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  1. Thought I was just playing along,I don't do emojis.
  2. Yeah, I know, nice tan, eh, nah. unemployed mate. Look at the fuckin tan on me, I'm 80% full wage, GIRFUY. I'm not either BTW.
  3. Sounds like you heading for another failed thread like this one.Batter on regardless.
  4. Never said he was. Since the Arthur in the cartoon put it back the point is moot.
  5. Legend, Sir Arthur, sees sword, pulls sword, becomes King of England, wiki's england, puts it back. Truer than ever. It is TAMB bingo.
  6. They don't look particularly socially distant in that pic above for example or what I've seen of trains and other social situations. I think you'll have a hard time getting our European neighbours to stop hugging, rather less of a daft social gesture and more of an expression of humanity I'd argue. Who knows about the masks, regardless shouldn't we be using some of the few remaining flights in and out of the country to send a fuckload of scientists over there to find out what they are doing?
  7. I'm finding it pretty difficult to actually nail down what measures Japan has taken. Almost every article that comes up is in some way critical of their approach, it's almost as if they are being willed to fail. As far as I can gather they've done nothing other than tell people to reduce social contact, encourage the wearing of masks and maintain/improve hygene (something, I understand, as a nation they are already very good at). Certainly no lockdown or 2m social distancing. Yet they are still getting headlines like this, Japan’s capricious response to coronavirus could dent its international reputation It is difficult to know if the country has just been lucky or if it’s a matter of good policy. UK death rate per million 558 Japan death rate per million 7
  8. I came acroos the 'Euro' bingo thing many moons ago in Portugal, jeez it was painful, didn't realise it was a'thing'. Anyway 97
  9. I guess so, just sayin, anyway more Sparks................ .......only kidding.
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