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  1. After the first half I thought we we going to get hammered. I thought Scotland dominated the second half and got very close to winning the game. However I also thought the Welsh has another gear and always seemed in control. Brilliant day at Murrayfield. Very impressed with the set up in and around the stadium. Its a weird concept being treated like adults at a major sporting occasion in Scotland.
  2. In the 15 months? 10 maybe.? It all adds up.
  3. I reckon by the end of this season he could have played over 50 competitive club game. I think it's reasonable for a 37 year old to take stock and consider how best he can remain at the top.
  4. Very disappointed. I think he is probably playing his best games in many years. At least it's announced prior to the campaign.
  5. You gotta beat the best to win it and Aberdeen, Celtic, Hearts or ICT still have that chance.
  6. This thread reminds me of the Brextreemists who constantly refer back to the glory days of the empire. o
  7. Cosgrove suspended and Mackay Steven injured for replay.
  8. I am not making a call on it. If this is deemed ok then its sort of sets the bar. This is going to be the problem with strict liability. I am sure it is utterly offensive to Morelos and his family though.
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