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  1. If that's a bit heavy for you, I also can't hear anything above 6KHz, can't see fuck all without ebay 2.5+ specs. Reckon I could be on deaf/blind spectrum. Old age, pah...........
  2. How do you know when you're losing it and when do you need to wipe yourself out so your relatives can get the insurance money and so that you don't need to spend umpteen years having your bottom wiped in a home.
  3. That was the problem, neither. A toaster thats too small to fit an average sized slice of bread in, FFS.
  4. FFS. Yeah pandemic, yeah long covid, but FFS, just fit a bit of fuckin bread in the F'kin toaster.
  5. Think it's a ' 4 o'clock flower', 'mirabilis jalapa'.
  6. TBH. I think the OP has bought a working device but as neglected to appreciate the ongoing viability of the product. A line type product, not without it's problems, is usually the best option.
  7. Really struggling with new phone and Firefox, however, permafrost maybe.
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