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  1. Shut it, you. I've been baking and everything this morning. (Porridge Bread with Raisins since you ask) Bread and Final Table posted. And thank you for supporting the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. They will gratefully receive any donations in their PayPal account - [email protected] (Please use "Friends & Family").
  2. Good post. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  3. For the payment to have arrived the day after her rant, it would have to have been prepared, authorised and processed several days previously, no?
  4. Because it's my post.
  5. ....and a Happy New Year!
  6. I can't see anywhere in the T&Cs where it mentions Men's team only. I bought my tickets for the Women's World Cup matches from the SSC. I could do this because I was a member. If the Scottish FA organised a Men's friendly match in Aberdeen and dropped the price to £15, should we get a half a home point because the normal price is £30? Points are awarded for attendance, not for the ticket price.
  7. Indeed. But I'm specifically referring to the Senior teams here.
  8. Well, I did my best. And we WERE on the telly, I'm led to believe.
  9. If the Scottish FA are serious about promoting the Women’s game, they should incorporate attendance at Women’s matches into their loyalty points system. As it stands, someone who opts to attend a Women’s match instead of a Men’s match (when fixtures coincide) would be penalised in the points system. Why should the supporters of the Women’s game be penalised this way? True supporters who support both National Teams should be rewarded equally for attending all games.
  10. Draw, schmaw! We're looking forward to the drive from Rennes to Grenoble on Friday!
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