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  1. Any suggestions for alternative spas?
  2. Spot on. I struggle to warm to him but he is clearly one of our best forward options - although it is probably our weakest position. I'm not sure we play a system that works best for McBurnie but I don't think it would take much tweaking to make it work. He has 9 caps for us, starting 4 times. I don't think he's played 90 minutes once. We lost 7 of the 9 matches - but I'm not sure we can blame him solely for any of them. Personally, I think he'll score goals for us. Not loads but he'll do alright in the end.
  3. I can't see it unless Griffiths is away. He'd be 5 choice if he signed today - in a team that only really plays 1 forward.
  4. I started watching this yesterday. Folk will never stop surprising me.
  5. I think people, on both sides, worry far too much about this. I struggle to keep up with a lot of the terminology but really don't struggle with the concept of someone feeling they better identify with a different gender to what they were born as.
  6. I still do this every now and again. Start the month with £10 and see how far I can get. It's all about patience because you can end up betting on games you know nothing about just because the odds fit with the system. The best I did was around 20 bets which gets you to around the £300 mark. The winning increase more dramatically from that point. I bet on rangers to beat Queens Park at Hampden and they did with a last minute winner. Only time I've celebrated a rangers goal. Feeling like luck was on my side, it all went on top of the league Sheff Utd to beat bottom of the league Hartlepool at home. Pretty sure Sheff Utd were unbeaten and Hartlepool had only won once all season. What could go wrong? I still hate Sheff Utd. I think I "lost" around £400 that day but I also think half the TAMB lost money on that match. The worst thing was watching Jeff Stelling celebrate every goal.
  7. Carlisle Utd confirm loan deal for Wolves midfielder Elliot Watt Watt has plenty of potential. It will be good to see how he gets on.
  8. I'm not sure whether there is an official link but Celtic have done quite well from Man City over the last few years.
  9. He won't be going anywhere until we get at least another forward or two in. Bayo looks worse every time I see him and Édouard will probably be away in the summer as the rich clubs of Europe look for quality forwards they can get fairly cheaply. There is no way we can let Griffiths go unless we have some quality replacements coming in.
  10. Amazing how well he has established himself over the last 2 seasons. I wonder what would have happened had Celtic signed McGinn.
  11. Well deserved after damaging the UEFA coefficient.
  12. No matches are easy at this stage for Celtic. It could have been worse but I think we have a chance. We need key players fit and to make sure we don't weaken ourselves in January.
  13. This is a useful page to see what each places gets you - https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/uefaorg/General/02/58/61/42/2586142_DOWNLOAD.pdf Remember, it is all set to change with the new Europa League 2 coming in.
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