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    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Why bother any longer about Kevin McDonald ? He's pish, a liability on the park. I'd be disappointed if McLeish picks him again.
  2. ErsatzThistle

    Scottish player transfers

    Jim Leighton to Man Utd.
  3. Did he enjoy his burgers and hot dogs in Australia then ?
  4. ErsatzThistle

    Jack Harper

    San Marino in March might be a good opportunity to give Jack Harper and maybe even Fraser Hornby a senior debut. Twenty or thirty minutes off the bench.
  5. ErsatzThistle

    Car crash

    What's the opinion on this over on FollowFollow and RangurzMeeja I wonder ??
  6. ErsatzThistle

    Scotland Podcast

    An enjoyable listen . I would like to hear more. Just putting this out there - do you think there is any chance you could get in touch with the family of Bobby Brown and see if he would like to be interviewed ? Obviously he is a very old man now (96 this March) and I admittedly don't know what his health is like but it would be amazing to hear him talk at length of his memories of playing for and managing Scotland if he was up for it.
  7. ErsatzThistle

    Jack Harper

    Is it not Barrhead or Neilston his folks are from ?
  8. ErsatzThistle

    Childhood heroes

    I hope he had his clothes on ! He probably asked him "Still got yir England Under 21 shirt have ye Stuarty boy ?"
  9. ErsatzThistle

    Scottish player transfers

    Ian Black takes that "honour" in my view. It would be good if some kind of "mentor" figure could be found for Cummings and sort him out. That said, he probably isn't good enough for international football.
  10. ErsatzThistle

    Childhood heroes

    What did you and other Hubbies think of the club's decision to sack Latapy for going oot on the pish with Dwight Yorke ? Harsh but the right thing to do ? Or far too heavy handed ?
  11. ErsatzThistle

    Scottish player transfers

    On loan to a Championship team or Rangers probably.
  12. ErsatzThistle

    Indy Ref 2

    Mundell put his foot squarely in it earlier today at Scottish Questions. In answer to a question from Dr Philippa Whitford about how Brexit and immigration will affect the Scottish NHS, Mundell said he wouldn't be taking any lessons from her on the NHS. Dr Whitford is a breast cancer surgeon of 33 years experience.
  13. Done this kind of thread before, so I'll do it again. Season 2003/04 was a horrible one for anyone who supported the senior Scotland team I'm sure we'd all agree. Things didn't go to plan for the youth teams of that time either. Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20061230103224/http://www.scottishfa.co.uk:80/scotland_matches.cfm?curpageid=496 A miserable time without a doubt. Although results at the time were poor, that age group eventually produced a good turnover of senior internationals, a couple of whom were quite handy - Scott Brown (55 caps & 4 goals 2005-17), Steven Naismith (49 caps & 9 goals 2007-present), Christophe Berra (41 caps & 4 goals 2008-present), Charlie Mulgrew (39 caps & 3 goals 2012-present), David Marshall (27 caps 2004-2016), Charlie Adam (26 caps 2007-2015), David Clarkson (2 caps & 1 goal 2008), Ross Wallace (1 cap 2009). Those who went onto become "journeymen" were Paul Quinn, Gary Irvine, Zander Diamond, Stevie Smith, Ricky Foster, & the mythical Robbie Foy. There are quite a few "mystery players" there who I don't recall at all but maybe you do. Can anyone identify any of these players and say what became of them ? - Aberdeen - Tarditi, Stewart Ayr Utd - Ferguson Celtic - Low, Pinkowski Dundee - Linn Dundee Utd - Anderson, Bell Dunfermline - Campbell Hearts - McLeod Hibs - Brown (goalkeeper) Leeds Utd - Winter Liverpool - Wilkie Motherwell - Reid, Wright, Scott, Barkey Rangers - Coyle, McKenzie Reading - Campbell (possibly the same lad that also played for Dunfermline ?) St Johnstone - Baxter Wycombe Wanderers - Reilly
  14. There was an article just last week that Thomson's local Tory association have now got fed up with the stupid wee boy and his childish antics and there is talk of deselection. That idiot, Kirstine Hair, they've got in Angus runs him close. A puppet. She only ever does whatever her millionaire father tells her say or do. Or how about Bill Grant (Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock) the self described "working class conservative" (he was a fireman) who cites Margaret Thatcher as his hero.
  15. Have Aberdeen been looking at any potential replacements for McKenna if he is sold ?
  16. She's top notch. The abuse she takes nearly every day in parliament from the intellectual quartet of Douglas Ross, Colin Clark, Ross Thomson and Stephen Kerr is appalling.
  17. ErsatzThistle

    Scottish player transfers

    There were a few reports saying that United want to loan him out but said nothing about the clubs that may be interested.
  18. Thanks for the reply Huddersfield. That you've not had all that many Scottish teams going down for friendly matches really surprised me. By the way, David Wagner leaving, the right thing for your club or a big mistake ?
  19. ErsatzThistle

    Scottish player transfers

    So, any updates on potential moves for Scott McKenna, Matt Phillips, Lewis Morgan, Jason Cummings or Scott McTominay ?
  20. ErsatzThistle

    Indy Ref 2

    I know, it just really friggin bugs me when I see it and of course there are still lots of gullible folk that will believe it. Don't even get me started on that waste of skin James Kelly MSP. A vile wee sectarian pot stirrer.
  21. ErsatzThistle

    Indy Ref 2

    I see that "Labour Celtic Fans" are running an intense smear campaign against Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald because of his past strong support for secularist causes and gay marriage (McDonald is gay). That apparently is "another example of rampant anti-Catholicism and anti-Irish racism in the SNP". The one thing they don't mention is that 1/3 of the SNP Westminster MPs are Catholics and several hold Irish passports. Nice to see Labour taking all the credit for defeating the Tories rape clause, when in fact it was Glasgow Central MP, Alison Thewliss, who first discovered the proposal in 2015 and fought repeatedly against it, raising it time and time again and organised protests against it. I hate these cunts. I fucking hate these slimy cunts like hell.
  22. ErsatzThistle

    Thanks Andy

    What was that fud Alan Brazil saying about Murray earlier today ?
  23. Probably a stupid question on my part but when you were a lad Huddersfield, was there ever any pressure from your pals at school or extended family to support one of the other Yorkshire teams like Leeds, Sheffield United or Wednesday ? You must have had plenty of Scottish teams down through the years coming to Leeds Rd and now the Kirkless Stadium to play friendlies ? Did anyone bring down a particularly big support ? I believe that at Bradford vs. Aberdeen and Leeds vs. Hibernian fixtures in the past things got a bit "naughty" between the fans.