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  1. Correct. Don’t know anything until 2nd December - but it is as yet unclear what that means in terms of allocation to the SSC and any separate specific allocations to Scotland fans via UEFA.
  2. Was reading a bit more about it last night. The FAQ says there’s another sales phase after qualifying and draw - 2nd Dec. Their wording is open to interpretation as to whether this is tickets that go specifically via national association, or ticket for ‘follow my team’ via UEFA, or a mix of both. Bit of debate about it on Twitter as well but it’s really not clear.
  3. Precedent was set over the past 20+ years and followed at the euros2020.
  4. Watched a decent chunk of it this morning and a bit less of the afternoon session. Some fantastic results and performances. McIlroys morning tee shot on 17 was great Fitzpatrick was on fire in the afternoon I believe Rahm was very good and Rose saved the day for Bob McIntyre, who had started well in fairness - hopefully he settles into it and gets a win of his own. Pretty strong line up from Europe in the morning. Captain obviously fancies to try and close it out as early as poss.
  5. Anyone know how many are sold so far? You can check the ticket number by going into purchase history and clicking the ‘I’ for more information.
  6. Agree it’s not easy and is definitely taking a bit of sacrifice, expense and goodwill on fans part given the late notice of allocations that we seem to be getting. After missing our on Euros tickets I’ve got back into more away games after having a dip for a few years. The Austria friendly last year was enough to secure my Ireland away ticket. Still wasn’t enough for Norway though. Took the chance that Cyprus allocation would be okay and booked in advance but it still wasn’t cheap. That’s sorted me out for Spain and now France. Not cheap but the system is fair as you say - with the one massive improvement available being for the SFA and countries to sort out allocations quicker. It would be good if this could be tied into the 90 day rule for venues, although even that seems to have some flex in it.
  7. Just watched episode 1 last night. So far so good. Also just finished season of Lioness - series with CIA story line. Worthy watch.
  8. I was just translating the general point that the other poster was making - about sales taking place middle of a Saturday isn’t ideal. Good to hear that RP has a better phone signal that St.Mirren Park. 😬
  9. The bigger question - anyone feeling optimistic enough to be going to the QF in Paris on the way to Lille for the football? 😂
  10. That’s what he means. People busy on a weekend, whether it be playing, coaching or supporting their clubs sides. I’ll be at Rugby Park on Sat at that time and there’s often no 4g/5g bandwidth at grounds due to the amount of folk.
  11. Was saying this the other day when chatting in the pub. Adams definitely had more quality but doesn’t seem to be working well in the Scotland side. For me, Dykes should be starting ahead of him.
  12. But we’d need to deny them a losing BP. Still, not as bad as I thought it was straight after the game. I thought we were basically out already.
  13. Just looked at the table and I’m confused now. I’m sure I’m missing something. Ireland on 14 points with only Scotland left to play. You’d expect/hope Scotland to get bonus point wins v Tonga and Romania, taking us to 10 points? Then if we beat Ireland we potentially go level on 14, or with BP win could go to 15?
  14. Result is a killer for Scotland. We couldn’t get close to SA though, so no reason to think we could beat that Ireland team.
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