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  1. PASTA Mick

    Under 21 draw

    Tough group but always was going to be as we are a 4th seed. However, it could have been much worse. We could finish anywhere between 1st and 4th. I'm not sure the next set of u21s will lose players to the first team at anywhere near the rate that the last group did (Teirney, Bates, McKenna, Souttar, McTominay, Burke, McBurnie, Morgan). There are some really good players in the next set of u21s (Watt, Gilmour, Middleton, Johnston, Hornby, Brophy...to name a few) but I think the first team will have less spaces available than we've had in the last year or two.
  2. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Aye, and I'm considering marrying Emily Atack.
  3. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Paterson caused Southampton all kinds of problems.
  4. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    2 for Forrest v the league leaders 1 for Christie 1 for Paterson v Southampton
  5. PASTA Mick

    Strength in depth

    Like I said, playing 3 at the back puts too many players in a formation in which I don't think we would see the best of them. It is no surprise that Forrest had his best two games when he was part of a forward 3 with less defensive duties asked of him. Same for Fraser. These two can cause most teams problems but they need a full-back behind them to make sure we aren't exposed on the wings. Souttar, McKenna and Bates may all end up at a higher level but at the moment, none of them are at the moment. Lets see how they get on because it wasn't that long ago that Danny Wilson and Grant Hanley were the answer to all our CB problems but both careers have not got any better than when they first broke into the team at a similar age to the three we've just mentioned. RB is a problem, but as I pointed out earlier, we've done quite well whenever we've asked Tierney to fill in.
  6. PASTA Mick

    Strength in depth

    With our players, 4-3-3 works best for us. It gets the best out of most of our key players; Robertson, McGregor, Armstrong, Forrest and Fraser. A back 3 doesn't really suit any of them unless you go 3-4-3, which I don't think we'd ever do. It ends up being more like a 3-6-1 or a 5-4-1.
  7. PASTA Mick

    Strength in depth

    I don't think so. Plenty with Robertson left and Tierney right - and we've done quite well in all those matches. 1-0 win v Slovenia 2-2 draw v England 3-0 win v Lithuania 2-0 win v Malta 1-0 win v Slovakia 2-2 draw v Slovania For the debate...Robertson is playing better now but look at where Robertson was at Tierney's age and I think it shows that KT has the potential to go even further than Robertson, but will need to leave Celtic at some point and move to one of Europes elite clubs, as Robertson has. Fake news. Robertson was an unused sub. Tierney was LB and Paterson was RB.
  8. Too many changes for Celtic but we have played a lot of games this season and have a huge game next Thursday. We can't keep missing penalties when we get them. We must miss more penalties than most teams in Europe, going right back to Larsson. Hayes is simply not good enough and we look less dynamic with Brown in the team. We badly missed Forrest and Rogic. Well done to Killie. They keep getting results.
  9. PASTA Mick

    2020 Draw Thread

    Afraid not. The FIFA rankings are even worse than normal now and we would need years of good results to see a significant increase to our ranking.
  10. PASTA Mick

    2020 Draw Thread

    We will almost certainly be in pot 3 again. Assumptions World Cup will have 32 teams. UEFA will have 13 places. Qualification will be in the same format as last time (9 group winners, 4 play-off winners). We will be 38th in the next rankings. 24th of the UEFA nations. We would need to be ranked between 9 and 18 to be in pot 2. FIFA changed the way rankings are formulated recently and movement is now very slow. It will take a long run of wins to get to up a few places. I am quite sure we only have 2 matches (Kazakhstan and San Marino away) before the pots are decided and even if we win both we won’t move more than a place or two at best. If they do take into account the June matches (Cyprus home and Belgium away), it might give us a chance if we win all 4 but it would need the 6 teams between us and 18th to collapse. I'm not sure it is possible. A good example of how poor the ranking are now is Kosovo. They started at the bottom but have done pretty well but have only moved up 10 places with their 4 wins and 2 draws in the Nations League, up to 131st. The only system would have put them well into the top 100. To get in the top 100 now, they will need something like 20 wins and 10 draws from their next 30 matches. We will suffer for our poor position when the rankings changed for many years (unless they change them again. Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Denmark and Wales will enjoy their position for years, even after they start to go past their current good performances.
  11. PASTA Mick

    Points Tables

    UEFA believe the week of football has been a massive success with very little complaints for member nations. 😰
  12. PASTA Mick

    2020 Draw Thread

    Yes, the point I was making is that we can rely on Belgium beating Russia twice. In the last two groups the top team have dropped points against our rivals.
  13. PASTA Mick

    2020 Draw Thread

    I don't think Belgium will win every match. They hammer minnows but games against decent sides are usually closer. They didn't win their nations league group after losing to Switzerland.
  14. PASTA Mick

    2020 Draw Thread

    I think we really need 16-18 points from the 3 weaker sides in the group and 4+ from the other 4 games.
  15. PASTA Mick

    2020 Draw Thread