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  1. Written by that utterly contemptible whiny voiced prick Brian Wilson. He's still likes to go around telling people that Catholic's will be persecuted in an independent Scotland.
  2. Ollie had Scottish ancestry and Stan was an adopted son of Glasgow (The Greatest City in the World). Laurel & Hardy Tartan Army
  3. The Zulus just gave your boys one hell of a beating at Isandlwana.
  4. Halliday is the stereotypical ned in a shellsuit that follows up the rear of an orange fuckwit parade screaming "WATP FTP" in a shrill, piercing voice.
  5. A Tory MSP used his question at FMQ's to ask if it's alright to play croquet now FFS.
  6. Kevin Kyle, Scott Dobie, Maurice Ross, Robbie Stockdale and co were coming right around the corner
  7. Holt is a decent free transfer option for a few Scottish Premiership teams.
  8. He could play different positions. At Leeds he was usually in midfield. Remember Collins played in both the fifties and sixties when tactics, strategy, formations and positions began to evolve. A very good player who has been rather strangely ignored. Deserves to be much better known.
  9. Bobby Collins "The Wee Barra" He was tiny (5'3) but hard as nails, one hell of a tidy player and a strong leader on the pitch. A player who was much admired in his day (played for Celtic, Everton & Leeds) yet sadly is almost forgotten about now. His international record was quite good with 31 caps and 10 goals scored from midfield - that's better in fact than what some of our strikers past and present have managed !
  10. A thread for time wasting. Whilst looking for stuff to post on the Scottish football pics thread I found his intriguing photo of Broon and his backroom team from c2000-2002. Can you name them and their roles ?
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