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  1. Is the Brian Montieth that's now a Brexit Party MEP for the North East of England, the same Brian Montieth that used to be a Scottish Tory MSP ?
  2. The BBC are saying that after the first five council areas declared it's - SNP 38%, Brexit Party 16%, Conservatives 14%, Liberal Democrats on 12%, Labour on 9% and Greens on 7%.
  3. It's what your average gammon head stuck in the seventies calls anyone whom they perceive to be a liberal, lefty, PC type out to destroy their caveman world.
  4. I don't think it was a question of Robertson not turning up under McLeish, it was more to do with McLeish's miserable, negative tactics that did not allow for Robertson to make runs forward. Thank fuck he's gone. Lindsay will have the chance to prove himself in the Championship next season anyway, Barnsley having been promoted.
  5. The usual idiots will be along to accuse you of being "a snowflake" in a minute. Does anyone know if Kevin Keen, Steven Reid and either Stevie Woods or Billy Thomson have signed up yet ?
  6. I suppose we should let him have his weekend in Millport
  7. He must have the wolves at his door. Derek Adams came across as one hell of an arrogant fanny with his reasons for turning down Dundee and why he won't be applying for Kilmarnock. It wasn't long ago he was slagging off our league and claiming English League Two clubs would storm it up here. Have fun at Oldham or wherever you end up next season you cunt.
  8. What club does "goalkeeper" play for ? What position does he play and is he a granny rule player ?
  9. One thing Strachan had the right idea about was calling up one or two young players who are perhaps not yet ready to play for the senior team but at least to let them train and get to know the other players. Clarke should do this.
  10. Which players will probably be unavailable for these upcoming games ?
  11. He left on very bad terms with a number of "behind the scenes" people at Celtic didn't he ? His work on the training ground is supposed to be dreadful - lazy and simplistic.
  12. Apart from appointing walking disaster Moyes, this decision was the one Rangers would hope for. There was not a lot of demand from the Celtic fans for Lennon to return permanently either. Cheap and cheerful from Celtic.
  13. ErsatzThistle

    Next PM

    Who are our pure dead amazing loyal North British Tory MP's backing then ? Will eccy jaw Ross Thomson nominate himself ?
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