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  1. 86glebestreet

    Rugby Autumn Tests

    Enjoyed that
  2. 86glebestreet

    10 years since.....

    So fcukin annoyed by that decision I sent an email, might even have been a letter to Fifa telling them the referee was corrupt
  3. 86glebestreet

    Strachan's gone

  4. 86glebestreet


    Not if strachan stays,
  5. 86glebestreet

    Score Predictions

    2-1 Scotland , same as against the Czechs when Holton and Jordan scored, a night to remember
  6. 86glebestreet

    Bribing Cops

    During my time living in London I was out with my pals from work in a night club in Green lanes, while waiting for a taxi I bought myself a kebab, just wanted to get home as I had to be up for work about 6, I noticed a police car parked up, so I walked over and asked them to take me home and I would give them a tenner, they told me to get rid of the kebab and get in the back, as we drove off some of my pals thought I had been jailed, fcukin Magic,10 minutes later and they dropped me 50 yards from my front door,
  7. 86glebestreet

    Slovakia and Slovenia squad

    Never seen Forrst tackle anyone, he is a shitebag
  8. 86glebestreet


    Can't stop thinking it is going to be 2-1 Scotland, just like when we beat Czechoslavakia when Holton and Jordan scored, could be a night to remember,
  9. 86glebestreet

    Hurricane Season

    My pal lived in Antigua well over 20 / 30 years ago, during this time there was a hurricane, he told me as soon as they were hammering nails in the wind was blowing them out, he worked in a cracking wee restaurant called Coconut grove and that got washed away as it was right on the beach,
  10. Looks really bad, some reported dead already,people still trapped
  11. 86glebestreet

    North stand area D4 ROW LL

    I thought you were going to say I should have gone to specsavers
  12. 86glebestreet

    North stand area D4 ROW LL

    Tell your brother I am sorry, I meant to hit the guy in the next seat,
  13. 86glebestreet

    North stand area D4 ROW LL

    Lost spectacles in case when Griffiths scores, anyone find them by any chance , thanks,
  14. I think the tories will still get enough to have overall majority,