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  1. in fairness she didn't come out for No. She asked people to think carefully. The state spun and did the rest. They all knew what they were doing. Same as Devomax being dredged up last minute.
  2. absolutely. a much bigger story than is being let on and pertinent in the current circumstances. even asking the queen is surely legally incompetent but for the sovereign to actually do the deed is disgraceful. The BBC would have known as well and played their game. It goes right to the top and shows how much they were willing to break even the most important rules to stop the Yes campaign. It's incredible it did as well as it did. Shows the irrelevance of Scottish matters to these people that they're now willing to divulge all this. Clearly think the matter is settled.
  3. In all seriousness I find the "if we're such a burden" argument a bit unconvincing. Our profits and losses are obviously dwarfed by the rest of the UK and the losses of losing a third of land mass and probably a seat on the UN security council is more to do with prestige than a few billion debt either way. They lose us, they lose face. I don't think it tells us much about how poor or rich we are.
  4. and they've not done that for 3 years? what does 3 days make any difference? i still cringe when they talk of dictatorship. they can bring down the government whenever they fancy.
  5. marching is a demonstration of weakness, not power. i don't want a society you can't march the streets within reason. it's not a good precedent. The over policing was political, not operationally required. Like the majority, I don't know, but expect they are mostly scumbags.
  6. quite put off by the SNP's talk of "dictatorship" to be honest. it really isn't. I can see both sides of the argument have merit but the idea after taking 3 years to kick this down the line, they need another 3 days is utter guff. they've already passed the no deal law. they're away swanning off on holiday and going on party conferences. They don't want an election this side of October. what would they actually be doing in terms of law?
  7. the sad thing is we started quite brightly and you can see the boys are trying. they were too cavellier for the first goal and that goal's always the killer in these games.
  8. i thought we passed the ball about but with little purpose or too slow a tempo. our best moves came from long balls from mulgrew. thought christie was ineffectual, disappointingly. we need a bruiser in there. all the midfielders are the same. I don't see Jack as that player either. i would drop mcgregor completely, he's just not sharp enough in the dark blue. also, o'donnell just needs to sit in and play right back. stop careering up the park. robertson possibly needs to just do the same. be hard to beat.
  9. Marshall SOD Cooper Mulgrew Robertson Armstrong McGinn Forrest Christie Fraser Garry O'Connor
  10. I don't mind and think we're better off in the reality of the EU but..as a nation state. I'd be happy with eu membership in its current form as a way to be part of a good deal and be a nation of the world. It's the way the world is now. We can't turn back the clock. And I like change. We should be open to it. But ultimately I believe in Scotland as a nation with our story. And I really can't be fucked with our country being reduced to a sort of airy-fairy look-at-me how-politically-correct we are place. Youd think the only thing the Scottish parliament had achieved was equal marriage and multiculturalism if you watch it's 20 year celebration the other month (both things I'm in favour of by the way!). No- we are an ancient country with people that have toiled for centuries. I'm not apologetic of it anymore. I'm a nationalist and proud to be a Scot . And there's more to being one than being awfy pc
  11. it's probably fair enough to say what you want as well as that you want an alternative.
  12. I've seen my views change somewhat. I see myself becoming more nationalist than i used to be. religion is ridiculed. national identity is the next communal ideology to be ridiculed. I believe in peoples and a constantly molding national culture (welcoming and respected). That was not a particularly controversial thing to say not so long ago. It's become so in no time. It almost feels like the elites are using racist idiots to throw national identity out with the dirty bathwater. This is a generational shift and Brexit the last swansong of people rebelling against this. Our children won't care about being Scottish or British or European. whether this is a good or bad thing, who knows. I think it's a mistake but I don't see it making any difference.
  13. this is what puts people off. Alex Jones stuff.
  14. don't like this surrendering to players wanting to "look after their bodies" patter. getting your country to a major tournament is such a lift for all the wee kids back home. if you can help, you should. colour me shocked football's ruined .. me me me. Clarke saying he'd keep the door open. I wouldn't. we need committed men or it will never work.
  15. doesn't sound good. never impressed for me anyway. insane money he went for.
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