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Reasons For No. What Have You Heard?

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My mates wife is voting no because, wait for it, she fuking hates him.

I would guess there's a bit of this 'outwardly' but will change when they're in that booth with said pen in hand. (Hopefully anyway!)

It's not as if anyone is going to know they changed their mind, is it?

Win Win - They get to be 'seen' (For whatever reason) as an AS hater, but also get what they REALLY REALLY want.

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Most family or business in England and don't want any risk of any barriers

Is a Tory and thinks iScotland will be run by socialists for ever

These are some of the genuine positions I have heard in favour of the union. Most other positions (want to keep NHS, Scotland's too poor) are down to ignorance and easy enough to argue against. But if someone is Tory for example and genuinely delighted with the prospect of UKIP and Boris, I just leave them to it.

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Benefits being better under Westminster. ... or, my personal favourite - I don't know enough so I'm voting no. To which my response was "what do you want to know? " an hour of my life I am happy to donate. At least they have some information now.

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"I think we are better being part of something bigger"

I replied asking about the track record of WM and we will be part of Europe so is that not big enough without being tied to a corrupt regime

No dice

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Your taking that too far, Europe not corrupt, haha, they're fcukin politicians as well

Wont be tied to it though - not in the same way as we are with WM :P

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Someone who doesn't fancy the left-of-centre consensus of Scotland likely to result from a Yes vote.

Someone who, despite being a no voter, reckons the BT campaign have been scaremongering over all the economic arguments.

My conclusion:

The Tories are just looking after themselves, but are at least honest about it.

But Labour are trying to deny to the majority of Labour-leaning Scots a solution that would be in their own interests.

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