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  1. Meanwhile an amendment that would have required the devolved parliaments to give consent to the ongoing brexit bill was defeated, with I think only the SNP MPs supporting it (possibly Greens as well). Labour abstained, showing once again they are happy to damage Scotland's interests to suit their Westminster bosses. Now May wants to break up for the summer holidays early to curtail any debate. That is utterly disgraceful. What we are seeing here appears to be a right wing coup. It's like a parody of 1930s Germany without the jackboots, the gradual erosion of democracy stage by stage, while the compliant media including the BBC distort the news for them. A no deal brexit looks inevitable now and I reckon that's exactly what the ERG lot have wanted all along. May is a coward, totally clueless and as weak as any PM in history, anywhere in the known universe. She is basically trying to hide in a cupboard going lalala I can't hear you. Time to launch the lifeboats. Don't think for a moment a right wing UK government would allow an indyref - it would be more like Spain in that regard. We need to get moving.
  2. Make sure you keep your passport with you and don't put it in a bag that goes in the hold, otherwise you can't get through passport control as you don't have a passport with you. Seems to be causing major problems.
  3. A non-starter. Apart from anything else it would bring little or no benefit to Scotland but would boost the economy of Ireland and NI at our expense.
  4. Pathetic. The cringe is strong in this one.
  5. That really got me angry. For Ian Blackford to come out with that pathetic response was beyond belief. If that is the best he can come up with, he should stand aside and let someone a bit more forceful lead the Westminster SNP group. Angus Robertson would never have been so meek and mild. "Sign a petition" is not leadership, and a completely inadequate response to yesterday's events. Can you imagine what Salmond would have said? Time for the gloves to come off. Stop being nice and start being awkward.
  6. This. I have been saying this for years. At a stroke it removes the yoons entire lexicon of insults comparing us to nazis and the like. the SNP is NOT a nationalist party; it is a NATIONAL party.
  7. David Mundell should be hounded on this. The story seems to be that the UK government has in effect paid to export jobs from Scotland (Annan, but also Fraserburgh). There are also questions about Edinburgh Woollen Mill moving from Langholm to Carlisle, and possibly something similar with Arla at Lockerbie although I think that one is fairly small scale (maybe a dozen jobs). The suspicion is that the UK government is trying to asset strip scotland, adopting a scorched earth policy in the run up to indy. the 450 jobs at Annan have been moved to Grimsby, one of the the most Brexity places in the UK, where the population are restless as they realise that they are screwed by Brexit. I suspect there will be FoI requests soon to establish what incentives have been offered and to whom to transfer jobs south. Furthermore there was a tweet claiming Mundell said that "at least the jobs are going to Grimsby so still in the UK" which frankly sound beyond credulity - even Mundell surely would not be so stupid, not to say insensitive, given that the burghers of Annan will at some point have to express an opinion on him at the ballot box. If it is shown that he knew about this and said nothing while pretending to be trying to avoid a closure, he is toast. The SG have bust a gut trying to keep these jobs at Annan, or to find an alternative buyer for the plant. To try to blame the SG for this closure is patently dishonest, a downright lie, and I'm sure the local population will be well aware of that - if not, they will soon be made aware of it. Mundell has some awkward questions to answer.
  8. I was astonished at that 10k figure. I was initially surprised how busy it was but I didn't realise the crowd was that big. Whole march was brilliant, no trouble or any nastiness despite attempts at provocation from a few yoons (at east one of whom looked familiar from previous events, and not in a good way). Only negative was that at Dock Park, nobody had thought to set up a stall selling soft drinks and water - very necessary on a hot day.
  9. I don't think Soutar has donated to the SNP for some time. See this: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/14846292.Major_SNP_backer_Sir_Brian_Souter_has_not_donated_to_the_party_under_Sturgeon/
  10. You're either independent or you're not. If your country is able to leave a treaty arrangement of its own free will, then you are independent. Entering into an arrangement such as the EU, or EFTA or Nato, doesn't mean a country is not independent. Being in an incorporating union like the UK does mean Scotland is not independent because we are prevented from choosing our own path. Yes, we can vote for independence in a referendum but the UK parliament could and probably would block indyref2, so we are not currently by any stretch of the imagination independent. It may be that we will need to resort to the previous method, win a majority of Westminster seats in an election with independence in the manifesto, but the point is that the UK can and will put as many obstacles in our way as possible. What Scotland is currently in is a classic abusive relationship, and the most abused are the "we cannae dae it" unionists who actually believe that we, uniquely, are too wee, too poor, too stupid to run our own nation successfully. They are just pathetic with their attempts to justify anything done to Scotland as long as it doesn't improve Scotland.
  11. Oh FFS, does anyone outside the Daily Mail catchement area seriously suggest that France, Germany, Netherlands etc. are not independent countries? Being in the EU is not remotely the same as being in the UK union.
  12. I never buy the National, although I did buy a few copies in its early days. I don't want a paper that takes sides to that extent. I want a paper that genuinely reports the news, gives facts and possibly expresses an opinion in a "this is just our opinion" way, and lets me make up my own mind. Which means I don't actually buy any papers. The National isn't an indy Daily Mail, Express, Record etc, but it looks to me like a box ticking exercise from the Herald owners. I can't imagine it is actually a commercial success in its current format - looks a bit light on any news that isn't indy-related. If the Herald genuinely moved to being at least indy-friendly rather than hardline batshit yoon most of the time, I might consider re-subscribing, but at the moment only McWhirter is reasonably open-minded about Scotland's future. Scotland is ill-served by her mainstream media. I include the BBC in that.
  13. This Mark Carney :intervention". Why now? Could it be that the private polling has shown that the yoons are losing it? If Scotland became independent and set up a new currency, that would be disastrous for sterling - the financial community round the globe would see the UK losing their oil resources just as oil is rising in price again and looking like heading back to at least 100 dollars a barrel. The £ would fall. The yoons know that if they can't have our resources, they need to have the strength that those resources bring, and having a currency union achieves that for them. We on the other hand, could (and possibly should) tell them to feck off and just go for our own currency. I get the sense that a boot has been moved from the right foot to the left foot. The UK financial establishment appears to be setting up in a 5-5-0 formation. Despite their bluster, they are shyting themselves.
  14. Yes will win when enough people, including those who are not that interested in politics, see their standard of living falling due to Brexit, see the SP being trampled on and chlorinated chicken imposed on us, and in particular see our NHS being threatened with privatisation - that last one is a really crucial issue for many people. It also needs the Yes side to stop being so nice, and to really put the boot in to the unionist side in TV debates etc, and it needs the media to be called out at every turn when they peddle their lies and bias. Did anyone see the rather OTT coverage of some fabricated event about the union and unionism in London yesterday - Reporting Scotland dutifully running a longish unedited soundbite from tank girl. Can you imagine similar coverage being given to an event to discuss independence? They practically ignored the recent indy march, but they have time to go and film some yoon wanksession in London? People are at last realising what the BBC actually is.
  15. I think the first 2 series of The Bridge are available on Kodi (Neptune rising extension I think, but also Covenant and Exodus).