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  1. Still buzzing from Sunday. I think that was sweeter than any of the hammerings we've dished out recently.
  2. If true, you'd have to be tempted by Bayern knowing another Scottish player is already there.
  3. I can't see Celtic winning tomorrow. I imagine we will play a weakened team against a team that need to win at a venue our strongest team already lost at this season. rangers winning will give us a great chance because that would mean 4 games to get 1 win.
  4. Yesterday felt like a big moment in the title race. Considering rangers were 2-0 up and Celtic were drawing 1-1 in time added on, it is incredible that we now sit 2 points clear. You just can't beat a last minute winner and I think both teams will go into Sunday now with quite different mindsets.
  5. I always remember Hartley was very good at covering our full-backs (usually Hutton) when they went forward. I think it is very important we have someone doing the same sort of thing for Robertson so we can get the best out of him.
  6. As I've mentioned elsewhere, if McGregor is fit he starts. He started all 14 matches in the Nations League and qualifying. McGinn has forced his way into an automatic selection. I'm a big Forrest fan and I think Fraser is our best player. That leaves one space in my team. Could pick either McTominay or Christie. Probably demands who we are playing.
  7. It doesn't always work like that. For every Darren Fletcher we've had come through at a big club there are countless players like Daniel Galbraith, Warren Cummings, Ryan Flynn, Islam Feruz and Michael Stewart. Then there are plenty of players like James McArthur that have had really good careers in England after playing over 150 games in Scotland before moving south. I'd suggest playing competitive football early on plays a much bigger part in a players development than being coached at a big club where very few players reach the first team. I understand it is different for every player but we don't have many success stories of players moving south young and doing well. I am hopeful that the Performance Schools are setting up these young players to make more of a success of their careers but we will have to see whether this crop of young teenagers are making the right move.
  8. From a Scotland POV, it's great to see so much interest in the young players coming out of Scotland. It reminds me of when Belgium started exporting players across Europe before they started to dramatically improve. From a Scottish clubs POV, it is demoralising. Players are moving before they even get near the first team and it's happening across the country. Clubs need to look at ways to keep hold of their top talent a bit longer but I fear it is going to be more and more difficult as clubs are noticing the talent pool forming in Scotland. I guess we just need to hope that it results in more and more players emerging in England at the same sort of standard as Billy Gilmour.
  9. It's worth noting that the Swansea v Fulham game featured 5 Scottish midfielders that aren't getting anywhere near the squad.
  10. I've booked to go to Reykjavik in February with the wife. Any tips on where to stay and the best way to see all the sites would be really appreciated. I'm thinking hotel in Reykjavik and hire a car but want to make sure I'm not missing a better way to do things.
  11. The Morelos situation will probably depend on who comes in for him (if anyone) and whether he wants to go. He does look a better player this season but I think clubs will still question his discipline record.
  12. Liam Morrison came through the performance schools.
  13. The reviews were mixed. He played a part in both their goals and that was recognised. A new manager could be good for Arsenal because they do have some very good players.
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