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  1. EddardStark

    The World at War

    The interview with the Dutch Jewish lady stands out. Her father was a doctor who treated a local nazi officer.'s child (I think) Each time they were brought to the authorities for processing on to the concentration camp the officer sent them back home. On the 11th occasion he said he couldn't protect them anymore. Her whole family were deported the next day apart from her. She was diagnosed with scarlet fever and deemed a risk to the others who were being transported. That summed up the way the nazis worked in terms of attention to detail. 😣
  2. I have watched this series for the 3rd time and I am still in awe of the quality of the documentary. So many incredible stories and footage and in my view it is still up their with the best. The opening of episode 1 still remains remains one of the best pieces of oratory I have ever heard to describe the savagery that man can inflict on their fellow human beings. Also the episodes on the holocaust and the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are almost too unbearable to watch.
  3. It was pretty shocking to watch. I thought Bruce was more like a interviewer rather than a facilitator and she seemed to save her worst for Dianne Abbot. She also did not control the audience very well at all and enabled Oakenshott to rabble rouse without control.
  4. 1-0 Talbot with 10 minutes to go.
  5. Maybe the reason why he hasn't kicked a ball is because of the interest from Rangers. Probably best that he comes to us immediately.
  6. Ryan Hardie has been recalled back from Livingston which is fine with me as long as he gets playing time. He really is an excellent prospect.
  7. Great summary to be honest. I said to my lad during the game how did Morelos get away with that challenge on Christie. He needs to sort this very quickly or he will hinder his career progression.
  8. EddardStark

    150 years ago today....

    Great club and great history. Enjoyed many visits to Rugby Park.
  9. Jones and Kamara signed on 4 year deals. Great business.
  10. Clarification FC are facing their first significant challenge for years.Nothing like a diversionary tactic to keep the masses happy. Nice of them to acknowledge the best team won on the day.
  11. Great performance today. For once I can say with confidence we never looked like losing that lead. Need to kick on from here as the first phase of games will see us play Killie, Celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs away.