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  1. Why, after handing in his / her resignation, is that individual still posting on this board ? What a lying person that is
  2. Dear Dave Just put us out of our misery Including Deek Signed All at AFC
  3. Spot on (Wow! Couldn't ever see me saying that about one of your football posts 😉) Get him in now then as a wee bit more disruption and entertainment from either side of Glasgow will be welcomed by most
  4. Any links to it - BBC stating 53 yds into the top corner 😵
  5. Joking apart, would they call the league with only 55/60% of the games played?
  6. That would be entertaining to say the least.....
  7. I had a brief look at the rules but 250+ pages took it's toll....🙄😂 Bizarre if that's the case! Anything can happen, and sadly has Need some big strides by Feb HT or it's possible professional sports will have similar restrictions to us....
  8. Apologies if previously discussed - Is there a set amount of games that need playing before the league can be called?
  9. I really did expect to be stopped which is why I arranged the appropriate paperwork...
  10. Aye, I was listening to the top guy in D&G as I crossed the border on the way up - Spouting on about an increased visible presence - Like I said, didn't see any police up or back.....
  11. I made an essential journey home on 21st Dec (with the correct paperwork), and back to Norfolk on the 22nd London Dealership Plates on the car, and any ANPR would have flagged my address - No police car in sight
  12. 😂 indeed! Thankfully you noted the playfulness in my reply 👍
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