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  1. I was too young also however i remember getting an astronaut suit maybe a couple of years later and my Mum kept the Radio Times for that week (back to not being able to upload pictures) - i have no idea where it is now. Maybe in the cellar with my Warlord and Commando books
  2. Sadly yes - was more interested in Molly the well behaved dug Not once was Scotland's political situation mentioned or referred to - they only asked John Nicolson if he was going to stand for election again They could easily have referred to Gordon Quisling Broon's statement of Boris being the last PM of the UK but ignored it
  3. I'd be alright with the SNP starting a send them back chant if it referred to Hothersall and Hague .......... Opening a huge can of worms right enough never mind letting the genie out the bottle along with every other analogy ...............
  4. And yet complete quisling fannies like Tom Harris are continually given a platform to tell everyone that there is little difference between the views of Scotland and England The statement that Boris is a completely English phenonmenon - if you ignore the lickspittle elected Scottish Tories and a minority of Scottish Tory membership - is about to be tested fully
  5. https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/rachel-21-loses-fight-against-2944957
  6. This is fucking Labour and Unionism 101 Someone like Trump would have fucking no chance with the broadcast media in Scotland https://twitter.com/i/status/1151255746123894784
  7. Christ - how many times must i reiterate about the Labour party being every bit Unionist and Establishment as the Tories ? Any proponent of Scottish Political Independence that is hoping for any advantage from any of the Unionist parties, now or in the future, is living in cloud cuckoo land never mind ignoring history ..some very recent And that's before Labour being wiped out at the next GE which it looks will be called quickly by Bojo because he sees how badly Corbyn's approval rating is
  8. It's frightening to think what's round the corner The wee lassie from Liverpool was awful - showed videos of her at the pub with her pals, drinking, dancing and having a fag Shortly after she was unable to walk and had uncontrolable twitching and speech slurring The father told how he did not accept there was no cure and whisked her off to America to see some Doctor who had theories on possible cures Amazingly it started to work and while she showed only mild improvement the progression of the disease seemed to be halted Sadly the treatment was killing her liver and kidneys so the family decided to stop it They brought her home and had a wee celebratory party and she died 3 days later In 2008, UK scientists expressed concern over the possibility of a second wave of human cases due to the wide exposure and long incubation of some cases of vCJD.[40] Researchers believe one in 2,000 people in the UK is a carrier of the disease linked to eating contaminated beef (vCJD).[42] The survey provides the most robust prevalence measure to date—and identifies abnormal prion protein across a wider age group than found previously and in all genotypes, indicating "infection" may be relatively common. This new study examined over 32,000 anonymous appendix samples. Of these, 16 samples were positive for abnormal prion protein, indicating an overall prevalence of 493 per million population, or one in 2,000 people are likely to be carriers. No difference was seen in different birth cohorts (1941–1960 and 1961–1985), in both sexes, and there was no apparent difference in abnormal prion prevalence in three broad geographical areas. Genetic testing of the 16 positive samples revealed a higher proportion of valine homozygous (VV) genotype on the codon 129 of the gene encoding the prion protein (PRNP) compared with the general UK population. This also differs from the 177 people with vCJD, all of whom to date have been methionine homozygous (MM) genotype. The concern is that individuals with this VV genotype may be susceptible to developing the condition over longer incubation periods.[43]
  9. Did anyone else see this ? I caught it last night but it was on a week or so ago Another to be added to the list of Government cover ups with the Tories up to their necks in it Was absolutely heartbreaking https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0006p49/mad-cow-disease-the-great-british-beef-scandal
  10. Simplistically obviously meaning ignoring all current undisputed evidence Map shows years in 1000s - which was before the latest discoveries With the development of archaeological technology it's possible we will find more evidence to change the map
  11. https://phys.org/news/2019-07-oldest-africa-reset-human-migration.html https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-019-1376-z
  12. Not to mention trying to disguise his BDSM fetish by deliberately getting the acronym wrong Thinks we are daft
  13. Not miserable but definitely as the title suggests
  14. I enjoyed this jewish/athiest debate when Hitchens was dying if you have a spare hour and a half
  15. Och get yourself to fuck ya psycho mentalist You are just as big a fucking troll hiding behind your keyboard as the other two roasters that have came to this thread and board I'll leave you to it
  16. So the Tory vote in Scotland has different demographics to that in England (Unionism excepted) ? https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2017/06/13/how-britain-voted-2017-general-election
  17. Wanna say that to my face ? And if you want to quote me then quote the full part for context or at the very least explain where i am wrong in describing the Tory vote base in Scotland
  18. Nope I typed out a response then chastised myself as it's pointless interacting with a troll Dick was far more appropriate
  19. Yes - the same white pensioners, bigots, English emigre and extremely wealthy that vote Tory in elections Which one are you ?
  20. He is a troll and/or a parody No self respecting Scot would post the pish that he and Bonny do
  21. Ally Bongo

    Next PM

    Javid eliminated from the leadership race ending the pretence that a muslim could be leader of the Conservative party The Davidson curse strikes again Likely now that Johnson will engineer a situation to get Cunt into the last two by lending some of his votes and thus bringing the Mundell curse into play
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