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  1. I 'feign' an interest simply to join in some of the chat with the guys at my work.........in reality I could not care less. My time, money and efforts are spent (Much to my wifes annoyance - at times!) at Heathrow or on the A1 heading towards AB24
  2. That's where it all started for me! My dad is an East Fife fan - Took me to my first game shortly after my Aunt buying me a red & white football kit - East Fife played a team in identical colours that day - I asked my dad who the red team were and, as they say, the rest is history! We moved to Aberdeen with my dads work soon after that - It was meant to be Thank god my aunt didn't buy me a blue strip, or that green & white hoopy thing......
  3. Sent you a link from one of the filthy rags...
  4. He was abused in Soul last night I believe.
  5. Yep, process and not performance is the issue. From the 'bit's' (BBC website) I've read from Celtics statement, there's nothing whatsoever I would argue against - My own club need a similar set of baws. It's dark ages stuff, and the individuals involved in making these decisions are taking the piss out of us all.
  6. The duopoly is back, by god how 'we've' missed it! Milne will be delighted (Very Short Term) to see a strong Rangers back in town......
  7. Morelos knew exactly what he was doing, the officials got it spot on, and the 'Explanation' is an embarrassment. This, coupled with the SPFL's absolute bias, took 000's off our LC semi-final support.
  8. Yep, that's exactly what he did - Hartson commended his actions too I've removed the last part of your sentence to save your embarrassment You can thank me later
  9. Yep - Identical to Brown earlier in the game, which was given as a foul.
  10. That appears to be exactly what's happened, minus the announcement of course