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  1. Some shift , McGregors best game in a Scotland shirt he was superb
  2. Probably see O’Donnell and Taylor phased out the squads over the next 2 years which will make space for those 2
  3. If Ramsay and doig can put in some good performances in the coming 21 games and continue performing in the league they’ll no be far away from the senior squad
  4. That’s a right boot in the baws losing Patterson , happy for mcginn being called up being a hibby but ralston and the boy from Aberdeen are better player and would have been a better choice
  5. If he doesn’t manage to make it back in time I’d move tierney into Robertson’s position and bring doig or hickey into the squad
  6. Set to be out for weeks rather than months according to the rags , a bit ligament damage
  7. He renewed his contract towards the end of last season, he won’t be walking away with 3-4K every week but the youth wages are long gone
  8. He’d definitely be a starter for Celtic , hibs will be wanting £4 million + it’s wether Celtic will stump up but you’d think they’d have learned their lesson after the mcginn saga
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