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  1. The worst thing about all this is that the media hadn't been so absolutely terrible in the run up to this tournament - they'd almost accepted their place in the second or third tier, rather than the attitude they've had for most of my lifetime that they're on a par with the big boys (for me that's a very small club of Germany, Italy, Brazil and Argentina and no-one else). This run to the semis will now mean that before the next euros, and the next world cup, and probably the next two tournaments as well, they'll be pumping themselves up again and the level of hype will be ridiculous. Even though they've beaten no-one of note.
  2. Noisy, nonsensical, tend to scream and shout when they don't get their own way. Seems about right.
  3. Not my recollection, thought it was fine before some arseholes started on it.
  4. This is the thing with England, isn't it. They're exceptionally consistent in that they beat teams they're expected to beat and lose to teams they're expected to lose to (those expectations being of a well informed neutral rather than the English press, or most of us). They always qualify at a canter because they're drawn as top seed against a group of teams you'd expect them to beat - and they do. Then when they come up against someone tough, they lose. Exceptional consistency of performance, and I for one welcome it.
  5. Scotland fans absolutely destroyed some poor sods car in Paris dancing on it.
  6. That was very funny indeed.
  7. Modric is out on his feet
  8. I'm nicking that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. biffer

    Golfers Forum.

    Russel Knox. Great round of 66 to get into the playoff and balls of steel to land a 35 foot putt to win the Irish open. Good lad.
  10. Yeah. You'd basically have a Tommy Simpson every year.
  11. Does anyone understand the Physics of the Osymetric rings? I can kind of see that there should be a benefit to having a longer lever at different parts of your downward push as how hard you can push as the position / direction will change slightly, but I was never that good at rotational mechanics, so I'm not certain. I can also see how that could be different for different riders so a better ability to analyse it (and match the bike set up) in a team can provide an advantage.
  12. Yeah, I immediately thought he was going to regret that.
  13. biffer

    Le Tour 18

    Rather than doing it on a general doping thread, a thread for the Tour itself would be better! Quite cool team announcement video fro Team Dimension data http://africasteam.com/2018/06/29/2018-tour-de-france-team-announcement/ Some decent lead out guys for Cav in there. I think Boassen Hagen is a machine.
  14. biffer

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what it was in 2015, although top four in each group went into semifinals. I’m hoping that Scotland will at least get a few full ODIs against bigger nations in warm up matches, but I have very little faith in Scottish Cricket as an organisation to sort that out.