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  1. Seems like these arseholes are planning to patrol the border again on Thursday, this could lead to trouble if arseholes from the other side of the border turn up.
  2. You fakkin jocks wouldn’t be able to do it wasn’t said much to me but when it was said without the fakkin in the sentence it was said by my pals it was just to wind me up, after answering them back it was followed up by the well known phrase we are better together. On the odd occasion when someone said it with the fakkin in the sentence I knew he was just an arrogant arsehole and I met plenty of them. I have been back in Scotland for 10 years now so maybe things have changed in England ( not amongst all the friends I have ) and more people than before don’t care much about Scotland . maybe if you use the word fakkin, you have been down south to long.🤣
  3. Things must have changed as I lived in England for over 30 years and never saw much of that .
  4. Raving about him on Arsenal forum as well
  5. I don’t know how Barnes has got the time to be on tv with all those porn dvds on his shelf
  6. There is about 15 young boys training on a pitch near me right now, look like under 15s 3 adults training them
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