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  1. A while ago there was a strong feeling that so many Tory MPs hated Boris Johnson that through tactical voting they would ensure he would never make the final short leet of two for party leader, where the vote goes out to party members. Now the feeling seems to be that Tory MPs are so feart of the grassroots that they dare not exclude him from that final vote, which he'd be odds on to win. So, all hail BoJo the PM, the midwife of Scottish independence.
  2. If you go to the Fifa website and find where the match is listed, click on the price categories and you'll see the relevant parts of the stand highlighted. The cheapies are all to the right, behind the goal.
  3. We’ve been cheapskates and gone for the Category 4 ones at €9. The next ones up at €14 are either no better or actually worse, with a good chance of being stuck in one of the corners. I’d rather be behind the goal. The €22 ones are OK, but you’re quite likely to be close to the goal line, which isn’t much better than being stuck in a corner. The €30 ones would be fine, but I guessed most TA wouldn’t pay that so we decided not to go for it. See you there.
  4. Mr Manky's not in that picture. He was the one with the microphone. Picture of him in this article wearing his infamous Union Jaiket: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16399120.meet-the-pro-union-activist-who-has-worked-for-the-orange-order-and-denies-jews-were-murdered-in-gas-chambers/ Edit: mis-read last post. But this article describes the delightful fellow who was shouting at us yesterday
  5. Apparently. He must be very proud of it, as he's worn the same manky one to every rally so far. Or he's got a whole wardrobe of manky identical ones. He was too extreme for UKIP so they booted him out, but that was before they embraced Tommy 'Milkshake' Robinson, so maybe they'll let Mr Manky back in now.
  6. I listened to the leaked audio file of her practising her speech to the Tory conference In Aberdeen. In it she claims that six months away from the political bubble has given her a fresh and objective perspective on politics. And when she's interviewed: nothing has changed. The same old SNP Bad tales, one after another. You're right about the blue-tinted specs.
  7. Kevin@La: man of mystery from Loony Alba with several aliases, including Joe Craig. You've probably met him flogging match badges in some faraway city. https://www.loonyalba.com/
  8. I heard a report this week that the charges had been 'suspended' while Assange was in the Ecuadorian embassy. Now he's left it the Swedish authorities seem to have the option of reviving the charges.
  9. After Brussels we're going to Rennes for the Japan game, but we've missed the notification from the SFA about tickets. I got an email saying we'd hear soon, and when I checked today I see that the sale is closed. Tickets can still be had through FIFA: €9, €15, €22 or €30. Mrs Padre says she's too old for the €9 tickets. Apart from Grim Jim, anyone else going?
  10. Looking to do a day trip to the WW1 battlefield sites when we’re in Belgium in June. Some people on here did this last time we played in Brussels. Any recommendations for the best options? I looked online and found a couple of companies charging about £80 a head for a day trip from Brussels.
  11. Labour didn't quite collapse, but as this politics site notes, they "threw the kitchen sink at it" but still didn't win. They predicted a Labour win, btw. "Digging the tunnel for Labour is Margaret Brookes, who has been given some fairly hefty support from the central party with both Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, and MSP Anas Sarwar out on the doorstep. Also making a rare public appearance to help boost Ms Brookes chances was former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. That sound you hear? The kitchen sink being thrown at this contest." https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/politics/analysis/102865/election-breakdown-return-big-broon Slightly worrying is the appearance from nowhere of UKIP. It's probably not going to happen, but if we were to be in the euro elections in May, I'd want the UKIP vote to disappear.
  12. Thanks. See you over there on Wednesday
  13. Those who've been before - what's the deal with getting cash locally? Are you just as well to change at the airport or wait until you get to town? And what's a reasonable daily allowance?
  14. Does anyone on the Board know of any women who do this kind of thing? Seems to be pretty much a bloke thing. I won't bother asking my wife's opinion: she'll just say that "all men are on the spectrum". 😕
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