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  1. If he stays performances will underpin his commitment. Nothing else. Toys being thrown out the pram, regardless of what's triggered this, was I'll advised in his head / by his agent.
  2. How can CL tactics account for a clearing header bouncing back off an attackers head who, in case you hadn't noticed, knew nothing about it, for your equaliser? His brainwashing clearly works on you
  3. If my aunty had balls....Hickey had to go and would have been no where near McGinn at the free kick Physical and managing to stay on our feet, as apposed to diving at every opportunity - There's a difference Your manager remains a classless individual Edit to say - Naismith is vital to where the Jambos find themselves this season
  4. It was more specifics than a generalisation I was hoping you'd provide Surely we don't just have an idea, we absolutely know what being in this union looks like - We also know how the EU operates, so it's hardly unknown? Secure YES first, then go to the polls as an independent country to ask the EU question - That stance can be managed, and would appear to maximise our chances of being a country in our own right - Yes/No?
  5. Absolutely fine with that, its an individual choice (Vote) Would you mind elaborating - I'm genuinely interested.....
  6. .....and here was me only trying to help 😂😂😂
  7. Consi in the middle Leigh at LB Not that'll necessarily lighten your mood SF
  8. Fair enough Any hint of a compliment from you towards AFC is progressive in my book 👍
  9. The season hasn't started and I'm beginning to almost like you 😜
  10. Reads that way to me too I'm not sure why this wasn't made more of at the time if so Where are such statistics available?
  11. Redz

    Crocker - Sky

    Fair enough Although I don't think I'm aware of anyone that is prepared to 'accept' him apart from you
  12. Initially it was a bit of fun My reply wasn't a joke Nite x
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