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  1. My sister in law works for a company commissioned to make these 'testing kits' Just finalising the data (Whatever that means / looks like) - It'll take around 3 weeks apparently
  2. That's truly heart breaking pal 😥
  3. Aye, I've seen / heard a few comments in terms of this Is this legitimate/ What source?
  4. Give it a rest and stop trying to be clever I'm no sexist, the thought of having an all male shortlist as apposed to choosing the best candidate is completely wrong too
  5. You wouldn't, that was my point You knew that though
  6. Wow! If so, can you imagine the reaction to an all male shortlist
  7. I contacted ours last week as it looked like The Masters would be cancelled / date moved. No issues with a claim if the foreign office says it's an area for essential travel only or, if the event is cancelled / postponed. Paid on credit card too, and have booked with 'Your Golf Travel.' ATOL Protected. Personally, as long as any new dates are acceptable / transferable I'll be happy with that and no refund.
  8. AFC - 'Genuinely?' Probably several times spanning the last 25 years I guess - I've no discipline though 😂 (That said, I haven't been to a home game this season - 1st time in 50 years) SFA - Didn't renew - Don't miss it at all (At the moment )
  9. Domestically - East Fife 'away' (We lived in Fife then) July (ish) 71 - Cup from memory - 3 0 The Famous European - Spurs at Pittodrie - Late 73 - 1 each draw - Gilzean or Coates (?) scored for Spurs, and I was in the car heading home when we equalised from the spot....
  10. Under normal circumstances, for sure - Although I only mentioned our school's update to endorse your point In reality we're due to fly out for a family holiday, that includes the Masters at Augusta, on April 1st - That's looking highly unlikely now
  11. I work at a local college / fee paying boarding school. Breaking early for Easter (3 weeks and 2 days off) with plans to teach kids remotely post holidays.
  12. We've had a few, sometimes humorous, disagreements - Never any run ins though, thankfully! *Fortunately I managed to read your edit prior to replying 😁
  13. Beaten twice by the teams at the bottom of the league within 4 days, and a deflected sclaff to beat RC today TATP
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