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  1. Possibly, although 18 months of 'past it' is a little harsh for me. He's been ineffectual in a lot (most even) of games he's taken part in last season - Being played out of position / supply / set up / not starting & the weekly tombola will be a huge part in how this looks. Time will tell if it's the right decision, which will be judged solely on us scoring goals / winning games. We move on though, and my point is that DM needs to have several options (Decent/Proven/In budget) good to go, and soon. It's our weakest squad (quantity & quality) for sometime imo. Which is ironic given the AberDNA injection.
  2. I suspect, hope even, there was a hint of sarcasm in the post you replied to. DM better have his magic wand at the ready as the natives are truly nervous,
  3. Redz


    Ignore me my phone's in a time warp....
  4. Not sure. It simply states the 'Tunnel at Pittodrie' for the moment from memory. DD is correct though, in that it has lead to quite a bit of debate within the support, with not too much negativity......I don't think / haven't seen! Geography dictates that my home games are sadly now around the 8-10 mark per season - £18 per month makes me feel a little less guilty too. I believe it represents around £500/600k pa There's a wee bit more on here https://www.afc.co.uk/aberdna if you're interested / bored at work
  5. It's kinda lost if I have to explain it! It'll also require more apologising, and feck that........
  6. I mentioned it once in a completely sober blind rage. For that, and to the others that felt I went too far, I unconditionally apologise. Several 'buttons were pushed' and I should, like I usually do, have simply logged out. There was no need, and it's not me in reality.
  7. Well done on the double treble thingy The latter has absolutely made a bigger cunt of your club than the former - Incredible really, given Lustig is the former
  8. Indeed! Motherwell for me too
  9. Good - Did I read that Scott Allan had his yellow 'upgraded' retrospectively to a red too? If so, I expect 3 Celtic players to be cautioned for their part in the attempt to overshadow their party bubble being well and truly burst. In fact, Lustig is the cuntiest cunt in the league - Straight red please - Karma is owe him big time.
  10. Nope & Nope, but thanks for thinking about me! I thought I would try and 'blend in' yesterday by attempting to be as nasty, bitter and vindictive as you, your vic-tim pals, and the knuckle draggers in blue. I Failed miserably.......
  11. Steady It's Sunday and cider must be at play if you're suggesting that. Can you imagine the seethe if we (AFC) had taken 24 pts rather than 4pts off the bigots. Ungracious fuckwits.
  12. I have no idea what a biffkin is. You mentioned it ya 'wean' (whatever the fuck a wean is) 'Nae danger,' wtf is all that about?