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  1. As soon as Whitford mentioned that infection rates in Scotland were running at about half the rate per 100k as the rUK, Bruce came in with some sort of smarmy put-down; she then took a contribution from some woman with a Scottish accent who was all Scotland bad, SNP bad, we're not really doing better (this week's orange jaiket plant). Whitford should maybe have asked why the BBC no longer give figures for Scotland but just lump all UK nations in together - the Covid equivalent of distorting the weather map to make folk thing Scotland is the size of the Isle of Man.
  2. I see the BBC & the WM government are trying to get people to call it the Oxford vaccine rather than the Astrazeneca vaccine. That's a bit like saying you should call a Honda Civic a Swindon Honda Civic (or wherever they build them now). Next they'll be marketing Haggis as British haggis. Oh, hang on...
  3. You have to be 16 or over to vote (18 for UK elections), so you'll need to wait a bit longer.
  4. Clearly you just don't like him but his forensic dissection of what's going on is generally pretty accurate. I know he doesn't like Nicola Sturgeon as he thinks she's a proven liar and he strongly dislikes her support for the GRA nonsense, but as a news source he's far better than the mainstream media as far as Scottish politics are concerned. He is demonised because unionists fear him, to the point that many on the yes side now have no time for him. A right wing neofascist he is not.
  5. We now know what the border would look like if we join the EU. We also know that the exit deal more or less allows NI to remain in the EU to all intents and purposes. The logic of that is that after indy the border between NI and the rUK could just be replicated along the to Gretna-Berwick border and England couldn't really put up any credible argument against that. The threat that they would refuse to trade with us is nonsense - we have stuff they want to buy or need to buy. There are no tariffs between the UK and the EU (allegedly), so how could they put tariffs in place against Scotland
  6. I saw a post on Twitter that said the FM utterly destroyed Pennington's credibility - anyone know what he said and she said?
  7. Kirsty Blackman is I think one of the "woke" brigade. I disagree with some of her views relating to the GRA legislation. The FM is also in thrall to the wokeists. Disagreeing with them is not the same as launching abuse at them, although some of the wokeists (Alyn Smyth's partner or former partner being a prime example) are amongst the most abusive people on Twitter. I see they a lot of them have been voted out in the NEC elections and many seem to be leaving the party, which is a good thing as their priority was not indy. I can't see Salmond making a come-back and I expect Sturgeon w
  8. Is the Astrazeneca vaccine not manufactured in Belgium? I see some yoons complaining that the SG released something referring to it as Astrazeneca without the Oxford prefix, then it was pointed out that the UK government had done exactly the same. Cue yoons desperately deleting tweets. It's a bit like wanting a Vauxhall Astra to be referred to as the Halewood Vauxhall Astra. The Oxford only refers to where it was developed in part. Yoons are just so nationalist...
  9. Her father, Kenneth Calman, was involved with Better Together. She herself has expressed strong unionist views. Can't imagine why BBC Scotland have her on practically every day. Personally I find her extremely unfunny. Prett sure Janey Godley would wipe the floor with her in a rammy.
  10. IIRC the unionists were telling us that there is no border between Scotland and England so it can't be closed. Should have just got a few big concrete blocks and placed them on the M74 to divert non-essential traffic off the northbound slip road at Gretna and back on to the southbound carriageway. Alister Jack, my local MP, is responsible for a lot of deaths resulting from this hardline unionist stance that he promoted. I despise the man. A face you'd never tire of punching.
  11. Shilton posts on Twitter occasionally - he seems to be a hardline right wing Brexiteer. Sounds the sort to hate foreigners. Anyway, what's this about handball? Looks fairly clear that he got his head to the ball. I'm sure Joe Jordan would agree...
  12. The coverage of the Oxford vaccine on the BBC seemed a bit slanted towards the "It has a British connection so let's hype it up as world-beating". However the 70% figure seems to me to be a lot less than the figures in the 90%+ region that were quoted for the other vaccines. I know which one I want. Right through the pandemic we've heard UK govt ministers describing thins as world beating. Personally I think things that work properly are a better bet than the UK govt's idea of word beating things.
  13. Seem to be too many people at the top of the SNP (and on the NEC I think) who have an agenda, and that agenda does not prioritise independence. Some even saying they prefer or are happy with devolution (Rhiannon Spear was one IIRC) - that should bring an instant dismissal from office or candidature for the individuals concerned. They are entitled to their views, but we don't need fifth columnists in the indy movement or the SNP, particularly people who want to be in a position of power or influence within the Scottish Government. The woke GRA folk are a particularly rather malevolent crew,
  14. I haven't watched it in years, but are they still doing the same old faces (or should that be same old faeces)? The last time I watched it, they had characters on that were 20 years past their retirement date.
  15. They are taking a figure of speech and claiming it is a literal statement. In essence it is the same as Boris Johnson's "Die in a ditch". When Queen of the South reached the cup final in 2008, a friend of mine said that is was a once in a lifetime event (probably several lifetimes to be fair!). Under Alister Jacks's yoonlogic, Queens would be disqualified from taking part in the Scottish Cup until about 2048. The man's an idiot, whistling in the dark as he sinks beneath the waves. He's also not the brightest lightbulb in the room.
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