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  1. He is not wrong in what he is saying though. The conspiracist in me thinks Celtic never wanted to win the league. Just look at the goings on, it is a total shambles. On the plus side they probably speed the departure of Stevie G as he'll become a living legend for stopping 10IAR then trot off to England. Might be they see him as a threat...🤔
  2. Yeah, much better than the theme suggests. Love how back then they just wrote notes and kids picked up the cigs!!
  3. I'm sure the ref for the game admitted taking bribes in his career and refused to deny he had taken one for that game.
  4. Aye, read somewhere that it was about 80 more games but would reckon scoring in La Liga in the present day is probably more difficult than the Brazilian top flight during the 50s/60s.
  5. Think it was Lineker who said it would take someone 15 seasons, averaging 43 goals a season, to beat that! 😲
  6. Poor Ross County fans: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55394424
  7. Whilst these clubs can attract better players they are not anywhere near the Old Firm level, and a lot closer in terms of talent to what other teams can afford below them, so when the even lesser teams are better coached they will then in turn get closer to the likes of Aberdeen, Dundee U, Hearts, Hibs, etc. All it takes is a bad run of form/results and these supposed big teams end up relegated. Often find 3rd place is closer to the relegated teams in terms of points than 2nd, providing 2nd is an Old Firm team of course!
  8. Yeah, just read this. Star of the first WC that I can fully remember.
  9. Only if they are planning on going down the 'cheap as chips' route again.
  10. Not dreaming and never read the article. Read your post then seen the link was from Ibrox News and thought to myself that will be balanced! If it is indeed published in every paper then I am sure I will catch the article somewhere else. 👍
  11. Late to the table, just finished the 1st series of Altered Carbon on Netflix. Hard to get but ended up not too bad, nice twist at the end. Time to start series 2!
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