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  1. You could be right, Cosgrove is fit again and will have a point to prove to the other strikers 👍🏽
  2. The Famous are heading for a cricket score tonight 🔴⚪️
  3. I thought dundee didn’t look too bad at times, going gung ho at the end cost them a couple of goals but 6-2 wasnt a real reflection of it. Dorrans & Adam should piss that midfield most weeks of the attitude is right.
  4. Good game in the championship tonight. Cracking goal from Adam. 3-1 Hearts after 35 minutes.
  5. LOLZ I’ll bet you two feel quite silly now.
  6. I didn’t know that, but good on you for the FM comment, I’m sure they’ll be delighted to know you rated them so highly 😂😂
  7. Both were in the Nigeria squad, but don’t think they were capped. Think Reynolds got a few call ups, but mustve been very frustrated not to make the bench with 2 goalies often on it.
  8. I’d be utterly amazed if Considine ever pulls on a Scotland shirt again, but he was asked to step up to the plate for his country and he did just that. The usual suspects were giving him pelters before ko, but I’ve noticed that McKenna hasn’t had nearly the same grief since he signed for Forest. Is there some sort of connection there????? Ive been a critic of SOD in a Scotland shirt, but again, he stepped up to the plate tonight and got his rewards with the assist.
  9. I’m sure you are 🙄 Hes constantly performed for Aberdeen, has bags of European experience and as others have said, is naturally left sided. Would he be in if we never had all these call offs, no, absolutely not, does he deserve a chance to help out his country, yes, 100%.
  10. Be truthful here, how often have you seen him play the last 5 seasons?
  11. Considine is a token gesture for a call up, he probably won’t play again after tonight, bu no one can deny him a cap for his country. He’s been mr reliable for Aberdeen the last few seasons and deserves this before his career ends.
  12. Stevie Clarke and the sfa read this board to find out the latest wanky phrases and what birds the supporters want to pump, not pish like this.
  13. Who’s seen Scotland play extra time before? Sounds like I got the good deal by having the kids training tonight, only just caught the last 8-9 minutes.
  14. It doesn’t upset me, I just think it’s scumbag behaviour. I assume these guys give Bitton dogs abuse when he pulls on the hoops? Or is that ok because it doesn’t fit their motive? Clueless wankers that have no idea what they’re protesting against.
  15. I see a certain element of the support has struck again. Complete and utter scum, every one of them. https://twitter.com/ncceltic/status/1314131637706293249?s=21
  16. I understand why arsenal did it, but yesterday probably wasn’t the day to lay off the mascot in a cost cutting exercise, then paying £45,000,000 for a player 🙈
  17. I think it’s a disgrace. It looks like there’s space to play this game still, between livi & Hibs game or Hibs & rangers game midweek, but because it’s only Kilmarnock, they’ve to forfeit the points, based on the same committee that decided Aberdeen & Celtic (more Aberdeen) can rearrange games and get off basically Scot free.
  18. Heard it all now 😂😂 https://twitter.com/nothernregista/status/1312835436264468482?s=21
  19. I can see your point regarding Goodwin, but how many players will be in “the bubble”? It was said on sport sound today that Killie could’ve had a squad of 13/14 players for last night, but they would’ve been youths that don’t get tested regularly as they’re not in the bubble, so couldn’t play. Maybe that had something to do with it?
  20. Probably safe to say that’s the top 4 sorted out now, just a case of how it’s going to pan out for the last 2 top 6 places.
  21. 3 cracking strikes. If St Mirren play like that the rest of the season, they’ll gain more points than they drop.
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