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  1. I read (The other day) some unofficial minutes (Notes) from a meeting between Fraser / Cormack & our new Commercial Director (Wickes?), and several hundred ST's / AberDNA ers,' that had Cormack saying to ignore (Take with a pinch of salt) this release as the clubs had seen nothing of it Just sayin.....As like many, I hope(d) BT secure the contract (As long as the offer / package is right) too
  2. You're farting against thunder VA14 - Some of our own think sub 10,000 is in keeping with what we normally take to SF's too , and it's really not (c.40% less) People simply chose not to fund cheating and spent their money elsewhere - Nothing wrong in that - That's personal choice, not boycotting I wouldn't underestimate the feelings towards our spineless board either - Head in sand stuff as the club is being publicly shafted senseless sums them up 20,000 tickets shifted in less than 3 days (I appreciate it's the final) v 9,700 in over 3 weeks is no coincidence in my view Are you heading up for the final?
  3. Now now RB that's just simply unacceptable .......Stop it!
  4. Come on, why discuss his positive qualities on the park when it's easier (more pleasing to some) to use him as a stick to beat AFC with.....
  5. Of course we will - Perhaps in a few days This game hasn't been rigged (Not quite as much anyway, in that there was dialogue, albeit not between the club & the support) to the degree of the semi-final People are underestimating how many dandies were (Are still) fucked off having exposed the cheating / lying in the previous round (And before that tbh) The board cannot be seen to ask us to support them when they do the square root of fuck all to support us It really is that simple
  6. Give it a rest , you really are fast becoming quite a name caller - Another of your default positions That's actually borderline juvenile I'm happy enough to agree to disagree I've no idea what that means (My previous reference was in relation to KFC employing cheats)
  7. Yet you can only reference one example, which happens to be the same one you have trotted out several times in the past. You're making that up. I doubt in reality there's very little to separate the feelings / views of (m)any supporters of any club when it comes to 'their' team. Cove is rarely here these days and that tweet is 5 months old - It's simply another tedious link for you to trumpet your clear dislike for anything AFC related. I'm not on twitter and don't 'follow' anyone on any social media platforms. By all accounts SL does look to have the reputation (From comments I've read) of not being quite all there though, I'll give you that. That said, the initial questioning was in relation to on the park. See above. Perhaps you're correct. Again you are mixing up on v off the pitch activity - Logan interviews / speaks well generally from what I have seen - Boyd just doesn't. People in glass houses....
  8. He's due to visit Chicago next week I believe
  9. Indeed! Seriously though there's bigger fuds in most teams, and I suspect he's an opportunists dream where all things AFC are concerned. Killie (more than Celtic even) appear to have a ragin hardon for him. I'm looking forward to examples of the 'wank stain' & 'wee fud' list though - It's surely extensive......
  10. I'm not after a 'fight,' promise..... Go on, humour me, why? By why I mean examples.....
  11. Seriously, what has he done towards Kilmarnock FC or their support that makes you 'angry little men' (To coin a phrase) - On the basis of 'if you can't take it don't give it' (See Kris the Hun) that is. Most of the Killie fans on here appear to have an infectious hardon for all things AFC - WTF is it?
  12. 40 / 60 Split West Stand for AFC Celtic End for Celtic https://www.afc.co.uk/2018/10/30/league-cup-final-ticketing-arrangements/
  13. Has this been mentioned? (Apologies if elsewhere) Can remember the 'bang' at the time..... https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeen/1597048/dons-supporter-injured-by-explosive-hurled-by-rangers-fans/
  14. No, not that I'm aware of - Although it would probably make sense as 99% of our support will arrive from that direction v 50% of theirs. Like Slasher I'm actually not too bothered where I sit - It just shouldn't be 'shoehorned' in by the SPFL / SFA as some sort of rightful ritual. If we toss a coin and choose the West Stand (Apologies, 'Rangers End') that's fine by me too. Precedent set going forward.....
  15. It was rightly questioned, not just by AFC, but HMFC too - Nobody cried to my knowledge. The police wading into an 'agreement' that only benefited 50% of the semi finalists, coupled with Hampden waiving a contract that only benefited 50% of the semi finalists, and transport arrangements that only benefited 50% of the semi finalists might have had more of an impact than you are prepared to accept.