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  1. Was just away to post this. Excellent news for additional income for fans that can’t make it to games.
  2. He was doing exactly the same, albeit at a lower level than the sheiks etc are doing in the PL, but that doesn’t seem to matter to some people because the lower leagues don’t matter anyway. He’s happy to accept sky sports money, happy to pump millions into a smaller club to fire them through the leagues, it when the real big guns want to call the shots, he’s all of a sudden Mr Admirable. Maybe he realises that this happening will affect his job severely, because let’s face it, the bubble will well and truly burst down there if those 6 teams leave and people will lose millions and mi
  3. Gary Neville is the man that was paying footballers thousands and thousands of pounds to get a nothing team out of non league football, blowing every other team in non league football out of the water when trying to compete with finances, so as I said, Gary Neville can go fuck himself, hypocritical cunt, made all the worse by the fact his “tough words” had Sky Sports bang in the middle of the screen on his microphone.
  4. If this caused the collapse of English football and all the money, I would need a helluva lot of popcorn for the fallout. It would be fucking tremendous to see the money disappear and the clubs to fall on their arses 😊
  5. Just like riding a bike, it’s easy. Just frustrating as fuck 😂😂
  6. I’m a sparky too. The regulation is between 18-24” Mine is about 8” and I couldn’t be fucked after that 😂😂 Itll do for me, I know it’s there, an armoured cable and the cat6 will be in a duct too.
  7. Great weather coming in for it too. Hopefully get my round tomorrow with less than 4 layers on for the first time this year 😂
  8. Selective guest list 😂😂 Hoping to have it ready for the euros, my joiner pal is adamant it’s gonna be his priority and isn’t even bothered about getting paid for labour, he just wants in 🤪
  9. My back and knees aren’t No, just a ridiculously large back garden that needs a complete overhaul which the previous owner thought would be a good idea to build a garage to work on his bikes with. I on the other hand, don’t own bikes, so it’ll be a boozer instead 🍻🍻
  10. Just about finished digging a 40m trench to get power into my garden bar. At least it was warm, but had training tonight, so had to do it sober. Tomorrow is another day though........
  11. Or marauding through English towns singing about murdered soldiers. Oozes class 🙈
  12. He doesn’t abuse anyone, but did accuse myself and several others of regularly singing about the Ibrox disaster.
  13. Because that person is the owner of the board and can troll/abuse wherever and whenever they want without reprisal.
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