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  1. Alleged fraudulent betting in Scottish game...
  2. Yes, and that led to him setting up a mental health charity...
  3. He basically, in a long winded way, said that Griffiths needs to man up. Bit worrying that someone who runs a mental health charity would do that.
  4. Unlikely to be a stream. Seems to have been stopped since Aberdeen changed the settings a few months ago.
  5. Kevin Kyle told a story on Sportsound just before the LC final claiming his mates told him how Killie were "evens" to take kick-off against Rangers when he was captain and that as Weir always turned it round, it was a guaranteed winner with him being Killie captain. He claimed that he won the toss and chose ends as he didn't want to get in trouble. Slight problem with his story is that until the recent law change, the option of choosing kick-off wasn't available to the person who won the toss. And it seems none of the folk in the studio thought to call him out on the nonsense either.
  6. Suggestion I had seen was that it was Curtis Main that had been offered, but Wright wants Devlin.
  7. Good to see. Him playing regularly between now and the play-off would be a massive boost IMO. For me, it's no coincidence that the unbeaten run towards the end of Strachan's time in charge of Scotland was when he broke into the team.
  8. Yes. No player, coach, director, match official in Scotland can bet on any football, anywhere in the world. Rules in England are the same, I believe.
  9. Dundee hoping he gets jailed so he can be sacked without compensation?
  10. Cosgrove was poor and seemed, particularly in the first half, to be trying to throw himself over at every opportunity.
  11. I believe Rangers struggled a fair bit last night too. Maybe there was something dodgy in the water in Dubai
  12. Game was awful. In particular Connor McLennan and Bruce Anderson.
  13. Do they still have the RedTV stuff since the change in settings to the service?
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