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  1. Whilst it would be nice to believe that's true, I doubt any are principled enough I actually wonder if he's grown a set and going to sack him on live tv - Throw of the dice if you like, as the government is crumbling within and surely there's a chance that'll impact voting intentions / no confidence motions I'd stopped watching the pantomime a few weeks back - I might tune in tonight
  2. Give it a fuckin rest you fuckin cock. I was providing context, not looking for sympathy You lied en mass and I, along with lairdy, corrected you
  3. Government perhaps. All care homes? No. You're top of the cunts on here
  4. No you didn't. I referenced your point, which remains your problem, not mine How about you take a fuck to yourself you sanctimonious fuckin prick
  5. I've read what you wrote several times. That's not what you said. My 81 year old mother has dementia and is exceptionally well looked after as a resident where she is. My dad passed away in Aug last year, I'm 500 miles away, moving her isn't an option, what should I do o' great one?
  6. The supposed phone call between him and Doncaster / The ICT 'bullying' statement / Collapse of restructuring set up to fail ? DC has always appeared to want to fix this mess collectively for the betterment of the Scottish game. Even if it meant AFC missing out financially I agree with DD, nothing wrong in it given where we are now. If there's any wrong doing, let's out it Hey, it may even lead to Rangers 'getting' their man, but not the 'entire package' that everyone else could see they were really after......
  7. Please tell me you have a link to that 👍
  8. No problem From what I see (read) you're articulate, well educated and knowledgeable with regards to politics - And like a barking dug in relation to the fitba Don't take it too personally though...…….I'm a grumpy opinionated fucker across all threads 👍
  9. You should stick to the political stuff You're generally pretty good at that This, sadly, brings out the true you and doesn't come across well
  10. There's 1000's of editions. Everyone of those will evidence liquidation in its true form. Education's not for you though, I accept that.
  11. The dictionary and definition of liquidation is the barometer, and the appropriate reference point to be taking your information from
  12. An embarrassment to Aberdeen There's something about his early life, deep rooted or otherwise, that appears to make him resent Scotland, and all things Scottish That said, there's quite a lot self servient types in the City / Shire that, sadly, are about to get their arses handed to them He wont give a f u c k though.....
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