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  1. I don't watch much football anymore. Tonight made me remember why. Celtic were dogs breath bad. Don't even deserve a swear word. Just awful. Malmo v Chelsea was on in the pub at the same time. Chelsea had to make an effort. Valencia got out of second gear for about 90 seconds for the two goals. And that's the best we have to offer from Scottish football. The entire system is diseased and it will not get better. Quite glad I don't partake anymore.
  2. I came away thinking the ref had a poor game, but that it didn't really affect the result because Scotland made so many errors.
  3. Uh, yeah. That's basically what I said.
  4. I thought I'd come down to your level.
  5. Yeah, but that's because you're a twat.
  6. Lots of questions. Back row is at bare bones, can that Edinburgh front five do the same at this level as they’ve been doing domestically, what’s Sam Johnson going to be like at this level. Need to be on our game for this, Italy will be fired up and looking to turn us over - their clubs have been playing well this year in the Pro14.
  7. Guys, Scott has just confirmed that it's not worth engaging with him, as his fundamental get out is "its supernatural". So he in his own mind has no need to engage on normal terms as that's his bottom line - if he cant explain it, it's supernatural. If there's evidence to the contrary, he can fall back on that. My main problem is he doesn't even realise the effect of that. It means he's dissembling and engaging in a dishonest conversation. He's bearing false witness.
  8. So none of this has any relevance to science. So no point in engaging with any scientific argument. Nice of you to confirm that.
  9. But you have no valid, well described hypothesis, which answers the questions anyone poses. So you're turning down that explanation purely on belief, with no evidence. It's fundamentalism. You say you're working on a theory (actually you're working on a hypothesis) but there's a flaw in your reasoning already. You're not constructing a hypothesis to explain something, you're doing it because you're desperate to find a way to justify a flawed theory (flat earth).
  10. biffer

    European Cup

    Both in the quarter finals. edinburgh home v Munster glasgow away to Saracens. brilliant achievement. Our rugby is starting to make a statement.
  11. biffer

    European Cup

    Huge game at Murrayfield tomorrow night. Worth a look if you’re at a loose end.
  12. biffer

    European Cup

    We had a cracking few days. Nice to be sitting outside in short sleeves having a drink in January. Great result, great performance. Bit unusual to get a wee tear gassing prior to the game mind.
  13. There's some varieties you can plant in the autumn for an early summer crop, but you're too late for that now I think. I usually put mine in sometime in late April / early May, cold frame first then plant out. Weather dependent as with everything else.
  14. biffer

    European Cup

    same for Edinburgh. I'm off to Toulon on Thursday, Game is on Saturday and then at home to Montpellier the following Friday. One win should just about be enough to get a QF place, beating Montpelier would win us the group.
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