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  1. AberdeenAngus

    Huns new gaffer

    Who is Andrew Villas-Boas
  2. I heard it was 11k as of last Friday. Not sure how many more since then - suspect not another 3k.
  3. They were rarely at Hampden in the past. I seen a number of semi finals at Parkhead, Ibrox, Tynecastle and Dens. It used to be or at lest seemed to be played at the most sensible ground for the 2 sides involved. Think the argument used now is that all 4 clubs get a chance of Hampden before the final.
  4. I can understand some mentioning him but definitely been worse. He had a cracking game the night Willie Miller scored the only goal at Ibrox and Butcher broke his leg. On that one performance alone I'd exempt him.
  5. Steve Ritchie was always my stock answer for this question until Dan Smith turned up. Team: Bossu, McNamara, Jerel Ifil, Dave Bus, Steve Ritchie, Dan Smith, Ingolfson, Stephen Hughes, Gary MacDonald, Tommy Wright, Leon Mike Too painful to start adding subs after thinking of a 11.
  6. AberdeenAngus

    First Scotland games

    TV might have been 73 v England First home game 80 v England First away game 2001 Belgium
  7. AberdeenAngus

    Best Club Side

    Leighton Kennedy McLeish Miller McMaster Strachan Simpson Bett Weir Harper Nicholas Snelders McKimmie Anderson Jess Bell McDougall Black With apologies to Hewitt Shearer Mason Cooper Rougvie McGhee Irvine Booth Hayes in particular. A number of others worthy of a mention. Only saw Zolton Varga a few times when I was very young so excluded him but by all accounts an unbelievable player who'd make a strong case for the starting 11 for those old enough.
  8. In the first half looked like that run was ending. Aberdeen really poor after a decent enough first 15. Mulumbu ran the game in the 1st half. Was good but not as influential in the 2bd half. Killie might have been better served pushing for a 2nd goal before half time rather than time waste to protect the lead as Aberdeen looked uncomfortable. As soon as the equaliser went confidence returned and Aberdeen had most but not all of the 2nd half with Danny Rogers making a couple of good saves.
  9. AberdeenAngus

    Iconic images

    The Marco Tardelli one is definitely iconic. From an Aberdeen point of view - loads: Willie Miller holding various trophies aloft one handed John McMaster trying the ECWC on as headwear. Doug Rougvie and John Hewitt celebrating Hewitt's winner in the aforementioned ECWC. Neale Cooper absolutely hammering the 4th goal into an empty net at the West End of Hampden, doing a forward role then giving those in the West terracing a big GIRUY. Willie Miller running nearly the length of the South Stand at Pittodrie after scoring the goal to secure the title in 85. Others include: Dalglish jumping the barrier at Wembley after scoring in the European Cup Final. Strachan trying to get his leg over the over sized advertising board in Mexico. Joe Jordan kissing his hand at Anfield after Scotland getting the penalty against Wales in 77. Brazil kicking Holland off the park in the 74 WC.
  10. Was very similar. I knew after 5 mins at Fir Park we'd lose. Exactly the same today. Motherwell quicker and stronger all over the pitch.
  11. Aberdeen as poor as Motherwell were good today. Hopefully Motherwell play like that next week. That would give them a good chance.
  12. AberdeenAngus


    Went to Miller's. Server said they weren't showing the game. Looked further down ID- no luck. Was passing back Miller's and saw it was on. Went in and same server actually asked me if I was sure that it was the Scotland game Watched it in the main restaurant. My 2 lads had their Scotland tops on. Great result
  13. AberdeenAngus


    Cheers for the information. Might be Miller's Ale House for the Slovakia game.
  14. Fairly accurate account of the game. Thought ref a bit lenient in the first 30 mins with his cards as Hearts struggled with Aberdeen's movement. After Lewis made his 1st save Hearts seemed to sense they were in the game and were the better side from there on in. Aberdeen just stopped playing and were guilty encouraging Hearts with slack passing and over playing it when they did move forward. In the end a decent point for us but we could maybe should've been a couple ahead very early on but just weren't clinical enough in the attacking areas.