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  1. As i have said on a number of occasions, moray,aberdeen south, gourdon and banff and buchan will return yellow, the tories wont have the brexit bounce they had last time, thats why i am apprehensive of the labour vote, unionist/brexit voters may go back to labour
  2. Just a truely awful crime, it really is, its really shocked me the reaction on social media, with paris, Manchester ect everyone was changing their profile pictures in support, i have seen none this far for NZ, i can only assume due to the religion of those murdered, It has hit home how “well” the right wing have slowly changed general attitudes, they have been subtle and smart. pretty depressing actually
  3. These next few weeks can make or break the case for independence
  4. i sense a slight change in mood regarding independence, there seems to be some momentum building and floating voters seem to be leaning towards independence, i still believe the key will be labour in all of this, if a handful of labour msp come out in support we will have it,we also need a euro sceptic indy camp possibly lead by mr sillars.
  5. This i agree with, as the only serious party for independence it is essential that the snp hold the centre, bang in the centre as they need to apeal to everyone
  6. On a personal level what would you’re ideal path for scotland to go down? Leave the eu via uk then gain indy after that and reamin outside the EU, come out the EU and remain part of the uk, or indy inside the EU or an EFTA type set up? it would be interesting to hear @thplinth preferred outcome also or any othe euro sceptical posters
  7. Having lost two of my closest childhood friends through a speeding driver, personally its great to see the road traffic deaths at near all time lows, is that not a positive? Who gives a shit if its through more speed cameras or more stringent drink driving legislation, bear in mind road death are skyrocketing down south
  8. I cant find the article however i will keep looking, i may have linked the declining deaths on scotlands roads since the legislation was introduced, https://www.transport.gov.scot/news/decrease-in-number-of-people-killed-on-scotland-s-roads/
  9. Did drink driving related deaths not fall to lowest ever recorded? I may be wrong 🤔
  10. Yes along with sugar taxes which is mentioned, he may be referring to their stance on the subjects
  11. For me it will always be independence first, hopefully we can have the EFTA type relationship with the EU post indy, until then i connot imagine myself ever voting anything other than a pro-indy party and i hate the greens. My hatred of weatminster runs far deeper than that of brussels
  12. I would have staunch no at far less, possibly even as low as 25-30%. Folk are more fickle than you think. I do thing staunch yes would be at the 35% though
  13. Most know i am a euro sceptic however i am i no way a fan of how this strimash is unfolding, i voted for brexit niavely, giving the torys a little bit of trust that they could handle the process, this was obviously a mistake. If there is a no deal in three weeks this could sink the country which we will take years to recover from
  14. What ever hes told by his masters, an absolute knob of a man, he is chair of the SFF and has nothing to do with the process side of things.
  15. Contrary to the msm peddling that all fishermen are pro brexit, it is not the case, processors have been uneasy about it from the onset and inshore and west coast lads are definitely against it.
  16. My mate has his own fish processing company, he had fergus ewing in past last week, and to say everyone is in a panic over a no deal is an understatement,The EUs asking for every health certificate to be signed by an EHO for every shipment, there’s only 2 between Fraserburgh and Peterhead, there is a real possibility of no shipment at all from the uk if the guillotine comes crashing down
  17. It appears that they have lost out to belguim and middle east companies for the majority of the manufacturing of the moray east wind farm, its such a shame as this is the future and it will have very little benifits to scotland at this rate as everything will be built out of house just as what happened in the oil industry, could the SG OR UKG Not step in or does that breach tendering rules?
  18. The longer time goes on, the more I am convinced holyrood 2021 will be and independence electionc, sturgeon will ask for permission this year to hold a referendum in 2020 which will be rejected, the holyrood elections will then be held pretty much as a referendum,
  19. Worst case scenario for indy supporters as the referendum imo needs to come after we leave in this Scottish Parliament timescale
  20. Tory run aberdeenshire have ruled it outand they would try anything to paint the snp in bad light. any council with any sense would run a mile from this.Agreed its a ridiculous tax
  21. Nah i think you are over playing this as it already exists in the rest of the uk, its up to local council whether its inforced or not and i cant see any council inforcing it tbh
  22. If a company sent this to employees would it be legal? As you are no doubt aware, the Scottish Government (SNP), are looking to instigate a work place car parking tax which may equate to an additional £500 per year out of employees pockets.The companies do not support such a move and, as such, we are making available a petition created by the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party to show how unpopular this additional tax would be.In addition to this, you should also be aware that, as a company, we already pay substantial business rates for every designated car parking space we provide which makes an additional personal tax totally unacceptable.The Council have agreed not to impose this car parking tax for the next 12 months period, however that may be subject to change.The companies are not requesting you to sign this petition, we are merely giving you the option. If you would like to sign the petition,
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