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  1. Yesterday was disappointing for Celtic. Lennon simply isn't picking the best XI available as he seems to be picking our players ahead of the loan players. We has 5 players on the bench that should all have started. Hayes is dreadful. One of the worst players I've seen in a Celtic shirt. Sinclair was better in the time he replaced him and he did next to nothing. What Lennon sees in Hayes will always be a mystery to me. I've got to say that I thought Hibs were good. What a difference a good manager makes to a team. From a Scotland POV, McNulty isn't very good and shouldn't be near the Scotland squad.
  2. Have they tried against rangers this season? Terrible performance.
  3. I don't think he will move to Newcastle. If Spurs are actually interested, that would be the move. If he can make Wilson look too draw, imagine what he'd do with Kane.
  4. Championship is similar to Scottish Prem. Still not many scored as many as him this season.
  5. 20th goal of the season for McBurnie. He's still only 22 and I'm sure he will score goals for us at some point.
  6. None really. Also worth remembering that he played Jack and Cummings in that game.
  7. Something along the lines of Strachan went a year unbeaten before getting the sack...MacKay made mass changes for the 1 game he was in charge and insisted the new manger worked with the new set of players leading to several of our more experienced players (like McArthur and Snodgrass) taking the hump.
  8. I'd rank them in this order (since I've been going) - Brown McLeish (1st time) Smith Strachan Vogts Levein McLeish (2nd time) Burley The bottom 4 were all pretty terrible. Burley was the biggest disappointment because I thought he'd do really well.
  9. Nonsense. There are plenty of sides worse than we are with much weaker players.
  10. All 6 matches were against sides we should be beating. The 2 we lost were dreadful.
  11. I think he'd do well for us. It's a pretty dreadful list though 😒
  12. Of course it can. Killie are the perfect example of what a good manager can achieve.
  13. I can see Gemmill getting it. If all else fails, try and copy England.
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