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  1. Not sure it'll happen. Can't see players giving up on international football. Money may change their minds tho. Quite when the European Super League would start is unclear. However, world governing body Fifa has already said it would not recognise such a competition and any players involved in it would be denied the chance to play at a World Cup. Serie A have called an emergency board meeting to discuss the matter
  2. Hopefully the Old Squirm will get an invite. French and German FA's rejecting it apparently.
  3. Not a legal expert but not sure about that at all. Looking at the video I'd say Zungo was reacting to him being right up at Kamara. Not convinced he could have heard exactly what was said.
  4. Good stuff. Open invite for all TAMB members on opening night?
  5. Clearly he did say something racist and way out of line to Kamara, however, he gets banned when only Kamara heard the comment. He's denying it. Is this not a dangerous road to go down? What happens when someone makes a false accusation? Do you get a 10 match ban anyway? He was right to lamp him tho but you see what I'm getting at here.
  6. Panicked a bit when I seen your name up there Fringo, thinking- He's not went in with a Prince Philip crack this early surely.
  7. Now (especially as we know it won't be an Old Firm final) you'd hope they'd approach the the government for a fans attended trial at another venue. That would take a bit of organised forward thinking from our footballing authorities.......so erm.............. well you can fill in the rest.
  8. According to BBC News the Royal Family are deeply saddened by it.
  9. I suggest an emoji in future. Wait!!! Would the emoji bomber use emojis on their own posts? Mmm🤔
  10. 😄😄 We're taught to forage from an early age in Motherwell. She'll be fine.
  11. When Boris stood up and said a couple of weeks back 'the AstraZeneca Vaccine is completely safe' you just knew there was a problem coming.
  12. Outwith Scottish government control. Hampden comes under UEFA event control from 14th May. So no fans allowed on 22nd May.
  13. Golf must be only sport better without the crowds. No whooping and Get in the Hole pish
  14. Not so sure about that. Can't see many accepting Dublin rule.
  15. It is funnier when the decent players do it 😄
  16. My 16 year old neice got the blue envelope and we still don't know why. Told just to keep the appointment when her mum enquired as no health issues. Went on a day it was AstraZeneca vaccine was told no no you can't have that one at your age. Join the queue at the bottom isle for Pfizer vaccination. This was 3 weeks ago.
  17. 🤫 Ssssh! The establishment don't want it connected to Brexit. VID-20210407-WA0005.mp4
  18. Very little reporting on loyalist violence in N. Ireland. Forty police injured since it started. Assume its about the Irish Sea border. Not making many headlines tho, strange that 🤔
  19. Rickie Fowler some collapse in form. He was always up there, don't think he's qualified for this year's Masters.
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