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  1. BBC said Mexico City earlier but clearly that's not correct reading what is being said on numerous sites.
  2. Yeah I have misread that. Must be COVID brain. I tested positive last night.
  3. Christmas Eve. Rangers away to Ross County. 7:45 KO. That's crazy.
  4. Final to be played in Mexico City
  5. The Herald reported in 2020 he was earning £388k pa. I think I wold keep going on that. He needs replacing though but that that will cost in terms of severance package.
  6. Seems SPFL have accepted Rangers position on the Cinch sponsorship requirements. Costly exercise in futility for SPFL.
  7. £500,000 per flight to deport refugees to Rwanda . Rwanda paid £120m upfront. Total refugees on tonight’s flight. -0.
  8. Not a bad night for us at all. Next 2 games are crucial. We can really set ourselves up and hopefully some players back from injury.
  9. Maybe a draw as it would at least knock Ireland further away and make a straight head to head with us and Ukraine.
  10. Dare I ask. What would be the best result in the Ukraine v ROI game?
  11. Keep going Scotland. Great attitude in this match so far. Remember they these players are about 3 weeks away from pre season training so they deserve some praise.
  12. I would keep him until the end of the nations league campaign.
  13. Still confused why Scott Wright never got near that squad.
  14. Dublin and Cardiff are such great trips to watch Scotland. I done a few. Until you actually experience our performance on the pitch. Then you regret spending a shot load of cash to endure that crap. A very sobering experience.
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