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  1. Seems unusually long. Especially straight off the back of a Dublin trip. Can’t remember a charter company doing more than 2 nights. Certainly not common anyway.
  2. Will be interesting to see how Murray goes tomorrow after a 5 setter yesterday. Most likely face Sinner in R3 if he advances and that would be a mighty tough ask. Grand slams are really great chances for him to pick up good ranking points compared to the low level ATP 250 / 500 or Masters 1000 which are ultra competitive. Not many easy matches though!! Radacanu on tomorrow after her good R1 win against Sloane Stephens. Pick of the matches looks like Kyrgios vs Medvedev which should be starting about breakfast time. Hopefully Nick brings his best and gives it a go with the crowd behind him. Could be a cracker.
  3. First time I’ve seen the Russian and he was right on it. Murray never really given a chance but didn’t manage to find the answers. Only 1 chance of a momentum shift was the chances to break back early in the 2nd set. It could have been different match if Murray had closed that game out but maybe not. Karatsev responded well to everything that was asked of him and seemed focused throughout despite the support for Murray. On to the AO now.
  4. Also, if Murray were to win tomorrow he would be back in top 100 - no.92.
  5. Yep, great to see the Beeb have picked up this match tomorrow. Looking forward to it, as I haven’t managed to see any of his matches yet this week or year. Results certainly suggest that he’s competitive and it’s remarkable what he’s doing. Karatsev is no.15 in the world - not a familiar name but certainly a big ask of Murray, but he’s already upset the odds this week. Very jealous of the Scottish fans out in Oz cheering him on. I really want to see Murray play before he retires. Been to a couple of Wimbledon’s and one RG, but all during Murray’s injury spells. Hopefully manage to squeeze in something this year.
  6. It shows that they still think the Scottish Secretary / Scottish Office (i.e. WM) is thee most important place when it comes to managing Scotland. Devolution is a pure inconvenience to them and they couldn’t care less. It’s been obvious for so long but this lays it absolutely bare. How anyone can accept or not see that, and put up with that attitude is beyond me.
  7. LFTs have never counted. Unless something has changed.
  8. BBC becomes more tabloid journalism with each passing week.
  9. Good strong statement from Clarke. I like that. It lets Fraser know he’s got ground to make up and probably needs to make efforts to reach out to the manager if he’s actually interested in stating his commitment. It sets a great tone to the rest of the squad.
  10. I think exactly the same. Given the massive increase in competitive games and the extra demands that puts on players, I think any friendly fixtures would suffer call-offs even worse than ever before. It does leave a large portion of the squad struggling to build a decent amount of game time but if they’re good enough then you trust in the manager that they’ll play if they merit it. Also, when you look at 4 games in the space of 10/11 days in June, you realise that the international weeks are becoming more and more about the squad.
  11. What weird and wonderful routes are folk taking? I think I’ll likely do Sport Options / Wonky Sheep, assuming they put on a 2 nighter.
  12. I very much agree but I guess the flip side is that they’ve filled up the international calendar and no longer have space for glamour friendlies. For us, that in the past been a game against Brazil at Emirates or Argentina at Hampden. Closer to home you would think of our friendlies against England and against France when they were world champions. Introduction of South American teams in this format is primarily to the benefit of League A teams, so means that they still get those opportunities - with an added competitive edge. Smaller nations like us, not so much.
  13. Got to be happy with that. Playing Ukraine 3 times in 6 months is a bit of a bore but it’s results that matter. Ireland are a very poor side compared to previous. Armenia - an interesting new opponent/place. Glad to avoid Israel, Albania and other potential tougher sides.
  14. I’m very disappointed that I missed this thread last year which is miraculous given everyone was sitting in the hoose with nothing else to do. 😂 I do love a Christmas tree! 😬 Thankfully, I still have a photo of my effort from last year which can give a further boost to @TDYER63’s Christmas cheer. This year my tree is likely remaining in the box as I’m at the burd’s hoose. So I may next post her effort by means of competition. 😂
  15. England is kicking off about vaccine passports now given there was already a baseline opposition and the backdrop of the recent Tory shambles has made the timing rather comedy. Amusingly, the news was saying that Scot Tories are fuming as well given their default opposition to anything the SNP implement. They’ve tried to get mileage out of opposition to vaccine passports but are now made to look stupid by their paymasters.
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