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  1. He renewed his contract towards the end of last season, he won’t be walking away with 3-4K every week but the youth wages are long gone
  2. He’d definitely be a starter for Celtic , hibs will be wanting £4 million + it’s wether Celtic will stump up but you’d think they’d have learned their lesson after the mcginn saga
  3. Dane Murray has looked alright since he came on
  4. Porteous had a very good game , young stevie Bradley started and looked good aswell
  5. Hopefully get the nod , hibs asked for 6k for the arsenal game on Tuesday to be refused and told 2k will have to do . Despite 16.5k being at murrayfield less than 2 weeks ago
  6. New season and aw that . lawrence shankland just scored against kelty
  7. Hibs knock back £2.5mil from Watford for doig
  8. Ethan laidlaw at hibs only 16/17 , been on the bench a couple of times towards the end of the season . Attracting attention from a few of the big boys down south, scored a couple for Liverpool in a trial match recently
  9. Dunno if it’s possible to know yet but who would we get in the last 16 if we go through
  10. That’s a bastard just our luck , I’d bring Armstrong in and game plan stays the same
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