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  1. Seen a tri colour snatched from the stands and someone going head first over an entrance to chase them.
  2. Absoutely treacherous conditions at Pittodrie today. Decent first half. No idea how the second half has been.
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derek-mcinnes-insists-celtic-fans-14141094?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar He's right you know.
  4. I’ll be there 😛 Hope we get beat though, bigger schoolboy error on my part. Bairn has a fitba tournament in Blackpool on cup final weekend 🙈
  5. 14,500 tickets with an additional 3,000 set aside for Aberdeen. South and west stand.
  6. It shouldn’t have been sung and should never be sung, that can be agreed on. Whilst we’re on the subject of reporting, I’ll be calling AFC for action to be taken every time I’m told I’ve been taking part in some sort of beastiality, that’s simply not on.
  7. I’m hearing whispers of a new banner is set to be unveiled at Pittodrie on Saturday. Not 100% on it yet though.
  8. As already said, the central station is a decent watch, can’t across rewind 1990’s last night, that was a nostalgic half hour. I did end up feeling pretty old though 🙈
  9. Mcginn smashing into McGregor was particularly pleasing 😂😂
  10. Rio Ferdinand just said Ronaldo scoring his heeder was like Duncan Ferguson in his prime 😂😂😂
  11. Pedro said the cycle was over Slippy G said they were a class above Ibrox is red once again Aberdeen’s bitches flatter to deceive for another season Yaaaaaaasssssssss
  12. Why would you be happy with Gordon coming in? When was the last time he played a game of football?
  13. Lincoln City apparently. Sure I read somewhere last night that they have some sort of link up with them.
  14. Fucking disgusting excuse for a human being, it’s still a live tweet too, seems he is revelling in the glory of it all. Doubt his folks will be too impressed if this is accurate though.
  15. Grealish being booed by brum fans like he done something wrong 🤔
  16. Counting my shots on the golf course doesn’t take long
  17. https://mobile.twitter.com/mattashby27/status/1104716801315876864
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