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  1. yip. i know it's a bit of a leap but the folk that say "thems the rules" as if that's it finished for discussion are a bit of a worry. the law is sometimes an ass. the rule , as above puts more eloquently than me, starts to bring up other unintended consequences around second chance.
  2. It's not that it's a rule that people don't understand. It's that it's almost impossible for the keeper to adhere to it if they move with any natural momentum at all. The natural momentum being linked to the exact moment the striker hits the ball outside their control. Apart from anything else it's a four inch line. you're body lines on side with it, you don't have eyes at the side of your head! they shouldn't be taking milimeters with this. The obvious thing to do is have a secondary line to solve the problem. It's obvious why the senior leagues aren't bothering with it because it's ludicrous. I'm honestly as flabbergasted that people don't understand that.
  3. to be honest some of the views on here, i think i'd rather align myself more with the spirit of the womens fans than the mens! i'll definitely be following them more after this world cup and it's just nice to have another Scotland team to support that have a chance of winning games at big tournaments. And theyre only going to get bigger and better these things as time goes on.
  4. goodness me, is the country not allowed to enjoy being in a world cup for once? it was hardly in your face if you didn't want to enjoy it. The men getting there, you'd have had screens in george square and rightly so. They came close and have themselves and stupid rules to blame. But hopefully it'll be good for young girls in this country and more power to them next time.
  5. feel for them. Feels very unfair for a goalkeeper to be penalised for that. Would have thought the rules should be there to make the game fair and more enjoyable. It's clear common sense over letter of law has been fine for years. a yard or a line in front of the goal line would solve the infrequent issue its trying to guard against. I'd feel sorry for England in a WC final if this is how it all crumbled.
  6. I've heard shelly kerr say " we know we have to win one game, it didn't have to be this one" after the England game. Not quite so bothered post match but if this was actually a strategy then pretty breathtaking.
  7. that is a terrible attitude and a shocker. understand england and japan are good but they're not that good. would be good for journos to question whether this is the case..
  8. that French var decision was awful. minuscule margins if you're taking it to that degree. the new rule is too hard on keepers. they're already on a hiding to nothing as it is without having to time the kick so specifically
  9. this is all starting to feel a bit like st etienne '98
  10. is three points really going to be enough to qualify? surely not . considering we've played two of the good teams, we've been competitive. Got to wonder why we seem to defend for so long though. We seem better on the attack!
  11. agreed, and just to play the game somewhat, i think its pretty obvious there wasn't a majority in 2014. if there was we'd be in 60% polling figures by now; or at least certainly over 50% in most polls.
  12. The whole set up was weird to me last night. Cut to a studio with a random Welsh and Irish guy too. I don't have sky so not sure if that main event thing is normal but took away from what was supposed to be a Scottish event surely. We've got our real "national" commentators on the radio and a bunch of randoms with a fleeting interest in Scotland on the tv. Surely not beyond the wit of man to have had folk that give a monkeys on the tv! Before anyone pipes in. It's not the nationality I found weird. Tom English packie Bonner, Russell Latapy or whoever would have mad more sense. No way they would lump all the "home nations " all together if it was an England game . Anyway agreed on topic, get a Rob Mclean or Mcleod in.
  13. you could compare it to Goats football if you want. free country. everyone else can also think it's stupid but you carry on.
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