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  1. I see around Celtic fans attended the Rangers Colts v Wrexham game at Ibrox yesterday and paid £10 to get in. All I can say is thanks. 😊
  2. Up to £50m is set to be wiped off the tax bill owed by Rangers' old operating company after HM Revenue & Customs acknowledged it had claimed for too much and that error is being blamed for the financial implosion at the Ibrox club. (Times, subscription required)
  3. Clubs have to submit our accounts to the governing body in respect of financial fair play. As with most accounts there are lots of one offs both ways. However we have a lot more in terms of saleable assets.
  4. 'sWalk in the park for Rangers. Jack's level of consistency is a real bonus but more important we at last seem to have a settled back 4. Tavernier had his best game for a while. We need to keep Morelos beyond the January transfer window and Gerrard has stated today he is going nowhere.
  5. I remember a Celtic fan falling out of the stand when we beat them at CP in May 99 and it was a fair drop.
  6. Colin Mcadam Loyal. Used to run from Ibrox Subway. We changed it to the Ibrox Loyal soon after he left.
  7. My main pension is a private pension for which I have been paying into for over 20 years. I started a new job with the Civil Service in April and I pay into the Alpha Scheme for which the Civil Service contribute pay around 26% contributions. The other pension is a Coop Pension which have not contributed to since 1995. I paid into that one for 10 years. I think
  8. Lots of really good and informative comments on here. Thanks. I am actually on a low income these days but I was very lucky for around 20 years when I earned decent money so I invested in a private pension, funds and saved also saved in tax free cash accounts. Problem is you never know whether you have enough. Depending on health etc I will probably work until I retire( not out of necessity) but not full time so my plan would be to draw down a tax free element at some point. Definitely will set up an appointment with an IFA in the near future. ps I've thanked a few people on this thread. I wanted to thank all of you but apparently you can only thank a certain amount of times per day on here.
  9. Does anyone on here have experience of using them in respect of pensions, investments and planning? I'm 55 and have managed my own finances DIY up till now but probably need expert help moving forward.
  10. Our December fixtures included away games at Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs and Celtic. Can't see us getting through them without dropping points.
  11. Livingston are in your faces right from the start and unless you can match them then you are in trouble. Celtic barely threatened to. We have 18 games or so before we play Celtic again and really have to take this opportunity. Decent start to it today.
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