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  1. Wow! This is the most obvious line of questioning that I’ve waited 5 years for a journalist to actually ask. It should continue to be asked at every interview to highlight the hypocrisy and constraint the country is being held under.
  2. That particular criticism of the Greens is levelled out for me by their commitment to abolishing the monarchy. They need to have a different message from the SNP and the planet / green message is obviously front and centre for them understandably, but they are accepted as pro-Indy so worthy of a vote IMO.
  3. Exactly this. Why are we making the same mistakes again?! UK gov needs to shut the borders and concentrate on getting our society and economy active again. If the India variant explodes here evading vaccine I think it will be the final straw for people - and that really is dangerous territory.
  4. So, this is just a continuation of the rules /offering of this season?
  5. A player that definitely won me over and was solid through the playoffs. McLean to come in for me. Chance maybe for McCrorie to come into the squad.
  6. Since when did club bans impact national teams?
  7. The messaging in the leaflets are targeted to obtain an outcome - winning votes in a specific area. Most likely the outcome of a paid for market research. Folk need to over their idealistic view of what it should look like. I don’t think anyone can be unclear from the wider top-level message from the SNP that a vote for them is a vote for indyref. I certainly haven’t got very far with complaining about Tory leaflets for the last 3 elections that have said vote Tory to stop Indyref2, only for them to spectacularly lose each time in Scotland.
  8. When do you think the ‘most effective time’ would be? Would it be before 6th May election? After the 6th May election? Or during the Indyref2 campaign?
  9. Response from UEFA provides zero clarity of whether existing tickets for Croatia vs Czechs would preclude SSC members from purchasing Wembley tix. *groan* Dear, Thank you for your email. We do not know yet the details of the sales for Scotland PNA. Further information about potential future ticket sales should be available in May 2021, including for fans of Hungary, North Macedonia, Scotland and Slovakia, which qualified through the play-offs in November 2020.
  10. I didn’t get quite as many words in my response from SFA but I’ve fired off a contact form to UEFA now anyway.
  11. I emailed the SSC the other day as well and they’ve basically said ‘check with UEFA’. I’m guessing you’ve had the same response.
  12. Not 100% sure but think it was 50% of stadium.
  13. The Sun reporting that Tierney is out for the season most likely. Fingers crossed he can make it for Euros.
  14. His international career has been far too stop-start similar to some of his ups and downs at Celtic. There was a spell when he didn’t get a chance early enough by Strachan when he was at the top of his game and did then come in and do well and proved a threat. Goal away to Slovenia should have had us on way to a play off until we shat the bed. It does look increasingly like his time is over unfortunately. It’s a shame because finishers like him are few and far between.
  15. The only tickets available in May will be facilitated via the SFA. They’ve yet to confirm the process so we’ve not been asked to register for anything yet.
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