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  1. Your flag was blowing away. It's behind the bar.
  2. Hi Davy, I've just seen the other thread specifically for the Larnaca bus. We're on Bus 9 😁. Thanks for all your hard work on this
  3. Hi Davy, On 27th August I paid the money for two seats on the Larnaca bus. Can you confirm we're on it, please? Thanks
  4. This. I've stopped watching BBC news as it just does my head in. I know we probably all watch the version of the news that best fits our mind-frame, much like buying a newspaper, but news coverage at the BBC, and to a lesser extent ITV and Sky, is dreadful. Blatantly partisan.
  5. Hi Davie, Two seats from Larnaca please
  6. Hi Davie, Room for two more?
  7. Enjoy your stay. Hopefully Scotland will get something from this third game and give you something to cheer.
  8. I thought that with Clarke in there was a bit more of a buzz. People are starting to dare to hope again, for the first time in ages.
  9. WorldCupBound got in there first with a request for tickets. I'm going to wait and see where other people we know are going. I have two for Gate 13 and two for Gate 16. They were €9 and €13. Can't see from the stadium picture which is which, but the cheapest ones are behind the goal, the next cheapest behind the goals or in the corners.
  10. Well, the SFA tickets I didn't order for the Japan game have arrived to join the FIFA tickets I did order. We now have two spares.
  11. Tickets came yesterday. Still surprised it isn't a sell out.
  12. I missed the deadline for tickets on the SFA website - don't recall getting a reminder of when that was, and when I tried to buy was told the sale was closed. Went to FIFA website and have bought cheap e-tickets there. Have printed these off. I've just had an email from the a Lynsey Kelly at the SFA saying "Your tickets will be posted out today using the Royal Mail Special Delivery". 😒
  13. A while ago there was a strong feeling that so many Tory MPs hated Boris Johnson that through tactical voting they would ensure he would never make the final short leet of two for party leader, where the vote goes out to party members. Now the feeling seems to be that Tory MPs are so feart of the grassroots that they dare not exclude him from that final vote, which he'd be odds on to win. So, all hail BoJo the PM, the midwife of Scottish independence.
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