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  1. Thanks. See you over there on Wednesday
  2. Those who've been before - what's the deal with getting cash locally? Are you just as well to change at the airport or wait until you get to town? And what's a reasonable daily allowance?
  3. Does anyone on the Board know of any women who do this kind of thing? Seems to be pretty much a bloke thing. I won't bother asking my wife's opinion: she'll just say that "all men are on the spectrum". 😕
  4. Done. Interested to know where 'descriptive of me' comes from as a phrase. How is it different to 'strongly agree', etc. Please post the results, and your interpretation.
  5. I know people keep talking about how much the polls went up last time once the campaign got going, but two things to bear in mind: 1. The campaign leading up to 2014 was around two years, which allowed momentum to build, and 'slow turners' time to consider the evidence, and unsurprisingly some of them became Yessers. The next campaign is likely to be much shorter, with a correspondingly reduced capacity for the momentum to build. 2. The potential Yes vote is not infinite. We got up to 45% from twenty-something % last time. Having got up to nearly 50% now (if not over), the likely ceiling is low 60s for now. I'd take that, and it would be enough. Almost every Tory, and a significant proportion of Labour people, have a real antipathy to independence, mostly, I think, because they hate the SNP. 30 years from now, when Indy is established, those who opposed it will be downplaying their opposition, and it will become normal to assume it was always going to happen.
  6. Thanks , Scotty - and to you and yours. See you in some faraway city in 2019?
  7. Me as well. A shame that Scotty's wish for a Happy Christmas became an argument. All the best to all TAMBers, and here's to 2019 being a brilliant year.
  8. Nearly. CDG via Moscow, night at the airport, then Air France to Bologna
  9. Hi Davy. Two seats, please. P.S. Just paypalled you.
  10. Son was working in Kazakhstan a few months ago. Reckoned although it's low temperatures it's such a dry cold it doesn't feel so bad. Anyone know for sure?
  11. Just booked the Duman in Saryarka district. Open to better offers if there are any. Have we got any local info?
  12. Thanks for the hard work, Davy. Really appreciated.
  13. The Yes movement is broad, and any Indyref2 campaign has to reflect that diversity. If the SNP insists on controlling it that would be a disaster - too many people will never back an SNP-led campaign, no matter how much they agree with the principles.
  14. With the Tories apparently ready to split, can anyone explain the failure of Labour to be well ahead in the polls? Genuine question. Sticking with the Tories goes well beyond masochism, but many are doing just that.
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