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  1. Lennon will be thinking sturgeon should have listened to Ian Murray and cancelled the game, Celtic were shite
  2. Kenny McLean used to play for my pals team wolves boys club in the east end of Glasgow, he told me that they always practised penalties so he wants some credit,🤣🤣🤣
  3. Clarke must have wrote all players names on paper and slung them on table then picked first 11
  4. Should have taken the shooter and slung him in the gutter instead of the hospital,
  5. Next time Biden speaks he will call it the good Monday agreement
  6. Alan Minter dead, cancer
  7. Could have phoned Uber eats of his sandwich wasn’t enough
  8. Will the Scotland players have to self isolate when they come back
  9. I don’t know what game the daily record reporter was watching, he said mcgregor was neat and industrious. Forrest was as keen as mustard to get involved. fcukin embarrassing
  10. Maybe Forrest was doing that as well
  11. Forrest,mcgregor,Christie and Robertson need to up there game, getting to comfortable and probably think they are guaranteed to play
  12. Just thought I would throw it in, next time I will ask you before I post
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