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  1. The original Battle Royale is on Sky Sci-Fi at 10pm if you havent seen it and dont mind subtitles A million times better than the hunger games It was originally banned for 10 years
  2. Real possibility now that Leslie Van Houten will be released after spending 50 years in jail for her part as an accomplice in the murder of Leno and Rosemary Bianca when she was 20 years old. A California court of appeal has ruled against Governor Newsom's denial of her parole by 2-1 Newsom can appeal this decision to block her release however it is likely the court will allow her to be parolled while they consider the appeal
  3. Totally - however in fairness (and after looking on wikipedia) the major decline started in March 2022 when he was injured on International duty which more or less finished him. I'm almost sure though that repeatedly whenever there were calls for him to be transferred he would turn in performances, particularly in Europe, to silence them
  4. Thu, 20 Aug, 2020, 15:59 BST Lille confirm £16m Morelos bid Lille president Gerard Lopez has confirmed the club did put in a £16m bid for Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos.
  5. When he is banking on the Daily Mail saving his arse you know he is fucked They will turn on him the minute they sense public opinion isnt on his side
  6. Would not be one bit surprised if Phillip Schofield commits Hari Kari in the next weeks/months as the walls of his sham come tumbling down Also good to see that those who turned a blind eye are in the headlights
  7. Hopefully Margaret will stand as an Independent and the Yes movement get her elected - like Hanvey Would get it right up the SNP stitch up fucks
  8. Just shows how time passes Thunderdome was 1985 and Tina was 46 then
  9. Is that the same bloke that shagged Tanya Stevenson (The Morning Line) and told everyone how hairy a fanny she has ?
  10. Actor Ray Stevenson passes away days before his 59th birthday No cause of death yet known He was brilliant in Rome RIP
  11. Scores the winner against Rangers as the game is about to finish and wins the league for Glasgow City
  12. Didn't need to be Nostradamus They deserve to go down
  13. I'm sure i recall Johnny Marr saying that one of the major factors of The Smiths splitting up was because Rourke was in a bad way with the heroin and if they continued he would have died Alcohol abuse and smoking is the main driver of pancreatic cancer
  14. Jim Brown - legendary NFL running back turned actor passes away aged 87 Films include The Dirty Dozen and Ice Station Zebra
  15. Any Questions on Radio 4 at 8pm from Inverness Jim Fairlie MSP for SNP Lord Forsyth for Tories - making it two unelected Lords representing the Scottish Tories in 24 hours Patrick Harvie for the Greens and women with huge cocks Johann Lamont for Labour who thinks we are too stupid to make decisions
  16. True - but never in all the time she has been in the media has she ever made it known At least Lulu admits it now her career is just about over
  17. Was she anti SNP/Independence ? I never knew she was Scottish
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