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  1. I could well have grabbed a granny myself and my friends who all attended this gig have very little memory of it, hence the post
  2. It's OK I've found it. I searched for about 30 mins and got absolutely nothing on google. A friend on facebook got it in 2 mins. There's an Ayr Piv facebook group. The date was March 23rd 1994. Wednesday night. Ticket was £10. Scotland got beat 1 nil against The Netherlands in a friendly at Hampden on the same night.
  3. Hi, Any Primal Scream fans on the TAMB?, can you recall them playing at the Ayr Pavilion in the 90's? I'm sure they did but one of my mates who I'm sure was there can't recall it. A quick google returns nothing. I'm now beginning to think I made the whole thing up. Anybody able to confirm? I think it was 1993. Or am I having a senior moment........... 🤔
  4. i've not seen it and i'm not going looking for it, it's more the fact the daily record and facebook can hardly be held up as the pinnacle of accurate media reporting.
  5. can't find any there's one asking for 9 euros to see the game if you're willing to risk it
  6. FULL-TIME AEK Athens 2-1 Celtic (3-2) AEK 2-0 Celtic AEK 2-1 Celtic
  7. HALF-TIME AEK Athens 1-0 Celtic (2-1) the goal
  8. "Whether or not Alaska Airlines would give him a job after a successful landing"
  9. FT at Tynecastle, the champions defeated in game 2. Hearts 1 - 0 Celtic https://streamable.com/wfw5m
  10. FT at Ibrox 2-1 https://streamja.com/0OWa 3-1 https://streamja.com/JKZX
  11. HT at Ibrox 1-0 - https://streamja.com/GoaG 1-1 - https://streamja.com/K5Zv
  12. 'tube link for the celtic game > click me no idea how reliable it will be, these seem to be hit and miss.