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  1. No, reasonably sane. Highly likely there are people within the indy movement who are not quite what they seem. Or else the UK secret service aren't doing their job. Not referring to anyone on this thread btw.
  2. The yoons hate Wings because he destroys their lies and their arguments with ease, and he is an invaluable source of information and analysis. He may be a bit abrasive at times, but he is an asset to the indy movement imho, far more so that a lot of people at the top of the SNP, some of whom appear a bit too comfortable with the status quo because of the financial rewards it currently gives them. Many on here don't seem to like him and I wonder how many of those most critical of him are themselves unionist plants - they are likely to be everywhere so I expect there are some who frequent this site. I'll keep reading Wings. I don't know why the GRA stuff is so important to him, but what he says about it is imho pretty much on target. If you don't like his output, do what I do with the Daily Mail - don't read it. If he was bumped off by MI6 tomorrow, we would struggle to replace him.
  3. I think it's a call that needs to be made nearer the time. You can't decide the best tactics until you have worked out what is likely to happen, based on polling figures. Anyway the whole idea assume that there hasn't been an indyref so that's a quantum factor anyway.
  4. This NI angle is extremely bad for Scotland, unless we at least get the same arrangement - NI effectively being in the EU will kill inward investment to Scotland stone dead. If this gets through, the union is effectively over (and indeed the arrangements may in themselves breach the treaty of union apparently). No deal leads down a similar path except that NI gets screwed as well. If the SNP cock up this opportunity, they haven't been paying attention. Continuation of the union hereafter can only be maintained by the sort of tactics that are seen in Spain with Catalunya. No unionist party could defend the way Scotland has been treated - not that they won't try.
  5. How can a Wings party cost the SNP seats if they are standing on the list only, and even then only in areas where the SNP currently have NO list MSPs? The only way it could cost seats would be if they had list candidates in the North or South of Scotland (and in total there are only 4 SNP list MSPs - unless the SNP constituency vote percentage dropped noticeably, that is not going to change, and if that did happen the pro indy majority is knackered anyway. I see it as looking at the rules and finding a way to take advantage of them in a way that would be difficult for the unionist parties to copy (they could of course set up their own SiU Party and stand candidates from that only on the list, but that would be Better Together taken to a new level).
  6. Regarding this idea of a Wings Party: Stuart Campbell himself has said that the intention is not to stand candidates for election in constituencies, but to have list candidates only. Currently the SNP hold most of the constituency seats, and they only get additional list seats in (I think ) Highlands & Islands, and South of Scotland, and in these areas Wings would not get invoved with list candidates. It is therefore obvious that the SNP have nothing to lose from a Wings Party, but the overall indy MSP total could, and probably would, be boosted considerably to the point where a pro-indy majority would be almost certain (unlike the current system where there is a significant danger of an anti-indy majority due to the system preventing SNP list votes in most areas leading to additional MSP numbers. I don't think Wings has any intention of running a proper political party with all the trappings - it is simply a meas to ensure a pro-indy majority so that indy doesn't get voted down by the unionist parties. I actually think it's a clever idea - basically gaming the system to best advantage - and despite the criticism about "splitting the vote", that is not actually what is proposed as the SNP would still have a free run at the constituencies as well as a free run in areas where the SNP might get list MSPs. Like Wings or hate him, he is good at what he does and if you don't like his output, just don't read it. He destroys unionist lies and that is why they hate him and why they want him silenced. Regarding the GRA shite: it looks as if a small clique of these "woke" wankers are trying to grab key positions in the SNP, and I think they may already have done so. Their intention to push through a new law saying that men can self-identify as women is just nuts (pun intended...) and the whole idea is universally unpopular outside the bubble of these entryists (and Shirley Anne Somerville is one MSP who supports this nonsense). Apparently it may now be a crime to say that women do not have penises, or that woman means adult human female - to me, that is just ridiculous, a complete denial of biology. Alyn Smyth's partner seems to be a leading light in the movement, and a nasty wee character he comes across as, with his offensive tweet history. We really could do without this keech poisoning the independence debate and I have to ask why has it appeared now? Who is really behind this nonsense?
  7. There is a difference between avoiding paying more tax than you have to (which is included within the tax avoidance umbrella) and tax evasion, which is illegal. Working for cash in hand is actually tax evasion at a low level. Putting money in an ISA is a form of tax avoidance.
  8. I used an FA in connection with my personal pension fund. It was worth the cost as he advised how to implement my own plan of using the fund to buy property within a SIPP, and advised strongly against an annuity (which I had worked out for myself years ago). I'm now in the process of transferring other property (my old office, bought with a loan paid off years ago) into the SIPP and as I know how to do that now, I'm just organising it myself. The FA advice is useful in terms of avoiding actions that can cost you in tax or in other ways, but watch that you don't get stuck with an ongoing annual charge based on the value of your pension fund if the FA is not involved in managing it for you after set up.
  9. Is Yes really only polling at between 40 and 45%? That seems ludicrously low. Are these genuine polls or are they polls designed to lead opinion rather than measure it?
  10. Richard Leonard (he is the leader of Labour's Scottish sub-branch) has said that no matter what majority indy parties get in any election, it will never be enough to justify indyref2. What he is in effect saying there is that there is no democratic route to indy. If we can't achieve it by voting, what alternative route is there? Are these fascistic onanists trying to provoke a civil war (maybe so they can sell us arms or something?). I appreciate that Leonard is an utter choob of a man, but he really hasn't thought that through properly unless he is trying to finish off Labour in Scotland completely.
  11. I assume you mean that making carbon fibre creates 14 times as much carbon dioxide as making steel? It's unfortunate that the media don't employ anyone who actually knows that carbon and carbon dioxide are not the same thing, and that carbon (the element) is not the problem; it's carbon dioxide that is (allegedly) the problem. In fact 10 tonnes of carbon fibre waste will never contribute to global warming. Unless maybe it can be burnt.
  12. I thought Fiona Bruce was too ready to interrupt Blackford. She allowed Thornberry to ramble on incoherently, but Blackford's time was rationed and punctuated by constant interruptions. Also noted when some fanny in the audience started with the "You'll have to join the Euro shite, he was not allowed to respond. BTW anyone noticed the stuff on twitter suggesting that Boris Johnson has shagged Laura Kuensberg? That might make her not the best person to try to question him. Also alludes to some female Sky News person - don't have Sky so no idea who there people are.
  13. With a bit of luck I'll have a Scottish passport by the time my current Yes-bedecked one runs out. Or if I really can be bothered, a Lithuanian one.
  14. I've had a YES sticker on the front of my passport since 2014. Never caused any problems and had the odd positive comment when going through passport control abroad.
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