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  1. Aberdeen being linked with a pre contract for Joe Shaugnessy and a loan for McTominay, but Celtic also interested to add to their other 39 midfielders.
  2. dandydunn

    Childhood heroes

    Met a good few of the Gothenburg lot, regularly have a chat with Joe Harper and Craig Brown in the golf club after they have done their hospitality bits and they have all the time in the world for the bairn every time he sees them. Got a photo with Mani when we were in Nice n Sleazys before the roses gig. Met Sarah Jessica Parker in New York. Never met any of the thunder cats, that’s a big regret.
  3. Shaving is a mistake. Veet is what’s most effective 👍🏽
  4. Of course it is, we’re a selling club, just like everyone in Scotland and always will be. Hooefully there’s truth in the rumours that Ryan Fraser could be on the move for £15-20,000,000. Be a nice little earner with a reputed 20% sell on clause, although the deal apparently has to be done before this summer.
  5. If anything, he’s had a very mature head on his shoulders and won’t leave just for the sake of making 10 x the money. Never once has he said he wants to leave, but knows he will be sold sooner rather than later for a healthy sum.
  6. Loan, but was played out of position. Seems like Birmingham want a rid of him with 6 months of his deal left, if I picked it up correctly.
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    Thanks Andy

    Nope, I nicked mine out of Paul Lawries car 👍🏽
  8. Celtic fans chant Shay Logan’s name every time we play
  9. dandydunn

    Thanks Andy

    Now you’re just being outright racist against me, reported. No need for that whatsoever.
  10. dandydunn

    Thanks Andy

    You’re making an awful lot of assumptions about me. I buy Scottish & local produce, I don’t watch a lot of tv and I hate pop music. If you want to celebrate the heritage of being British, please feel free, I merely stated the wankfest that will happen at Wimbledon will be unbearable. Surely I’m allowed my opinion without you trying to bully and ostracise me on the internet?
  11. dandydunn

    Thanks Andy

    You would be incorrect. I work for a local, built in Aberdeen company. Everything else is pretty much spot on.
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    Thanks Andy

    Shit, wrong log in.......
  13. dandydunn

    Thanks Andy

    Thanks Scotland forever
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    I haven’t seen it either. Send it to me. My number is 07*******90. Cheers
  15. dandydunn

    Thanks Andy

    He didn’t have to represent Britain though, he chose to.
  16. dandydunn

    Thanks Andy

    Interesting that a lot of opinions on here for footballers to play for team gb would be hated for life, but it was ok for Murray to do it? Hopefully he doesn’t make Wimbledon, if he does, the UJ wankfest will be unbearable towards him.
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    Where would one find such videos? Asking for a friend 👍🏽
  18. dandydunn

    Bad Habits..

    Aye, that’s why you’ve to mumble under your breath when the boss is putting her foot down 🙄
  19. dandydunn

    Unpopular Opinions

    People shouldn’t be issued with a driving licence unless they have successfully driven in the dark, heavy rain and heavy snow. Would make my life so much better.
  20. Taking an indefinite break from football to battle personal issues.
  21. Good luck getting the ssc to support anything productive. Unless you pay them a shitload of cash, they’ll have absolutely zero interest in taking part. Can just see them responding to your calls, “an app to make supporters lives easier, that we won’t make money off of? You sir, can fuck right off” No offence intended, it’s probably a great idea, so there’s not a hope the dinosaurs will assist you. Sorry