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General Election 2019

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3 hours ago, Eisegerwind said:
AFPCopyright: AFP

Jeremy Corbyn meets supporters at the National Mining Museum in Newingtongrace, ScotlandI


Vile man. 

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On 11/11/2019 at 2:46 PM, kumnio said:

So a deal between Boris and Nigel as predicted, just need a Tory majority and a no deal Brexit now to come true. 

The UK is absolutely fucked, regardless of whether you think Brexit is a good thing, it’s been highjacked by the extreme right wing of the Tory Party. 

The UK Is about to be asset stripped to the extreme. The poor, elderly and anyone in need will be in real trouble, the working class will see rights and benefits stripped back. And ‘we’ voted for it to happen. 

Bet u no deal brexit is fine for the uk. 

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Hopefully last nights council by elections are a good omen 

Held onto Rosyth and also gained Dunfermline Central from the Tories 

The counting for Inverness Central doesn't begin until later but the SNP are favourites.

And as a nice bonus, in Wales, Plaid Cymru took one from Labour last night also.

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