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  1. You've just been bought by overnight internet millionaire Zander Diamond who is merging the clubs formerly known as "Aberdeen" and "Celtic" into a new superclub called "Shamrock Dons" and intends on leading them back to the Scottish Premiership and Champions League glory. Enjoy.
  2. True but they are also committing massive financial harm to themselves in doing so. Living far beyond there means until one day it hits them right between the eyes - see for example Bury and Wigan recently. I guarantee that Motherwell will be in much better financial health than some of these English lower league clubs.
  3. WTF https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-george-galloway-and-i-plan-to-save-the-union
  4. He's sadly yet another of those kids (who maybe did have a bit of genuine talent to start off with) playing for one of the Old Firm. You know the kind of course, there's been plenty of them over the last twenty-thirty years. Eighteen or nineteen year old lads hyped up to the heavens by the sycophantic football press we have here but who are firmly stuck in the reserves two or three years later. You wonder if these kids had signed instead for clubs like Motherwell, Kilmarnock, St Mirren, Hamilton etc, if things might have worked out much better for them ? We'll never know.
  5. He was yet another of those Daily Record "this kid is gonna be amazing in a few years" kind of players. People just took their word for it.
  6. What's going to happen with Greg Stewart, Jamie Murphy, Jordan Jones and Glenn Middleton ?
  7. Rangers confirm that they want to sell both Greg Docherty and Ross McCrorie. One of the papers is claiming that Hibs have had a bid for McCrorie rejected and that St Gallen are also interested in him.
  8. He had to go and negotiate a deal with the taxman two years ago to avoid bankruptcy. There's articles online covering it if you want to know more. Just what the feck he went and spent all his money from his playing days on I don't know.
  9. Had forgotten all about Reynolds. Don't think he was ever called up whilst at Motherwell but he was definitely called up three or four times whilst at Aberdeen. In fact did Peter Pawlett not once get a call up too ?
  10. McFadden is only on these shows because they've taken pity on him what with his financial troubles. Boyd is that fat, loud, obnoxious, pumpkin heid prick from doon the pub who's always banging on about how they should bring back hanging and national service. FTFY That bastard is always fucking delighted when Scotland lose. And all because Jock Stein dropped him nearly forty years ago.
  11. Aye, he was named in the original squad for the friendly vs. Japan in 2009 where about half the fecking players named pulled out.
  12. Tom Cairney from recent years. Strachan was too loyal to his favourites who were underperforming but kept ignoring this guy. Cairney really should have been given a a run of games to show what he could do. With the benefit of hindsight, Berti Vogts probably should have picked Malky Mackay (who was then playing not too badly for Norwich) rather than Lee Wilkie to replace huffy Weir. Although at the time I'd have instinctively called for the younger Wilkie. Vogts completely blanked Charlie Miller (who was capped once by Broon in a friendly) who was in good form for Dundee Utd and might have been a slightly better option than some of the other players he was picking at the time.
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