigger fee.
  3. shaggycoo

    Europa league qualifiers

    You gave them 10 points last season and still finished above them so might be logic in that!!
  4. shaggycoo

    EPL players price tags?

    I would like to think that a % sell on clause is a given for a player of that age...
  5. shaggycoo

    EPL players price tags?

    We all know that if that is true then Aberdeen will take the £6m.
  6. That is what I am getting at, born and raised in England, played for England at every level bar full international - just need to accept he is not Scottish.
  7. He has yet to earn a full international cap I believe so could easily reverse his decision and choose to play for Scotland, but given he has played for England from schoolboys to U21 why would he? If he is good as everyone says then England will call soon enough.
  8. Maybe Bryan felt that he should of played more times than he did for Scotland and has a wee chip on his shoulder?! Regardless, has Angus not represented England at every level?? Where was the SFA when all that was going on??
  9. shaggycoo

    Russia 2018

    Fear that this could end up the same way with Kieran Tierney at Celtic. Should really be looking to make the next step but given he is an uber fan of the club can really see him being there to try and win 10 IAR before even contemplating another move...
  10. Aberdeen apparently flashing the cash: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/aberdeens-500-000-bid-for-striker-rejected-bgbvksvgj Should just of bought Louis Moult last year.
  11. I thought that had already been decided, all 3 would automatically qualify.
  12. shaggycoo

    Russia 2018

    Would also say that the Barcelona team he plays in is not only superior to Argentina, but they also get to train with him on a daily basis and therefore better at utilising his talents and are able to play when he doesn't have the ball.
  13. Think all the paper talk about Tav going to the greatest league in the world for multiple millions of pounds has made them look for a replacement...
  14. Also going to cause problems with fixtures as we'll have odd numbers for the groups. Given the time differences between the East and West coasts they need to look at playing 4 games a day, but even at that you would be faced with at least 8 days between games during the groups...