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  1. Think they still got the £25m, more a case of not adding another £15m in CL money.
  2. It might be that Getafe see him as one for the future, after all he is still in his early 20s, but agree that we will probably not see him in a Scotland shirt any time soon...
  3. Like the idea but the 2 ugly sisters and tv will say no, 4 games a season is a cash cow.
  4. McInnes saying there have been a few enquires re Cosgrove. Might be a couple more after last night.
  5. Yeah, always had me thinking twice for a while about stealing chips off someones plate after that!!
  6. Whilst some will applaud that it is a step in the right direction, and something that should of been faced into a long time ago, some would argue that it is just lip service. I mean they use speeding as an example. You sit behind the wheel of your car and break speed limit, but how often do you drive? Compare now with a 20/30/40/50 yr old bigot who has lived and breathed being a bigot for however long they have been alive, every moment of every day. I would suggest it would be it would be next to impossible to 're-educate that individual, and would they want help? More likely it would appeal to the '90 minute bigots' as opposed to the full time ones. Just my 2 cents worth, carry on!
  7. Would of thought the vast majority of fans that travel to away games to go most, if not all, home games.
  8. Not sure, but reckon you have the wrong thread? Try Irish/Scottish league...
  9. This seems to be the theme this summer. Any issues at the African cup or were they clever enough not to use??
  10. Think they are referring to the idea of someone other than the Old Firm winning the league...
  11. Whilst I agree with that, there is still an element of inflating transfer values when an English club bids as everyone knows the Premiership clubs have more money than funny.
  12. Surely only a good question if we have?!
  13. Starting to think this will date back to 1872, and the first official international. Pretty sure most of our team pre 1872 where born in England with Scottish links.
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