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  1. too many false dawns with this stuff for me, sorry. Not buying it.
  2. The SNP were due to win a majority of seats and an unprecedented majority of votes during a period of unprecedented, sustained majorities for independence polling for the first time ever. Funny there's a load of "rumours" flying around. Doesn't seem to be denting anything. Would however not be surprised one jot if the election is postponed. How can a proper campaign be fought in these circumstances?
  3. what's the latest because gey tired of the innuendo from folk that consider minor breaches, at best, of a ministerial code a sin worth scuppering independence over. why is getting into a bit of a mess over how a few meetings were officially recorded an act of evil whilst on the record, admitted sexual misbehaviour with staff all fine and dandy for some folk? I'm a Salmond supporter by the way. If there is clear evidence of a conspiracy which makes no sense whatsoever, let's hear it. It's not been forthcoming so far.
  4. The more I think about it the more I think he's been turned. If you wanted to damage the SNPs chances of getting a majority of votes and seats, who are you going to turn to? Not the opposition. it's certainly more plausible than his theory we can all just have a vote in 5 months without a price to pay or a whole political party woke up one day and wanted to jail its former leader for no apparent reason. PS I don't actually think he's been turned but wouldn't be surprised. I think hes just an obsessive now with decreasing relevance. Independence is much bigger now and doesn't need him
  5. He was the no nonsense propagandist the Yes side needed in 2014. A lot of the sound bites more reputable places would spout originated or were helped on in a rebuttal from him without ever actually naming him. For years, he still did this job. The MSM weren't used to social media and weren't used to people holding them to account with a razor like he did. Alas, the vote was lost and it was all about strategy from then on. He's not good at that. He's taken a dislike to Sturgeon though this Salmond case and has used his credibility with a section of supporters to big up conspira
  6. just want to put on record I was wrong about Wings over Scotland. The guy has lost the plot. There are elements of the Scottish government's actions I don't agree with which has led me waiting for some serious evidence of wrongdoing by Nicola Sturgeon. The mess over how a meeting has been recorded is a cause for concern and it has been hinted at for months there's more. It appears this really is the extent of it despite all the innuendo. The guy is desperate to get rid of the most popular, pro-independence leader of all time because of, at it's worst, an admin error. In 2015,
  7. Ironically the last two games have been better performances, especially Slovakia, than many we've had under Steve Clarke and got a result. That's not a positive, by the way. We've been rank rotten with little threat for most of his tenure. We've made progress from McLish, not denying it but we were at rock bottom. But we should be winning that group from the position we were in with those players. It's not asking too much and another manager would be crucified for it. He's had the saving grace of one of the very few decent performances has been in the big match.
  8. I think the problem is Robertson can't play CB. It's a very different position. While Tierney can. The only way to fit them both in is how Clarke has done it.
  9. agreed. he's been much more than adequate. he's still the number one right back for me.
  10. marshall odonnell mctominay mckenna cooper roberston armstrong mcginn mclean christie dykes
  11. The testing capacity should have been such that workers were tested before entering the homes whether from agency or hospitals. “Based on that internationally recognised approach, Scotland, Wales, and particularly England appear to have performed poorly.” (from the same report) sounds like whatever they did, they did badly..
  12. The competence of the SNP is very relative to independence. Wings asks questions that deserve answers of the Scottish government, whether there's an agenda or not. That said, the last couple of articles have been reaching by his standards.
  13. How many Scots would vote in a consultative vote on independence if it wasn't sanctioned by Westminster? Neither side seems to know the answer and fears it. If you're wargaming, you need to know this and track it. I'm now firmly of the belief that Westminster really are going to simply say No and hope enough Scots back them.
  14. I'm wanting the whole Salmond saga out in the open as much as anyone but if people think Sturgeon is "damaged" at this precise moment they're letting themselves get carried away by biased media. If scandal is to come, then so be it. We'll see the consequences. She's got popularity ratings through the roof amongst many that are not even SNP supporters. Unionist commentators are livid at her popularity and the cause that goes with it. Voicing that Sturgeon is a unionist plant would be ridiculed by the vast majority of people out there and rightly so. There is probably a substantial min
  15. years of life lost... sounds a bit like sacrificing older people to me. Like something out of Logan's run! There's no way of telling how long someone will live, its very individual. They going to give us averages? That would be open to massive interpretation and skewing. Every day, year is a valuable to someone - it doesn't matter if it's the 68th year or their 22nd. What a nightmare this is becoming. It's not so much the idea here but the thinking behind his use of the word "instead". Creep.
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