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  1. The Lib Dems have sacked the chairman of their own anti-racism campaign (he was also candidate for Thurrock) after it was found he had made frequent use of the n word online
  2. I sat in front of this auld guy at Hampden when we played the Netherlands in 2009. For some reason he was under the impression that Barry Ferguson and Steven Pressley were on the pitch the entire game No one had the heart to tell him.
  3. Who else is there ? Bump up Ryan Porteous from the U21s ? Em ...... um....... err.........Liam Lindsay and Paul Hanlon ? Desperation.
  4. The Greens are standing down in a few seats. Encouraging their supporters to vote SNP.
  5. For that shite ? Fucking hell.
  6. If Gordon Brown, Michelle Mone, J. K. Rowling, Jim Murphy and John Barrowman were to design a jersey for our national team, this would be it.
  7. On November 9th 1979 at some woods in West Lothian. Bonny, the man the TAMB loves to hate, arrived in Scotland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-50262655 Wouldn't that make Brexit Party supporter Bonny an illegal immigrant ?
  8. Will anyone who goes to those really sad "launch events" be brave enough to tell them that their shirt is utter shite ?
  9. It'll probably have a bloody union rag and a crown on it.
  10. But, but, but their celebrating their "British and Protestant heritage" ©
  11. The usual Daily Record reading mouth breathing morons will be furiously on his back again in a few days after one misplaced cross.
  12. Hopefully if all goes well and we get an increased number of MPs elected shortly, then someone will challenge for the Westminster leadership such as Tam Sheppard or Joanna Cherry who are much more impressive than Blackford. Why don't you like Kirsty Blackman ? I think she does OK. I strongly suspect that we will see Angus Robertson and Eilidh Whiteford standing for the SNP at the next Holyrood election.
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