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  1. Yep, no one associated with AFC would disagree with that
  2. Hertz fuck ups had feck all to do with 8 sheep and 1 Tim thinking they were unaccountable months later Fuck them and that dipped cunt too
  3. Scotty, I don't know you however, you appear a genuinely good guy Give the Sevco pish a rest though please as, they know it, we know, every cunt knows it Its monotonous now, lets move on SF
  4. An absolute James Hunt of an article They're fukin brickin it for sure.....
  5. In most cases the average brickie wont be a role model to any more than his immediate family I shouldnt think One size doesn't fit all in this case - These clowns need jumped on from a great height If the SPFL / clubs won't sort it I'm happy for the SG to....
  6. .....slightly quicker than I thought, but always likely
  7. Nobody is disagreeing There's a 'chance' it could happen again of course, to any team of cunts that is, even Celtic and Rangers - that will absolutely be in the back of their minds with what they do or don't do now
  8. 😂 You're at it Norwich for sure, England? Never....
  9. Finding out where he lives wouldn't be overly difficult either 😂
  10. I think it's only me who's asking in all fairness The 8 will still be in the isolation period though, and have the potential to pass it on, surely that's the hierarchy set by the authorities If correct, they can't just pick and choose games that suit
  11. Yes, I agree, and suspect, like you that there could be more on the way My point is that as a minimum AFC will be in an identical situation next Sat when we play Celtic, and Hamilton on Wed. (8 players in isolation) Shouldn't these games be shelved for now too?
  12. Just read Hamilton and Celtic are to go ahead as planned Isolation from yesterday takes it through to Sat week Health is paramount - Where's the consistency in that?
  13. Agreed And although AFC were prepared to play the game, the damage is done Selfish bastards
  14. What a bunch of feckin tools! Given the isolation period is Hamilton at home and Celtic away postponed too?
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