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  1. In the sense that government ministers have responsibility for such bodies. However neither the FM for the deputy FM are teachers, so they have to rely on the info they are given, or come up with a better alternative. The problem is that you can't say with any certainty what the exam results would be - for example some pupils study for the exams whereas others are up to speed by the prelims - with this half-arsed prediction system, the late studiers are always going to be disadvantaged as their prelim results will probably be worse - doesn't mean they wouldn't catch up by exam time.
  2. From what I've read, the the actual purpose of the Dornan stitch up was to shoehorn an NEC member, Rhiannon Spear, into the Cathcart seat. I think she's one of the Woko Haram mob, but I'm not an expert on who's who in the SNP. Nevertheless there does seem to be a blatant conflict of interest there and frankly her NEC postion is untenable. That Angus McLeod should resign too. We need to have an NEC that exists for the purpose of promoting indy, not for promoting this woke GRA shite.
  3. It appears that pupils results are in effect being upgraded where their schools have a reputation for attainment, and downgraded where they don't. In other words, a pupil's results are affected by how well previous years did. That is clearly unfair. They are also downgrading results about twice as much in percentage terms in poorer areas than in affluent areas. That is unfair. It is also the case that some teachers are over-egging the pudding regarding their own pupils' likely marks; the better teachers aren't, but are being fair and realistic as ALL teachers should be doing. Some of the results I have heard about have been gained as a result of what amounts to deliberate cheating by staff who know that their high-attainment school's marks won't be downgraded or investigated. I don't blame the SG here - it's the SQA's system that is flawed. They are trying to measure something without actually measuring it. I don't know what the answer is, but not having exams has allowed assigned results to be fiddled in many cases. No wonder there will be loads of appeals. It's an impossible situation. I assume the same thing will happen elsewhere in the rUK.
  4. I was already on blood thinners before Covid arrived. Ended up in hospital in ICU due to internal bleeding caused by the virus, and apparently it was one of the side effects that they were only just discovering. I had three blood transfusions to replace the lost blood. Clearly the requirement for blood thinners to prevent clotting, strokes etc. is a bit of a double edged sword. I had a fairly mild covid infection, no ventilator or full face oxygen mask, but the damage the virus does to your body can be severe - my lungs were damaged although now more or less recovered, and my heart has suffered damage too, likely to be permanent. You'll appreciate that I am fairly intolerant of these folk who fail to keep their distance or wear a mask. So many people haven't really encountered covid close up, and they're the ones who are a bit blase about it. They are finding new side effects every day. It really is the Swiss Army knife of viruses. Avoid it like the plague.
  5. Agreed. Weak by the FM. She is too prone to yielding to what WM & the media want. We need someone who will stand up to them and hold the line - can you see her ever defying them to get indyref2? No. Was clear to most folk the way things were going and that she shouldn't have lifted quarantine when she did.
  6. Johnson met a crab, made a vacuous remark about the "might" of the union, visited Baxter's soup factory, and went to Lossiemouth to be photographed with a Spitfire and (irony alert) a Eurofighter. Number of genuine Scottish voters encountered: nil. His language is all so aggressive - the "might" of the union (i.e. we can crush you), visiting military bases - he's all overt colonialism and British Nationalist dictator. A poundshop Mussolini. It's all spin, smoke and mirrors, and lies. contrast with the human touch that the FM shows. I might think she's too meek on indy, but she doesn't have to try hard to beat Johnson hands down at leadership.
  7. Seems that the apparent drop in cases in England is more to do with the UK government's figures ignoring tests not done within their NHS system - for some reason they refer to the other tests as "Pillar 2". Seems to have come to light as a result of the Leicester lockdown. Frankly (to quote Janey Godley there) it would be surprising if the number of cases was falling given the way that lockdown has pretty much been abandoned south of the border, unless maybe the virus is affected by the warmer weather in some way.
  8. The contrast between Johnson's vague, semi-literate mumblings and our FM's clear, calm information is stark. Johnson is not fit to be a PM.
  9. The Herald had a two page spread which linked Salmond to just about every baddie in the last century - Sutcliffe, Eichmann, you name it. They received a complaint from the mother of James Bulger, whose photo they used as part of the montage. How is that allowed? Is it not clear contempt of court if not an attempt to pervert the course of justice? How can he expect a fair trial when it's wall to wall "kill the evil monster" from the mainstream media? At least in the Soviet Union, show trials were actually shown on TV, but here it seems to be that the general public are not admitted and we are supposed to rely on reports from the (completely unbiased) media.
  10. Flew from Manchester to Nantes with Flybe about 18 months ago. The plane was a Bombardier something or other, a high wind twin engine propellor job with a very narrow fuselage. Two seats each side of the aisle, and when they said the carry on luggage shouldn't be more than 200mm thick, they meant it, with quite a few people having to sit with their bags under their feet because they were Easyjet size.. Extremely noisy & pretty slow. I flew in a De Havilland Dragon Rapide at Duxford last summer and it was a lot more comfortable (and a lot more fun).
  11. Then you and I are pretty much in agreement. The real problem with this whole issue comes from a few woke zealots, and sadly there are some in the SNP hierarchy who just defer to them in an attempt to look woke enough rather than calling out their nonsense.
  12. I assume then that you agree that Shirley Anne' Somerville's statement that "transwomen are women" is nonsense.
  13. You can choose any name you want, and change it as often as you want. A name doesn't actually have any meaning - it's just a means of identification. However saying that someone in possession of the standard issue of male genitals is a woman is a bit different from just choosing a name - it ignores biology & scientiic fact. I don't think many people are actually bothered about how someone wants to live their life, but assigning incorrect descriptions to people is inaccurate. Or can I now self-ID as an airline pilot just because I want to? The effect of this stupidity is that women are potentially put at risk, and I don't think that is a terribly good idea.
  14. Changing your name by deed poll is a bit different from changing he to she or vice versa, which without reconstructive surgery is just posturing. I could call myself Shergar but it wouldn't make me a horse. Or mare. Doesn't answer my question anyway. One of the areas where this issue is having a significant effect is sport - people self identifying as women are succeeding where they couldn't in male sport. You can change their preferred pronoun but you can't change their basic skeletal/muscular structure nor their chromosomes. Basically it's cheating, much as with East German athletes in the 70s and 80s.
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