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  1. When I saw that mentioned, I went to check. It was Jordi Cryuff that I saw listed at that.
  2. Covid and the localised restrictions have almost certainly saved lives here by significantly reducing the numbers travelling on that train.
  3. It has no legal standing in Scotland though, does it?
  4. Obviously a different country, but I see the clubs who went to court about the French league doing the same have lost.
  5. Scotty Big Dog And fled the country and changed his name No mention of the alleged Leslie Grantham incident?
  6. Efe Ambrose - 51 caps for Nigeria Laurent D'Jaffo - 3 caps for Benin Benji - 24 caps for Morocco (Kachloul has 12 and Zerouali had 7).
  7. Death of his child possibly more likely than the world cup?
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