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  1. His ban was for basically having a pop at someone that came over from Jambos Kickback during the khraeigh incident...
  2. You weren't at McGhee's first game in charge of Aberdeen, were you?
  3. Was reading that the Welsh league starts a couple of weeks AFTER ours too.
  4. Undoes a bit of both Celtic and Aberdeen getting winners.
  5. Penalty for Connah's Quay and a red card for Findlay...
  6. Sounded on the radio that Connah's Quay missed an absolute sitter in the first half.
  7. Cork are 2-0 up away to Progres tonight. So, now 2-2 on aggregate. Possibly a trip to Cork for Rangers instead of a revenge mission to Luxembourg?
  8. Yes. But other than a fluke purple patch, he was generally woeful.
  9. Yeah, I normally use that. Watched the first half of the Celtic game on there last night. Can't see the Killie game listed as yet on it though.
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