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  1. I’m with BT and my IPTV has been 99% good.
  2. Any busses from north able to swing by and pick up one person from Arbroath for Albania game. Cheers
  3. Broath Boy


    Sorry, my mistake, got that wrong and was charged correctly.
  4. Broath Boy


    I purchased 3 tickets for members on 14/8/18 for Belgium game and was charged £77 inc postage. I believe I should have been charged £62 inc postage for members discount and booking early, can anybody confirm, cheers.
  5. Same here as well, on iPad.
  6. Well done Dumfries, March organised in Dundee 25 Aug I believe, let’s get similar numbers.
  7. Lung cancer, was mentioned on Steve Wright in the afternoon
  8. The bullet point at the start of each topic which if you tap it takes you to the first item of unread material in the topic could do with being larger, my fat fingers tend to tap the topic heading each time instead of bullet point.
  9. Phoned Millers on ID they said they were showing game. Phoned Millers at Lake Buena Vista (closer to Disney they said they are probably showing it but phone by 10.30 the morn to confirm.
  10. Angus it might of been me that said they are not showing game and just head to Yard House only to get bumped from there. Anyhow need to find a premises with a cast iron guarantee of showing game and the lads there with a support.
  11. Was in Millers an hour before kick-off, ordered food asked what screen to watch Scotland game, hostess came over and apologised, her words, we've been bumped for England game, so asks where local showing, yard house her reply, get there and to be told again we've been bumped for England game, so went next door at Wings and they had it on. Celebrated with my young lad and misses. If you guys are still here on Sunday let's find a place that's showing the game with commentary on that we can feel every emotion. BTW Mickey Mouse is a rip off bas*er*d.
  12. Will be in Millers on ID from approx 1.30-2.00, come say hello, I'll be the one in the Scotland tap, cheers Sam.
  13. Not in the theme parks but Orlando Ale House on International Drive show all the games, I will be there watching games.
  14. Not sure about boxes but I've got a Sony smart TV which runs on android software platform which enables you to download the Kodi app which runs great. Only a few TVs manufactures run with android so choose choose your TVs wisely if you want to down this route.
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