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  1. I suspect that his login with the boards resident liar is interchangeable
  2. Bentley's was another favourite at that time Just along from the traffic lights on Dunnikier Road IIRC
  3. Aye, it's frustrating in the shire. That said you'll be aware of the demographics and non Scots Banchory IS Abz when you come from Kilmarnock 🙄😂
  4. Cheers Fingers crossed there's room for a miscalculation in favour of the good guys as the list seats come in
  5. Looking like 62 on constituency if ABZ West is held Tory ? Is 3 on the list too big an ask ?
  6. It's not that simple for me A sense of entitlement, and taking back control, absolutely fuelled the underlying let's get shot of Johnny Foreigner brigade In short, these types didn't actually realise they were racist at the beginning, however voted like one at the end
  7. Norfolk has more than its fair share of vile entitled racists - That said, its not across the board However, England predominately voted Leave on the racist ticket - That in itself is telling
  8. Agreed Sadly there were similar levels of gaming elsewhere too Fingers crossed for the magical 65 by the end of today
  9. I'd take this too, even if it meant the latter cunts remaining
  10. If you mean numbers, indeed - Walked straight in, only person in the polling station
  11. She looked well in control and back to her normal self
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