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  1. As ever our own electorate are the issue. The Yes/SNP voters who didn't bother to vote in 2016 have cost Scotland's position big time.
  2. Sorry just because a cynical vote gets a majority doesn't mean it's right. Look forward to the UK parliament compelling the Scottish govt to publish legal advice then. Sewel gone. A terrible precedent set; not worth the headline or in the national interest. I'm as remain as they come by the way but this is wrong. Ps there won't be a majority in Westminster for independence either if it ever happens.
  3. Disappointing to see the SNP calling for government legal advice to be made public. We refused, quite rightly, to do so during the independence referendum. Its a protocol for very good reason. You could say its the SNP trying to put pressure on. But it's wrong. Look forward to being asked to provide all legal advice for Indyref two.
  4. reading a few of the italian and spanish papers recently, I didn't quite appreciate how much say the EU had in their budgets. Can only work within certain tramlines; do not deviate or sanctions and money market signals will be drawn against you. I'm pro remain and want Scotland in the EU but I wouldn't want Junker meeting Derek McKay or John Swinney to dictate what our debt levels must be. We should, if possible, keep our own currency if we become an EU member.
  5. PapofGlencoe

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    surely they'll just bring in the BT gang. it's a proven formula that people like. suuurely
  6. PapofGlencoe

    Outlaw King

    Whit! not watched it yet but that seems a bit mental. kind of the crowning glory surely.
  7. i don't see anything wrong with that. if people that want a rerun of a vote get the votes for it in an election- they should be allowed to press for it.
  8. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    She's walking so quietly on it she's not part of anything. Let them call it a threat if they want. At least the position will be well known. That allows you the opportunity to use it at some point.
  9. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    I don't want a vote now. I want the red lines for a vote - the triggers -laid out. I want Scotland's position made very clear to all involved. Therefore, if they do not meet these, a vote has a double mandate. Through the ballot box and because they have not met demands. If you want to even get the opportunity to have a vote, ground work needs to be done now. Remember it was all about having a vote while inside the EU as it gave us leverage. How long ago does that seem. Now folk would have us outside a bad brexit for years as try and see. It's irrelevant because no vote is going to be called now. That much is abundantly clear. EDA: We want to be in the Single market and CU. So what? if you don't get it what you going to do?
  10. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    If Brexit happens at all there's a mandate. Telling the EU and the UK the terms of Scotland's position on a referendum gives us leverage. Currently we're a nobody because they all think Sturgeon is bluffing. We hear a lot about the EU, Ireland, the UK and the DUP's position and what they'll do if they don't get it . What's Scotland's position? We want Single market but if we don't get it we'll just wait and see. Acting a bit player. Tell them what our bottom line is or a vote will be called. The only reason for not doing so is they don't actually want to call a vote for fear of losing.
  11. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    read: unless something incredible happens, they're going to let the mandate slide.
  12. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    All I'm asking for is a clear formula for how a vote will be triggered. Not exactly when, certainly not now. How. They've failed to come up with one. That doesn't mean a vote will definitely be called but it begins a theme that this is a realistic option. The relentless propaganda goes with the territory of any post-2014 discussion on the matter. I don't even particularly want a vote right now and would prefer if we had more time for the youth of 2014 to be more dominant in civic life. But morally it has to be done if you believe in Scotland's ability to choose.
  13. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    all that means is they've had meetings in 2017 and 2018 to talk about it. A decision on the circumstances for triggering a vote had to be made public before now in my view to have a realistic possibility of readying the people. They've failed to do so and have dithered too long. I'm sympathetic to the reasons why. It's not easy but they've lost the initiative. Nobody in Scotland is seriously considering an independence vote in the near future when it should be at the forefront of our minds. . . either in disagreement with it happening or not..it should be a discussion point. The idea of it has been lost from the agenda and that is the leadership's fault. The only explanation is that they have decided now is not the time. You'll have SNP leaning posters on here telling you otherwise to keep people on side but ask them if a vote is actually imminent and you'll get three paragraphs of waffle.
  14. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    she did exactly the correct thing with her post referendum speech. her folly has been to not carry through with it. Clearly been bruised by 2016 election understandably. But overly so in my view. A larger proportion of people are in favour of a choice on EU membership for Scotland now than supported independence in 2014. Take the courage of convictions and go for it. We won't see another opportunity like this in a generation.
  15. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    This is the sort of thing i can't be bothered with. I'm a yes voter but the general will of the Scottish people has been to do just that for centuries now. It might not be the dominant part but there is some part of me which feels British. I wouldn't lose it with independence and we shouldn't put that idea forward if we want to win.