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  1. Might need to speak to your mum as to what she watches from Sky but £148 is a hellava bill. I shop around, currently with BT fibre £23 per month, also got iptv plus latest movies at around £100 per year with around 95 % viewing good, obviously not as good as Sky but savings are good, if your mum is even a wee bit tech savvy with a firestick £100 per year might suit her.
  2. Can someone supply an email address for addressing the points issue, seems I’m missing 2 points as well, cheers.
  3. Any busses from north able to swing by and pick up one person from Arbroath for Albania game. Cheers
  4. Broath Boy


    Sorry, my mistake, got that wrong and was charged correctly.
  5. Broath Boy


    I purchased 3 tickets for members on 14/8/18 for Belgium game and was charged £77 inc postage. I believe I should have been charged £62 inc postage for members discount and booking early, can anybody confirm, cheers.
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