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  1. If there has been a fee paid, it will be a loan fee. One was paid last season too. They're quite common.
  2. Cove_Sheep


    Thick cunt or fantasist based on Rogers getting Liverpool to recall Ward when Deila was the Celtic manager?
  3. Why would he want to move to the lower end of a league he's already playing in?
  4. Daily Diana linking Aberdeen with Greg Stewart
  5. What if he'd played for Morton?
  6. Cove_Sheep


    Any recommendations of free trials?
  7. Cove_Sheep

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    Stewart played a reasonable amount of games, including scoring the winner at Parkhead. Eventually got sold to Falkirk and then slipped further down the game. He did score the winner for QoTS against Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup semi-final. Winter, wasn't too bad a player, but definitely carried weight. Stewart was a ned. I don't think Tarditi was ever good enough.
  8. Cove_Sheep

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    That will be Stephen Tarditi, and I guess John Stewart. Bobby Linn for Dundee I'd imagine.
  9. McGinn has some kind of degenerative groin issue, does he not? So that's something he can basically only manage rather than fix.
  10. Cove_Sheep

    Bilingual ma arse...

    From my reading of it, he's not objecting to bilingual signs in Canada. He's objecting to signs in Quebec only being in French.
  11. Cove_Sheep

    150 years ago today....

    They could at least have told Bret Hart how to pronounce Kilmarnock properly...
  12. Cove_Sheep

    Leigh Griffiths

    You seem to offer a fair amount of compassion for Gazza...