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  1. Maybe you should need two grandparents to make the claim?
  2. Liam Morrison has moved from Celtic to Bayern Munich. He's only 16 but one to watch out for.
  3. Happy with Paterson against teams we should beat. Not sure about Belgium and Russia. I wonder whether Ryan Jack should be our right-back.
  4. I think you are being very harsh on McGregor. I've no doubt that if he had played CM on Tuesday, Celtic would have gone through. I don't think he tries to come across as a utility player - he is a midfielder. I'm not saying he should definitely start but he's a player I'd be quite happy to see in the XI. Forrest is easily our best right-winger. He badly needs a decent RB behind him to see the best of him. He has been excellent for Celtic for a long time now and constantly steps up at key times for us.
  5. Also goalkeeper Archie Mair from Aberdeen. Kane O'Connor left Hibs for Brentford 'B' team.
  6. It is really bizarre. We knew 6 of the defenders leaving and I don't think KT going was a big shock. We know we'd be starting the season with just 1 full-back in the squad - and he is clearly never going to be first choice. We've brought 2 in (although 1 seems to have played CB most of his career). It is really careless and we have suffered the consequences. The manager situation shouldn't really have mattered. It's not like Rodgers left mid-July. It's easy to see why the fans are frustrated.
  7. Agree. An out of form Sinclair is a better option than Morgan or Hayes, even at their best.
  8. Teams are always going to take the better players from weaker teams. I think Celtic have a fairly unique place in the food chain as we are so much stronger than most teams in our domestic league but a long way off the top level clubs in Europe and even the level after that. You only need to see how many players we've sold to Southampton (the feeder club of England) to see our place. I think Scottish clubs suffer because England/Wales is so close and similar in language and culture. Young players move south now before we get to see them at all in Scotland. Fraser is probably the best example - 20-odd matches for Aberdeen before moving south for a next to nothing. I noticed a few young players moving south this summer - Norwich took 2 or 3 and Swansea have taken loads over the last few years.
  9. Morgan was struggling in League 1 last season. He's never going to be good enough. Hayes has been pretty dreadful every time he's been called upon.
  10. We do seem to wait until after the Euro qualifiers to start recruitment. This summer was always going to be a big summer due to us losing so many defenders (7 I think) and we've not done enough. I guess getting in the CL can help us attract better players but I'm not sure it makes a huge difference. It's all about doing enough to just stay ahead of rangers. Eventually the gap will be closed. It looked close in January and we responded with signings to which helped us win the league.
  11. I'd be guessing but I think Lennon just prefers Morgan and Johnston which sums up why Celtic fans don't want Lennon near the job.
  12. Agree. If we could swap Hendry, Arzani, Morgan, Connell, Ralston, Miller, Kouassi, Sinclair, Benyu, Šimunović to 2 or 3 quality players it would make a big difference.
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