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  1. Eisegerwind


    Oh yeah, peas, I need to grow some of them.
  2. Eisegerwind


    Got a good few apples, and some rasps. Didn't really pick many of them as I was hoping they might attract a wider variety of birds, they didn't really, just more crows and pigeons and magpies!. Got a lot of goldfinches and some blue tits though on the feeders.Early days though. Definitely need to get some tatties planted though. Yeah, I appear to have used my allotted pic attachment posting pics of easter loonies to wind up Scotty. Wouldv'e been much better used posting pics of Arthur 'the rabbit'.
  3. Eisegerwind


    Nice clear night. Got the plough spotted, anything else of interest I should be looking at?
  4. Eisegerwind

    russia poisioning

    But not slush.
  5. Eisegerwind

    russia poisioning

    Just a couple of regular guys chillin' on holiday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45509697
  6. Eisegerwind


    Cheers. So, testing you, plough is to my immediate left, big bright star to my right so im facing... ?
  7. I'm Eisegerwind. Hi.
  8. What age are you, how long have you lived in Canada?
  9. Whoops wrong thread.
  10. What age are you, how long have you lived in Canada?
  11. What can you see tonight?
  12. Eisegerwind


    So,will we start an astronomy thread or tack it on here? Looking 'oot the back' I can see the 'plough' to my left. Which way am I pointing and what else should I be able to see of interest? I really think this is the hobby I've been looking for all my life. Basically doing nothing staring into space, competing against doing nothing staring out to sea, but that requires holibags.
  13. Bloody establishment playing games.Let's have a vote then we'll see what a proper country is. Oh , well, not Scotland then.
  14. Always one of my faves, I can see for billions and billions of miles. Maybe I'm special though. I need specs for this pish but.