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  1. Aye I'm on a cruise (Schoolboy error), you can have my login & password for a small fee
  2. Slasher will be better placed to answer your first point 100% - Though I doubt we'll require the SG, Police Scotland, or hunners o' years to 'sort it out' internally 'ASC'
  3. No cheating or lies this time, therefor we'll shift all those even though the day/ko time is shite and its on tv.
  4. 100% We've been consistent with this for some time, (Not that we're offended in the slightest, but that's not the point 'now') unfortunately the West Coast hotbeds won't see the irony (Note to all - FTR I have personally lived in, and have 'mates' living within these areas - Apparently this will validate my opinion)
  5. Agreed - Of course they don't Slasher That said, there are 2 on here who are desperate to bring any negativity they can to all things Aberdeen The first wants to justify his / her own teams stance, whilst the second is simply insecure One of which will go to great lengths highlighting the 'pals' he / she has in other teams supports to validate their 'point(s)' / hatred
  6. I've seen it questioned genuinely, not vindictively You're way better than that FB
  7. It was a question, not a statement Perhaps, but thankfully the irony in their efforts will not be lost in the grand scheme
  8. You didn't answer what I asked No Aberdeen fan thinks its fine
  9. Sheep shagging bastard then, in a sexual orientation context ? It's silly - These cunts (West Coast Police Scotland included) want to be offended simply to justify their behaviour / Sectarian / Bigoted shite they bring .
  10. Are you condoning sectarian abuse (Songs) by 'Aberdeen Fans,' or any other group of fans for that matter?
  11. They absolutely struggle with irony. BTS can fuck off.
  12. Now they're talking about fans behaviour.......but they're REALLY not wanting to talk about fans behaviour.
  13. 6500 ish There are other 'benefits' on offer, such as reduced season tickets, discounts in the shop, first in the queue for tickets, stadium tours. That kind of thing. I suspect most (like me) will have been paying their monthly subscription based on it going directly to the playing budget, not gimmicks. Its far from transparent, our player pool is weaker, the product is pants, and the club refuse to stick up for their support. The next 2 games are colossal. Should our season end on Tuesday SM will have more than a banner and a couple of middle fingers to worry about.....
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