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  1. if you stick bits of wood the size of toast in your ear lobes then you lose the right to be part of society. if you then train a wee pug dug to do anti-semitic salutes then you get all you fucking deserve
  2. Sub prime collapse Occupy movement The rise of the left to end Capitalism ============================= Transgender is not a mental illness Black on black violence is down to white people from Idaho Slags who worked in Hollywood and made shitloads of cash weren't really slags Let's all chop our cocks off ============================= Poor people deserve what they get cos of the patriarchy Brexit is good
  3. A trip to Kilmarnock is all well and good but what about the wimmin's football on the morra night? Glasgow khuntpunchers vs Ayrshire Clam-munchers will surely attract 17/18 people tomorrow night. Hence it being on a par with football on the BBC sport Scotland pages tomorrow. Even better, why don't we get a big no-tits skinhead Oxbridge English lesbian with a fitba knowledge that extends to mibbe netball and mostly strapons to explain why Scott McTominay shouldnae be considered to be a box to box midfielder; and we pay her £4 grand off the license fee? Even better, why don't we keep up this pretense that lesbian football is of an equivalent standard to football (even though it's a primary 5 boys game at best) so that it disnae matter when the English dyke game surpasses the SPFL in terms of income within the next 18 months?
  4. Anyone who can point any evidence to the contrary is welcome to try but Rugby is a bender English sport created by a public schoolboy who couldnae play proper fitba. it's a Jimmy Savile sport played by and liked by beasts. "Scottish" people who like rugby are child molester cvnts who voted no and come from New Zealand. Failed Maori Beasts
  5. I like the new logo with the Yes font. Bottom line is if yer a 2014 náwbag then you're a fándan of the same ilk as proponents of Trvmp and Br€xit. You're a dogshít cúnt and you should fvckin stab yourself to improve humanity. Love you xxx
  6. Legally, you need the license if you watch live TV or if you access BBC iPlayer for live or on demand. I quit paying last year cos the place i moved to can't have a satellite dish fitted for Sky, and the terrestrial aerial for Freeview is inaccessible. I had the occupant letters along with a couple of visits when I was at work. Deleted iPlayer from all my devices and replied back saying that I cannot view BBC stuff on any device and I don't watch live TV (which is true). Had nothing since and I stick to the law entirely which is a bit daft cos technically the BBC iplayer watermark is completely by-passable if you hack a wireless network which is a piece of a piss if you have a windows machine that allows you access to cmd and has a wireless card you just type in: "netsh wlan show profiles" and you get a list of all available wireless networks, then you pick a wireless network that's visible and then type in the name of a network where it says "networkname" netsh wlan show profile "networkname" key=clear and then you get a network key that allows you to access that network WPA encryption is utter shyte try it and see if you can "access" your neighbours network.... I also claimed back £200 as I forgot to cancel my license from my old address. Took about a month. Don't follow their "we need paper replies" pish. They're run by Indians. Just be polite and tell them you hope they don't get attacked by leopards on their commute when you email them
  7. I've got no evidence here at all so I can't express an opinion really, but would you leave a 4 year old with him?
  8. The guy who did it apologised and said he had made an error of judgement.
  9. Hard to believe it's been 19 years since it happened. Incredible how time flies.
  10. hot stuff "did you fvck any kids Leon?" "no of course not. I just strangled them and ate them" fanny made of plasticine
  11. For me, it was the lack of gossip and celebrity horoscopes what led to me not coming on here so much. But when Admin got rid of page 3 it done me in. I needed my 6 day daily dose of fake t!ts in the morning to explain my day. When they got rid of that and gave a Wednesday column to that barren big German lesbian witch Nicola Sturgeon I just thought fvck that. So I didint come back. If the Tamb wants us back we need more football tips, endless chat about post-transfer window big money signing rumours,and a crudely drawn cartoon about a sex crazed married blonde couple with a really boring life that muse about their neighbours, his job and her shopping habits while he fists her cvnt and pisses on her face.
  12. I'm DAFC. We'll pay off our Tambing debts, get HBOS to wipe out 92 per cent of rest of the load we owe and then shaft the local creditors like hairdressers and coke dealers who chucked us 70 grand for "entertainment" Then we'll struggle for a few years in the dark web and eventually get back to being searchable on Bing with the prospect of being Googleable within the next 3 years.
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