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  1. Cove_Sheep


    Whatever happened to JS?
  2. You do realise this whole thing has been hijacked to take in much more than WWI?
  3. It's been getting overkill for years. I'm pretty sure in England, each club hold a silence at their closest home game to this weekend... As an aside, why have Livingston gone with English poppies on their kit?
  4. It's from the Royal British Legion website.
  5. His tweet a few months ago comparing the size of his sons 'zeppelins' (to use his word) in the bath?
  6. If they want to play stats, Aberdeen had 60% of the possession. I skipped through my recording of the game, but, for all their extra attempts AT (better word, Scotty?) goal, they didn't exactly seem to trouble Joe Lewis.
  7. I'm fairly sure cautions can only be overturned in a case of mistaken identity.
  8. Yes. Only certain stands would be allowed, if the English model was followed. The bar also closes before each half starts too, I believe. I'd also imagine if it was trialled, they'd likely not have it available at certain, high-risk, fixtures either.
  9. Cove_Sheep

    Glenn Hoddle

    Surely it's still "IS" rather than was?
  10. The attempts to bring drink back certainly wont have been helped by the Edinburgh derby