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  1. It’s so simple, pre independence up there arse, post get lost parasites, we’ve got Scotland to feed.
  2. Well spotted, but I tried on my iPad and could not see it, cheers
  3. I purchased the 4 match package at the end of January, I opened up the email on Saturday and noticed that the quality of the QR code was terrible for printing, I emailed the SFA about this and the response was even though the QR quality was poor it would still scan and you would gain access, they also suggested going into your purchase history and resend tickets to your email but on trying this that function doesn’t exist.
  4. I’m sorry chum, you come on this board a month or so spouting I love independence and are happy here, two weeks later, hates snp, hates Scotland. What’s your problem, btw I’ve been on this board since it started but very very rarely posts, you come on to antagonise, if you truly want independence loose the pish, once independent you can vote who you want.
  5. The guy is a clown, if you want independence doesn’t matter a fuk he said she said just put a x in the yes box, job done. Then this clown is able to vote for whoever he wants.
  6. Yes, no tickets required.
  7. Ram, I’m sure the ground would fine, 6.5 capacity, half home half away.
  8. Yea, Smokies and Wine, we’re having a wonderful season, great part time players playing solid football and a manager that has been about for ages and built a great team, been going to Gayf for 50 years, best team ever and with a progressive sky is the limit. Board is all local to Arbroath and the town is buzzing at the moment, Dick said his goal this season was to avoid relegation, might of just made that, make no mistake we’re going for it and the club have the backing of the town. Thanks for the support, cheers.
  9. Anyone know what is the ticket split for this game, cheers
  10. Exactly Davie, it’s a cup tie, full house, away team needs f all and are beatable.
  11. There is a thread on TAMB called Pension Advice from a couple of years ago, think it is 3 pages long, search back for the thread, some good advice in it.
  12. Copied from Arbroath Facebook page. Arbroath vs Kilmarnock – Tickets now on sale We welcome Kilmarnock Football Club to Gayfield on Friday 24th September (7.45pm kick off) which will be another exciting match for both sets of supporters! There will be no cash gates on match day or for the rest of the season so we must remind supporters to buy their tickets online. Arbroath Supporters can buy their tickets here Kilmarnock Supporters can buy their tickets here When you purchase your ticket you can save / print it in PDF format right away, but a copy will also be emailed to you. Please check your junk / email folders if you don’t receive your email with your ticket STRAIGHT AWAY. If you encounter any problems please email Please either have your ticket printed out, or saved on to your phone with your contrast fully up for our scanners to read the code. Season Ticket Holders of course will get admission as part of their season ticket, and it is not too late for supporters to buy a season ticket for the new season which offers the best value for money for the season ahead. Scottish Championship Gate Prices – Season 2021 / 2022 £19: Adult (Over 18) £12: Concessions (Over 65, Students, Juvenile, Disabled supporter which includes Carer) £22: Parent and Child (U12) £24: Parent and Two Children (U12) C'mon the Lichties
  13. Thanks for the vaccination link, through this I’ve found out I have a slot for second jag next Tuesday, cheers.
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