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  1. Lee McCulloch always put in a decent shift for Scotland. His goal against Ukraine was a cracker.
  2. RIP Ricky. Met him on a couple of trips. Sound guy.
  3. I have been watching Brave New World. Its not been well received by critics and probably for good reason in terms of how it stuck to the book. I once tried to read it many years ago but gave up early in book. Now I am asked for it for Christmas.
  4. As soon as I seen the line ups I knew we would win. Its was just a question of by how many.
  5. Just watched all three series of Detectorists on iPlayer. Magnificent escapism.
  6. Gerrard's record in Europe has been excellent and we are beating some reasonable sides. Three seasons in a row in the group stages of the Europa has restored our credibility. I think Gerrard might be on his way at the end of this season along with a few other players. I think Gerrard will be managing Liverpool at the start of next season.
  7. Expected a tougher match from Utd yesterday but it was a stroll in the park. The challenge on Morelos cannot go unpunished. I expect the compliance officer to do their duty. As for our injury list then its growing each week and is concerning to say the least.
  8. Not really. He needed to move to show what he was about. The problem for him is we have better players in his positions. However I think he is going have a big future.
  9. McCrorie looks good for Aberdeen. What is the remaining term of his contract with Rangers ?
  10. Could have been 6-1 yesterday. Post break we have a tough run which includes Hibs, Motherwell and Celtic away.
  11. Rangers considering a second offer from Hibs for Ross McCrorie and Greg Doherty speaking to Hull City about a move.
  12. I was at that 73 cup final albeit I was pretty young so memory is pretty hazy. A tough uncompromising defender but in my opinion a fair one. A great bowls player as well and a good guy to boot. RIP.
  13. We could be 11 points in front before Celtic play their next game. Note I used "could".
  14. He provided fact based evidence. What more do you want ? I genuinely feel sorry for him.
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