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  1. I'm not sure what the terms of the loan are but I'm pretty sure there is an option to buy. I personally can't see him back at Celtic Park but I'd be happy for him to come back and prove a few people wrong.
  2. Bates was VERY unlucky with the second yellow card. In fact, I would say he was cheated. But I've heard that Hendry was good again. He has a really good chance of getting into the squad in March. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier, but 18-year old Elliot Anderson was on the bench for Newcastle recently. https://www.nufc.co.uk/news/latest-news/introducing-elliot-anderson/
  3. Agree with this. England are fairly average in defence and midfield but they have some outstanding attacking options. Adams is nowhere near their squad.
  4. Of course there will be. The WC qualifiers are in March and September. There will be 2 or 3 friendlies in month before the finals.
  5. At least a triple header gives 3 matches and the chance to rotate players as it is unlikely we will play the same XI for 3 games in a row. A home match at the end of the 3 against Faroe Islands could give an opportunity for us to experiment a little. Putting Gilmour in from the start in that match wouldn't be a big gamble at all - he's already proven against much better teams, albeit whilst playing for a stronger team at Chelsea. Gauld could be useful for us in trying to break down a team like the Faroes which we all know we have struggled to do far too often. There will also be frie
  6. A lot can happen between now and the day Clarke names his squad. I agree about Hickey, GIlmour and Gauld having a great chance of breaking into the squad. I'd also be keeping a close eye on Jack Hendry who is having a really good season in Belgium. Before anyone jumps in with two feet, it is a weak position and he has a chance if he keeps playing well. I wouldn't leave out Armstrong. I doubt Clarke will either. Some of the others you've left out that have been involved recently are McLaughlin, Palmer, Taylor, Considine, Burke, Griffiths, Paterson and Shankland. I'm not saying I
  7. Probably the 2010 WC group where we were a second seed in a group with Holland, Norway, Macedonia and Iceland. I still can't believe how quickly Burley undid all the good work done by Smith and McLeish. We'd have had a chance in that group if McLeish had stayed on.
  8. Totally agree. The fact he hasn't played much for Scotland means a lot of fans haven't seen him with others of the same age group. He'd be a stand out with Gilmour.
  9. I think most people are pleased with the draw yesterday. We've avoided the countries which we'd realistically have no chance of finishing above and it looks like we have a real chance. I thought it would be worth taking a closer look at the teams we've been paired against. Denmark The Danes qualified for Euro 2020 after finishing second behind Switzerland in qualifying, ahead of Rep. of Ireland and Georgia. They were undefeated with 4 wins and 4 draws. They have a good record at home but did only draw with Ireland twice (and they've been poor for ages now). They did finish above
  10. No player at Celtic has improved since Lennon took over. The situation is mental. I think if he moves to the right set-up, he's still got a real chance of making it.
  11. WANT Pot 1 Croatia Denmark Pot 2 Slovakia Romania Sweden Pot 4 Luxembourg Belarus Albania Pot 5 Andorra Faroe Islands Pot 6 Malta Moldova Liechtenstein Gibraltar San Marino DON'T WANT Pot 1 France England Spain Italy Germany Pot 2 Wales Switzerland
  12. Interesting night ahead in B3, particularly for Turkey who can still finish - 1st (Turkey and Serbia win) 2nd (Turkey win, Russia win or draw) 3rd (Turkey draw; or Turkey lose and Russia win or draw), or 4th (Hungary and Serbia win) I love the Nations League!
  13. Not related to "top spot watch" but a stinker of a week for Northern Ireland...lost in the play-off final and relegated to League B before they play tonight because Romania have been awarded a 3-0 win against Norway. A win would have been enough for them tonight, assuming Norway had beaten Romania in the match which was cancelled.
  14. The Scottish FA can confirm that Malky Mackay has today stepped down from his role as Performance Director. Malky joined the association four years ago and has had overarching responsibility to improve elite talent development across the game, working in partnership with the clubs to develop and deliver successful future international players and support our elite coaches. Malky has embedded strong core principles within the performance strategy, which have cascaded through our National Youth Teams, the Scottish FA Performance Schools and Club Academy Scotland. He has also played
  15. I've watched the highlights of the last few games again and we are a better side than Israel but they have been more clinical in the games. They have forwards that score from their few chances whereas we don't. Armstrong, Forrest and Fraser destroyed them at Hampden in the 3-2 win.
  16. Elhamed and Dabbur are big losses for Israel - they both started at Hampden last month. Israel have only played once this break because their match against Norway was cancelled. However, I expect their strongest team played against Czech Rep, so our team should be a bit fresher, other than Tierney, McGinn and Christie, who have played in both our matches. Tonight will be tough. We need to start taking more of our chances in these sort of games.
  17. McGinn was booked in the play-off match against Israel and in the match on Sunday. However, they are treated as separate competitions so McGinn will be available tonight. It's a shame about Armstrong because I think he is one player we are under-using and not getting the best out of him yet. He should have come on against Serbia and might have been useful as a sub tonight too.
  18. That's the truth. We've been poor in all 4 of those matches.
  19. We've been awful so far. That Gilmour sending off has killed us. We'd have beaten Croatia that night and we'd have been stronger today.
  20. We've played them 4 times in the last 25 months - Lost 2-1 Won 3-2 Drew 1-1 Drew 0-0 (won on penalties) There is very little between the two sides. You could argue that a win would be our best result (in 90 minutes) under Steve Clarke.
  21. I think the area for real improvement is with the subs. Against Serbia we allowed the game to tip in their favour with the 3 subs we made before their equaliser. Against Slovakia we didn't make the changes that could get us back into the game early enough. I would be looking at the same XI as we started against Serbia but really thinking about which players in the squad are most suitable to either come in and make sure we kill a game, or get us back into it if we are losing.
  22. I think plenty of people have had the opinion for a long time. I think most people also accepted that KT would need to do it at a higher level than Celtic to prove it.
  23. If you were only picking one, I think KT is the better player. However, we should have them both in the team, and the best way to do that is KT at LCB and AR at LWB. I think we really missed KT and McTominay in CB yesterday because of their ability to bring the ball out from the back. There was a spell against Serbia where those two players created two half chances for us within a few minutes of each other.
  24. I'm not his biggest fan but he's doing enough to keep me quiet for now. Long may is continue. I still think it is our weakest position. Forward isn't far behind.
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