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  1. Pretty much agree with that. I think though (and hope fervently) that Nicola Sturgeon is judging that Brexit will inevitably happen in some shape or form and that appearing to be trying to do what she can to prevent it demonstrates that she has tried to mitigate the damage. I don't believe that she is just happy to be FM and draw the salary for as long as possible - she has made it her life's work to win indy for Scotland. I suspect she would be disappointed if we ended up with A50 revoked and the yoons saying we had no mandate (although the last 2 and a half years alone justifies an indy vote). I reckon she is playing a clever game and when she can see the whites of their eyes she will trigger the process. Timing is everything here. No point in going too soon and right now an indy campaign would be drowned out - after whatever transpires, unless it is a total abandonment of brexit, the yoons will have no arguments to support the uK any longer.
  2. McLeish reinforcing his Better Together credentials by trying to drag Scotland out of Europe at the earliest opportunity and against our will.
  3. No deal looks inevitable. Maybot isn't allowed to bring her (same) deal back for a vote and so won't get any extension. Unless she revokes A50, no deal is then a certainty. Which is I suspect what a lot of people have wanted all along. No deal on Friday of next week, followed shortly by indyref2 announcement, and probably something will happen in Ireland/NI as well.
  4. Not much difference tbh. Labour and Tories are two cheeks of the same arse. 55 SNP would be better. Strengthens the indy mandate.
  5. I mean deliberately kick the can further and further down the road without starting the process prior to the 2021 election - in effect allowing the current mandate to expire. In 2021 the election campaign is very likely to see the full forces of the unionist media deployed to try to prevent an indy majority by whatever means possible. I don't think now is the time, but in a few weeks we should see what has happened on 29th March and it may well become clearer. All this "we should wait ten years" nonsense should get short shrift. I'm of an age where I'd rather we were more ambitious than that.
  6. They are just running down the clock. The political equivalent of taking the ball to the corner flag. The BBC's coverage of this shambles has been appalling. They had an item on Distorting Scotland last night, a vox pop from Dundee, where they had almost everyone demanding "just get on with it, just leave". That's not honest reporting; that's just fabricated propaganda. As for this people's vote shite: there isn't time, and why should Scotland go through that just to be ignored again? Especially if, as some have suggested, remain would not be an option. If Nicola tries to put the indyref off until after the 2021 election, she will lose a lot of members from the SNP. Leaving aside the material change argument, the separate matter of the way we have been treated like an abused spouse since 2014 is in itself justification for indyref2. I can understand we need to wait a short time (weeks) until we see what form of Brexit occurs, but even if it ends up as a full revocation of A50, there is still more than enough justification for indyref2. I'm away to enquire about getting a Lithuanian passport as my grandfather was born there.
  7. I watch The Nine occasionally and it seems quite good, and certainly better than the turgid Reporting Scotland with sour-faced Jackie Bird. I also watched Debate Night last night and it is a far better show than QT - an audience that seems to be more like a genuine cross section of Scotland and no sign of the comedy yoons like Bigot Billy. I thought the 2 non-politicans were not great at getting their points across as often they seemed to have difficulty stringing coherent sentences together, and they wriggled around on their chairs and waved arms about a lot which was distracting - but more that they didn't seem suited to this type of programme even if the prodicers wanted them on for their particular interests and views. Some of the audience members made some good contributions. I think it would be better at 10pm as it's on a bit late for a midweek night, but it looks like it could be a valuable addition to our schedules. Even Anas Sarwar came across reasonably well - it's interesting to see hear some of these often derided politicians when they're talking about subjects in which they have a genuine interest - Sarwar on anti-semitism for example where he actually said that being against the Israeli governments policies and actions didn't mean you were anti-semitic - expect a call from Jeremy, Anas. Liz Smith of the Tories was reasonable even though I disagreed with much of what she said, but she put her points across politely and didn't interrupt everyone else, and she was heard out respectfully. Kate Forbes was on it and she's a star, destined for higher things I suspect. i thought Steven Jardine was excellent at chairing the discussion, interjecting at the right time and raising a laugh on occasions. I would say well worth watching.
  8. I've been at the end of my tether since before 2014. However, particularly so since the 2015 election, when the SNP got 56 (?) seats, and the logic for having LibDems on the panel every week ceased, but the SNP were still treated as some sort of minority fringe group. I appreciate that QT is a UK wide show, but the SNP do not get a seat on the panel as often as even their UK representation (something like 8% of the total of UK seats in 2015, a bit less now, merits). It is interesting to see the BBC under attack from others south of the border now due to their Brexit stance when previously their critics were quite happy with their support for the establishment.
  9. Scan it in to your computer (a lot of printers these days also have a scan facility) and give them the resulting scan. Might be in PDF format but easy to change that to a jpeg or whatever if they can't work with a PDF. You could also just take a photo of it. That would give you a jpeg file. ETA: You do need to make sure your image file has a high enough resolution. I had a problem with trying to get a sponsor's logo onto strips because the only image file they had was about 100kb and that doesn't give you a high enough resolution to allow the image to be enlarged without it looking pixellated. you usually get that problem if you try to use an image lifted from a Facebook post as they are usually heavily downsized and can't be upsized again without losing clarity. Have that problem with photos for newspaper report where they like them to be at least 1MB.
  10. They need to get away from the tired old Reporting Scotland keech which is usually crime, Celtic and Rangers, incessant attacks on anything Scottish (health service, police service, economy) and when there's something like Ross Thomson going on a gropefest, or a Labour/Tory councillor caught doing bad things, use a wildlife story - badgers or wildcats of whatever - to distract from the real news. Political discussion needs to be balanced - not three yoons v 1 indy supporter as has been the norm on BBC Scotland. Stop framing stories in a manner that compares Scotland with England (generally when comparison is unfavourable to Scotland). Why not compare us to Ireland, Norway, Denmark or wherever? England or rUK are not the be all and end all for benchmarks of what is good or bad. Maybe if they produced programmes that are what a modern independent European nation would produce, they might be on the right lines, but you get the feeling they don't want the new channel to succeed. Oh yes, and get Menthorn and that EDL audience selector lady to feck. BTW: Rebecca Curran: doorstepped Mark Macdonald repeatedly, so I assume she will be doing the same with politicians of other parties (and none). Start with Ross Thomson, and then find out who assaulted Monica Lennon, then we'll believe you don't have a biased agenda.
  11. I think they said that someone from this new group of independents is on the show next week as well. If I heard that correctly, that is disgraceful given they aren't even a political party. When was the ast time the SNP were on 2 shows running? Never, I suspect.
  12. A sop to the Greens. I doubt any council will impose it as the councillors who voted for it would take an electoral hit. The whole idea will just be forgotten about by almost everyone. Except Patrick Harvie.
  13. I see the pilot edition of the new QT show on BBC Scotland (the new channel) is now not going to be aired. I wonder why that could be? Maybe it would expose further the audience manipulation. Billy Bigot on it apparently so would be pretty embarrassing for the BBC if he was seen to be repeating his rant. Can you demand to see it under FoI? That would be funny...
  14. Also the lack of coverage of the FM's USA trip, and the snide comment by Glen Campbell that her address to the French foreign affairs committee was "sparsely attended". The subtle insinuations and negative propaganda has become so blatant now.
  15. I think Labour will lose seats in Scotland. They are a shambles led by 2 utter cockplanks at UK and Scottish sub-branch level. After 29/03, when Brexshit starts of be exposed for what it is, the yoons will find their remaining support falling back a bit further.
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