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  1. Aw, shut it you. So, McGregor, eh?
  2. Can we not just keep talking about the fitba'? Start another thread about who's the worst fans and such?
  3. Aw, and you were doing so well tae...
  4. Oh, he hits the borr.
  5. That's impressive. Capital letters, punctuation and everything. Mucho improvmento, ron.
  6. What a fantastic defensive performance from Rangers tonight. And McGregor! Superb.
  7. FFS, I still haven't smoothed things over with His Lordship from the time of her and her feather boa at his dinner party. It still remains the talk of the area.
  8. Oi! What goes on Elite Board STAYS on Elite Board. Oh, and you have email!
  9. Flure

    Nations League

  10. Just after Nov world and before Jan world.
  11. And not for the first time, I guess?