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  1. Didn't Mcleish broadly speaking get stitched up by SLab's Westminster mob because he was seen as too much of a loose cannon and they wanted a man they could control (McConnell) in charge ?
  2. Didn't Le Guen have a number of people at Ibrox working against him from the second he took the job ?
  3. I'd like to know what Scottish Labour's membership figures are at the moment. It was about eighteen thousand members about three or four years ago. Most of them probably aged over fifty. A lot of the auld Labour social clubs across the Central Belt have closed down in the last ten years.
  4. Leonard honestly was not a bad bloke (unlike Murphy) and to his credit he did not get "personal" with the SNP as other Scottish Labour leaders have done in the past. However he was admittedly a bit of a wet blanket and it was clear to see from day one that he was painfully out of his depth. Sarwar would be a gift to the SNP.
  5. Striker not scoring many for their clubs isn't anything new sadly. It should be remembered that Kenny Miller and James McFadden weren't exactly banging in goals every week for their clubs (Celtic and Derby for Miller, Everton for McFadden) during 2006 and 2007 when they were key players in that Scotland team which nearly qualified for Euro 2008. Back then McFadden sometimes went ages without scoring for Everton.
  6. Prediction: Stuart Campbell will end up leading some stupid, pathetic Scottish version of the "Proud Boys" movement in a couple of years time.
  7. Aye, the large squad should work in their favour. Kevin Nisbet is another player who deserves a shot. At least Clarke knew when he had to ditch Mulgrew for the good of the team. So I trust he does know that McBurnie, Burke and Paterson's days are likely numbered. Turnbull is the one we have to get involved as soon as possible. He's got what so many others haven't. We might also start scoring from direct free kicks a bit more often !
  8. David Turnbull has got to be in the next squad. A beautiful footballer.
  9. I'd rather we didn't go down that route at all and would rather wait for a proper right back/wing back to become available.
  10. League congestion with potentially up to three games needing to be played a week for the season to finish on time (owing to all the postponements) and squads requiring frequent rotation should actually work in Gilmours favour.
  11. The available data of players who received votes only goes up to 2009. I'm quietly confident that Andy Robertson will would have gotten at least one vote in the last two years.
  12. I'd love to know what people's definition of "woke" is ? It's such a broad term that even the right wingers themselves cannot agree on a definition. I'll bet that our resident anti-woke brigade would have labelled figures as diverse as Jesus of Nazareth, William Wilberforce, the Pankhurst sisters and Martin Luther King as being "dangerous woke activists".
  13. He was terrible as a right back. Remember that Rodgers only played Hendry there because of an injury crisis and he had nobody else for that position.
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