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  1. I get the impression he supports Rangers and his son supports St Mirren, so he occasionally takes him along.
  2. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/dundee-united-bizarre-twitter-hack-16334864
  3. If he was Coyle, he'd have got Ladbrokes Premiership into the sentence.
  4. Not sure what's worse for Utd, that penalty shootout or their social media being hacked during the game.
  5. I'm sure it was Dave Macdermid who said that Lampard was there. Given he's the club press officer...
  6. Ian Wright. He was once asked, at half time, of a World Cup game, not involving England, about what he'd just seen. And he said he didn't care, he only cares about England.
  7. That's crazy from the bookies to have been offering that.
  8. What do you mean no plan B or tactical ideas? Devlin on for McLennan...
  9. Good stuff! A former colleague of mines son took part in something like this before, as a swimmer, and he was really buzzing, so I can just imagine the pride of relatives of folk who medal too.
  10. Only in the sense that they can downgrade a sending off to a caution.
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