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  1. Finally returning to see a stage tomorrow with Shed Seven, did anyone catch them in Dundee or Inverness this week? Paul Weller on Tuesday, a full 26 months after the tickets were purchased and then Madness next Thursday. Apparently this is the set list Weller had for a gig in London last week 😬 https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paul-weller/2021/new-theatre-oxford-england-738a16c1.html
  2. So if they turned around and said, we’ll you only had 30k at a home game, a 50/50 split would just be accepted?
  3. I’m not really, we all know the goon brigade and the board would be up in arms if it was a 50/50 split. Interesting how you go on about Hibs not selling half for a semi, but completely ignore Celtic not shifting half for a 1/4 final, at home. That should be taken into account, but it won’t as, it benefits an ugly sister.
  4. Covid protocols prevented 30,000 season ticket holders attending a match in September? You sure about that? If Celtic want an allocation of over 50% of a stadium for a final, they should be showing that they can take that to the home games before that, but they didn’t, so you’re talking utter pish, as per usual for most when it comes to Celtic on here.
  5. 1/4 final, there was about 30,000 empty seats at parkhead and they refused to give Raith tickets. What’s your point exactly?
  6. Because Scottish football is about two teams and two teams only. Hibs are actually being arseholes by beating rangers and qualifying for a final, who the fuck do they think that are.
  7. I have to disagree there. I’ve spent most of last night “discussing” this on Twitter and Facebook, where 99.9% of people refuse to see Ojo walking further up the steps to confront the fan than where he was pushed from. It’s a bookable offence I’m afraid. Yes, most of us would’ve reacted worse than that and lamped the boy, but as a professional footballer, he simply can’t do what he did, no matter how much he was provoked. Correct decision unfortunately for me, if he just wakes back into the park after being pushed, he wouldn’t of been sent off, not them anyway, probably would’ve been later, just to even things up 😉
  8. He was either sent off for clipping the ball boy on the head in his way past (which was minimal amd probably trying to avoid him) or going back into the crowd after he was pushed. Eother way, the fan should be lifted by now, not watching the 2nd half 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Good job McGinn got a second go at that ones 😂😂😂
  10. Were all over them, need a big header at one of these many corners, which are much improved from Friday.
  11. Cracking away day, but I reckon I’d be pished by South America and miss ko 😂😂
  12. There are no words to say, these cunts are legally allowed to breed with each other……. https://twitter.com/triviatim/status/1459610186965000202?s=21
  13. Because they maybe felt it was worth the risk, he didn’t, you can’t hold that against him, he signed a contract and honoured it, he done nothing wrong when he never extended it, anyone that says he did is quite frankly, clueless.
  14. Maybe so, that would be completely up to them, he signed a contract and honoured it. As I said, what would’ve happened to him if he got a serious injury and couldn’t play for anyone for 12-18 months? Who would pay him?
  15. What did he do to Bournemouth? Sign a contract, see out the duration of contract, then leave? No idea what he was/is on, a quick look reports £40k a week, but do you think if he broke his leg in that extra two month contract period, Bournemouth would’ve said, “don’t worry, we’ll give you that £40k a week even though you’re not contracted to us” He did what anyone would do in that situation and secure his own future first.
  16. Things you never thought you would read on a football message board 😂😂
  17. Double edged sword really now, we’ve qualified for them, would prefer them to miss Monday than a huge play off game, just have to keep everything in check and not do anything silly hopefully.
  18. His arse is wonderful Edit: His heel isnt too bad either 😍
  19. Don’t bookings carry on into the playoffs? Another goal could see McGinn & Gilmour booked……. 👀
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