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  1. Sorry, but I don't think that is a good argument to make to anyone. To give you one example - there are people out there with health issues that meant they could never actually play the game but they still enjoy watching it, reading about it and talking about it. Their opinion cannot be dismissed just because they have never played the game.
  2. Btw it's good to see Liam Kelly back in action. He could have stayed at QPR playing leisurely reserve team kickabouts and sitting on the first team bench but instead actively sought first team football on loan at Motherwell. We can consider him again. If the lower leagues are cancelled (which might just happen) then Craig Gordon won't be match fit and we'll have to find other goalies.
  3. Give McGinn a rest (and there will be games where it is advisable to rest him) and play Turnbull. Bring McGinn on as a sub for Turnbull. Play McGinn the next game and bring Turnbull on as a sub for McGinn. We have a lot of games this year so squad rotation is inevitable. Turnbull was very good for Celtic in Europe but you keep ignoring that. You didn't give a reason why we shouldn't follow other nations getting success from throwing in young talent. Or should we stick to our miserable, conservative Scottish ways ? No, I expect McTominay to remain at the back for at
  4. Kind of relevant to this thread as it's about the outdoors and excercise.... Those of you with dogs will no doubt enjoy taking your beloved pet out for a walk during "lockdown" and will find it a really good stress reliever. Please, please, please keep them on the lead when next to a main road, so many people these days have such a cavalier attitude to this. At about seven tonight the young couple at the top of our street took their wee dog out a walk by the main road at the bsck of our house. As usual they didn't have it on a lead. I didn't see the impact or hear the bang but I
  5. This has nothing to do with the club Turnbull plays for does it just to be clear ? I know that there are still a few sad people out there who don't want any Celtic players involved. Should Ryan Jack be dropped for "bossing it" against the likes of Ross County or Kilmarnock ? No, he shouldn't. In fact Jack and Turnbull should be playing together for Scotland at the Euros and I expect they will.
  6. I don't pick up on those things and I'm confident I'm not the only one.
  7. I'm going to fuck off back "home" to Ulverston then before Ramy gets me in that case !
  8. I doubt my Dad or Grandad could tell me what foot all the guys from they watched in the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies etc kicked with. As I said I highly doubt that if you quizzed a random bunch of Scotland fans on what foot each of our players kicks with if they would know i) know the answer or ii) honestly give a toss.
  9. Why wait until next season ? He's good enough now. Should we do what Craig Brown foolishly did and wait until a talented players is twenty six or twenty seven until we give them their debuts ? Other countries (look at Wales) throw their best young prospects in at the deep end and reap the benefits. We should follow their example.
  10. I found it really odd that someone who claims to know Celtic's history and the reasons for their founding should openly call for the manager to go back to a country he hasn't lived in since the eighties. An eye opener indeed.
  11. Clarke has given debuts to at least eleven players since taking on the job and didn't mess around when it came to (correctly) ditching Mulgrew and Snodgrass. Turnbull didn't get into the Celtic team earlier in the season due to the fact he was still recovering form a serious injury when the season began, he then had a brief injury setback and then a less than competent manager kept on the bench for several vital weeks where Turnbull could have made the difference. he wasn't left out because he wasn't any good.
  12. Tbh I don't think that most fans would know which foot such and such a player kicked with unless it's say for example Robertson or Tierney who play a defined position. Some players are comfortable with both feet too it should be remembered.
  13. I take it you didn't see Turnbull playing well in Europe a couple of months back then ? If McLean or Fleck are good professionals then they will accept with good grace that it is only natural that they should be replaced by a more talented player.
  14. Remind me how many caps Andy Considine had before he was pitched into those two must win games ? Clarke isn't daft. Turnbull will be there. If that means that Mclean or Fleck have to be ditched then .......... tough.
  15. I'm just pointing out that telling people to "go home" to another country, which they haven't lied in for a long time, when their home is here is quite a stupid thing to say. Btw did anyone else see the revelations about that "Paul the Tim" oddball last night ?
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