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  1. Whoa....................... It's 2.30..............................
  2. It'll need tumshies, conkers,tattie pickers,kick the can.......or you can fuck right off.
  3. Nope. Here's me in in good faith! Searched! Burns was a bit of a cunt as well though.
  4. Skim read. I may have to reconsider Burns. New thread.
  5. Obvs TL:DR. Could probs work our way through it, that'll take another thread, not sure I'll learn anything though.Whats his take on tobacco smoking?
  6. Soz, off topic,The bangers were made illegal in the UK in 1997. 'kin life wasted.
  7. 5th, did somebody not burn a bad man that was bad and then everything was good and that and stuff. If I let off all those bangers in vain. I and well my wellbeing an stuff well and bangers and that.
  8. Well though no, they don't. It's dressing up begging, followed by fires and light explosives, then a break, then pressies, then drink.
  9. "Holding back some tunes for tomorrow if some bugger doesn't change the theme." I'm hanging out for some pallet burning tunes on the 5th but you carry on.
  10. So how alcoholic is Peroni, lets check the bottle, got the 2.5's on, nope.
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