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  1. The contrast between Johnson's vague, semi-literate mumblings and our FM's clear, calm information is stark. Johnson is not fit to be a PM.
  2. The Herald had a two page spread which linked Salmond to just about every baddie in the last century - Sutcliffe, Eichmann, you name it. They received a complaint from the mother of James Bulger, whose photo they used as part of the montage. How is that allowed? Is it not clear contempt of court if not an attempt to pervert the course of justice? How can he expect a fair trial when it's wall to wall "kill the evil monster" from the mainstream media? At least in the Soviet Union, show trials were actually shown on TV, but here it seems to be that the general public are not admitted and we are supposed to rely on reports from the (completely unbiased) media.
  3. Flew from Manchester to Nantes with Flybe about 18 months ago. The plane was a Bombardier something or other, a high wind twin engine propellor job with a very narrow fuselage. Two seats each side of the aisle, and when they said the carry on luggage shouldn't be more than 200mm thick, they meant it, with quite a few people having to sit with their bags under their feet because they were Easyjet size.. Extremely noisy & pretty slow. I flew in a De Havilland Dragon Rapide at Duxford last summer and it was a lot more comfortable (and a lot more fun).
  4. Then you and I are pretty much in agreement. The real problem with this whole issue comes from a few woke zealots, and sadly there are some in the SNP hierarchy who just defer to them in an attempt to look woke enough rather than calling out their nonsense.
  5. I assume then that you agree that Shirley Anne' Somerville's statement that "transwomen are women" is nonsense.
  6. You can choose any name you want, and change it as often as you want. A name doesn't actually have any meaning - it's just a means of identification. However saying that someone in possession of the standard issue of male genitals is a woman is a bit different from just choosing a name - it ignores biology & scientiic fact. I don't think many people are actually bothered about how someone wants to live their life, but assigning incorrect descriptions to people is inaccurate. Or can I now self-ID as an airline pilot just because I want to? The effect of this stupidity is that women are potentially put at risk, and I don't think that is a terribly good idea.
  7. Changing your name by deed poll is a bit different from changing he to she or vice versa, which without reconstructive surgery is just posturing. I could call myself Shergar but it wouldn't make me a horse. Or mare. Doesn't answer my question anyway. One of the areas where this issue is having a significant effect is sport - people self identifying as women are succeeding where they couldn't in male sport. You can change their preferred pronoun but you can't change their basic skeletal/muscular structure nor their chromosomes. Basically it's cheating, much as with East German athletes in the 70s and 80s.
  8. I assume you mean FloJo - Florence Griffith Joyner.
  9. Is this Flowjob character male or female? I notice you use "she".
  10. Have you seen the sort of shite that some of these woke wankers come out with on twitter? With regard to the drag queen thing, there is a clear child protection issue - the individual involved has posted pictures of some of the children on his instagram account without seeking permission. That is a major breach of the rules. Parents were not asked if they wanted their children to be involved in this "performance" - strange when every parent know nothing happens at a school without you having to sign a permission slip, even at secondary level. As for Mhairi Black, accusing anyone and everyone who raises serious questions about this unfortunate misjudgement of being homophobic is a shallow knee-jerk response, but typical of those who see an easy way to close down any debate. Is the individual concerned gay? I don't actually know. In any case, nobody is objecting to someone on the grounds they might be gay. It's the social media posts that flag him up as unsuitable for this stunt. As I think the education authority have now realised. Would it not have been far better for Mhairi herself to speak to the children and tell them about her own experiences? I think so. Would that not have been far more educational for the kids?
  11. I think much of the problem is that the vast majority of people are totally unaware of the whole trans "debate". It is shameful that Shirley Anne Somerville can make a nonsense statement like "transwomen are women" when science can demonstrate that that is blatantly untrue, but anyone who points out that she is talking shite gets abused by a bunch of very weird, apparently quite violent, people. If Nicola Sturgeon doesn't see that she needs to expel this group of perverted loonies, she is not fit to be SNP leader. She is an excellent and generally popular FM, but on this issue she appears to have not a clue. As it gradually reached the consciousness of the majority of the population, she needs to be on the right side of the debate. This is not about the rights of a tiny minority who already have the same rights as everyone else; it's about common sense and realising when some people are poisonous and pursuing their own agenda. As for Mhairi Black and that drag queen in a primary school stuff: she appears to be turning into a total fuckwit. Does she really think something like that is acceptable? On a child protection basis alone, that ranks pretty high on the "alarm bells ringing" spectrum.
  12. The idea as I understand it is to target only areas where there are no list SNP MSPs. I think that is everywhere except the south of Scotland, and Highlands & Islands. In all other areas, the SNP do not have any list seats to lose as they have so many constituency seats. What having a list-only pro indy party does in effect is gets people to vote in list MPs from a totally different party that is ostensibly unconnected to the SNP., without reducing the number of current list SNP MSPs (by not standing on the list in the south and north). The effect is to replace unionist list MSPs with pro-indy ones, resulting in a bigger pro indy majority. The fact of the matter is that currently most SNP list votes achieve nothing. Or do we just listen to Pete "MR Speaker" Wishart and vote SNP 1 & 2 and see the yoons block an indyref for the next 5 years? Of course if the SNP get 51% of the constituency vote as well, that should result in a majority under current arrangements but like 2011, sometimes it's not that accurate. I like the idea of using the rules set by the yoons themselves to get round the systemic bias against a pro-indy majority.
  13. Technically the engineering problems can be overcome - but at a massive cost. I suppose in essence it's just a case of designing a tall enough tower that is robust enough although I'm not sure how you would do it - possibly fabricating some sort of floating steel structure and floating it into position before sinking it into place and filling it with concrete, and then adding another bit on top until you get near the surface. Similar stuff on a smaller scale has been used in the oil industry. If I had an unlimited budget, I could probably come up with a rough design for something that worked. Having a massively heavy block of concrete might be sufficient to make it robust enough to resist any underwater explosions, and you could perhaps put some sort of screening round the base to prevent anything on the seabed washing up against the tower base. You could enclose the carriageways and rail line to weatherproof them. However I think the cost of the project would not justify the benefits, and the costs quoted (which are massively underestimated I think) make no allowance for actually connecting the bridge to major roads from where it comes ashore in Scotland - are they intending to re-build the railway through Galloway towards Dumfries? Dual the A75 or build an M75? Given the current debate about the cost of HS2, which is not too challenging technically I don't think we will be seeing anything of this bridge any time soon. I would concentrate on improving the A75 to link up south west Scotland a lot better - 2 hours for a train from Dumfries to Glasgow is shockingly slow, and Stranraer is I think even worse in that respect. Boris is just talking shite. He has no intention of having this bridge built. It's a soundbite to impress unionists - on both sides of the sea.
  14. The writing on the front of the roof looks a bit like "Burton" so maybe Burton Albion, but it's very blurry so maybe not. ETA: Just googled and the images don't tally with Burton Albion's ground at all.
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