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  1. Looks like someone is whoring out his press services for a job at rangers.......
  2. I suppose without electronic tickets, that was the only fair way to do it. Being able to buy in stages like the ssc makes life so much easier.
  3. There was over 1500 people camping out? I heard that someone near the front of the queue had scooped about 250 tickets claiming for a supporters club. I assume that’s a load of bollocks though.
  4. I would take a guess at about 2,000sh. You’re probably in the Fair Play stand
  5. It certainly is. We won our first 8 games or something then that rumour came out about a split in the dressing room 😂
  6. Welcome home India 😍😍 Edit it to add: Ash Taylor re signing for Aberdeen tomorrow. Meh.
  7. I can’t understand what’s funny. We haven’t performed well enough to get European football, so don’t deserve it. I certainly don’t want Celtic to win another trophy. Whether it affects us or not.
  8. Be interesting to see where killie go from here now. Will the team perform the same or will they drop back down without the boss.
  9. Yes. He was awful for us and seemed to be jammed in to a team that was working very well with May and Cosgrove. Only one scored the goals, but the other done a power of running, build up and tracking back. That’s where our season went wrong.
  10. Would that be with a team that was also built by Ferguson? Slightly before I was born.
  11. Nice enough, kinky boots, but not enough boobage for me I’m afraid. Thanks though
  12. Utd please. The shed needs another coat of red, it’s been too long.
  13. Aberdeen get exactly what they deserved from this season. Glad it’s over, massive job ahead for Mcinnes or whoever else.
  14. Just as I was after it appeared on google, just in case you thought I regularly visit it 👍🏽
  15. Who are rangers playing today? I keep forgetting. https://www.rangersnews.uk/transfer-news/kilmarnock-star-flattered-by-rangers-interest-after-claiming-ibrox-talks/amp/
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