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  1. I went in about 3.45, never got asked about passport or letter showing I was double vaccinated
  2. Might be too late, but try the kingswood bowling club online and fill in form
  3. 2-0 up totally in control of game, Israel score in last 10 minutes then it’s back to the wall till the whistle, think we will hang on for the win 🥵🥵🥵
  4. Meant to add. for people who are not far from there
  5. Morrison’s Glasgow fort , no queues for fuel 30 minutes ago
  6. Am just joking Hampden loon, I don’t know aaid, it’s just that I see you n aaid at each other all the time.
  7. Fuckin embarrassing running behind him with crutches,
  8. Prize money no bad either
  9. Brilliant, I wonder what the odds you would have got at the bookies
  10. Think it was McManus who scored in 97th minute🤣
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