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  1. Fantastic game, and despite it being on a reserve day the atmosphere in the ground was brilliant. Guptill's throw was game changing. Henry and Boult at the start bowled brilliantly on what was a bit of a dog of a wicket.
  2. Scottish football is so shite we should shut the whole thing down and merge with England at all levels.
  3. biffer

    Tennis 2019

    Yeah, but Kyrgios is a dick though.
  4. Just arrived in Manchester for tomorrow's semifinal. 😁
  5. biffer

    Tennis 2019

    That's the problem with Kyrgios. He has some good points to make but he acts like such a dick that they get lost in the noise. He's made it clear he thinks most of the top players are arrogant selfish arseholes, but interestingly never has a bad word to say about Andy Murray
  6. Current tech (soyuz). In the next few years this is what Musk, Branson and to a lesser extent Bezos want to do. It'll be half a million to amillon quid in ten years. I'd charge them a fuckwad more than what's quoted. Tourists subsidising space missions and science. Damn right.
  7. biffer

    Tennis 2019

    One of the things that makes me go 'top fucking boy' about Andy Murray in the last couple of days is that he's consistently said Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players ever. Not one of the best women's players ever. I honestly think Federer, Djokovic and most of the other top male players would have said best women's players automatically. He doesn't. Because he's the top fucki g dog.
  8. New Twenty20 tournament announced across Scotland, Ireland and Netherlands. Starting this year. Six teams - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dublin, Belfast. Three weeks, one host city from Friday to Thursday - for 2019, its Amsterdam in the last week of August, Edinburgh first week of September and Dublin after that. Two games Friday, two on Saturday, two on Sunday then one on each weekday. Teams to have squads of 16,which include nine domestic players, one marquee and one icon. Icons and marquee players selected in a draft. Players announced so far - Eoin Morgan, Bredon McCullum, Shahid Afridi, Shane Watson, Martin Guptill, JP Duminy, Dale Steyn, Rashid Khan, Babar Azam, Luke Ronchi, Chris Lynn, Imran Tahir. Funding is apparently in place for 5-10 years (I'm assuming there's Indian money involved somewhere).
  9. Saw another good game on Monday whilst getting nicely toasted in Durham, Sri Lanka v West Indies. WI seem to have a better collection of young players coming through than for many a year, be interesting to see how they develop as a side.
  10. Fortunate to be at Old Trafford on Saturday, what a cracking game that was!
  11. I'm coming down to your standards. It's not easy to have banter as pish as yours.
  12. Nice of you to rejoin us with your usual oh-so-desperate attempts to say you don't like cricket, despite the fact you comment on every cricket thread. Probably with your trousers round your ankles.
  13. Not that stupid. Never, ever bet money on Pakistan at cricket.
  14. Decent total from Pakistan, but I'm pretty sure England will chase that down (despite it being a record for a World Cup if they do). Terrific result for Bangladesh yesterday, South Africa look really poor. If anyone is interested, there are tickets on sale still for some of the games on the Cricket World Cup website.
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