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  1. Gerrard doesn't seem to have any slightest interest in Scottish players. Surely he could have given Patterson a 20-30 minute run out last night too ? That would have been a good experience for the lad. In fact he was probably disappointed when he found out Jon McLaughlin is a Scot.
  2. If I were Clarke, I'd at least consider calling up Ashby. If Palmer and O'Donnell get sick or injured, then he may have no choice in the matter. It would also be hilarious to hear Willie Miller's flakey on Radio Scotland when he hears a teenager has been called up - no debut until your at least 25 seems to be his bizarre way of thinking.
  3. I know, I'm just commenting that it's good he seems up for it. It might be to do with COVID and Italy ? The reason he's not been officially announced until today by Bologna as their player is because every new Italian football transfer has to pass two negative COVID tests before joining up with their new teammates.
  4. Well, at least he seems keen. Stick with Scotland lad and you'll do alright
  5. When did this become almost a regular thing ? Would anyone care to make a carefully considered statement on this ?
  6. I hate being all wishy washy sentimental but I do hope Allan Campbell will eventually get a couple caps one day. He's one hell of a worker on the park when I've seen him for Motherwell and Scotland U21s and he looks like one of these lads who's just playing because he loves the game*. *You'd be surprised how many players actually don't.
  7. Pleasantly surprised and intrigued by this Ashby lad. Nonetheless I do have a nasty feeling that if he turns out to be half-decent that England will try and get him. Arteta has said that Tierney's injury is nothing serious and that he was pulled from the Arsenal team the other day purely as a precaution. At least he is getting his injuries better looked after at Arsenal as compared with the cavalier attitude they had at Celtic with their liberal use of pain relief injections.
  8. Interesting thing about Galloway is He's a self described radical socialist .... yet his new political venture in Scotland is backed by rich, disgruntled Tory landowners. He's a self described Irish republican .... yet his new Scottish party has a number of individuals standing on a platform of fighting prosecutions of British soldiers who served in Ireland.
  9. DUFC fans ...... How do you rate Logan Chalmers ? Is he potentially one to consider for the national team in a year or two ?
  10. Getting the cannon fodder to do a police officers work has always been a recipe for disaster.
  11. Allegedly, Strachan thought Bardsley's attitude was appalling and that's why he dropped him. Nothing was ever confirmed mind.
  12. Mikey Johnston is supposed to be returning to training in two or three weeks. Hopefully he'll get back to form. We could do with a new winger in the national side.
  13. Sixteen caps for a twenty three year old Scottish Premiership player who doesn't play for the Old Firm is not bad by todays standards.
  14. Any idea who Aberdeen could replace McKenna with ? Could they get together enough money for someone like Stuart Findlay ?
  15. I see that Dermot Desmond was calling for a "British Premier League" again the other day. Still dreaming of seeing both his club and Rangers in the Premier League. An element of the Celtic support online are supporting it although there are not as many behind the idea as there used to be. The Premier League will never in a million years accept the Old Firm.
  16. Plenty of practice will do him good ! I'm pretty confident we'll see Gauld make his debut (at long last) next year. Clarke did say about six or so months ago that he was getting updates on him and that Gauld was definitely under consideration.
  17. Definite time traveller from the seventies
  18. I can't believe Morrison was thick enough to tell the media that He and his club deserve to be hammered by the law. He also looks like he's passing a large kidney stone in that pic in the article.
  19. Something really not right at Motherwell just now. Problems behind the scenes ?
  20. Are you doing this for a joke or something now ?
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