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  1. PapofGlencoe


    he'll be alright. still the number one
  2. PapofGlencoe

    John Fleck

    drop the bombs but not seeing any mention of Forrest. He's better than half the players mentioned. granted hasn't really cut mustard yet in a Scotland jersey. Out wide he'll be in the squad or thereabouts.
  3. eta: recommend! good to see folk standing up for scottish football. it's not even fighting talk it's just bemusement. That journo didn't have a clue. Good stuff from Stewart, Faddy and Broadfoot.
  4. PapofGlencoe

    The Mighty Celtic...

    don't know the ins and outs of who's to blame but have to agree with Commons that Brendan hasn't managed to get a quality centre half in during his time at Celtic...and has had the money to do so. you can't argue that he's done incredibly well with 6 trophies but there have been drawbacks which you can legitimately highlight. i don't agree getting humped 7 nil is par for the course and should just be accepted. This "but they have a squad costing 200million excuse" is bollocks. That's just buying power, the actual quality of the player has not increased exponentially, simply the price tag. Celtic have played plenty amazing teams and not been humiliated in the past. He hasn't changed his tactics to reflect who he's playing. He hasn't bought the defenders he needs to ensure champions league qualification. Even so, the team he had there was still better than AEK. It's a failure whatever way you look at it.
  5. cheers! having a listen now
  6. where was this ripppin? sportsound?
  7. PapofGlencoe

    On Line betting.

    no but if you kick up a bit of fuss you'll probably get some money back as a goodwill gesture.
  8. PapofGlencoe

    Ayr Races

    been to the national at Ayr. Club much better than the Grandstand in my opinion. More space, champagne tent better feel.
  9. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    i know there are ins and outs and precautionary lines taken (or being drawn up as we speak) to defend calling it or not. My question was more does the TAMB think it will actually get announced or not? just gut feeling I'm thinking not. Although I think morally she should say a vote will definitely take place after the Brexit deal of whatever colour is eventually brokered. Forgetting all the tactics of winning it that seems like the strongest approach to actually have a binding vote. And you either win or lose. I think the next referendum is as much about the reason for the vote as the result. The UK blocking the vote will have less legitimacy if the vote is about Brexit. It's also about maintaining legitimacy amongst the no voting population. Without someting like Brexit, the UK will simply call it illegal and we're in Catalan territory. It woudn't even matter if we did win the next one, nobody in the world would back us.
  10. PapofGlencoe

    Indy Ref 2

    Does anyone think Sturgeon will call a vote in October? I hope she does. I don't think she will. Thought we should hold off but now increasingly of the opinion you have to offer the people a choice. Regardless of the odds, it's the right thing to do. And a new vote will happen if and when the people vote for it in a Parliament. I don't think a loss kills it off forever. Only the people can do that to themselves.
  11. To clear up then... it's the latter. Any response to that or is there nothing to see here?
  12. You could answer the question. Well at least two people can read whole sentences for context.
  13. At no point have i said my culture is the most advanced one. That's a good example of a straw man. On the very narrow point of women covering themselves from head to foot and having to be chaperoned..yes i do believe that is backwards. Is it honestly your contention that this is not backwards? I'm lost here. Is that your argument? These people are part of my culture for the most part.. not a comparitor in my view. Though I think it would be a great stride to eradicate across the world. Another reason why youre making hay. You're making judgements about what my culture is.
  14. Oaaft. That's a very philosophical argument which could be applied to anything. Is murder/sexual discrimination okay? Who the hell knows. I suppose we should allow culture to keep their traditions come what may...hope to god you reincarnate as gay in Uganda. Or will you come back as a judge and pass judgement please; we need your wisdom here.
  15. When trying to show me up as ignorant at least have the grace to read what I've actually said. I'm talking about a full face/body veil. I know fine well the difference. I'd bet more than you.