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  1. Another vote for Jock Brown. Tuned into a stream for a game during Covid (think it was Motherwell) and he was the commentator. Made me realise what we’ve been missing for a long time.
  2. The reporting suggests that Lord Advocate is saying that there’s no reason to reject it due to the fact that it is advisory and not binding legally. Unfortunately I think those words are basically tee up the unionist side for non-participation as they have already made noises about. I don’t think that’s a good scenario.
  3. That’s because it is nonsense. BBC estimating the total cost of severance pay for all resignations as £420k. Figure for 1 minister was detailed as £16k.
  4. Leadership contest going to be full of some good old backstabbing as well.
  5. They’ll not go to a GE until the end of the current term. They need that length of time to try and re-build a reputation and win over / bribe the electorate over cost of living and economy. So, it’ll be a GE for SNP to fight as de-facto referendum. Assuming it gets that far.
  6. Alistair Jack hanging on til the bitter end. What a wanker. Just shows the disdain they have for Scotland in particular. When the Welsh and N.Ire secretarties have resigned but our puppet is hanging on. They believe the Scotland office is more important than the entirety of the Scottish Government which explains Jack’s reluctance do split from the person issuing the ‘now is not the time’ and ‘you’ve had your referendum’ commands.
  7. My instinctive reaction was “why don’t they just need 30/59 MP’s and get game is won?”. Reflecting a little, the 50% of the vote share does make more sense. If you’re making an election a ‘de-facto’ referendum, then the bar of winning 50% of the vote share seems fair and more likely to stand up to scrutiny. One of the beautiful things about what Sturgeon came out with yesterday is that the unionist parties will absolutely tie themselves in knots about a GE. They are power-obsessed and will be devouring each other in a fight for control of the country after another 2 years of this shit-show. Having a side fight for Scottish independence is an absolute nightmare for them all - especially Labour and Conservatives. Even if they wanted get to agreement to stand single-issue unionist candidates in Scotland, there’s no way Labour or Cons will want to take back seat when it could be the seats that make the difference to the next WM government. If they do manage to agree to almost create a temp ‘No Thanks’ party who will not politically align at WM, then it most probably consigns the UK to another Tory government for another 5 years. That would become evident in opinion polls on the lead up to the election and would be the backdrop that the Yes side would be fighting against.
  8. Add in that the bar being set by the SNP (Swinney) seems to be that they would need the majority of the votes - not just the majority of the seats. It makes those lost percentages of 16/17 year olds pretty significant. Not sure if the EU citizens having needed settled status entitles a vote? Or is it only when/if citizenship is achieved that you get the right to vote?
  9. Don’t think I can handle 18+ months of this. Need to give the news a wide berth.
  10. Noticed that when Douglas Ross was sitting there available for plenty of pot shots, she didn’t take many. He constantly tried to attack SNP for lack of focus/performance on domestic issues - then said that SNP entire focus on ANY election will always be Indy. No surprise that Wark didn’t pick up on that statement. An absolute open goal to ask him if SNP have been fighting (and winning) any and every election on Indy then why does that mean there is a not a legitimate mandate.
  11. Unionist media already trying to box SNP into a corner that even wining a gen election doesn’t give any lawful route to Indy. Kirsty Wark currently speaking, with absolute glee, that there is NO legal route to Indy.
  12. So, if we end up in GE territory as a last resort - what are the expected terms? Is it basically - winning 30/59 seats on a single-issue mandate wins the vote?
  13. Seems we are now on the exact path that I thought we would eventually get to. For what it’s worth - without being any sort of legal expert - I’ve always reckoned that the court route will side with the UK Gov. It just seems inevitable, from an ‘establishment’ perspective, but I’m not drawing on any legal facts or information in forming that opinion. If that does turn out to be the case, It’s up to the SNP to win the PR battle to demonstrate the Union of Equals sham.
  14. AlfieMoon


    There’s so many factors at play. Some historical football books about tactics will explain the different evolution of the game in UK compared to other countries like Hungary, Austria, Italy, Brazil and others as early adopters of the game and differing approaches. Some of that legacy still rings true today. More currently, I think we are coaching any flair out of our game without significantly improving our technical ability. Other European countries (like Croatia as highlighted) are miles ahead. I even commented at Hampden against Armenia that if we had some of their technical comfort on the ball at times we would be a better team. It’s not just the top nations. We’ve seen relative minnows time and again over the years with better technical ability.
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