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  1. i'm not one for saying the whole SFA need cleared out but this has dragged on now for too long. Not even a statement either way on the man's future when briefings are being made about his health. An absolute shower who are letting the national team down and endangering the dignity of the office they hold. Get rid.
  2. I can take just about all of them apart from Marc Guidi and Kris Commons. One full of his own self importance and the other duller than a dark room. TV Sportscene, Radio Sportscene and Clyde all have their place. All are better than the English equivalents which take themselves far too seriously.
  3. I don't agree with punishment without responsibility though. If a fan comes on the park it's their misdemeanor. How can the club stop that? I think a solid principle is you should be punished for what you can control. Punish the individuals involved. Zero tolerance. It's a shame the ultra culture has ruined it. Most folk will remember when streakers ran on the park, it used to get a bit of a laugh. Those sorts of things, you don't condone but it's harmless. Now these muppets are bringing violence into it. Even the odd crowd invasion was not condoned but harmless. The scenes in Glasgow city centre were throw-back. Incredible to think we've moved on in so many areas but this one. Society seems to have regressed here somehow.
  4. since when were you allowed to just kick people on the park and it's all just a laugh? Beckham was carded for it back in '98. was hardly excessive either but everyone said it was malicious therefore a red. What's changed? Any noted, cynical physical aggression should be a foul. why is winding up condoned on TV? Now we seem to be in this weird upside down where a mistimed, honest tackle are straight reds but kicking out/stamping are just wind ups. are we to teach our kids, a wee cheeky stamp is part of the game? let's go back to proper tackling and poor sportsmanship called out.
  5. if Ian Maxwell are dragging this out to next week knowing a man isn't well and briefing the press they should be shown the door. Disgusting.
  6. I can think of at least 4 indoor pitches off the top of my head. Fantastic facilities. Been to Herriot Watt? Toryglen? I can think of umpteen places to play football within a few miles of where I am now - top class indoor turf and outdoor. Do you know anything about the work being done? If your kid's 5 there's places to take them for coaching now. Leagues a plenty for all levels. They're even taught not to win, all about technique. There are more kids playing football than ever under proper licenced coaching. Top class players come through the clubs and are picked up. We have a few already and more to come. You've named some of them. There are hundreds being trained professionally as you've pointed out. Maybe it was late. So be it. It's done now. You might not agree but most would think we have at least as good a team as the other home nations bar England. And have good enough players to qualify. We have at least as good facilities as most counties and the good youngsters are already picked up by the top teams and sent to academies down south. They don't disappear because they've gone south of the border. You think we create 2 or 3 more indoor pitches and we create what ,1 more quality player? Holland have been pish for years. So have Denmark. Theyve got good facilities. It's not a guarantee. What a lot of guff. You don't play in the EPL if you can't do the basics. We've got almost as good a team now as were ever going to have for our demographic. We'll ocassionaly get lucky and get a Bale type but that's luck. There's loads of opportunities for kids to play football. It's a boring cop out that gets raised every time. Get a decent manager in and start setting us up to win games. They're more than capable.
  7. We're already producing players good enough to take us to finals. There's probably about 30 football pitches in Glasgow alone. Have you seen some of the indoor pitches around Scotland? They do exist. There's already a grassroots programme demanding coaching and infrastructure improvement. £40m turnover. Turnover. Buttons in the real world. If you want your kids to play football there's a million places to take them. There are hundreds of kids on football programmes. There's thousands of kids in football teams. There's many, many coaches going through badges when that was not necessary before. If we were getting to finals, and we have the players to do so, most people would be happy. My kids would be happy. I'll take them to their football team on a Sunday regardless. I don't need to change one blaser for another to make any difference.
  8. haven't wee seen the creation of project brave streamlining the leagues into SPFL new play offs across the divisions with excitement that goes with it crowds up across divisions A new CEO of the organisation i know i'm going to get crucified for this but it seems to me that our problems are limited to the players turning up for the Scotland national team and having a decent manager calling the shots. I don't understand what else changes anything. I think folk thinking a whole new grassroots strategy are missing the point. We simply need to create a club atmosphere around the national team, get our best players on the park and set out with decent tactics. Good enough players exist right now to take us to the finals. the rest is fluff.
  9. if there was ever a time to complain about the manager it is surely now. I totally agree with your second sentence however. Players getting away with murder here. On reflection, i blame the players more than McLeish. They're the ones pulling out of squads and denying young Scots the chance to see their country in a competition. It's not working though and Eck needs to go.
  10. Mcleish seems like a guy that's trying his best to me. not enjoying the lividness of all this to be honest. Relieve him of his duties but folk calling him an alky are out of order. Done a lot for the game and deserves some respect. Once he's gone the ire should be on the players! they seem to be getting away with it, hiding behind blasers . premiership players refusing to play the opening game of a campaign. that's who i blame.
  11. Reading about this vote in the Scots Parliament about stopping Brexit. Even if May had reached out to the Scottish Government, the SNP could not have agreed anything with the Tories anyway. It would have been political suicide for the SNP. Tartan Tories x1000. There is no Brexit across parties other than Labour and the DUP. Thinking about it, every turn of this has been the fault of May calling that election early and losing the majority.
  12. it's the same as any minority community; they integrate to some extent then start to ham up the differences (especially social) that they see with the mainstream. Unpopular opinion probably but there's no way many Irish catholics of generations gone by go to Church because they believe. It's because it's a mark of our culture. Some Muslims are the same. Liberal attitudes to sex is something not to be submerged with.
  13. the lassie that does the sport on The Nine is worth the licence fee alone. absolute belter.
  14. totally anecdotal but both my parents are disillusioned with the SNP now. Had dinner with them yesterday and quite amazed with the turnaround. never thought i'd hear that from them. They did vote leave and I think that has much to do with it. my Dad who is not massively political says people that were SNP before in the factory are no longer. Can't stand Nicola Sturgeon etc.. What they are now god knows..
  15. fine. I don't particularly care either way who's upstairs. I just want someone that can drill a team and the rest falls into place. I'd march to get rid of a terrible manager if they don't punt him. But i couldn't care less about what the latest SFA initiative is or who's getting hospitality seats. We have a new CEO too remember. I think it's more or less irrelevant to how the Scotland team plays. I don't think i'm missing the point.
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