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  1. He takes a brilliant penalty for sure.
  2. The dissent may explain the yellow as the challenge was pretty lame.
  3. Doesn't explain a 7-1 spanking though. Your players just gave up.
  4. Having watched the game I think the first yellow was very harsh as Morelos made the challenge look worse than it was. Second yellow was probably harsh as well, definite penalty though. That said Motherwell totally capitulated when they went 2-1 down.
  5. Boca v River Plate on Sky 414 at the moment.
  6. Not a bad day for us at all. After a long trip back from Moscow I think the players have really stepped up today. Livingston next at home in the league and then its into a very tough December run of games.
  7. Its about time we gave this bunch of hammer throwers an absolute pummeling . Can't believe the ref has actually had the balls to red card one of their players.
  8. EddardStark

    The Mighty Rangers

    On the game itself our defending was very poor. Can't have any complaints about the result.Thought our attacking play was excellent .
  9. EddardStark

    The Mighty Rangers

    All very tight in this group now with 2 points gap from top to bottom. We need one win and our best chance is at home to Villareal.
  10. Boyds goal celebration 😅😅😅
  11. Can you get yellows rescinded ? Clearly an unjust yellow given to our player. Also pray for Morelos who has hit by a coin thrown by the anti Columbian racists in the St Mirren section.
  12. EddardStark

    Europa league

    Thought we worked our socks off and had plenty of chances to win it. Still well in the hunt.Can't be too harsh on the team. By my reckoning thats our 11th game in Europe already.
  13. I quite like him as a player. Certainly has a decent first touch. Probably does not make enough killer first passes. Certainly not first choice and when Jack returns the whole set up of the midfield will change.
  14. EddardStark

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Celtic, Rangers, Hibs.