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  1. Sure I read somewhere yesterday that he was staying on at Killie, no sure what capacity though...
  2. Sounds like it... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48328882
  3. Not read the article in question but I have no doubt that Rogers probably mentioned McInnes along with half a dozen others when questioned and the paper has conveniently forgot to mention that...
  4. Did we not get something like 5000 tickets for the opening game of the world cup, and that was an 80000 seater stadium?? Fans are an afterthought these days.
  5. Not sure on totals but doubt Spurs spend 100 million a year.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48135621 First casualty it seems. No idea why he has not already gone under the knife, not like they need him to win the league...
  7. No. Think the suggestion from the Motherwell fan is they will beat Rangers on Sunday...😉
  8. shaggycoo

    Next Manager?

    Cannot see him leaving Sunderland, especially if he gets them into the Championship this year.
  9. And on that note Kieran Tierney is winning his fitness battle to play in old firm game this week...
  10. shaggycoo

    Next Manager?

    Ian Cathro?! Seriously, could be be any worse that what we have...
  11. At least we have cover here, unless KT is another allergic to plastic pitches - believe Robbo has not been ruled out for San Marino?
  12. Maybe even controversial too 😏
  13. That is how it works in the NFL. They make a ruling on the field then if they review there has to be clear evidence to overturn otherwise 'the ruling on the field stands'. Mind you they can take even longer to decide that but in the stop-start world of the NFL that is hardly a drama...
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