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  1. PASTA Mick

    The current pool

    I think you have listed a lot of players that I wouldn't want anywhere near the team next month and a few that I'd never consider again. If you consider the level that our players are currently at, we have 3 players above the rest - Robertson (LB) Tierney (LB) Fraser (LM) We have a bunch of players that play at a good level and should be fairly dependable at international level - Gordon (GK) McGregor (GK) McKenna (CB) Armstrong (CM) McGregor (CM) Christie (CM) McTominay (CM) Cairney (CM) Forrest (RM) Snodgrass (RM) Phillips (RM) Paterson (CF) Griffiths (CF) - this is where he should be anyway Then we have players that play at a decent level and can be hit or miss at international level - Marshall (GK) O'Donnell (RB) Mulgrew (CB) Souttar (CB) Bates (CB) Jack (CM) McDonald (CM) McGinn (CM) Ritchie (RM) Fletcher (CF) McBurnie (CF) Burke (CF) and a load of others. We need that list of 3 to be closer to 10, and the list of next list enough to fill the rest of the squad, with cover in each position. Some players will improve. Others won't reach their potential or will be unavailable for a wide range of reasons like injury, international retirement and falling out with the SFA. There will be arguments about the standard of different players that I've listed but the reality is we are still short on real quality, but our options at LB and in midfield aren't too bad.
  2. PASTA Mick

    Karamoko Dembele

    Kilbane got a lot of stick early in his career when he turned England down at youth level. He talks about his dad and uncles and if you met them you'd understand why he picked Ireland, if he hasn't already made his point in the clip there. I believe he also got in a bit of trouble because he kept turning up for training at Preston in a Celtic shirt
  3. PASTA Mick

    U19's v Spain

  4. I don't. He fell over the ball a few times and put in a load of cheap crosses. He looks out of his depth every time he plays.
  5. PASTA Mick

    U19's v Spain

    They won 2-0 today against Azerbaijan.
  6. The 2 full-backs were poor and the rest weren't much better. However; that is a great win at a ground we've struggled at recently. I usually fear the worst after European matches so for us to win away and everyone else in the top 6 to drop points is fantastic.
  7. I'm always worried about games after European matches, especially when we've lost and are then away at one of the top 6. The result yesterday takes some of the pressure off.
  8. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    McGinn was the best player for a very poor Aston Villa today. Hutton would still do a job for us. Morrison and Phillips weren't even on the bench.
  9. PASTA Mick

    Declan Rice

    It's a joke that this can happen but quite funny because it's Ireland, who have done this plenty of times to Northern Ireland.
  10. PASTA Mick

    In praise of Brendan Rogers

    He's having more impact on the national team than anyone paid by the SFA.
  11. PASTA Mick

    Scottish player transfers

    Any decent money he makes now he will have to earn. I'm not sure he has the desire because the money has come so easily to him so far.
  12. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    He might get a game at RM if Forrest is injured.
  13. Big 3 points for Celtic against a tricky side. Looks like a couple more injuries and a suspension which could cost us later. We didn't need the penalty we should have had.
  14. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Forrest 💚💚💚