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  1. Operation get all our best players in the starting XI... Marshall McTominay McKenna Tierney Armstrong McGinn McGregor Robertson Forrest McBurnie Fraser Christie and Griffiths just miss out. Gilmour won't be out the team for too long.
  2. Yeah, I think it will have been good for him and Forrest getting a good break for the first time in years.
  3. Not had much to talk about. Very hard to pick our team at the moment. We are going to have to leave out some good players whilst starting some poor players because of the imbalance we have in the squad. Personally, I think we need to find the best way to fit in Tierney, Robertson and Fraser. I'm not too bothered who starts between McGinn, Armstrong, Christie, McTominay and McGregor. All are decent enough. Gilmour will be in that mix soon too. Forrest and Griffiths would usually be in my starting XI. I think Martin and McBurnie have a role to play. Keeper, right-back and centre-backs are the real problems. Tierney at RB and McTominay at CB would allow us to get more of our best players on the pitch at the same time but comes with obvious risks.
  4. A best guess would be Thursday 4 June with the final on Tuesday 9 June.
  5. The only guidance is "the start of June".
  6. Its the only option. Also seeing reports that the play-offs will now be in June.
  7. I agree with that. A certain club think it should stop now, no league winners but all the other benefits of your current position should be available.
  8. 27-10-99 - Celtic 0-1 Motherwell Barnes was the manager, Larrson had broke his leg the week before and we paraded Ian Wright at half-time. We were dreadful and I've had a strong dislike for Motherwell ever since. I went to the match a few days later against Killie - 30-10-99 - Celtic 5-1 Kilmarnock We were 1-0 down at half-time but were excellent in the second half with Viduka getting a hat-trick and Wright scoring on his debut. I had the same seat for both games which was behind of of the goals. All 7 goals were scored in the opposite net.
  9. They probably want the European places decided by current positions too
  10. We've got six and would welcome a ban of gatherings of more than 5 people
  11. I can't disagree. I think the performances in Europe over the last two years have helped keep Gerrard away from a lot more criticism. The great thing of us is that it keeps him in the job and helps our chances in Europe in future seasons.
  12. PASTA Mick


    No chance. 3 days off work, hotel and other costs to watch it in a pub that charges 4 times the amount of a pub I can watch it in at home? It's a easy choice to make.
  13. John McGinn should be on the bench against Chelsea on Saturday (from a very good source). It would be interesting to see him against Gilmour at some point. Live on SKY too.
  14. PASTA Mick

    Lyndon Dykes

    I tend to be in the "more options the better" camp but hard to get excited by this. I'd have Griffiths, McBurnie, Naismith, Rhodes, Brophy, Martin, Paterson and Burke ahead of him.
  15. There are a lot of good players that haven't made any of the squads. Morrison, Hickey and the 3 from Man City for a start.
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