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  1. Cove_Sheep

    Europa league qualifiers

    Well, his namesake anyway Was tonight the last game of Lennon's European ban?
  2. Cove_Sheep

    Europa league qualifiers

    I know. Was only kidding, as Ormond is apparently doing the live updates on the BBC website!
  3. Cove_Sheep

    Europa league qualifiers

    It's probably all a windup, looking at who is doing the live coverage on the BBC website...
  4. Cove_Sheep

    Europa league qualifiers

    4-6 Surely even Hibs can't Hibsit now?
  5. Cove_Sheep

    league cup

    Interesting that Steven MacLean played for Hearts tonight at Cove on an artificial pitch. @Ormond didn't Tommy Wright say he couldn't play on them?
  6. Cove_Sheep

    Cove v Aberdeen

    He and Considine jumped in a challenge, not sure exactly what the clash was. Medical staff from both clubs came on to his aid. Everyone knew it was bad when two police officers also came rushing on.
  7. Cove_Sheep

    Europa league qualifiers

    Some very poor goalkeeping in that!
  8. So, you won't close the gap at all then.
  9. Cove_Sheep

    Russia 2018

    Yet, when the expansion to 48 is pushed through...
  10. Cove_Sheep

    Scottish player transfers

    No. He's absolutely useless.
  11. Cove_Sheep

    Russia 2018

    You're forgetting he's the 'Hamilton fan' who got all offended at the idea of a tshirt pointing out that Walt Disnae give a f**k about Scotland, when he walked out for Rangers...
  12. Cove_Sheep

    Russia 2018

    When they've actually tried to play football, I don't think Colombia have looked all that bad.
  13. Cove_Sheep

    Russia 2018

  14. Cove_Sheep

    Russia 2018

    Initial foul looked like it was from Kane...
  15. Cove_Sheep

    Russia 2018

    I still think England will win this game 2-0.