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  1. Not sure where to put this, but FFS. Not content with trying to commit electoral suicide with the genderwoowoo shite, the SG are now proposing restrictions on a load of foods. Given that most of them seem to be excessively fat, this is hypocritical in the extreme, and nutritional nonsense as well. Do they go out of their way to damage their electoral hopes deliberately or are they just utterly thick? An independence party should be seeking independence, not trying to turn us all into some sort of health freaks. and porridge FFs, it's one of the healthiest breakfasts you can have. Who thinks up this flawed shite?
  2. "British values"? It's as if they think that's a positive thing. Grates a bit that those using that phrase are verging on fascist; unprincipled chancers whose main interest is lining their own pockets and who are happy to be funded (I should maybe use the word "subsidised", so beloved of unionists) by the likes of Israel and/or Russia.
  3. Seems to me that Hoyle dreamt it up as an excuse to get him off the hook for britannia waiving the rules yet again, then promptly changed his story. He and Starmer are a pair of lying cunts, with their Israeli owners pulling their strings to avoid the phrase "collective punishment" being voted on. Anyone that believes either of them are being truthful needs to be sectioned.
  4. Says in the Herald it's sexual assault rather than rape. I assume had it been rape, his sentence would have been longer than 4 and a half years a quick google suggests 6-12 years is typical in Spain.
  5. He's not only better than Blackford; he's streets ahead of Yousaf. He has a wee bit of aggression about him, takes no prisoners. We need a leader with leadership qualities and Yousaf certainly doesn't have leadership qualities. I look forward to seeing Dundee United's season crash and burn at Cappielow (twice) in the coming weeks. Also watch "Scottish" Labour crash and burn in the run up to the UK election. Sarwar came out with a risible statement about yesterday's events and he's getting torn a new one for his trouble. Despicable smarmy hypocrite. And on the Starmer/Hoyle corruption: don't forget Starmer is bought and paid for by Israeli interests - he was paid to ensure that the allegations about genocide were prevented from getting passed in the HoC. Starmer is a vile hypocrite too.
  6. A decent leader would get the SNP back on track. Hampden Loon above is spot on with what needs to be done. I don't know how we have ended up with so many stupid, flawed bills in the SP, but they are almost universally unpopular and that is a recipe for defeat. I would start by ditching the toxic Greens and then get on with a programme based pretty much on the sort of things HL has listed. I would also commit to providing funds to keep Grangemouth as a working refinery and not just a storage depot. We need infrastructure to process our oil reserves and there is no good reason why that shouldn't be done in Scotland - and a fairly obvious reasons why refining capacity shouldn't be the preserve of our southern neighbour. I hope Yousaf realises his whole career, such as it is, is on the line this year.
  7. He can't do that because he received money from Israel or Israeli-linked sources sources - I thought it was £50k but someone told me it was £100k. The actual amount maybe isn't important; it's the fact that he is now bought and paid for. As are many other politicians and folk in high places. Money buys politicians. It should be made illegal for politicians to accept donations from overseas sources.
  8. In practical terms it doesn't make a lot of difference how many seats they get as long as they get a majority. Being at Westminster achieves nothing. Getting a majority (which I think means at least 29 seats now) prevents the yoons from claiming that Scotland has voted unionist. I can see the wheels coming off Labour's "surge" pretty soon. At the moment most folk probably aren't aware what labour are offering: Brexit, unionism, pro-Israel, steal Scotland's resources, very likely parking charges at hospitals, pretty much stealing the Tory manifesto from 2010. With a decent SNP leader, we would be in a strong position. Yousaf's "kick out the Tories" is unimaginative shite - "kick out the Tories and get a different shade of Tory" is more what that would achieve. If he tries to keep indy out of the manifesto offering, then he can fuck right off.
  9. I think that was the problem. Criticising a country (or its government) is a totally different matter from racism or anti-semitism. For a start, not all Jews live in or are from Israel, and may Jews are critical of Israel and/or the Israeli government. That IHRA definition was specifically created to allow anyone who said, for example, that Netanyahu was an evil murderer, to be branded as anti-semitic and nobody was supposed to argue against that line. I have no time for Netanyahu or his current actions in Gaza, but I don't have anything against anyone just because they choose to follow the Jewish faith. My paternal grandfather fled Lithuania (then part of Russia) in 1867 at the age of 6, due to a pogrom and ended up in Glasgow via Dublin (then in the UK). I'm a devout atheist with a fully intact tadger, but I do remember the anti-semitism and racism that was prevalent during my youth in the 60s and beyond and which was widely accepted - even some of the campfire songs in the scouts were riddled with various isms without anyone raising an eyebrow. I hope we have moved beyond those days now but with some sections of society they've just moved on to a different target group. My own race: Human.
  10. On to series 3 of Slow Horses - second series was better than the first so hopeful that series 3 will keep up the high standard. Main problem for me is remembering who everyone is because I'm hopeless at remembering names and faces. Watch with subtitles because as with most things nowadays, it's often difficult to follow the dialogue. Also binge watched One Day on Netflix. Quite good and with a sting in the tail that I realised was about to happen about ten seconds before it happened. Good soundtrack.
  11. The guy is entitled to a holiday, but choosing to go to Qatar? The optics are terrible. I would question his judgement, and not for the first time. Particularly as Hamas seem to have their leaders based there. Will be a right laugh if he turned up in a motorhome he's borrowed...
  12. It's not actually anti-semitism. Anti-semitism is a dislike or hatred of Jews (and logically would include other semitic races, such as Arabs but that's never mentioned). However recently some folk have tried to conflate a dislike/hatred of Israel with anti-semitism. The two things are actually very different, but it allows anyone criticising Israel to be tarred as anti-semitic.
  13. No, my GP arranged it and I was seen at DGRI (Dumfries) within a couple of weeks. I remember now that it was due to traces of blood in a urine sample. Anyway nothing untoward was found. I tell folk the two week wait was because they needed to order in a longer tube - add your own punchlines...
  14. I had that done a few months ago. Not as bad as it sounds actually. However after the procedure, the first time you go for a pish it stings like fuck - far worse than the procedure itself. Can't actually remember what they were looking for but apparently the inside of my bladder is is excellent condition, which I attribute to preserving it in alcohol. The live video was a wee bonus.
  15. We are in a war of independence and the British state will do whatever it takes to stop us winning it, up to and including murder (see Willie McRae), & persecution of high profile indy leaders (A. Salmond). They control the mainstream media. Incessant promotion of Labour as some sort of saviour riding to rescue Scotland from the evil Tories, when Labour are every bit as bad. Sarwar given an easy ride in interviews and pushed as a credible first minister ffs. Just what Scotland needs, a multi-millionaire FM and a Sir Starmer as PM. And still the naysayers do down Scotland at every turn. I have to say that Yousaf's "kick the Tories out" line for the UK election doesn't seem very sensible. He seems to have missed the fact that voting Labour in Scotland would do much the same as voting SNP with regard to the specific aim of ousting the Tories. Yousaf needs to offer indy as a reason for voting SNP or there's no point. Go soft on indy and the game's a bogey.
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