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  1. Yes I honestly believe we would have all but nailed independence with that stance
  2. Exactly and through the constant rhetoric of pro europe the independence message is being drowned out,,
  3. Correct so hopefully that will tone down sturgeons Hardened EU stance, indy will never happen unless we get euro sceptics onboard
  4. Have gatafe not just signed him? So must be doing something right
  5. I would like to see a few young players sprinkled through the squad even if there is no intention of playing them, give them a taste of things and encourage other youngsters to push on
  6. Unfortunately it appears that a lot of young footballers no longer hold representing their country as their main priority, soutter, dembele, taylor, alexander roberson(probably more)have all represented more than one country,, it just doesn’t sit right with me,, its as if international football means nothing anymore
  7. Alexander roberson at man city, 15years old born in scotland to the age of 7 then over to oz until he was 12, supposedly a huge prospect but he is able to play for Scotland England oz and Peru so most likely wont chose us unfortunately
  8. For some reason i think raab, for no ither reason he's not so divisive as many on that list, they will not go for a woman either IMO
  9. I couldn’t vote as was working away unexpectedly, your vote will end up as useful as mine
  10. Bonny’s not posted for two hours, all this talk of britain regaining her independence must have gave him an aneurism
  11. Hearing the turn out with our polling station was very very low
  12. Any idea why no exit polls will be carried out for these elections? Aye
  13. I see harry soutter has been called up to the Australian team🙈 i rated him higher than his brother, could be a big miss
  14. You refused true independence in 2014, a confused lad is oor bonny78 🤷‍♂️
  15. So if it were a case of a indy scotland outside the EU or scotland within the union and also the EU, what do you pick?
  16. 34% would be a terrible election for the snp and would show them that folk dont feel so strong about the EU, they had pinned everything on brexit which to me is a duck up
  17. Brexit is a monster who has chewed up all in its path, tory, labour and to a extent the snp although the unity of the party has faired them well, what a bloody mess and boris at the helm willonly help the independence cause
  18. Looking at legitimate polling conducted so far the snp average around 38% the greens are at 7% they will need 13-14% to gain a seat, it aint gonna happen, the snp coulud end up with 2 seats
  19. A few folk who i know who work for the snp have gave that indication, it may be completely wrong personally i just dont see the greens gain traction in first preference votes and thats my gut feeling, greens will take just enough of the snp to save them getting 3 seats and will end up not getting a seat
  20. Current projection has snp on two seats, brexit, lab,lib and torys on one,, the greens are a wasted vote
  21. Where I agree with most of this i will say that they export more to us although less of a percentage of their gdp, have you any idea if oil and gas comes into the figures?
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