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  1. Can Sky try any harder to talk down our league. Absolute Kuntz.
  2. I doubt VA is accepting. You have the choice to vote with your feet, I'd suggest you do until the club's application (not that we expect to win every game, but by fuck we should be trying to) match your own. It may change, but this looks like the 1st time in 50 years that I'll not have been to AB24.
  3. Tim sympathiser annaw then ? 😂😂😂
  4. This is a wind up, right? Surely to f... he's no that feckin thick? *Clearly I'm hoping that he is 👍
  5. Did I read that Boris would refuse to debate with the FM at any time, or just imagine it?
  6. Doubt we were either to be honest. Quite how we are sitting where we are in the league says more about the rest far more than what we offer. At least my eyes and ears didn't bleed as much as they usually do watching the tripe on offer yesterday....
  7. Of course it isn't These 'expectations' never ever come from Aberdeen fans
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