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  1. PASTA Mick


    I rate both of them highly. In the Toulon tournament, Johnston was selected ahead of Middleton.
  2. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Ex-PNE player
  3. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    McGregor had a long spell at Notts County. Ajer went to Killie. Forrest and Tierney didn't.
  4. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I think he is a cracking player.
  5. Possibly but another 3 rounds after this. Crazy. .
  6. Not pretty but these first matches never are. Still a great start to the season.
  7. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Good. We scored twice after he came on and he played a part in one of the goals. Poor opposition but promising start.
  8. PASTA Mick

    Potential squad for Belgium

    We have to. All teams in the 3 team groups had to arrange friendlies or UEFA would arrange them for us. It did mean only a few teams were available and all those available from Europe were from the top 2 divisions.
  9. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    1 goal and 2 assists for Forrest. 3-0.
  10. PASTA Mick

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Gordon, Hendry, Tierney, McGregor, Brown and Forrest in action this afternoon in Armenia. Bain, Ralston, Christie, Morgan and Allan on the bench. 1-0 up at half-time. Imagine if Scotland had made the World Cup, Celtic wouldn't have a team for these games.
  11. PASTA Mick

    Russia 2018

    This is murder. Dreading work this week.
  12. PASTA Mick

    Russia 2018

    They haven't lost a competitive game for over two years.
  13. PASTA Mick

    Scottish player transfers

    I think that rules him out the Scotland squad for the next year or so at least.
  14. PASTA Mick

    Russia 2018

    I'd fancy Colombia to beat England. Which means England will get Senegal next round followed by Mexico or the Swiss.
  15. I'd be happy to sign McGinn. I also think McGinn would benefit from a move now, whether that is to Celtic or England. I think we are more likely to sign some youth midfielder we've never heard of from one of elite clubs in Europe.