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  1. Did he ever actually make up his mind what country he wanted to play for ? There are rumours the coaches at Celtic considered him to have a bad attitude.
  2. Celtic sign Argentine left back Alexandro Bernabei. He'll be taking Taylor's place in the team. With Taylor on the bench, Kerrydale Street and the like will need to identify a new whipping boy for when it goes wrong on the park.
  3. Fletch did play for Celtic Boys Club for a while which is good enough for me. I had forgotten that Jamie Smith had two senior caps.
  4. Liam McCarron leaves Leeds Utd for Stoke City.
  5. Jamie Smith, Stephen Crainey, John Kennedy, Paul Caddis, Charlie Mulgrew and Dylan McGeouch would be six more. I'm not 100% about this, but I think Darren Fletcher also spend some time at Celtic before the age of sixteen.
  6. The clubs have no choice but to release players chosen for any senior UEFA or FIFA recognised international, even if it is just a friendly. They do though have the right to request that their players be withdrawn, it is then up to the FA in question whether to do so. The only occasion when clubs are allowed to refuse to release players is when you play a friendly against a non-FIFA or UEFA recognised team such as Catalonia or Corsica.
  7. TT is clearly not all there (taps forehead) and has been taken advantage of by Alba Party nutters on Twitter or Facebook. It's quite sad but there is nothing we can do really.
  8. Neil Lennon insisted that Tierney have weekly painkilling injections instead of getting an immediate operation to fix a chronic hip problem. Fucking lunacy.
  9. Doesn't matter what some preppy upper middle class teenager in the Home Counties thinks of Tierney. It matters what Mikel Arteta thinks of Tierney, and he loves him by all accounts !
  10. Everyone connected with that fecking twee Bank of Scotland ad with Susan Calman that keeps playing on YouTube constantly (well it certainly does for me) "We Scots, were something else" "Are you lost wee laddie ?" Feck off, feck off and feck off again !!!
  11. Mexico would be fine with me. I have a nasty feeling that the SFA will just go for the most predictable, uninspiring opponent ..... Wales.
  12. Starting to go a bit off topic now ... Back on topic, who would you like to see us play in November ?
  13. DUFC have changed their badge. Spot the difference Auld badge New badge:
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