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  1. Reads that way to me too I'm not sure why this wasn't made more of at the time if so Where are such statistics available?
  2. Redz

    Crocker - Sky

    Fair enough Although I don't think I'm aware of anyone that is prepared to 'accept' him apart from you
  3. Initially it was a bit of fun My reply wasn't a joke Nite x
  4. Small, insignificant if you like I was going to say 'new' but they're more than 7 years old, so that wouldn't have worked 👍
  5. I don't doubt it, that's not why I asked though. EG 52% of 'Scots' voted YES in 2014 He's either simply not done his research or, more likely, attempting (very badly) to make it appear something it most definitely is not
  6. Not at all, just a bit of humour When making a point you often reference to having some 'mates' at said club to endorse your own view (That's not a niggle btw, merely painting a picture - I might even be just me who sees it that way) Anyway, when I seen the comment of GH going to Killie I immediately said to myself 'I feckin bet SH is mates with him too, and that Macy's gonna get both barrels if it's bollocks!' I have no doubts that you are, it was just that it played out exactly as I had it in my head - Hence the laughter from me If we ever find ourselves discussing him over a beer on a Scotland trip, remind me to tell you about how he dug me out of a hole with tickets at the abandoned Spain game in Valencia. He'd not long moved to Norwich too (Where I lived then and now, with 20 yrs back in Abz in between), we spent a good 10 mins on the phone discussing the finer points of the City, and how he was settling in. I sent him a quick note (To Hampden) on our return to thank him for the tickets Doubt he'll remember - You could always ask him - A fine lad indeed - Very well thought of in this part of the world too 👍 *You still have a feckin unhealthy hardon for all things AFC though 😜
  7. 😂😂😂 I feckin knew that was coming, thank you! Well done yesterday, hope your head was like a burst couch this morning 👍
  8. I won't be supporting Hearts, I'd just rather they won. In reality I'm ambivalent towards the result - Regardless of how it impacts on any potential European adventure for us. As others have said, a season out maybe no bad thing for Stewart to experience under McInnes. It's been dire, and quite simple too many would rather have their eyes poked with a sharp stick than visit AB24. Big summer.
  9. Indeed Sadly, the (Lack of) intelligence for grown up debate from some on here need to be factored in though Hertz have my vote on Saturday
  10. He pulled his shirt. It's a penalty. Keep giving penalties until players stop doing it.
  11. Family holiday visiting New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville & Charleston either side of the golf at Augusta next Easter - All suggestions, tips and advice welcome......
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