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  1. As expected, Cardiff saying the contract is “null and void” as the Premier League has rejected the contract so they don’t have to pay Nantes the £15 million. Nantes say FIFA had registered the International Transfer Certificate so they are due the money.
  2. Thought that when I read it earlier. It’s ridiculous that he was allowed to carry on playing.
  3. I use Simplicity, great service. Live sport, movie and tv box sets, tv from all over the world. However, it’s through Facebook I contact them.
  4. Cardiff have written letters to other EPL clubs to ask them for help in avoiding paying the transfer fee!! They are basically saying that as the agent falsified other clubs interest in signing Sala to raise the transfer fee then they shouldn’t have to pay the full price!
  5. Neither has La Liga but you brought that up as an excuse for getting beat.
  6. Cardiff still not paid the monies owed to Nantes, seem to be looking for a get out!
  7. Two Aberdeen fans charged for shouting racist abuse. https://stv.tv/news/north/1435456-fans-charged-for-racist-remarks-at-aberdeen-v-rangers/ Sounds like it was reported by other Dons fans at the time?
  8. I see the pilots family have started a fundraising page to try and find his body. Is it true that it was Sala’s agent that started the crowdfunding for the initial search? (You’d think he could’ve just used his cut from the deal for it!!)
  9. Agree that Magregor’s ban is justified and should’ve received a red card in the night. But I thought retrospective action could only be taken if ref never saw the incident? Its not like the ref can claim he never saw it, he was looking straight at it! So I guess I was wrong?
  10. On our way back from Paris years ago whilst transferring at Gatwick, we were told the same by some airport employee!
  11. But what’s to then stop “the big 5” creating a cross border super league?
  12. Long story short, BT are a shower of bastards! Any recommendations for broadband providers? (I stream quite a bit as just got IPTV).
  13. I’m online using Simplicity TV on fire stick, what would be the main benefits for getting a set top box?
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