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  1. Nice. It's the keeper stretching out his legs to avoid cramp but really just avoiding the fact he has just taken the right James Hunt out of me!
  2. Even if he somehow became eligible, do you think Tavernier would want to play for Scotland? Don't see it tbh.
  3. Celtic will be doing well to get out of that group, as will Rangers but think they have the easier draw.
  4. Sunday Mail exclusive, Ryan Christie wanted by Burnley!! P.S - story also in other Sunday papers. 🤔
  5. So he signs for Aberdeen at the end of his loan spell? Does this mean he will not be able to play against Rangers this season as technically he is still their player despite already agreed to sign with Aberdeen??
  6. They truly believe that the guidelines are for the man on the street so to speak. The rules do not apply to them due to their celebratory status, can do what they like. The SPFL should of taken a tougher stance from beginning with Aberdeen, now they just look like diddies, sorry bigger diddies than before as now it will look like double standards of they do something.
  7. Your bank will take it off your hands and give u a quid. 😊
  8. Work with a few Airdrie fans and it is all about Motherwell, don't talk about a rivalry with Albion.
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