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  1. They used to be widely sang, around the turn of the Millenium. It had died out before I had stopped going regularly a few years back.
  2. Cove_Sheep

    Andrew Robertson

    When did he move back to Scotland?
  3. Cove_Sheep

    league cup

    Looking at the clip just now, May almost made a mess of it
  4. Cove_Sheep

    Ben Stokes

    Are you saying that "talking to god" isn't a perfectly reasonable defence?
  5. Yep, the comments from Warren Joyce are a bit concerning regarding his attitude, so hopefully the penny has dropped.
  6. Cove_Sheep

    league cup

    Cup prices requirement agreement from both clubs, no?
  7. Celebrating stabbings? Classy as ever...
  8. Cove_Sheep

    Europa league qualifiers

    That's the thing, Burnley had their THIRD choice goalkeeper playing for them last night. A 34 year old Danish International.
  9. Cove_Sheep

    The Mighty Celtic...

    To the extent that Celtic stole their identity...
  10. Cove_Sheep

    Scottish player transfers

    Well, given someone who was a bit of a showpony and in and out of the Aberdeen team at times seemingly looked like a world beater in that league given the fee he has just gone for...
  11. Cove_Sheep

    Scottish player transfers

    Kenny McLean also wasn't free.
  12. Cove_Sheep

    Scottish player transfers

    Not really. Bardsley's DAD was born in Scotland and then moved back to England with his English parents shortly afterwards.
  13. Cove_Sheep

    Scottish player transfers

    Given the SPL doesn't exist, that would be a pretty stupid thread.
  14. Cove_Sheep

    Europa league qualifiers

    Biggest issue last night was the fact he went into the game without a striker capable of scoring.