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  1. biffer

    2019 Women's World Cup Draw

    Pish. That’s really disappointing, because now it’ll all be about England v Scotland instead of Scotland’s first World Cup. And guess where the majority of the coverage will be for that. And how intensely faking patronising it’ll be.
  2. Global warming will destroy all sorts of ecosystems, and the animals that live in them. So it’s not just us it’ll screw. Better to stop it and save them, surely?
  3. Reports on twitter from some worthwhile sources that there are enough letters to the 1922 committee to have a vote of no confidence in TM as leader of the Tory party.
  4. Nope. I'm obviously considered a lost cause by their algorithms, which makes I'm rather proud of tbh.
  5. I still think that Labour will abstain on the vote.
  6. biffer

    Rugby Autumn Tests

    Glad you got sorted out.
  7. I think it's stretching to see any kind of organisation or engineering in this truly fecked up state of affairs
  8. biffer

    Rugby Autumn Tests

    Keep going on the SRU ticket site. They just put returns on as and when they get them. There was one in W35 on a few minutes ago.
  9. biffer

    Outlaw King

    Couple of slight wavers, but I thought Taylor-Johnson stole every scene he was in. Proper scenery chewing stuff.
  10. biffer

    Outlaw King

    Just watched it, enjoyed it. Interesting that they didn’t actually bother with Bannockburn! Aaaron Taylor Johnson is suitably mental as the Black Douglas. Chris Pine very good, in fact all of the casting good. Could probably have done with being about three and a half hours tbh.
  11. Christmas tunes on in Cineworld yesterday
  12. ‘Should’ and ‘supposed’ are odd terms to use. They suggest there’s some kind of predetermined preferred state for the world. There’s not. There’s only ever been temporary (in geological terms) equilibrium. Those equilibria change when there’s a significant disturbance to the ecosystem. The point is that we are the significant disturbance this time. And the change to a different equilibrium has the potential to massively affect us, to the point of killing millions or even billions. Now, you could take the Malthusian approach and say ‘good, there’s too many of us’. But that’s a pretty heartless way to condemn the mainly black and Asian poor people to death.
  13. I'm chill 😊 Point I was trying to make is that in most climate change in the past there's been an initial change and then feed backs caused by the change. The initial change this time is us digging up stored carbon and chucking it into the atmosphere.
  14. So, that’ll be why drink is going to banned at football for a long time to come.
  15. According to a large number of flat earthers, Australia is a myth, it doesn't exist.