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  1. Might be random to you but to them it's probably a big deal. Yellow tit? yellow hammer probs seen a lot of them on the nal, hard to judge without pics.
  2. 'aye right, holiday, bastion of sound, have you got any brown sparrows or not, there's always 'kin one. No pics didn't happen.
  3. What birds do you have in your garden? Thinking this thread is going to be severely hampered by an inability to cut/paste photies on the site, what's that all about. (severely has got a lot of e's in it by the way).
  4. It's all happening now. Buds and leaves and green stuff appearing. Also birds, new thread though.
  5. Tusk and Juncker will be touring soon https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-47662526/brexit-three-moments-that-raised-a-smile
  6. Not sure about WTF is going on with the world, but pretty sure whats going on here is some old fucks whining on about how things ain't what they used to be in a world that isn't theirs anymore and now belongs to a different generation.
  7. I would imagine there are lots of Christians hoping the Mussies get a result, also looking at each other wishing they had stuck to their traditional values of hating more stuff.
  8. I don't think I really hate anyone. i just get a bit miffed with people passing off made up shite as some sort of truth and telling me I'm going to the burny fire if I don't follow their mental rituals.
  9. She got reported to the police for a claimed hate crime relating to some tweets. I guess the police would be obliged to investigate. The complaint may or may not have been withdrawn. I've not seen the tweets, who knows the truth.
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