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  1. ibelieve!!!

    Ben Stokes

    Now an English rugby player (Cipriani?) has been charged with assault! wonder what the chances of him being found guilty are?
  2. ibelieve!!!

    Europa league qualifiers

    A big welcome to the thread to all Celtic fans!
  3. Think the £50 is an “early bird” offer, not sure when they’ll start charging more or how much.
  4. But the new ones are subscription too so how could this lead to the end of subscription? https://www.elevensports.uk/
  5. Had Derby to win and BTTS on Friday night got me £25 back from £5. Then 3 match Hearts, Bristol City and Blackburn to win BTTS. Think my plan for the season it to limit myself to just one bet on similar to yesterday’s each week/matchday (though try to actually get some winners!!)
  6. ibelieve!!!

    TAMB Ads

    Stopped on mine too. thank fuck cause it was really annoying! To answer the Mods question, it only started yesterday (and stopped). As mentioned it was a small video that popped up at the bottom of the screen every time you opened a new page. And finally, I’m using an iPhone.
  7. Anyone else find all the ads (especially the pop up ones) a right pain when on TAMB on a mobile device?
  8. ibelieve!!!

    World Cup Betting

    I made £260 profit, layout was £660 (two matches I placed the bet on both teams).
  9. ibelieve!!!


    “A male” has been arrested.
  10. ibelieve!!!

    Russia 2018

    Not watching it, but according to BBC website there should’ve been a red car for headbutt and the ref has lost control of the Colombia players?!!
  11. ibelieve!!!

    Russia 2018

    When Neymar was dying at the side of the pitch why was play stopped? Surely the match could’ve continued while he was “receiving treatment”.
  12. ibelieve!!!

    World Cup Betting

    Putting £10 on each match. Think it’s come in 9 times so far.