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  1. Flure

    Columbia support thread

    You can do it better than this. This is not one of your usual wind up attempts. This is bang out of order.
  2. At 1-0 to England, THAT's what was concerning you?
  3. Yes, they've snuffed out any threat Colombia might have posed. Can't help but wonder though how different it may have been if Colombia had put as much effort into trying to win as they did trying to cheat.
  4. Take things at face value. Don't think too much. Go wi' the flow? I agree.
  5. Flure

    Columbia support thread

  6. Flure

    Scottish player transfers

  7. Flure

    Scottish player transfers

    Really? Is that what's being talked about?
  8. I was there. It was awful. There was a railing down the terracing separating fans and the Celtic fans destroyed it, using the vertical, cast-iron poles as javelins and hurling them into the Burnley fans. (Who themselves were no angels).
  9. There's nothing like a bit of "live and let live".
  10. Yep, looks likely.
  11. You think? You don't think as bait goes, it was a bit too obvious? Not your best work, I feel.