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  1. The answer to this question might be 'because McGrain was undeniably world class'
  2. Everything Duncan says above is pretty much bang on. Wales tickets are not easy to come by.
  3. biffer

    Rugby World Cup

    I think the SAvNZ pool game will be very tentative, neither side wanting to give much away in anticipation of maybe meeting again in the final. If we have some crazy Good Finn games, we could go a long way in the tournament though....
  4. biffer

    Rugby World Cup

    Think Ireland are just the wrong side of their peak - if it had been last year or the year before, I'd agree, but I think they'll come up short. I think the South Africans have a big shot at it.
  5. biffer

    Euro T20 Slam

    It’s at Raeburn Place in Stockbridge. Quite a pleasant Twenty five minute walk from Haymarket. Or a no. 29 bus from Waverley. Quite a few decent pubs down that way as well. Nice place to watch cricket, bit of a sun trap on a good day.
  6. Well, that was Murdo Fraser's plan in 2011. He only lost 55%-45%. A lot has happened since then - and there was a feeling that the younger tories leaned towards Fraser, so some of wee Ruthie's voters will be deid by now. There plenty of right wingers in favour of indy too you know.
  7. The Murdo Fraser segment of the Tories that wanted to break away from the UK party could come back into focus.
  8. Russell Knox also made the cut. Good on MacIntyre for taking him to task on it. Seems to be a growing problem in the US - The PGA had to issue a public reminder to all pros about it recently. In America there will be obvious implications for litigation if they don't.
  9. biffer

    Euro T20 Slam

    Draft completed today. Edinburgh have Martin Guptill, Chris Lynn, Matt Henry, Tymal Mills among their overseas players with Kyle Coetzer and Calum MacLeod the best known of the Scottish players Glasgow have Brendon McCullum, Ravi Bopara and Dale Steyn in the international selections, with Richie Berrington, George Munsey and Matt Cross among their domestic picks. i presume ticket details will be published before too long - I'm quite looking forward to it!
  10. Just to repeat, all conspiracy theories are based in antisemitism.
  11. That was fucking amazing
  12. Fantastic game, and despite it being on a reserve day the atmosphere in the ground was brilliant. Guptill's throw was game changing. Henry and Boult at the start bowled brilliantly on what was a bit of a dog of a wicket.
  13. Scottish football is so shite we should shut the whole thing down and merge with England at all levels.
  14. biffer

    Tennis 2019

    Yeah, but Kyrgios is a dick though.
  15. Just arrived in Manchester for tomorrow's semifinal. 😁
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