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  1. I watched that game in Miami as we had just got off a cruise, it’s the last time I saw harp lager, went to the toilet and when I came out it was 0-1, I had a cd with the Scotland tunes on and the staff played it, ended up giving it to a girl who played for his , think her name was Rhonda Jones {honest},also gave my 67 shirt to a guy who said he lived in Cayman Islands , shite finish to a great holiday, ended up arguing with airport staff as I wasn’t sitting with my wife on plane, when I got to my seat the guy next to my wife stopped seats with me, very nice as it was beside an exit, I am sure he wished he didn’t as I was asleep before taking off. To top it off my dad had died when I was on cruise.
  2. This site is for decent football fans, your post earlier. your first sentence doesn’t put you in that bracket
  3. Can’t believe this poll, I don’t think 368 for conservative and 55 for snp , maybe 10-15 less for both of them
  4. Lennon must have had a bet on Rangers, Morgan is rotten, and as for Forrest, he is over rated, saying that he will probably score a hat trick next week.
  5. Shocking that none of the games are on a weekend
  6. So fcukin annoyed by that decision I sent an email, might even have been a letter to Fifa telling them the referee was corrupt
  7. 86glebestreet


    Not if strachan stays,
  8. 2-1 Scotland , same as against the Czechs when Holton and Jordan scored, a night to remember
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