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  1. Sugar wise, 3 bananas have the same amount of sugar as a can of coke. Obviously bananas have lots of other good stuff in them. According to this 'expert' the effect is the same " As I dug deeper into his theories, there was more acid indigestion. If you're the sort that loves to work out or adores marathons, bananas are especially bad. "What are the most common foods I see available on the marathon course?" he asks. "Bananas, oranges, candy, and Gatorade," he answers. He describes them as "all bad." Actually, he describes them as "ALL BAD." Why is this? "Because it's sugar. So when exercising, again, ALWAYS avoid sugar," he says.
  2. Not unless the sugars in fruit are different to the sugars in added shite. They're not by the way. I know. It's a subject that interests me. When people start to label sugar as poison and accuse parents of poisoning their children while ignoring or denying the evolutionary drive for sugar (the same drive that big sugar companies exploit) then it's worth discussing.
  3. Yes. "Sugar is actually quite healthy when consumed in moderate amounts and in its natural form. The main natural source of sugar is fruit. In prehistoric times, vegetables were the most abundant foods and fruits were scarce in comparison. However, vegetables carry little energy compared to fruits. Therefore, the pre-human primates who consumed the most calories were the ones best able to stave off starvation and pass on their genes. "
  4. For anyone that missed it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-48991051 TBH seems a bit crass posting this (and I've done it before), but this sums it up for me. I'm sure there will be crasser stuff posted.
  5. I, disappointingly have no great memories of it. I was very aware of the Apollo space program (in deference to the Americans), it seemed that every year there were several missions, the moon landing obviously being the culmination of it all. Seemed like it would be the beginning of the start rather than the start of the end.
  6. 3. We've also evolved to like sugar. Maybe you'd like to explain that?
  7. No, it was when he was voted in as the President that kicked all this off.
  8. I thought you were referring to his 'they can leave stuff'. No idea about his/Obama's border policy.
  9. It's easy for most of us to pretend to ourselves that all this Trump stuff isn't really happening, a bit trickier when you're his direct opposition.
  10. He does, certainly with his own supporters. How would you suggest the Democrats should've handled it.
  11. What do you envisage you'll be doing in Heaven on a daily, weekly, yearly, infinity basis.
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