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  1. Wikipedia says he played 8 times for Columbus and 21 times for Oxford, who he was loaned to by them.
  2. Albeit, Alex McLeish I think it was, has said they noticed nothing in the game to suggest that. I wonder when he who said Jim McLean attacked John Barnes with a hammer will be on to pay his respects...
  3. Given you fell for this, can I ask, do you know what gullible means?
  4. Best not use the c word if you're emailing him, his filter will have it blocked. Yanks think it's a bad word, remember. He'll get you banned from email too for using it.
  5. You're from Govan? Why do you support Celtic then? Shouldn't you really be a...
  6. Moffat is getting fairly excited on FB. Although I'm not sure if he's happier about getting you banned or St Johnstone taking a point off you today. I'm surprised he managed not to goad you on the BBC live updates that he was doing today.
  7. Well, you started a thread about the fact you're banned from facebook...
  8. Seems he's made friends with that Samuel guy, that weirdo friend of Will's as he was replying to Moffat, laughing and joking about how they'd got you banned. How long did you get?
  9. According to some posts on FB, you got banned after being reported by a certain Chicago resident. He's finding it all hilarious, apparently you annoyed him with all your Celtic posts on there so he grassed you up.
  10. The issues with Celtic and Aberdeen were players being idiots AWAY FROM THE CLUB. The issues with Killie and St Mirren occurred WITHIN THE CLUB. Aberdeen and Celtic were both willing to play games, but they got postponed by the government. So, it's not actually like for like.
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