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  1. The more I read about this lot the more I like them. They also seem to confirm the idea that the general health issues we see amongst general populations nowadys are not brought about by specific eating/drinking issues but much more to do with existing in an indstrialised,capitalist society and living a completley unnatural lifestyle. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2009/12/hadza/
  2. I'm not so sure Just Eat is all that bad, at it's most basic it's just fuel, intake a certain amount of energy, either burn it or tun it into fat. I'm pretty much with you on the consultants and researchers. Things change, biology is complicated but all this sort of, one issue is either the cause of everything bad or the solution to everything that's wrong, I'm not buying into.
  3. Fair enough, I guess if you have these sort of medical issues dairy products will probably help. Just as an aside, the Hazda don't do any dairy products.
  4. What, entirely meat, red meat? Cancer thread for this methinks.
  5. In the same way that you focus on sugar being the most evil product on the planet I'm entitled to focus on the Hazda's high sugar intake having no ill effects on them. Oh, and to get back to the thread subject they also fast on a daily basis going for periods of 15hr's without eating, a different type of fasting to the long term stuff PIAK is talking about but fasting nonetheless.
  6. What, hunter gatherers just eat stuff that is seasonally available, astonishing, who'd have thunk it.
  7. We're specifically not evolved to eat dairy. It's only very very recently that some humans have evolved a genetic mutation that allows us tolerate dairy products.
  8. I sense a Hazda moment coming along. " The Hadza, as I discovered, prize honey above all else in their diet. Hadza mothers wean their young on liquid honey, and during the wet season, particularly the months of February and April, Hadza families gorge for weeks on its sticky sweetness. The men possess an expert knowledge of bees and bee behavior, giving the honeys produced by different species different names. Those who forage for honey figure prominently in Hadza mythology. " Honey yummy.
  9. I Christ, it's been a while and my writings not got any better. In some ways Toepokes is neater, just thought I'd do it based on radii and lose the unnecessary constants. Oh and mods can I have more download space.
  10. The chap in the video seems rather perturbed by the fact the bridge was built 2 inches longer because of the curvature of the earth. However he is not at all bothered by the fact that if the earth was flat there would be no need for the extra 2 inches. Maybe he needs to change his focus a bit. Anyway you want the maths, yes? Would you not rather get out a pencil and paper and work it out yourself,it's very easy you don't even need Pythagoras most famous formula.
  11. The approximation formula he is using is correct. The application of the formula and the conclusions drawn are garbage.
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