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  1. Just looking at the fixtures in November - 15th - Under 21s at home against Greece 16th - First team away against Cyprus 19th - First team at home against Kazakhstan It would seem to me that unless Clarke wants to use any of the under 21 lads in Cyprus they should stay where they are and play against Greece. They players he wants to take a closer look at could potentially join up with the main squad once they've returned from Cyprus, and if any spaces become available in the squad (injury or suspension) they could come in that way. This would mean the under 21s aren't weakened for their important match, and if we do give them the chance to step up, it is at home against a slightly weaker team.
  2. I think Celtic are pretty good at bringing youth players through. If you look at last season - Tierney (40 appearances), McGregor (59) and Forrest (56) were key players. Ralston, Henderson and Johnston (23) had opportunities. Dembélé also made a few appearances. Whilst they didn't come from the Celtic youth teams, we also had Hendry, Christie, Morgan and Burke getting games.
  3. Good performance and well deserved victory.
  4. Great goal on the stroke of half-time. 1-0.
  5. The result was still two defeats. They also lost all 4 of their Nations League matches.
  6. Marshall Teirney Souttar McKenna Robertson McTominay Forrest McGinn Christie Fraser Griffiths If McGregor gets a rest and gets back to his best, he comes in for McGinn or Christie, depending on who we are playing.
  7. They've beat Belarus and Estonia home and away. It's decent but not impressive.
  8. Adding to the Scott Brown comment I made above... Since the start of 2015... With Scott Brown P 13 W 5 (Gibraltar x 2, Slovenia, Lithuania, Malta) D 3 (Rep of Ireland, Poland, England) L 3 (Georgia, Germany, England) Without Scott Brown P 17 W 8 (Malta, Slovakia, Albania x 2, Israel, San Marino x 2, Cyprus) D 2 (Lithuania, Slovenia) L 7 (Slovakia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Belgium x 2, Russia x 2)
  9. Hutton would have still been out best right-back up until the end of last season. All our best performances over the last few years have been with Brown in the team. Our record when he's not played has been rotten.
  10. He's too slow for international football and was particularly poor in Moscow. I don't think we will miss him but it is disappointing not to have him as an option as we need as many as we can get. We do have too many players quitting international football. McGregor, Hutton (up until this season), Brown, McArthur, Ritchie and Fletcher would all have more caps had they still been available. I'm sure I had a bet on here that Forrest would get more caps than Snodgrass. No idea who it was with or how to go about finding the thread
  11. Finished 0-0 which isn't a bad result.
  12. Two games have killed us. The first one and Russia at home. Kazakhstan away was just a disaster. Russia at home was a funny game as we looked great until we scored. If we had have won them we might have performed better against Belgium although I doubt we'd have got anything even if we were in better form.
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