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  1. I’m taking that as payback for all the years Gretna and Livy cheated us out of premier league football. genuinely happy they both went bust, the cheating bastards.
  2. So to be clear, St Johnstone have still won more trophies than Rangers in the last ten years, right?
  3. Out in the middle East this week, qualifying one day games for the next world cup. Won the first three (2 v Papua New Guinea, 1 v Oman). Currently playing Oman again in what might be another tight one. Lots of Scotland cricket this summer - two sets of four ODIs in the qualifying tournament plus 2 T20s and an odi vs New Zealand.
  4. Superb stuff. Delighted about that, great to get to the top table. Can’t really express how happy I am about that! Also means we qualify for the next tournament in Australia, no need for a qualifying tournament.
  5. First impressions suggest not a huge advantage, not a massive change like Alpha or Delta.
  6. Painful watch, but in years past we wouldn't have pulled it out of the bag in a performance like that, so count our blessings!
  7. St Johnstone draw in Istanbul v Galatasaray. If it was Rangers or Celtis it'd be hailed as a magnificent result, quality performance yaydayqda Actually even a top English side would say ti was decent. All well get is brave, unexpected etc.
  8. From everything I’ve read, the concern isn’t the number of people at events, it’s the public transport, choke points like toilets and catering, etc.
  9. I'm going to the cricket in Nottingham tomorrow. 20,000 people (full capacity), no distancing, bars and food stalls all open.
  10. Yeah, I put Eurosport on at that point. No commentary, just the race. Fantastic race, brilliant win by Carapaz.
  11. Tao Geoghan Hart going in the Cycling Road Race tonight. Scotland’s most successful ever road racer. Also Scots in rowing heats as part of the Men’s four, Women’s four and Women’s pair. Seoniad McIntosh is a medal prospect in the 10m air rifle Lucy Hope as part of the 4x100m freestyle team. The Murray brothers are both playing their opening doubles matches The women’s football team has its second game, likely to feature both Caroline Weir and Kim Little.
  12. When the French said you'd need to be vaccinated to go into a coffee shop, nearly a million people registered for a vaccination the next day. Do that with pubs here and you'd have a similar effect
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