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  1. I’ve been saying this for months. Given that this is a supposedly competent UKgov who are entrusted to negotiate our future outside the EU - surely they would have written this into the referendum bill. We know that the didn’t. They know that they didn’t. Lets highlight that fact and blow away this once in a generation nonsense. If they didn’t write it into the rules then you don’t get to retrospectively choose the rules based on selective soundbites. The SNP should probably have done a better job on dismantling it by now.
  2. Tories are going to just going to keep saying no for the time being and Sturgeon probably isn't that bothered about that if she can make enough political gain out of it to push up the Yes %. It's all going to come down to the 2021 Holyrood election - if pro-Yes gets a majority there then I think the Tories will have to give way at that point. If no pro-Yes majority, then the game is up for now and the Indy debate will go back in it's box for 5 years at least. High stakes.
  3. I’m not sure the penny has dropped at all. Still striking out at the SNP in the final paragraph. The listening exercise is just a common sense thing to say but the rest of the statement seems riddled with confusion. It’s just a typical empty statement to me - hinting at some sort of devo max +++ , and of course the need for a Scottish Labour Government to address the ills of SNP failures.
  4. The variety of responses on the Scottish results programmes was interesting last night. Pretty much started with Henry McLeish and Paulines McNeill backing up the SNP that they Tories cannot democratically ignore and deny the SNP win. Some other Labour voices then sporadically chucking in the usual aimless devo max. Things then hardened when they got the likes of Neil Findlay and Alex Cole Hamilton only interested in drawing a hard line and taking aim at the SNP. The Tories never budged an inch and only real line was that the SNP didn't win because they didn't get 50%+ of the vote and also that indyref was once in a generation. AC Hamilton also adopted this ridiculous %age argument as well. The response of McLeish and McNeill early on made me optimistic that maybe, just maybe the Labour party will at some point move from their uniform opposition to independence. What came later however showed the bitterness as to why that can't happen even despite the damage they've done themselves since 2014. The Labour answer to Scotland's problems is always a Labour government. Here we are now subjected to another 5 years of Tory rule. For Labour, they're happy to chuck us under the bus in hope of future power in 5, 10, 15 years.
  5. What’s left? Orkney/Shetland and Caithness will both stick Libs I think. Other than those - another 2 to come?
  6. Ooft. Great close win in Gordon. Thought the Tories would have had that.
  7. Absolutely a very good night for them. Just frustrating to see some effective tactical voting winning over the general swing to the SNP - and the continued cuntynish of most of the NE.
  8. Aberdeenshire west to Tory. Edinburgh West to Libs. Not making 50 seats now.
  9. How many current Tory seats still to declare? With Mundell and Orkney/Shetland still to come that’s at least another 2 losses surely. Any more expected from the NE?
  10. What’s the 2nd seat that’s went to Tories? Ian Murray result in now to confirm the 1st Labour Seat. Thats SNP at a best case 55 now. Not gonna happen.
  11. If she’s going to be PM she’s going to have to get the NE Fife MP to stand down to force a by-election. Lol.
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