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  1. I have been to Port Vale v Stoke and I can tell you its is a very tense affair at Vale Park. Also seen then play at the old Victoria Ground which was intense. Seen Man Utd v Man City. The one where Keane was sent off. Also been to Man Utd v Liverpool which was pretty lame. As for games I would like to attend then there are too many to mention but to name a few Milwall v West Ham. Partizan v Red Star Any of the Athens Derbies involving the main teams.
  2. Foderingham, Halliday, Flanagan, Holt, Rossiter and Alnwick all leaving Rangers.
  3. Watched Ozark which was superb. Also watched the recent series of The Last Kingdom which was very good.
  4. As I said on another thread, if empty stadiums are a requirement for the next year or so then I can't see how many clubs can survive that.
  5. I can't see a scenario for a very long time that involves fans in the stadium. The 2020/21 season might not start until October at the earliest. How the hell are many clubs going to survive football under COVID 19 restrictions?
  6. I think we have done this once too often and it has little impact.
  7. Douglas Park has written to the SPFL. In the letter includes the following ; says he WON’T provide evidence unless MacLennan, Doncaster and McKenzie aren’t involved. wants a copy of the league’s
 official whistleblower policy. The narrative has moved beyond Rangers grievances I think. There are plenty of SPFL clubs now questioning the vote process.
  8. SPFL Reconstruction Group announced https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/hibs-and-edinburgh-city-chiefs-join-hearts-ann-budge-spfl-reconstruction-group-date-first-meeting-revealed-2542419
  9. Lost another aunt to the virus this week. That is 2 now. The latest did have underlying issues though and was very ill before she contracted it.
  10. Neil spends a lot of time on twitter blocking people and he makes a big thing out it. He doesn't handle criticism very well in my opinion. He also spends an incredible amount of time on twitter as well.
  11. I don't think Rangers should pursue this any further and they should let events run their course. If however they do have real substantial evidence about wrongdoing and that is going to stand up to scrutiny then they need to get it out there. I can't believe Anne Budge is falling for the reconstruction morsel. She and Hearts will be shafted. The SPFL putting Hearts and Hamilton in charge of a task force on reconstruction is quite funny, Hats off to them for taking the piss......
  12. Looking forward to the two other Govan teams taking their place in the senior set up one day. Benburb and St Anthonys.
  13. Fans would prefer the season to be played to conclusion. Why do you want to end it now.? The money can be handed out today.
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