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  1. Sadly it wasn’t that busy even for the Euros. Things have moved on to facebook and Twitter. 😕 Both platforms that i Cannae stand. Much prefer a message board. I must be an auld git now.
  2. Can’t say it bothers me much to be honest. Having been to some games in England, I’ve seen the congregation of fans in concourses and plenty folk acting like fannies and chucking drink around at HT. You see videos of it every week on social media. l’m just not sure that it’s needed, nor am I sure that clubs have the space for it if you were employing the English approach of no drinks in sight of the pitch. Comparisons to rugby, ice hockey and basketball don’t stack up. They are much more compliant crowds. You don’t have the same aggro that football crowds tend to value or things like coin throwing or pyrotechnics problems in those sports.
  3. Scotland and UK cases have fallen by around 1/3 in the last week based on 7 day average. Scotland under 5% positivity rate as well today for first time in ages. If that keeps up then we should be in a much better place.
  4. It’s not a reciprocal agreement. If someone (double-vaccinated) from say Denmark chooses to come to the UK, they are would still have to isolate on their return to their homeland - as Denmark classes UK as a red list country. The double vaccination doesn’t come into it and Denmark, the EU and any other country and have whatever rules they see fit. Just because the UK relaxes rules for inbound, double-vaccinated travellers doesn’t mean that we can enforce or expect the same for outbound to another destination. The latest example is today’s announcement about the US. The headline is that US travellers are permitted into the UK with a double vaccine. Problem being that travellers from the UK->US are still on red list.
  5. Other countries can what they want. Just as we could choose to do if there was a specific EU country which was 10x worse than anywhere else.
  6. I did think I was going mad when I could see no mention of what fixtures or dates were actually going on sale. They obviously think we are mind readers.
  7. What a pish attitude from the SFA. If they can accommodate people who live oversees and are members of the supporters club that you pay into then they should be looking to do that.
  8. I tend to feel that the whole threat to the independent FA’s is probably overstated. In terms of any perceived risk, you can make the argument very black and white and say the SFA should either block or have nothing to do with it. As it stands, we seem to be in a middle ground. There’s no real appetite for GB men’s football - that’s good! The WC and Euros are rightly recognised as the pinnacle of the National game. When it comes to the Women’s game, the perspective is slightly different. They seem to hold the Olympics in high regard as a competition. Fair enough and good luck to them I would say. Putting yourself in their shoes I don’t think it’s fair to criticise them. The opportunity to win a gold medal at an Olympics is a remarkable thing and immediately brings thoughts of the company you would be joining from over the decades of history. I tend to get behind the Team GB fan fare the same as I would The Lions or Team Europe at the Ryder Cup. That may be contradictory in someone’s politics but I like sport. On another note, if Scotland were independent and had a limited representation across the Olympic sports, I reckon that there would be a fair interest if we had a mens & women’s football team as a focal point of our Olympics.
  9. Looks like Hampden is the new home for the SWNT. The press release talks about their ambitions to grow the game and somehow link this decision to making that happen. Given the apathy at times towards the men’s team playing at half full Hampden, I’d have thought that there was potentially more value in moving the women’s games round the country to try and grow the game and reach all areas of the country, rather than simply sitting it in Glasgow. Maybe have the biggest group game at Hampden and then any send-off type matches before a tourney like they did when they played Jamaica before a previous major tourney. If it’s about giving equality then that’s fair enough but for if it’s about growing the game then it’s maybe not the best decision.
  10. I think compliance was better previously and folk are over it now. In terms of distancing - folk hanging over each other in the pubs is a million times worse than folk not respecting other shopper’s personal space IMO. It’s a shame for hospitality industry but ultimately the punters can’t be trusted to follow the rules in those settings as the previous poster explained from the event mentioned.
  11. Sounds about right. For all people complain about restrictions and we get a constant cycle of hospitality, bars, restaurants, etc. all saying how safe they are and how bad the govt restrictions are - the simple truth is that when you add alcohol into the mix, people simply can’t be trusted. I include myself in that criticism.
  12. You are trying to be mysterious in fairness and I’m sure you know it. It’s the way you always post. Anyway, I’m intrigued to know how exactly Pete Murrell is ‘in hiding’. For a non public facing role, not a politician - what has indicated that he’s in hiding? Would also like to know how many other Chief Execs or political parties are known to the public? Scottish Labour, Tories, Libs, Greens? Know any? If not, that’s maybe worth consideration of how much Murrell is constructed as the next bogey man by those willing to take down the party.
  13. Absolutely. We don’t upset the odds anywhere near enough.
  14. Some amount on sour grapes on this thread. 😂 England absolutely deserved to win and I’d have expected them to score in ET even without the penalty award. Diving and cheating buggers but we wouldn’t be complaining much if it was against them or it was us getting soft penalties. I’m sure most will be all for Italy’s antics come Sunday.
  15. 62% of 18-29 already have had their 1st dose. 19% of them have had their second dose. I would expect that to hit a minimum 75% which I think is a good return for a demographic that are relatively safe. Obviously campaigns should continually be used to encourage uptake. Hospitality, events and travel will help a fair bit as well.
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