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  1. "The Edge of the World" "I Know Where I'm Going". "Whisky Galore" "The Maggie" "That Sinking Feeling" "Comfort and Joy"
  2. The six counties away in the Celtic Cup back in 2011. Beat them 3-0. McArthur accidentally scored from an over-hit cross. Dominated the game and should really have scored more.
  3. I'd quite like to see again in full: 2005: Norway 1 Scotland 2 2005: Slovenia 0 Scotland 3 2006: Scotland 5 Bulgaria 1 2007: Scotland 3 Lithuania 1
  4. You stay safe too Ramy. Sorry I've been a cunt to you too. Play those pipes with pride.
  5. Twin Peaks on DVD and your sorted
  6. He's made it clear in the past that although he's proud of his Scottish roots - Australia is his first preference..
  7. Wow. Well thanks to the TAMB for some advice. I am now managing to sleep and eat again. Just a strange phase that was. Never experienced anything like that before. Friends and family advised me to get some exercise and burn off the nervous energy so I've been hit the country lanes of East Ren hard over the weekend and actually did feel a lot better. Thanks in particular to TDYER63 and Phart for their especially good advice. A Scott McTominay screamer vs Israel would probably buck me up a fair bit
  8. Bit of a strange one this but here goes, prepare to have a huge laugh at my expense......... I know that I've been a cunt to about 95% of everyone on this board at some time or other and on quite a few people's block lists but today I'm here humbly begging the TAMB for help and advice with how to deal with this highly embarrassing problem I have. (Gulp) I have held a torch for this amazing lass for years now. I've been absolutely crazy, head over heals in love with her for years. Now she is getting married shortly and recently I've been feeling a bit strange about the whole thing. It's even begun to interfere with my life. I haven't slept for nearly three days nor eaten anything for about 36 hours just thinking about her. We were never together just friendly. And I was terrified of admitting my feelings to her but I cherished every moment I ever got to spend in her company and every word she has ever spoken to me. She's a great gal. The real Queen of Scots. A real angel living among us. Imagine how you felt when Hutchison or Griffiths scored against England, or when Faddy scored against the Netherlands and France. Times that by a million and that's the feeling I got when she spent even ten seconds in my company. Don't get me wrong now, I don't begrudge her marrying the fella she loves, not at all. I wish her a long, long life full of happiness. She's the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate human being I have ever known, beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I just don't know what to do guys. This has hit me like an express train and it's actually kind of scaring me now. How in the name of Berti Vogts do I get over this ? Become a St Johnstone fan or something ?
  9. This is very good news. I was worried that Griffiths was going to retire form internationals.
  10. Listened to "City of Love" (Deacon Blue's new album) right through this morning on Spotify and loved it. Give it a listen
  11. Not good. Would any Scottish Premiership sides take a chance on him in the summer I wonder ? Twenty one and still to make his club debut I believe.
  12. Breaking news: Former Hearts and Scotland manager Craig Levein nonchalantly admits he originally created the Coronavirus in his secret home laboratory "to give all they moaning cunts who hounded me out of two jobs where I was lord and master - a taste of their own medicine !"
  13. With regards Watt, he's twenty six now and maybe, just maybe, it's suddenly hit him that he's wasted so much valuable time when he could have been right at the top. This is his last chance to achieve anything. I hope that is the case.
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