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  1. It's surely mostly numpties and party helpers that apply for these so i'm not massively surprised. would be cool to get a better cross section. maybe like a jury duty type thing. will never happen, you would get some uncouth real people then! i would say when you're in a yes voting area and its massively weighted the other way that is a huge issue. I don't watch the programme so not sure how bad it was.
  2. I think the differences are minimal and measuring them like the way some on here do would be laughable if it was another subject. No one's getting a win out of this so I think the preaching should take a back seat. The Tory's name is mud but look our guy in the SNP is even muddier. both mud. noone's coming up smelling like roses and winning here.
  3. this whatabouttery on these types of allegations aren't a good look. The guy is all over the media; folk looking for semantics to claim otherwise are lowering themselves. Also I agree Mark McDonald was probably overly cooked but it merited news. As did Michelle Thomson; you're standard as an MP isn't to not be charged of anything. Her business dealings still made me uneasy.
  4. the guy's front page of the record and all over the news. hardly been swept under the carpet.
  5. there wont be any major swings in polls either way until a vote is called though. in my view.
  6. That's what i mean though. It's the EU that are setting this border up. Not the UK. in other words, the EU's trade deal means more to them than the Good Friday Agreement. It's the opposite that is being presented at the moment. Could have been spun differently.
  7. if the snp don't talk about independence given this mess, i won't be voting for them. And i'm not a rabid nat either champing at the bit for a vote but sometimes you have to state your case and be damned. utterly bored of politics now. if its the SNP simply saying "standing up for Scotland" again with no other policy like 2016(?) i'll hardly be able to lift my eyelids to find them on the ballot box never mind put a cross there.
  8. maybe im being daft too but why don't the UK just say we will not check goods coming in via the irish border. take the hit on import taxes and move on. they want a free deal anyway. it then becomes the irish/EU that wish to create a checking system going the other way. becomes a political issue for them.
  9. Imagine if we leave the EU with No deal. And heehaw really changes 🤣 starting to think folk might be jumping the shark here. folk talking about hoarding food supplies and that. Absolute weirdos. There's a blind panic amongst the "chatterati" while very few people are truly worried. If those in the previous yes camp can't see the project fear here they're being disingenuous. I say this as committed Scottish independence supporter and proud European.
  10. PapofGlencoe

    Unpopular Opinions

    all those penalties at ibrox could have been pens.
  11. I don't think its really being pointed out very well that this isn't even the Deal. this is just the withdrawal agreement. It's a back stop if a trade deal cannot be done. This thing is going to go on forever.😂😭
  12. PapofGlencoe

    Unpopular Opinions

    yip, totally agree with that. Another one to file under the law doesn't really make perfect sense but best to just keep as is and turn a blind eye to a certain extent.
  13. PapofGlencoe

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    this is a total smear and should be condemned by even the most gutter press. of course it won't.
  14. PapofGlencoe

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    I can't remember what you're annoyed about but the first few paragraphs have nought to do with me. I think something probably happened and that it's not a conspiracy due to factors I, and other reasonable posters, have said earlier. Whether they mean something "all that bad" happened is another matter in the age of meetoo. I don't know the man so i'm not in a position to judge his character and i'm uneasy about dismissing it because I'm a fan of his political career. I'm uneasy about claims of conspiracy when two women have come forward and in the context of Salmond's comments. Just because I don't think its a conspiracy doesn't make me a naive snowflake. You seem genuinely annoyed I won't just agree with you.
  15. PapofGlencoe

    Unpopular Opinions

    agree with pretty much all of that apart from the 90mph. 80 would be fair i think and what most people do. 90 is too fast.