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  1. Next time Biden speaks he will call it the good Monday agreement
  2. Alan Minter dead, cancer
  3. Could have phoned Uber eats of his sandwich wasn’t enough
  4. Will the Scotland players have to self isolate when they come back
  5. I don’t know what game the daily record reporter was watching, he said mcgregor was neat and industrious. Forrest was as keen as mustard to get involved. fcukin embarrassing
  6. Maybe Forrest was doing that as well
  7. Forrest,mcgregor,Christie and Robertson need to up there game, getting to comfortable and probably think they are guaranteed to play
  8. Just thought I would throw it in, next time I will ask you before I post
  9. A California district attorney allegedly issued guidance to law enforcement in her county that required them to consider if looters needed their loot before the police charged them with a crime . fcukin mental
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