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  1. Alibi


    Not entirely due to Brexit but I suspect that it is a significant factor. A lot more similar de-industrialisation still to come as the UK collapses. Time to bail out.
  2. I think that is unrealistically soon - given that the actual date when Brexit occurs is 29th March. My own view is that holding off until at least September but more likely into 2020 (but definitely not after the next Holyrood election for obvious reasons) is a far more realistic timetable. We need time to get the message across - a short sharp campaign would allow the yoons to have an intensive blast of white noise to confuse and mislead everyone.
  3. There was a survey carried out a few years ago that showed that support for indy amongst Rangers supporters was over 40%...
  4. Did anyone ask the supporters if they wanted to be fronted by a blatantly political banner? Probably close to half the folk in that photo want indy.
  5. I notice that Dimbleby had Dugdale on one side and Thomson on the other. I doubt that positioning was an accident. Thomson seemed to be given far more time to spout his drivel than some of the other panellists, and Dugdale only slightly less so. It is a disgrace that such a controlled programme is paid for out of Scotland's BBC budget, for truth be told it has little or nothing relevant to Scotland in it. Even the question about Brexit and indyref2 was a pretty poor effort compared to some of the other questions that could have been asked about these matters. The whole programme was pretty bland. If the intention was to prevent Mike Russell tearing Ross Thomson a new one, it was partly successful. As for the audience, I doubt that selection is representative of Scotland - as for that semi-literate woman who said something about "getting away from the English", is she a plant? Clear intention there to give an anti-English patina to the indy movement. I bet she actually works for Ross Thomson. Genuine indy supporters don't make facile remarks like that.
  6. Ridiculous that the cost of producing that pile of keech is paid out of the BBC Scotland budget. it has absolutely no relevance to Scotland, often even when it comes from Scotland (which is pretty rare anyway).
  7. Alibi

    Independence Reminders

    What exit polls? I don't think there were any exit polls for the indyref - which I found suspicious at the time and even more so now.
  8. Good grief, who is that utter wanker? Leaving aside that you can't have a best option when it's a choice between 2 options, only a better option, his claim that our 62/38 vote was actually no different from the rUK is just utter shyte.
  9. What an utterly disingenuous fucktard that MP is.
  10. Regarding anti-semitism, the Semitic peoples include the Arabs, or at least some strands of Arabs, as well as the original Jews. However being Jewish is not a matter of race; there are many Jewish people who are not Semitic in origin, and you can become Jewish by choice. I think Sammy Davies junior converted to Judaism and he's hardly Semitic in appearance. Being Jewish is a religion, not a race, and Jewish people can choose to convert to other religions in which case they are no longer Jewish. What the current furore is about is not antisemitism but a dislike of the apartheid policies of Israel, particularly their treatment of Palestinians. Many people in Israel also oppose their own government's policies. That doesn't make them anti-semitic or anti-Jewish. All this trouble could have been avoided if instead of setting up a Jewish homeland in the Middle East after WW2, they had used a part of Germany as a Jewish homeland. That would have been a pragmatic solution as part of war reparations that would not have antagonised most of the Middle East. However for reasons of what was essentially racism, in the post WW2 era, the people living in what is now Israel were pretty much regarded as inferior and in typical colonial fashion their views were ignored and their interests over-ridden to suit the agenda of the UK, USA and other western powers.
  11. I can't actually remember much about the storyline of Blake's 7, but have always remembered him getting killed in the first episode.
  12. No, I was referring to the fact that Blake was killed in episode 1 and thereafter there were only 6 of them. Making the title a bit of a misnomer.
  13. My condlolences to Blake's 7. Sorry, 6.
  14. I almost agree with you. Indy should not be predicated on EU or EEA alone - it should be indy with a commitment to a multi option referendum about our EU relationship thereafter. That way you don't scare off Yes/Leave voters.