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  1. I posted a while back asking about annual management charges but have been pretty happy to keep my existing arrangements ticking over since then. Not sure if there’s any big benefit by consolidating/moving to be had at this time other than making it easier to track. I now have: 3 private defined contribution pensions (currently £37k + £7k + £5k) 1 current public sector defined benefit pension accruing £1k pa, sitting at approx. £4K so far (4 years in) and to be adjusted for inflation each year. 1 AVC pot (defined contribution) of approx. £4K pa building alongside my public sector pension. Age 38 and hoping the public sector pension continues for the foreseeable. Certainly no plans to move. My 3x private, plus 1x AVC are my plans to bridge the gap from 68 down to retirement age as early as possible. Leaving the public sector pot at its full value until 68. Do any of our resident TAMB pension experts think that’s on right track or am I missing anything?
  2. I’m sure I heard in lead up to game about the Faroes investment in the game and pitches in every community. They have approx. 10% of their population as registered football players. That’s huge engagement.
  3. The biggest thing about moving to pot 2 for me is not so much an easier draw. If we move up, someone else that we may previously have worried about moves down. Only have to look at Austria / Scotland / Israel to see that there’s not always much between teams. The biggest thing that pot 2 would signify is that we’re winning more games and heading in the right direction. That would bode well.
  4. I’d like to think that Clarke will call up another striker in case we need to throw someone on against Moldova. Can imagine him calling up someone like Paterson rather than someone new like Ross Stewart or Tony Watt.
  5. Ugly performance but I’d rather be winning that 1-0 than drawing 2-2. I think we need to be mindful of progress we’re making towards qualification aim compared to years gone by. McTominay showed again why he’s not a starter in my opinion. McGregor and Gilmour are stick on CM pairing and McTominay shouldn’t be anywhere near RCB as displayed on much of Saturday. Credit to big Dykes. 6 goals in 20, in some big games, is a decent record he’s building. He’s not a world beater but I thought he was great against Israel especially and has looked his best yet in this double header. Looks like his all-round play is improving. Hopefully it continues as we’d do well to remember the journey and improvement he’s been on.
  6. I’d obviously be happy for us to not have to worry about the Denmark game but as long as we take care of business vs Moldova, I’m happy to see us against Denmark. There’ll be something on the line but almost a free hit as well so would be interested to see us have a go at the game. Let’s take care of Moldova first.
  7. Hanley for McTominay and Christie in for Adams. The only 2 changes for me. As other said, McGregor may be one of the question marks after having not played many games, so McTominay may keep a place. If he is looking at a few changes as hinted, I wouldn’t rule him out considering one of: starting O’Donnell instead of Patterson, or bringing McGinn deep and playing Christie off a front 2 of Dykes and Nisbet. Gilmour was also cramping up at the end on Sat. Let’s hope he’s fresh enough to start.
  8. Agree - lots of positives indeed. If we can just uncover a couple of top class strikers in the next few years we would be very well set up. If you look at the goalscoring records of the Israel strikers and the clubs they play for you can see the difference it makes having that bit of quality up front.
  9. He likes an aggressive centre half in the middle. Gallagher all day long for me. It’ll be between him and McKenna I reckon.
  10. These comments pretty much sum it up for me. I’ve said before that I don’t think McTominay has shown anything to make him a starter for us either in defence or midfield. His passing out from the back as a RCB did look good in a couple of games but I think he was vulnerable defensively and, for me, I think Hendry is better in there and will improve with more experience. In midfield I just think McGregor and Gilmour are tidier on the ball and positionally. You could argue the same for Jack as well. I don’t know if it’s McTominay’s tendency to roam but I feel as if there’s just something about his play and positioning that’s a bit erratic. He definitely does have great attributes so will be interesting to see how he improves as he matures. McGinn does that for us and is better at it than McTominay.
  11. Austria were miles ahead of us in the rankings. Even if anyone thinks that we should be turning them over I’d suggest that our history and lack of away success against even notionally similar level opponents suggests otherwise. Our win over then gave us +14.84 ranking points. Israel’s win over Austria was +17.88. If you look across all of the games that have taken place in Europe this 3 game period, there’s not many picking up that many points.
  12. Always thought Gallagher looks more comfortable in a Scotland shirt and on the ball.
  13. I wouldn’t count that given the strange circumstances. Similarly ruling out the away win against Croatia when we were basically out of the running.
  14. Gallagher for me if he’s been playing okay for Aberdeen? Cooper isn’t as aggressive as Hanley and McKenna isn’t good enough I don’t think.
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