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  1. Men against boys. This is a mismatch.
  2. Speaking of whom... I hear he's in trouble again having been overheard saying that he could murder a Chinese!
  3. Good match tonight. Thought Hearts deserved it.
  4. Flure

    Childhood heroes

    The Annoni story originated from Scots actor and Celtic season-ticket holder Alec Norton, who claimed it was a guy who sat two rows in front of him who shouted it. He (Alec - don't know about the other guy) is very good company socially and is a down-to-earth type, not prone to porkie-telling.
  5. 40s - This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie 50s - Take Five - The Dave Brubeck Quartet 60s - A Horse With No Name - America 70s - Joybringer - Mannfred Mann 80s - 90s - music was shite
  6. At the moment. There is no template for withdrawal. There will be in the future (even if it's an example of how not to do it.) There are templates for independence from the UK. 51 countries have done so since WWII.
  7. Or not. And if it did, member states would have the option to withdraw. Decide for themselves. Like Scotland can't at the moment.
  8. I'm using these two on a Mac. Is anyone familiar with the set up?
  9. I won't hear a word against Xmas Crackers. They are a source of much goodly material.
  10. This is because they are members of the Eurozone, no? Like Greece - and that was why the rest of the Eurozone members could have so much of a say on their internal finances. You want to be in the club? You stick to the rules. Those outside the Eurozone have a free hand. I believe.