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  1. Flure


    Aye. What (if anything) should I be planting in my raised beds now?
  2. I've had some insults thrown at me over the years, but.......
  3. I did. based on some very good information. But the outcome showed I was wrong.
  4. I wrote this on Indy eve - such an opportunity missed. "And so, here we are. As darkness falls over Scotland on this late summer evening, all the work has been done. The speeches speeched, the canvassing canvassed. There's one more opinion poll due out tonight - but who cares? As we go to the Polling Stations tomorrow, remember that it's about the future. The future of Scotland and the people who live here. We have had some glorious and not so glorious times as part of the union, but you can't make progress looking in the rear-view mirror. The past will always be. It happened. It's gone. This question is about us. It's about the confidence we have in ourselves to make something better. Something that takes us from where we are at the moment, a wealthy country with poor and hungry people, to a country that values its citizens and rewards them appropriately. Vote well, friends. May your choice reflect your hope and not your fear!"
  5. Flure

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Me. Although with two men's EURO 2020 qualifiers between 7-11 June, it might take some flying in and out of France.
  6. Flure

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Now, that was a good game of football.
  7. Flure

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Thursday night - St Mirren Park "In an age when international football often plays second fiddle to the club game, Cuthbert's passion for representing her country feels like a throwback to a time when there was no greater honour." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45329792
  8. Ex Labour MP and current Councillor for Linwood and Houston
  9. I thought it curious a wee while ago that the SNP called a debate about the sovereignty of the people of Scotland - and it was unopposed. I wonder if that was to legitimise any referendum called by the Scottish Parliament.
  10. Scenario.... Brexit position clarified - IndyRef2 called but with no "Edinburgh Agreement" - Scottish Unionists refuse to take part and call for the public to boycott - "Yes" wins on a seriously reduced turnout. What happens?
  11. Aw, shut it you. So, McGregor, eh?
  12. Can we not just keep talking about the fitba'? Start another thread about who's the worst fans and such?