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  1. Whole team dug in and got the job done , massive performance from porteous that’s been a long time coming in a Scotland shirt. He turns those performances in week in week out at hibs , that would have been a hard one to accept for 1 side of the west coast media
  2. Now that a humanitarian corridor has been agreed , can the 6/8 Ukraine based players not be safely evacuated in order for them to have a full strength squad ?
  3. Aye but the World Cup isny Gonny be postponed. If there wasn’t a tournament this year and a full nations league fixture list to work through then aye it could be easily postponed and played whenever but there’s only a tight window if possible at all
  4. Just say it does get postponed and rescheduled for June there’s no guarantee the situation will be resolved by then and there’s no chance it will be moved again. This is going fuck up the nations league fixtures for all involved then have an impact on World Cup friendlies. Deepest sympathies for what’s going on in Ukraine but if they can get a squad together then it should be played
  5. Nisbet has struggled this season playing up top on his own, but he’s been excellent since January big blow to have him out , can see Ross Stewart coming into the squad now
  6. I had to use a work colleagues card it just wasn’t having mine at all
  7. Keep getting bounced out when trying to pay saying card can’t be validated , seen a few others on Twitter having the same problem . Anyone know. Way around this ?
  8. Up there with the best Scotland performances I’ve ever seen . Every one of them to a man where superb
  9. Some shift , McGregors best game in a Scotland shirt he was superb
  10. Probably see O’Donnell and Taylor phased out the squads over the next 2 years which will make space for those 2
  11. If Ramsay and doig can put in some good performances in the coming 21 games and continue performing in the league they’ll no be far away from the senior squad
  12. That’s a right boot in the baws losing Patterson , happy for mcginn being called up being a hibby but ralston and the boy from Aberdeen are better player and would have been a better choice
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