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  1. Wank, Wank,Good Girl, Someone who knows about the EU, Wank. Why is the newspaper columnist always from the extreme right end of the media spectrum?
  2. There are none so blind as those who won't see...
  3. Also note the contrast between the prominence given to Alex Salmond's court case compared to the media near-blackout of the UK government taking the SG to the supreme court to enable their power grab. The BBC Scotland agenda is clear for all to see.
  4. That really is blatant smearing by the Herald. The implication of that picture is clear. Disgraceful.
  5. Was it not the square windows that were the cause of all the crashes involving early Comets? Stress concentrations at the corners of the apertures causing cracking and decompression I think it was.
  6. I have Windscribe and find it works well. Limit of 2GB/month for the free service but you can have more than one account if you need more.
  7. Agreed. Indy should be about indy and not linked to any particular European status. Indy should mean a referendum to decide our European status. Shackling it to EU membership will not increase the Yes vote. such matters are for the first election post-indy. Personally I am pro EU but could probably live with EEA.
  8. The last couple of years have seen Scotland treated appallingly - our views have been ignored or ridiculed, our 62% remain vote in particular, and at every turn it has been about telling Scotland to sit down and eat our metaphorical cereal. Even if Brexit doesn't happen now (and that would probably incite civil war south of the border) we cannot go back to accepting the way we have been treated by Westminster - they have made it clear we are NOT equal partners in a union, but something akin to a colony; they have point blank shat on us at every turn. in their haste to impose an unwanted Brexit on us, they have revealed the full extent of the abusive relationship in which we are currently trapped. All than needs to be founded upon in the next indyref campaign. 95% of the lies they told in 2014 won't work any more as they have been exposed. The one thing we should not do is allow the timing of the next indyref to be kicked down the road for years - that is what the yoons will try to do in the hope that we lose our indy majority.
  9. The more that gets publicised, the better. Anyone who sees it will certainly not think "Hey, I want these guys to be in charge of Scotland".
  10. It maybe hasn't clicked with the BBC yet that those figures show that Scotland is clearly not subsidised as they like to tell us. If we were, losing our output would make them richer. The subsidy junkie myth blown out the water. Amazing how many things are being let slip as the Brexit catastrophe unravels.
  11. Rubbish. The EU doesn't routinely ignore its members' wishes, or treat them in the way the rUK (effectively England) treats Scotland. It may not be perfect (and the EEA is a viable alternative in a majority of Scots preferred that), but the UK is undoubtedly the political equivalent of an abusive relationship. But hey, if you're happy with that (and I don't think you are), fine. Just don't complain about us getting shafted repeatedly and treated like dirt. The UK is the one we most need to get out of, then we can decide our own path.
  12. I don't agree. What has been shown, and exposed clearly by the whole Brexit mess, is that Scotland is in an abusive relationship, routinely ignored at best and often put down at every turn. It has surely become clear to all but the most blinkered Britnats (Hello Alan) that we are regarded as a sort of colony, dictated to by a bunch of Quisling nonentities like Mundell and his 12 Tory political whores. Anyone who voted No at that point would frankly deserve a life of miserable servitude. You don't say to yourself "It's quite difficult getting out of an abusive relationship, so I'll just stay". Not if you have a shred of self-respect. And Scotland's self-respect is what the yoons are determined to destroy at every turn. It's how they aim to keep us subservient, and the worst of them are the self-loathing toadies like Davidson, Mundell, and their fellow travellers in the other yoon parties. They are scum.
  13. That Zahawi is a dodgy character - was on the payroll of Gulf Keystone Petroleum and helped them to nearly go bust, costing their shareholders a lot of money. A typical Tory, lining his pockets avariciously while screwing over everyone else. Utter scumbag. Zephaniah might be interesting though.
  14. The Tory MPs only care about a small subset of fishermen, namely their pals who are all Bertie Armstrong's Tory chums. The whole fishing issue is fairly trivial but has been blown up out of all proportion to distracr from other more important matters. BBC Scotland has assisted in this process, quite deliberately. Their political coverage has become far worse, with the bias (whether institutional or individual, who knows?) becoming far more blatant.
  15. It was akin to a modern interpretation of Abigail's Party. Cringeworthy car crash TV, but how does the BBC get away with having such a right wing panel nearly every week?