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  1. Armchair Bob

    Ruth Davidson

    In my personal life are a female couple who tried IVF for a child, and in both my own family and in Ruth Davidson's case, it is the more masculine of the pair who have gone first. It raises the question fellas, if you could pop out a wean, would you be keener on it than your wife?
  2. Armchair Bob


    Limmy is a genius.
  3. Armchair Bob

    Coldest you have been..

    Been colder, but got back to the road at Drumochter after a walk one blizzardy day (around -10) and the car's lock had frozen, couldn't get the key in to open the door... the only answer was to pish on the lock to unfreeze it.
  4. Armchair Bob

    If moving to Scotland....

    Somewhere near the sea, and the hills, good jobs, friendly people, major airport, good schools... Seattle.
  5. Armchair Bob

    Festive Jokes

    What's the Christmas angle on that??
  6. Armchair Bob

    Radio Station at Work

    I listen to youtube nightcore mixes over and over on my work PC, though in the interests of decency I minimise the screen.
  7. I will tell you what used to fuck me off. The description of Snowdon as the highest mountain in England and Wales. Why stop at England? Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and Belgium. Theres a lot of countries don't know that Snowdon is their highest point.
  8. Who claims Mount Olympus on Mars? If we can get a Scottish expedition then we can sit pretty with the highest mountain on Earth. (Even though it is on Mars).
  9. It was going to take something to beat John Craven buying a scud may but I think we have a winner.
  10. I walked into a pub in Glencoe to meet a pal and there was Jimmy Savile holding on to my mate's girlfriend's hand, kissing it and saying smarmy things. I didn't think much of it - thought back then he was a harmless old eccentric - but my pal obviously thought differently about the situation, he was getting more and more agitated and eventually exploded "I'm not having my girlfriend slavered over by England's national poofter!" grabbed her and led her away from the clutches of Britain's now most infamous child sex abuser.
  11. Armchair Bob

    Scottish Labour

    It'll be Anas. Since McConnell stepped down they've unerringly chosen the worst candidate available.
  12. It's pretty simple I always thought. Something that would cost x when paid out of public funds alone costs x * 5 thanks to bank and private company profit, but can be kept off the books short-term due to the way the public sector budget is calculated. Oh and the profit is privatised but the risk socialised - in theory the private company takes the risk but if they go bust the government will pick up the tab because they won't see schools and hospitals shut. That's pretty much PFI, nothing more complicated than that.
  13. Armchair Bob

    Going vegan.

    Mind and quit smoking anaw.
  14. Aye, TAMB resurrection party! Hola :waves:
  15. Armchair Bob

    Taxi Tipping Etiquette

    I usually tip a driver in Glasgow but Edinburgh taxis are so expensive I resent shelling out any more than the advertised fare. Also night rates start at 6pm which is a bit early!