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  1. I see that bitter yesterday's man Jim Sillars wants the SNP to vote for May's deal. Dear oh dear.
  2. You know, if the SFA actually put the word out there across Europe (and even further beyond) that they were accepting applications to be manager of the Scotland national team - with the conditions that applicants must have several years experience managing club and/or international sides and must be a fully fluent English speaker - I'm confident they would have forty or fifty applications within a fortnight. Why don't the SFA approach some of Scotland's wealthiest individuals about them putting up part of the money so we could hire someone like J├╝rgen Klinsmann ? Is putting an advertising sponsor on replica international kits still allowed ? If so that could be one way to earn some extra cash.
  3. Back of the fucking net. The idea that we must always have a Scottish manager is outrageous stupidity with also a touch of xenophobia added in.
  4. If the whistle goes for half time and it's 0-0 or 0-1 to San Marino, I could see things getting ugly and someone running into the dugout to have it out with McLeish. Not that I would condone that kind of behaviour mind.
  5. And what happens when Scotland becomes independent ?
  6. Em, no. Everything "British" should be flushed down the toilet where it belongs.
  7. "Noo just haud on a minute, them Kazakh's played really well and we actually played not too badly sometimes, we just couldnae get a wee goal neither we could. It's aw a fuss about nothing. Waur the feck am I ?" - A. McLeish 2019
  8. A bit random but one thing I remember from November 2007 when he fecked off to Birmingham that really boiled my piss was a few kunts on Sportsound saying "I don't begrudge him leaving, he did a great job and I hope it all works out down South", "Och I wish him all the best at Birmingham, he deserves a shot at the Premier League." Can't remember who it was though.
  9. Did anyone watch the Mexico match ? Ended 0-0 with us missing a last minute penalty. Anyone stand out ?
  10. Maybe things are so chaotic and dysfunctional just now that players don't want to go along with Scotland until McLeish is replaced. I wouldn't be taking any orders off a living embodiment of failure known as Peter Grant.
  11. Well use the search facility the board has then. I'm not doing it for you. There's been idiots that have said on here that they don't want a foreign manager because" 1) "tradition" of always appointing "one of oor ain" or 2) fear that they will change things (in other words, not be so intimidated by the Old Firm) or 3) "we had one before and it didn't work out".
  12. "He deserves a chance because he right guid Scotsman" - Daily Record reader "We should keep him on because he's my auld pal that I play golf with" - former teammates and friendly journalists
  13. That's not true. He was got the Northern ireland job on the back of winning the Irish League twice with Shamrock Rovers, the latter appointed him after he had overseen a considerable improvement in Brechin's league standing.
  14. Mhairi Black would make a brilliant Scotland manager ! "Let's get tore intae these cunts firfuxsake !!"
  15. In one Peter Grant (who has been a disaster at every single club side that has employed him as a manager or coach) and James McFadden (the SFA should not be employing charity cases) too.
  16. Aye to Steve Clarke But as for David Moyes .......... Moyes would be McLeish Mk. II with added passive aggression.
  17. I reckon Jocky Scott or Big Boaby Williamson would do a more competent job than this pathetic defeated man we have in charge.
  18. Come on McLeish cheerleaders, why should he get to stay on the job then ? Entertain us
  19. You have a point there. From personal experience I know that our national cricket and field hockey teams do a lot of great, almost completely unsung work in communities around the country on tiny budgets and they deserve a substantial cash injection.
  20. The local fire brigade would get a good run out however.
  21. Willie Miller and McLeish should open a chippy together.
  22. The BBC, SSN and the like will have to be avoided for the next few weeks. All those fucking presenters laughing at us. I'll guess I'll have to take up detectoring or something. And as usual there will be plenty of fans from Scotland's two major clubs who will be absolutely delighted with tonight's result for the "tartan trannies" prior to going to watch their real favourite national teams.
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