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  1. At club level he does fine when he has Fred playing alongside him. It's good to see that some Man Utd fans at least do appreciate what he does for their club. A few even call him "Fletch Mk. II". And just like Darren Fletcher before him, McTominay does a simple but highly effective job for Man Utd and gets grief off the glory hunters from the Home Counties who are always wanting some mega money signing instead. For some reason I remember reading on the long gone BBC 606 boards about 2006 or 2007 some wank fuck posting that "Darren Fletcher should be sold and on the bench at Aberdeen
  2. Nope. You seemed to have misplaced your lecture notes there professor. I'd genuinely like to know what a "typical Scottish football domestic fan response" is.
  3. You didn't explain what a "typical Scottish football domestic fan response" was.
  4. An interesting wee spat developing between St Mirren and Motherwell. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54621669
  5. Now this intrigues me greatly .... "Fantastic typical Scottish football domestic fan response" Chripper, could we have some more examples of what you consider to be a "typical Scottish football domestic fan response" and what exactly you have against the "typical Scottish football domestic fan" ?
  6. Then WTF are you so upset about Considine and Gallagher being in the team then ? They deserve to be there and did themselves and the country proud. Just for the record, this has absolutely nothing to do with Considine being captain of Aberdeen whom your own club have a heated rivalry with and Gallagher having an Irish sounding name does it ? I rather suspect it does which is sad.
  7. Considine and Gallagher will be in and around the squad for at least another eighteen months and deservedly so. If they keep playing well for Scotland they should not be dropped. Some players from the "lower level" show a greater determination on the pitch and know that this is the highest level they will ever play at and so play their hearts out. The EPL argument is pointless, childish stuff. Why doesn't Callum McGregor play for Man City ? Why doesn't Ryan Jack play for Juventus ? Why doesn't Ryan Christie play for PSG ? We could go round in circles like that for bloody ages.
  8. Declan Gallagher and Andy Considine play at what you call the "lower level" and did a fantastic job under heavy pressure recently. Point blown out of the water. Try again. Clarke could also simply move McTominay back to midfield with Considine, Gallagher, Cooper, Tierney and Hanlon to consider now in defence.
  9. There's a number of candidates to take his, and Fleck's, places in the squad though. McCrorie, Ferguson, Campbell, Turnbull and (when he's fit again) Gilmour are all there to consider.
  10. Nobody dare argue with Chripper about this. He understands numbers and we don't. He is also a world renown pollster. We should be honoured to have a man of his genius here amongst us mere proles.
  11. Aww look rolling pish got all upset. He's probably away now to shag his toaster, hopefully whilst it's still plugged in.
  12. It's been hijacked for political reasons and to encourage teenagers who failed their exams to become cannon fodder. One day we will have to move on. I also refuse to remember the scum (especially the Scots ones) who killed, imprisoned, tortured, robbed and raped unarmed civilians in Africa, Asia and Ireland during the twentieth century as "heroes".
  13. Andy Halliday has bought six pairs already to demonstrate his loyalty to the crown and the empire,
  14. Hark at Professor von Poll-Wank at it again with his surveys less than twenty people responded too. Should get him on the new Family Fortunes. "Andy Robertson in central midfield you say ? Our survey says ....."
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