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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31oKF_2duuk stream on 'tube but it's up and down like a port burds drawers and 2 neds are doing the commentary
  2. lots of bad things are said and sung by fans. The clubs could do something about it by introducing strict liability but they wont. This will now turn into an OKbut and whataboutery argument....
  3. there's a chip shop near the station in Dyce ? ..... oh right 'that' sign something about Morelos' parents ?
  4. Can't see celtic coming back from this. Far too passive. Rangers have dominated them.
  5. 'tube link for the rangers v celtic game > here i doubt it will last long, but its currently showing the pre match build up.
  6. Elvis was no better than an X factor winner. Couldn't write a tune, couldn't play a tune. Just a singer. Whisky is funkin disgusting. Tastes of burnt plastic. Only drinkable if you add cola to it. Everybody should put their TV in the bin and stop paying the TV licence. After about a month of panic the licence will be abolished and there will be free tv's for all.
  7. 4-1 > https://streamable.com/9a7tx 5-1 > https://streamable.com/4zf3s
  8. The goals from Pittodrie, so far 1-0 > https://streamja.com/eAep 2-0 > https://streamja.com/24M3 3-0 > https://streamja.com/y2kr 4-0 > https://streamja.com/prLj
  9. 2nd most shocking thing is Aitken not getting booked for that tackle
  10. Maybe my memory is hazy but did an episode of Sportscene not open with the host - McPherson or Donnelly - standing holding a banana? The first time Walters played at Tynecastle I think?
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