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  1. You could answer his (Not quite as Good an example) question though?
  2. Due to illness (impending hangover) we 'may' have one ticket available for Tynecastle tomorrow. Text or message if interested....
  3. From a few days ago - I haven't noticed this being mentioned / discussed elsewhere - Apologies if so..... https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/fall-out-over-aberdeen-striker-sam-cosgroves-red-card-continues-as-chief-cormack-and-celtic-boss-lennon-exchange-barbs/
  4. Nothing gives me the boak more than a self loathing 'Scot'
  5. The IDS song too Glenlivet have a lot to answer for What an embarrassment that guy is
  6. BTS deserve a fukin chasing 1 mad kunt throws a bottle v 000's of bigots chanting - what's the focus? We really are a backwater
  7. I'm quite possibly reading you incorrectly, but my (very) poor attempt at humour was very much tongue in cheek Dave 👍
  8. I think you guys should just leave this thread to the wee Canadian fella, and the pish stained jibbering hun jaikey *Simply a suggestion, not to be confused with an order you understand
  9. Shitebag ! 😜 A crowd funding page to draft in some o' that Hong Kong mob is the way to go
  10. Fair enough, straight into the group stages whilst in the bottom 6 of the Scottish Premiership would indeed be mightily impressive. Seriously though, is that even remotely correct?
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