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  1. It's fairly straightforward what it means in broad brush strokes. Lately you're right wing if you don't agree wholeheartedly with self styled 'progressive' social issues. Redistributing wealth and general public ownership don't come into it, Mussolini. Despite these ignorant errors it's still fairly clear, in my opinion.
  2. I agree with this as well and a lot of what you have posted. There's strategy around this. The SNP don't think pushing this early will win but I agree with the Alba motto that you need to begin or you'll never arrive. It's tricky though. We sort of hope a big majority in polling is just around the corner but it's not really transpired. The SNP have failed to make the case recently.
  3. There's parts of Labour, SNP, Green and Alba I like in this election. SNP in the end but probably for the last time unless moves are made. Certainly don't want them taking this vote as a carte blanche support for the intransigent ways some act over legitimate debate. There is an element of intolerant smearers in the party but there are serious people too. Hope they win out. Independence wasn't about cybernats and the SNP aren't all studenty weirdos either. One last heave.
  4. A lot of the Asian owned shops have Alba and SNP in their window. Read from that what you will. 2 or 3 in a row in Glasgow South. I really have no idea how this will go. I'm sticking to my idea that the SNP won't get a majority and its knife edge on whether pro Indy's get there. Feeling seems to be greens will do better. Alba to pick up a seat
  5. Appreciate many of us have lost the tongue but as someone of a west highland heritage I'm not sure I like this idea of comparing alba pronunciation to spanish people saying barcelona. It's still our country whether the population has migrated and lost it's footing. My grandfather spoke it and ive always said it properly despite not being a speaker. Hardly going to change now. Ironically the english speaker would be correct and the spaniard the ignorant with the barcelona example by the way! It's not said with a th, I dont even think it is by the spanish unless being deliberately obtus
  6. We'll be going down around 15 of us. Not often you get to support scotland at a euros. By mid June it'll be buzzing. If things change drastically we'll reconsider but no point expecting the worst. Trains availability and flights suggest were a group of many Scotland fans on the way doon..
  7. I assume somewhere will end up being the Tartan army area (covent garden). Somewhere unofficial will I'm sure. By end of sunny June, we should hopefully be more or less back to normal. A lot of the trains are sold out already
  8. Any polling on turnout figures? Not sure if that's a thing that's polled but it will be used as a tactic by London if it's closer to 50% than 65%.
  9. Is it usually this late in the day you get manifestos? Press are too busy cringing over scottish history or the latest twatter fall out. Glory the days of Andy Kerr's knife policy.
  10. In my experience, political people are know it alls. We probably all are to an extent. Add the zealotry of youth and the stubbornness of experience. Multiply by Twitter and they're ten times worse. There's no direction, just group think, crusades and conspiracies. Few of them remotely close to people's everyday life and struggles. Why is scottish politics zooming in on bizarre, niche theories? It's bar talk gone national news. One bad tweet and you're a demon. People hate others they've not even met, on all sides of scottish politics. A stream of content for political obsessive
  11. Always thought it's much easier to get over 50% with more than one party. people are fickle, herding half a population to one party is a tough ask. Introduction of three with different attributes to attract voters. Also is more difficult for the unionists and press to counter. Even if they don't win a seat, Alba may have thrown a grenade in that's increased the pro-independence vote overall. Every possibility Alba will win a seat on 3% too. my gut still tells me the snp will fall short of a majority and need greens/one alba(?) to help. But the key to me is the overall pro-inde
  12. I'm happy with my view he's overpaid. I would dispute he's under public scrutiny to anything like the degree you are insinuating (leave aside the last months as a bizarre aberration, see also middle ranked civil servants under similar scrutiny in this episode) or is accountable for success or failure to the degree of a standard CEO. A political party's CEO in real terms is the party leader. We didn't hear about sacking the CEO during the Swinney era.
  13. Agreed it's no new thing. Just a bug bear of mine. Success or failure doesn't rest on this Head of Admin, ironically given his exaggerated salary. To those wanting Alba and SNP in, they need to start keeping to a positive message. They'll end up with no indy majority if they keep playing upto the SNP "mess". The media will call them at their word. On a knife edge and need to keep the head.
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