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  1. Kudela banned for 10 matches for racist behaviour. Kamara banned for 3 matches for the assault.
  2. Patterson has been a naughty boy but he has shown he wants to learn and hopefully make the best of his opportunity. I think Gerrard is good for young players in terms of what is expected on and off the pitch.
  3. Weird. Even weirder is filming themselves and placing it on social media. I’m not a monarchist. Just scroll past. I will watch the funeral as it is a historical moment and he has been a key figurehead throughout my 56 years.
  4. Today on Channel 4 we broadcast a 30 minute news special shortly after the Duke of Edinburgh's death was announced; an in-depth obituary at 4pm and there'll be an extended @Channel4News at 7. C4 also has a duty to offer an alternative to other channels hence a return to schedule.
  5. Listening to George Galloway on Radio Scotland leaves me to wonder how anyone could vote for that man. He is totally unfit to hold any public office.
  6. I have Sky Q/Sports/Netflix and a phone/internet/Sport Package with BT. Sky’s technology can’t be matched in my opinion. However I am seriously thinking of ditching BT and consolidating under Sky.
  7. I am hearing he won’t decide until summer. Probably hoping Palace job becomes available.
  8. Rangers COVID players appeal re bans will heard on April 20th. Players will be available for Hibs and Celtic games.
  9. We have a very poor record in recent years against Celtic in the cup. I was at the 2-2 draw when Ness scored a cracker. Of course we need to beat Cove first before we think about Celtic.
  10. Germany losing at hone to anyone is a shock but I would place NM well above Luxembourg in terms of calibre of player.
  11. Also thought Utd's second was a clear push from the Utd player on the defender.
  12. The 4th round and 5th round draw will take place at 2pm today.
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