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  1. shaggycoo

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    Apparently carrying an ankle knock...
  2. shaggycoo

    league cup

    Yeah, loved the bit about Aberdeen fans not being able to behave. We all know that this is not the reason why Glasgow's finest want the fans from the early game out of town ASAP!!
  3. shaggycoo

    league cup

    Also add in the fact with it being a weekend the likelihood for fans without tickets, especially from an old firm persuasion, travelling into Glasgow to join in with the festival of football. Could be a lot more than 100k football fans gracing the streets of Glasgow that day...
  4. shaggycoo

    league cup

    Yep, especially if the game goes to extra time and penalties. In that case there will be a serious lack of public transport anywhere let alone back to Edinburgh...
  5. Another example of lazy journalism or is it the usual media attempts to do old firm work for them, unsettle the lad in the hope his head might be turned towards a move?? What do Aberdeen fans rate as a fair price?? £10m straight up?? £5m + Christie + Morgan?? Something else??
  6. Had heard Stubbs was trying to get him, obviously to play not manage!!
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3094218/scott-mckenna-celtic-aberdeen-offer-transfer-news-first-bid/ And so it begins...
  8. Need better bait than that.
  9. Sure I read somewhere that from next season the US PGA is moving to May to accommodate TV scheduling, thus making the Open the last major of the golfing year - basically April to July there will be a major each month. Apparently also moving other big tournaments on the PGA calendar as they clash with the NFL.
  10. Hibs took a wee gamble with the fact that Celtic wouldn't be McGinn only bidders by playing him in Europe, essentially de-valuing him for Celtic and therefore making their pursuit a little less persistent - allowing McGinn to head south, and probably for bigger fee.
  11. shaggycoo

    Europa league qualifiers

    You gave them 10 points last season and still finished above them so might be logic in that!!
  12. shaggycoo

    EPL players price tags?

    I would like to think that a % sell on clause is a given for a player of that age...