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  1. I'm curious as to why Helander - a £3,500,000 signing - is usually left on the bench. Something's not right there.
  2. Well it's either whinge on the internet or go pike fishing but ma rod's away getting repaired just now.
  3. That's three times now in the last ten days that I've had relatives turn up completely unannounced and uninvited at the hoose. They ....... Invited themselves in. Planted their arses firmly on the sofa and would not budge. Ate all the biscuits. Talked complete and utter boring, skull numbing shite for between two hours (minimum) and four hours (maximum). Did not pick up any of my many subtle hints that maybe it was time to leave. Repeatedly kept asking what my plans for later were and what I was having to eat - clearly angling for an invitation to stay to dinner. And before anyone says anything, these were not lonely old relatives looking for a bit of company. Oh no. These particular time-wasters were married couples aged between 28 and 49 FFS. Anyone else have folks like this or is it just me ? What do you try and do to get out of it ?
  4. I like what I've seen of Porteous in action for Hibs but am worried that he seems rather injury prone.
  5. That's easy. Certain people do actually revel in failure (it allows them to rant and pontificate) and love to say "I told you so".
  6. I'm confident that not a single one of these "Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination" ever attend their local church services, own a bible or could explain the theological differences between the various Christian denominations. I'd dearly love to see the evidence these fuckheads have for "war being waged against Protestantism".
  7. Right just to check, has anyone not been offended by anything yet ? We don't want anyone feeling left out.
  8. How do we know Gerrard isn't exaggerating ?
  9. Would anyone (apart from Craig Brown and Willie Miller) like to make the case for keeping players on until they are well into their thirties and only giving players their international debut when they are twenty five or twenty six ?
  10. Unfortunately there are a lot of "we have didnae need all this when we were young" ex players, journalists and fans who wouldn't care if the performance schools were scrapped. They must be kept.
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