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  1. Never read the article, this the same Arthur Blank that owns the Atlanta Falcons (NFL)?
  2. Sure Talkshite mentioned that because of the number of nations that where expected to qualify due to seeding but didn't the nation league playoffs will become a farce.
  3. Originally thot he got his jotters with Cathro until I seen him doing a press conference. Also reading he will report to Budge directly along with new boss. Surely The first thing the new man will do is get rid of him... Bet Cathro will be having a wee chuckle to himself today
  4. The game v Belgium sticks in my memory. Ended up something like 4-3 and every goal was a 25 yard screamer, or that is how I remember it!
  5. Yeah was aware of this. I thought most locals of a certain age referred to it as the Pondy.
  6. Most likely. Also mind a boy from produce got the tin tac for 'stealing' a reduced bunch of flowers, trust that was not a honest lad like yourself...
  7. Aye, Welfare Club rings a bell. I was also there in 94. Twilight shift on the floor, mainly grocery/BWS. Only left the company in 2010 but had left Linwood long before then.
  8. Might be wide of the mark but was that not like the unofficial Celtic pub?! Mates always called it 'The Pondy'. The Tweedie hall still there? Asda had many nights out in there, along with a Social club in what seemed an industrial estate...
  9. Grew up in Johnstone and had mates who lived in Linwood before they moved away. Not been there in the best part of 20 yrs until a few months ago when drove through. The Venture is gone too!!
  10. So what are the benefits of getting to 15th? Extra CL/EL spots? Starting later in European competition? Both?? Kinda with you but would be nice to see our clubs playing at the business end of these competitions.
  11. Thanks, look forward to doing store openings and chat shows now that I am a published author. 🤔
  12. Seen this. Didn't realise he was actually born in England and moved to Scotland at a very young age.
  13. What makes players think they can retire from international football? If you are good enough then accept the honour to play for your country. If you are not good enough join the SSC...
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