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  1. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me on here 🤣
  2. I never took it as you were trying to be a dick, I’m 40 this year, so unfortunately, just too young to really remember the glory years of my team.
  3. Maybe not, but this generation of the greatest fans in the world were also responsible for the entire top tier being closed 3-4 seasons ago and having attendances of 25,000, when they were winning the league every year.
  4. It’ll be interesting for next years budget to see if they shift 60,000 season tickets again with such apathy set in. The board and management clearly have no respect for the fans after all they’ve sacrificed this season, will that come back to haunt them?
  5. Awwww, is the poor little Celtic fan hurt 😢 Just think of all the times the last 4 years when Celtic were winning everything that you were gloating to those same workmates and laughing in their faces like your captain regularly does. Celtic fans the world over were needing taken down a peg or two, but admittedly, no one knew it was coming from their own team, management & board in such spectacular fashion. You’re quite rightly pissed off at all of this, but believe me, the rest of Scottish football find it fucking hilarious 😂😂😂
  6. We’re a point off of 3rd with 2 games in hand, but if we had any sort of bottle and man with a plan, we would 4-5 points clear in 2nd with a very bad Celtic team desperately trying to catch us for the CL qualifying spot. The man is tactically naive in all aspects of the game and thinks the best way to win is to outsmart the opposite manager, instead of playing our own game. Ive called for his head to roll for 3-4 seasons now as we ground to a halt and are now going backwards. He comes out at the start of the season and says we’re aiming for 3rd place, that to me i
  7. Surely Mcinnes will be done for fraud now. That was a fucking disgrace of a performance.
  8. From a screenshot I’ve seen, the player seems to be saying the pitch was frozen solid underneath all the water.
  9. That’s a artificial pitch that can’t handle snow or rain. It was called off a week past Saturday too 🤬
  10. Leaving Sheeran in charge for 3 weeks may result in a negative effect though.
  11. The same rumours that suggest he’ll be gone tomorrow and Glass will be in by Sunday. Yesterday’s rumour Ok, so from a little birdie I know.. Might not have to put up with DM for too much longer, our man on the inside tells us that DC is seriously unhappy with DM on a few issues; 1. Recent performances not so much the results and the almost accepting nature of mediocre performance from the management team. Quote was the next 4 games will determine how quickly (not if) DC will act. 2. DC has recently found out that DM has been touted for vacant positions in Engla
  12. My 2008’s team has better defenders than Duffy
  13. Realistically, would any of the Hibs players made it into celtics starting 11 tonight? I’m not so sure they would, the boy Harper looks a decent player for someone that should be picking up a ball and running with it in his mitts. And yes, he is.
  14. Yeah, striker is a major problem. Cosgrove can find the net as he’s shown (nearly a 50% strike ratio), but looks like he can’t be arsed just now, we can’t afford passengers.
  15. He is that, but it was pretty funny. She’s getting good at putting folk on the spot, she said “shite” yesterday on air 😂
  16. Boyd trying not to laugh when he’s asked if it’s important for Celtic to get a positive result 😂😂
  17. I would agree, he looked decent at times, but then he got injured again. He averages just a bit over 7 appearances a season, we can do without him.
  18. I doubt it’ll weaken us, 54 appearances in 7 years for a 23 year old says all you need to know about him. If he doesn’t want to be here, fuck him off now or leave him in the stand. We’ll get paid either way.
  19. He’s looked good in flashes for 5 or 6 years. Take him, pay us the development fee, or call it quits for McCrorie and then he can take a place in the stand beside Jordan Jones. If rangers want to improve, signing an injury plagued, occasionally good winger is not the way to go I’m afraid.
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