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  1. Just play the fkin album tracks in the same order without the remixes and 'bonus' tracks as it was recorded on the vinyl a million years ago. Is there an app for that?
  2. Eisegerwind

    Arise Sir Kenny

    Soz, got my centuries mixed up.
  3. Eisegerwind

    Arise Sir Kenny

    Remembered ,Bonnie Prnce Charlie. A fenian? I don't know probs need some historian to chip in.
  4. Eisegerwind

    Arise Sir Kenny

    Didn't really realise I was an extreme republican till you posted that as I don't give a flying fcuk who the stuarts are. Tell me why I should care? Is it a bit like William of orange and Prince whover it was.
  5. Eisegerwind

    Arise Sir Kenny

    Sorry to drag this up but surely the 'we'll keep the monarch' thing was a just a convenient arrangement so as not to lose votes.I would have presumed that at some point we would have tossed them and became a republic.
  6. That should work. Personaliy I'd just prefer if capitalists didn't own vast swathes of the country.
  7. Eisegerwind

    The Weather thread

    Jeez it's hot today. Loving it. I've been around a long time and can't remember a better summer than this, is this the best summer for in the last 60 years?
  8. Eisegerwind

    Russia 2018

    Maybe you posted that before my edit. I'd hope the same as you but I'm not confident my hopes would be fulfilled.
  9. Eisegerwind

    Russia 2018

    Was that essentially the team we drew 2-2 with in the qualifiers?
  10. Eisegerwind

    Russia 2018

    Drink? Oh and this sort of man-child generation that seems to abound. Men (mainly) that have all the physical and social attributes of adults but the mental capabilities of 10 year olds.
  11. Eisegerwind

    Russia 2018

    Modric should probably stick to playing football, expecting journalists and and pundits to be respectful and humble is a bit of an ask.
  12. Eisegerwind

    Indy Ref 2

    Wrong place, sorry, what the fcuk is that link at the bottom of your post all about, I clicked on it.
  13. Eisegerwind

    russia poisioning

    Dear Russia, How come 2 junkies got Novicok poisoning? Yours, Sajid. Dear UK, Whit! Yours, Russia.
  14. Eisegerwind

    Russia 2018

    Belgium were outplayed and outhought tactically for an hour. They stuck on a couple of big guys and did the age old throw it in the mixer and see what happens. Against a comedy keeper it worked, the pundits went on like Martinez was a tactical genius.
  15. Eisegerwind

    Indy Ref 2

    Forgive me for not realising you were talking about the Union flag which you didn't mention once in your post,silly me. I thought it was about people stomping about Perth making twats of themselves, you've got previous there haven't you. Anyway I guess they'll continue to do the same post-indy as the flag will still retain the same meaning to them although it may be an object of historical rather than current political relevance. I would also remind you that the echo of the bottles crashing in Scotland 4 years ago are still reverberating. Fab news that churches will continue as they are now post indy, makes it all worthwhile.