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  1. PASTA Mick

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    Thousands already have stopped going!!
  2. PASTA Mick

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    See Robert Earnshaw score a hat-tick against us was tough to take. Blowing a 2-goal lead against 10-man Belgium at Hampden was a low point that has stayed with me. Losing to Georgia away in 2007 was gutting because that really did cost us and it was a winnable match, especially with the team and the momentum we had back then. Now is the lowest I've ever felt about the team and I'm certainly starting to go to less matches.
  3. PASTA Mick

    Scott Brown

    Our results are better when Scott Brown is in the team. Since the start of 2016 - With Brown (Competitive results in brackets) - P 6, W 4 (Slovenia H, Lithuania A, Malta H) D 1 (England H) L 1 (England A) Without Brown (Competitive results in brackets) - P 18 W 5 (Malta A, Slovakia H, Albania H) D 3 (Lithuania H, Slovenia A) L 10 (Slovenia A, Israel A) On a side note, our choice in friendlies over the last 2 years is mental - Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Denmark, Czech Rep, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica...
  4. PASTA Mick

    Team for albania

    GMS is a player I really wanted to do well at Celtic but he simply wasn't quite good enough. When things work for him, it looks great but it doesn't happen often enough.
  5. PASTA Mick

    Team for albania

    I normally like what you post but that team looks brutal.
  6. PASTA Mick

    Portugal match thread

    Return for Hanley? I believe he's doing okay at Norwich, although I've not watched him myself in ages. I'd stick with Mulgrew. He's not the greatest but he is experienced, and can hit a free-kick / penalty too.
  7. PASTA Mick

    Team for albania

    Gordon Tierney McKenna Mulgrew Robertson Cairney Armstrong McGregor Forrest Griffiths Fraser Rest of the squad: McGregor, Archer; Paterson, Souttar, Hanley, Douglas; McGinn, McTominay, Morgan, Phillips; Naismith, McBurnie.
  8. PASTA Mick

    Coefficiency and reading for UEFA Qualifiers

    We need to sort ourselves out by next month or there will not be a play-off (at League C level anyway). If we end up in pot 4, we won't qualify for Euro 2020. It is likely we'd be in a group with 3 teams from Leagues A and B, possibly 2 from A and 1 from B. It would be tough enough from Pot 3 but at least it would mean a team like Albania or Israel rather than a team like Sweden or Serbia, plus the top 2 seeds. Next month is huge to our chances. McLeish needs to make sure every fir player is available, in a system that works and understands the importance of the two matches.
  9. PASTA Mick

    Coefficiency and reading for UEFA Qualifiers

    If we finish top or one of the best 2 second placed team from leagues C, we will be pot 3. If we finish bottom or one of the worst 2 second placed teams, we will be pot 4. We really need to win this group, for both the play-off spot and the Euro 2020 draw.
  10. PASTA Mick

    Portugal match thread

    What annoyed me about Forrest yesterday is how central he was playing. He was more like a forward than a winger. I agree with your earlier post about 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 with Forrest and Fraser wide with Griffiths in the middle. The defence looks good but I feel that a more experienced CB is needed to play alongside McKenna. 3 from Armstrong, McGregor, McGinn and Cairney (or McArthur) should make up the midfield. I've also missed Phillips this week. I never thought I'd be saying that.
  11. PASTA Mick

    Portugal match thread

    Hendry plays for Celtic and shouldn't be near the squad.
  12. PASTA Mick

    Team for albania

    Not as the main forward. I'd prefer to start with LG and have SN on the bench as an option if needed.
  13. PASTA Mick

    Portugal match thread

    I think you are getting carried away. Decent but not worth getting too excited about.
  14. PASTA Mick

    Team for albania

    Hanley, Cairney, Fraser, Phillips and Griffiths should all be brought back.
  15. PASTA Mick

    SFA cut yer losses

    What was he saying?