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  1. shaggycoo

    Next Manager?

    Cannot see him leaving Sunderland, especially if he gets them into the Championship this year.
  2. And on that note Kieran Tierney is winning his fitness battle to play in old firm game this week...
  3. shaggycoo

    Next Manager?

    Ian Cathro?! Seriously, could be be any worse that what we have...
  4. At least we have cover here, unless KT is another allergic to plastic pitches - believe Robbo has not been ruled out for San Marino?
  5. Maybe even controversial too 😏
  6. That is how it works in the NFL. They make a ruling on the field then if they review there has to be clear evidence to overturn otherwise 'the ruling on the field stands'. Mind you they can take even longer to decide that but in the stop-start world of the NFL that is hardly a drama...
  7. What about McInnes, with Shinnie joining him to allow punting Brown down under...
  8. Going by the size of Boyd these days I am sure he has tackled a few...
  9. Not really sure what that has to do with signing or not signing a player from Rangers...
  10. So if we are to believe that the ref saw all 3 incidents but deemed them unworthy of further action, as per match report, thus negating the need for retrospective action then surely the powers that be should be scrutinizing the referee and his handle of the game as the consensus appears to be different from his opinion??
  11. TBF didn't see much in anyone of the penalty decisions, including the one given. Also not sure why Aberdeen had the goal disallowed as Ferguson barely impedes the keeper. Don't think C L will be there next season as manager...
  12. Is Fergie healthy enough to take the job, even til the end of the season?? Arsene Wenger anyone...
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