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  1. That'll be apart from the one where I gave the correct answer to your question,confirmed by phart as correct, your question based on a statement by phart, and you used my answer in subsequent post to make a point.
  2. I really don't know why you keep going at me like this you've made tit of yourself numerous times and I've pissed all over you on several threads.
  3. Looks like an MSM conspiracy to keep the sheeple scared and under control. That OK for you.
  4. Although she's not phrased it well I don't think she's basing the Indy referendum status on who the PM is ,but rather on the policies or expected policies of the PM. Meaning she'll play along with Mays deal while a customs Union or second euro ref might be on the cards, but if BoJo becomes PM and goes for a no deal Brexit all bets are off and it's Indy ref 2.
  5. Wasn't Hunt, it was Arturo Merzario, Lunger, Guy Edwards, and Harald Ertl (Wiki). There had been lots of complaints, including from Lauda, regarding safety at the Nurburgring circuit, some of it to do with it being 14 miles long resulting in the stewarding being very sparse. Don't think they ever ran another GP there.
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