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  1. A fine example of experiencing the lows to appreciate the highs I 'enjoyed' thatπŸ‘
  2. Purely anecdotal, but did anyone else notice the amount of empty seats in the Leverkusen home sections last night ? If they make the final I hope they're not expecting a fair share of the tickets - That would just be so undeserving and unfair on the other team involved UEFA need to take note
  3. End to end stuff in Leverkusen - Decent game! Edit: 3-2 BL FT
  4. - Not once did I ask you to explain anything - You do though, your tone confirms this - There's no diddy club grievance mentality I do however have an interest in fair play, and there's nothing in your opinions that, IMO, are grounds for not having a 50 / 50 split I can see we're not going to agree on that specific point however - I'm fine with that
  5. In which case they are 'punished' by removing their ability to sell sections until previous sections are sold then - Not by handing the other team an unfair sporting advantage There's actually an undertone in your text that suggests you think it correct they should receive less tickets than Celtic, regardless of denying it previously (Your parting comment backs this up) In short it's wrong - Size of support or what's went before has nothing to do with having the same amount of fans in Hampden as Celtic (Or Rangers) on cup final day
  6. There's no reason(s) that prevent the possibility of a 50 / 50 split Like a few have said, start by giving both clubs the opportunity to sell 50% by a certain date. If they don't, they go to the other side. That's right and proper The size of support / average crowd is an irrelevance in this situation
  7. I think that's all the non Celtic fans on here are saying πŸ‘
  8. Celtic and their support can dress this up as they like, but it's just wrong. On a par with 'wanting' a strong league and real challenge, when they absolutely do not.
  9. I suspect there are legal obligations to playing the match. Having 'their own end' could (mostly) be batted off as 'police advice' I suppose. Not sure how the dressing room thing works, however as much as it would be annoying if so, it's not as unfair an advantage as not having a 50 / 50 split. Hibs could canvass their fans before agreeing to take any tickets - If that was to turn into 'tell them to ram their 17,500 allocation,' I think that would be enough heat to make them think again. If they did not they are openly favouring one of 2 teams in a final and sporting integrity goes out the window. It's that simple....
  10. Noticed the 'allocation' last night Time for a club not to take up their allocation if its not 50/50, or at least has the chance to be I'd support that should Aberdeen ever reach a final again
  11. 3 1 HT Watching on hesgoal - WTF is that WATP commentary like πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
  12. Tend to agree, although I was simply highlighting that both are identical under the 'rules' Sadly one was, and one wasn't though
  13. Regardless of where it took place, or the provocation, Tavernier lifts his hands to the guy - Yellow card based on yesterday's example As others have said, Ojo's was a second yellow too
  14. You've never been to Norwich have you ?
  15. All the Norwich fans at my work could not understand why Farke excluded Gilmour as he did. His refusal to play him, for whatever the reason, contributed heavily to him being punted. I have not heard one bad word with regards to BG from any Norwich supporter in terms of application / ability. So something wasn't right, and if Smith doesn't fix it, they're pretty much of the opinion he'll be heading back to Chelsea sharpish What a waste.....
  16. I enjoyed reading that - Thanks πŸ‘
  17. TV for me last night following 4 liver soaking days in Chisinau 2 or 3 times I found myself shouting things such as 'that's obscene' at the telly with regards to our fantastic play - Can't remember ever being as impressed with our ability across the board before (I was at the games previously mentioned too) If anyone has a link to THAT counter attack in the first half I'd love to see it Only thing missing from last night were the 75p pints from the weekend πŸ˜‰
  18. Β£6 per day to use your UK Vodafone bundle in moldova?
  19. Tbh it's unclear, to me anyway, and although it doesn't mention Moldova specifically, it's advising downloading the PDF / Paper version again, post 1/11/21 - I just thought I'd post the link for info The Covid Pass can be shown electronically, sent via email and printed, or as PDF and printed from the NHS App is how I understand it - I've cut and pasted the closing points of the article below As an aside, I didn't realise Austrian Airlines only let you travel if you have the FFP2 type masks until I read it (By accident) the other day - My order arrived today, but it does make me wonder what else I'm potentially missing in order to see a football match First and last until this calms down and becomes clearer for me I think The copy-and-paste advice from the FCDO for all affected destinations states: β€œIf you are travelling with a printed PDF proof of vaccination status, it must date from 1 November to ensure that the certificate can be scanned successfully.” It is not clear if the QR code problem also applies to the paper version of the Covid Pass which can be ordered by calling 119. The FCDO has issued no advice to this effect.
  21. Dundee were well worth their win the other week, I have no issue with that However - The behaviour from McPake in the dugout when MacKenzie is trying to take a quick through in late on was pathetic Karma for being the type of guy he is perhaps....
  22. Yes, I could That said, had Bates hospitalised the little fukin rodent last night I would have rejected their penalty appeals Hope that clears things up
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