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  1. On our way back from Paris years ago whilst transferring at Gatwick, we were told the same by some airport employee!
  2. But what’s to then stop “the big 5” creating a cross border super league?
  3. Long story short, BT are a shower of bastards! Any recommendations for broadband providers? (I stream quite a bit as just got IPTV).
  4. ibelieve!!!


    I’m online using Simplicity TV on fire stick, what would be the main benefits for getting a set top box?
  5. But 2001 adds up to 3, not 11?
  6. So what your saying is 2018 is the year of the Antichrist?
  7. ibelieve!!!

    Free Speech

    Seem to recall some ‘controversial’ speaker cancelled by Oxford/Cambridge a few years ago. Edit to add, seems to be rife! https://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/nine-10-uk-universities-free-speech-restrict-rankings-joseph-rowntree-cardiff-ediburgh-newcastle-a7577381.html?amp
  8. ibelieve!!!

    Fort William

    They did consider dropping out of the Highland League to play in the North Caledonian League, however the board decided (6-4 I think) to remain where they were.
  9. ibelieve!!!


    Anyone recommend a decent app and sub for using it through an Amazon FireStick?
  10. Be boycotting Irish themed bars next?
  11. Lafferty having medical at Rangers
  12. ibelieve!!!

    Europa league qualifiers

    Think Molde we’re showing it on their own online channel for around that price
  13. ibelieve!!!

    Ben Stokes

    Now an English rugby player (Cipriani?) has been charged with assault! wonder what the chances of him being found guilty are?
  14. ibelieve!!!

    Europa league qualifiers

    A big welcome to the thread to all Celtic fans!
  15. Think the £50 is an “early bird” offer, not sure when they’ll start charging more or how much.