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  1. Anyone know if the motorway lanes heading towards Stirling will be closed after the Armenia game like they were after the Ukraine game?
  2. Good business for the club to loan him out now too, really. Given he was on the golf course rather than the matchday squad for the Utd game. If he's not going to play for the club again, Hearts picking up a fair chunk/all of his wages for rest of the season is a no-brainer.
  3. Logan has been poor for the best part of two years. He's barely got off the bench this season. He's 33 and out of contract in the summer. He was never going to be offered a new contract, even if McInnes had stayed.
  4. He also admitted that he barely tried at all last season.
  5. When did they even become a thing? I'm sure they were always just for testimonials? Fair enough maybe if one of them was to win a European Trophy, but for winning something domestically, it just seems silly.
  6. Possibly, although maybe they don't want folk turning up/sending stuff to the hospital?
  7. Interesting tweet this evening from Celtic... Tweet See new Tweets Conversation Celtic Football Club @CelticFC Celtic Football Club Statement: We’re not half of anything... Not our problem. #OneClubSince1888 7:26 pm · 9 Mar 2021·Twitter for iPhone
  8. I don't know who you are, but I do know Ron, and I'm fairly certain you are not Ron.
  9. Spelling of colour as "color" would suggest said person is not Scottish, but a Yank.
  10. Wikipedia says he played 8 times for Columbus and 21 times for Oxford, who he was loaned to by them.
  11. Albeit, Alex McLeish I think it was, has said they noticed nothing in the game to suggest that. I wonder when he who said Jim McLean attacked John Barnes with a hammer will be on to pay his respects...
  12. Given you fell for this, can I ask, do you know what gullible means?
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