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  1. AlfreĆ° Finnbogason played and scored for Iceland at the 2018 World Cup. When he was a kid his family lived in Embra for a few years and he played for Hutchison Vale's youth teams.
  2. Neither of the Souttar brothers can seem to go a full season without getting a serious injury. Wouldn't be surprised if both retire early.
  3. That's still not enough, I'm afraid. Rule changes a few years ago mean that he's only tied to us after three senior caps in competitive games. It is a shite rule but there we are, unfortunately. If it were up to me one cap (friendly or competitive) would be enough. In fact I'd go further and make an U21 cap enough to tie you down for life.
  4. We drew 2-2 against the Dutch last year and would have won the game 2-1 but for a dodgy free kick that should never have been awarded. You really don't half post some amount of woefully informed, pig ignorant shite on this forum.
  5. Gemmill has to be sacked. These results are happening far too often. The man is a professional loser.
  6. I'd have loved it if we had won but I truthfully cannot say that it has ruined my night.
  7. Have a glass of water and a lie down. It was a friendly.
  8. I think there is a degree of risk as to how Hickey/Patterson and Tierney/Robertson would work. However, I think it's worth a try next year. It's also time to say thanks and goodbye to Ryan Jack and Grant Hanley, they just haven't got "it" anymore.
  9. Alright, who do you want in charge instead then ? This will be funny.
  10. I know Hanley has a modest fan club but I don't get what they see in him. I appreciate he puts the effort in and have no doubt he is proud to pull on the jersey and get out there but all the same .... He's slow, easily prone to panicking, too often caught out of position, ridiculously clumsy and physically always looks absolutely fucked (face and jersey soaked with sweat, face beetroot red, visibly panting for breath) after about an hour on the park when the rest of his teammates are fine. I wouldn't pick Hanley anymore. Call it day.
  11. Games like this make me wish UEFA/FIFA would allow you the option to hold a training camp instead of a friendly.
  12. Let me guess you were 4-0 up against turkey by half time on your game of FIFA and are scratching your head wondering why can't do that in reality ?
  13. It's a hastily arranged friendly being played when the rest of the world is focussing on the World Cup, what did you expect ? At least most of the players actually turned up which wouldn't have happened under several previous managers for a game like this.
  14. Thanks for that. They usually put one up on another page but haven't bothered this time.
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