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  1. Fair enough I thought I'd watched all his press / redtv interviews yesterday, and didn't hear anything other than soft references into poking 'fun' at Brazil with McCoist, and folk putting 2 and 2 together because of that He also mentioned Rangers by name when asked about Scottish football. Again, I felt he handled that okay What's he said that I've missed ?
  2. It's not come up on anything I read / listen to My gut says North of Β£20k....
  3. Soft references in acknowledgement is all I've seen Not the kind of stuff VdA is alluding to Previous is fine, going forward isn’t He'll have been completely unaware, but will be now, I'm sure....
  4. It would 'appear' it was from a year ago ? (Only going by what I read earlier) He won't have 'known' then, but he will now. Someone will have mentioned it, nicely......
  5. For the Hungary game in Stuttgart? (Flying out Sat 22nd) Same scenario as me if so Being picked up by friends and driving down now (Apposed to the train across from BB) Good advice if using the bot I called their customer services, hardly any wait, and sorted very easily - Well done Ryanair, for once!
  6. Malcolm, I can inform you with 100% certainty / experience that the above is utter bollocks from start to finish Have a good day πŸ‘
  7. On that basis, I'd vote for you Fuck being nice......
  8. Here's what we should do.... - Punish the Huns, then continue as normal / if nothings wrong That'll show them (SFA, SPFL, Bias Cheating Officials)......πŸ™„
  9. I (we) spend fukin thousands following our respective teams These cnuts are simply tying themselves in knots - You guys can decide why If this cloak and dagger (cheating) pantomime is to continue, I would like to see two things happen, initially 1/ That our collective board of directors stick up for our clubs publicly 2/ If the above serves no purpose, I would want the officials (ref / var) head(s) on a stake, until such time as the rules are clear and applied consistently *Whilst I (most of us) do not like the (majority of) huns, FB has a fair point here. I do wonder what the rhetoric (reaction) would be if this was the like of Killie, St Mirren, or Motherwell going gung ho.....
  10. We need to hear what's being said as it happens, just like rugby Not what they've had 30 minutes, or whatever it maybe, to get their 'reasoning' together Do that, and it will absolutely shine a light on the cheating cnuts However, applying the rules consistently for all clubs will undoubtedly be the last thing these fukers want to do
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