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  1. I agree and it's working. You have a lot of Internationalists/rational soft Nos and EU citizens in Scotland now beginning to see an independent Scotland as the sanest outcome out of all this. And to think 5 years ago, Independence was mocked as dream world stuff. SNP can say -at the end of this nonsense once the Tories have both destroyed themselves within and signed off on some form of Brexit - we put our goals second to the good of the UK, we were told to lead/stay and blatantly ignored. Sit tight for the noo and watch the little England toxicity that moves Tory policy win this for us. We are a baw hair away from winning. My main worry is if we'll be overun by English refugees.
  2. Rumours are so funny. Heard a guy speaking to H and J saying the opposite that Arsenal are ready to uo their bid to get him.
  3. If we can't get 54% plus of 'Scots' to vote Yes then we really don't deserve independence, but I understand your view. And certainly crows in my throat a bit when I hear entitled English residents - who get the benefits of living in Scotland and the Scottish government - vote for the Tories or Brexit Party or run down Holyrood, Scotland in general yet living the utter life of Riley. It is a murky path to go down though, but sadly I think at least 50% of rUK citizens who live in Scotland will never back independence. Although we do have 200k or so EU residents who you would think after the shambles of the past years will be a clear Yes ; and I know of at least 2 Scots who either voted No or abstained in 2014 are now huge supporters of statehood. One abstained - said he couldn't vote against it at the time, but had huge concerns about an iScotland ; second was an internationalist/European/World citizen socialist etc who thought borders were silly and better to be in two unions etc and now gone the other way and thinks we have to go our own way e.g just imagine a younger, Simon Pia really. If we can win over Pia, Murray Foote, Malcolm Chisholm (is almost there) then we can most certainly win a second referendum. OOPS! Didn't realise this was a Trump thread
  4. I don't know if it was shock or what, but his English didn't sound too great last night then again he was talking to Chic Young - so maybe we all end up speaking gibberish but I dunno, a bit worrying really if you are a Kilmarnock fan. Just really disappointing especially considering how good they were last season, and clinching 3rd on the last day in the style they did it to then end up not leaving these islands for their European tour. I do think though if Killie played CQN over 10 matches that Kilmarnock would surely win at least 6 of them, but that seriously is a poor return result last night and without sounding too arrogant, to lose to a team like that seriously makes me think how bad our game is, esp considering Killie have some good players. Full-time footballers going out to guys who according to their manager "half of them are up at 6am for work tomorrow." Just all a bit bizzare, how can someone like Taylor who has looked very decent in the limited games I've seen of him in that Scotland U20s Toulon team, Killie and his debut in June there and Dicker - player of the latter half of the season for me, end up being turned over by a team that needed penalties to beat Edinburgh City. I'd be raging though, not just the loss, but they've now got two weeks to wait for the season whilst everyone else has competitive games in the form of the cup of Europe.
  5. Yes, just seen the HT score. Seems the Norwegian have even taken their foot off the gas as well. Oh well! Nae World Cup for us then.
  6. Hi folks, For the next few months I'll be using my phone as hotspot (to access the internet on the laptop). Would a VPN work via this? Sorry I really am clueless about many things including this, and don't even know if I have worded this right, but basically have 150 gb of data a month so use that for internet access on the laptop as well - if I bought a VPN package would this work for the lappy? Much obliged!
  7. Surely that is our worst ever result in European competition. Yes, shocks happen ; but even last week Killie were incredibly fortunate to win in Rhyl. Connah's Quay are an absolute mob though, and surely Kilmarnock should be beating them. Saying that, its been a fairly succesful run in Europe - 7 wins out 8 is a decent start (amazing to think that it was Killie with the easiest tie fucked it all up). Their manager sounded an absolute David Brent too. Far too early for the sack, but that's a horrendous start for their new boss. It'll be interesting to see if Killie are sitting on 3pts after 12pts or so and what may happen. Well done the Dandies - seen the last 20 on 365 and whilst RoPs had their chances, Aberdeen fully deserved to go through. No idea about that Georgian team - but heard Richard Gordon saying they are 6th in the Georgian league (now their mid-season break) but that doesn't mean anything really. It'll be hot etc, but Mon Dons put in a performance and get moving on. You'd think Rangers (revenge and all that) plus Celtic (Estonian side) should get through too.
  8. Good on going through, Toepoke. Looked a fairly decent crowd! How very typically Scottish - thought the last 20-30 mins looked only one team would win it. Agree about Napier, she looks some prospect although maybe a tad ballgreedy (maybe that's a bit OTT but once or twice there was a open player she shouldn't set through) McGovern was it looked quite good too? Keeper apart from that difficult cross/goal had a decent game. Very harsh to lose that, but France are favourites so no shame. Hopefully win tonight though and even if we don't get through the group, we'll get that playoff vs 3rd in the other group for the final World Cup spot. I'm sure they are well aware of at least aiming for third and that playoff. Fingers crossed for a decent crowd tonight at Firhill. For anyone interested the game is on Uefa.tv - free and only need to register to watch it.
  9. We are hosting the U19s Euros next week, beginning on Tuesday when Scotland play France in Paisley (the tournament is being held in Paisley, Glasgow, Perth and Stirling). We seem to have (going by name) got a tough draw : Holland, Norway and France in our group. There are 8 teams in this tournament and 5 teams will qualify for next year's World Cup. So even if we don't make the final or get out of the group, there is a very nice prize of going to the World Cup. Will you be going? And can the good run within the ladies continue and get us either out of the group or that WC spot. Also, the Mens u19s start tomorrow and will be held in Armenia, and not just even Armenia but Yerevan alone will host every game albeit in different stadiums. Ireland have qualified for this (along with hosting the u17s earlier this spring) which got me wondering, have the SFA ever put in a bid for a tournament like this (of course taking away the one that starts on Tuesday 😀), and why not? We could even host a u21 Euros considering the cities/stadiums that are available.
  10. Gorgie Loyal union flag, what a minter Hertz are.
  11. Far more Saltires in the Celtic away end (even if they are green and white) these days than you do in the Rangers one.
  12. Killie quite fortunate tonight to win yet Aberdeen should have won 4/5-0 and both teams end up with the same result. Funny old game and all that. Watched the full 90 minutes of the Killie game and Connah's Quay still look the same mob that they were in the Challenge Cup. Did they sign Usain Bolt? A very fast lad with little skill. Kilmarnock were the better side although their end product was pretty woeful, albeit CQ were defending incredibly deep (and dirty) how that game had so little yellow cards. If your hard Brexit was a fitba team, it would be these lads. The better team won, even if there was a bit of luck. I really like O'Donnell, but he looked off the pace tonight and way too chilled out. I doubt they under-estimated them, and it is the start of the season ; but Killie were a tad fortunate to win - considering they created little. Saying all that, they'll probably pump this mob 5-0 next week. Listening to Sportsound and all were raving about Gallacher. McInnes wanting that lad from Scunthorpe and McGeouch. Sounded as if the game should have been tied up, and whilst Aberdeen have been excellent in Europe under McInnes at home - they do tend to concede silly goals. It'll make next week a lot harder/tighter ; but surely they'll have enough to get through. All in all, four wins out of four is a decent start. Get that coefficient moving Scotia!
  13. Haven't seen either game, but clinical wins for Rangers and Celtic in the 90th minute now and a fantastic, away 3-1 win - Johnston scoring! I was in Glasgow airport yesterday around the time the Rangers team were flying out and seen Tavernier, Morelos and McGregor posing for pics with fans. Lots of broad Weegie Gers fans saying "Dinnae leave Fredo, you are a legend here at Ibrox. We need ye, and mind yer playing for a big club. Don't leave!'' and him replying with a ''YES'' 😄 McGregor looked utterly miserable. Not a huge fan of him on the park and didn't look amoured to be standing for pics saying very little when fans were trying to speak and wish him and the side well. Anyhoos, having seen Connah's Quay last year in the Challenge Cup and hearing their loud-mouth manager and their horrible tactics, I really really hope that Killie knock as many past them as possible (and have no injuries either). Also, Mon the Dons too! I'm not exactly willing Rangers on to win ; but fair dues to them but I really want to see the other three progress and if Rangers come along too fine, if not, fine too
  14. It'll be England with a token 1 or 2 Welsh/Norn Irish and maybe 3/4 Scots. Be interesting to see if any Scots would turn down the call?
  15. NZ-Canada on the red button and the highlights from last night came on. Jeez, how did we feck that up!
  16. Throughout the week I've heard Tom English, Peter Houston, Michael Stewart, Julie Fleeting and the Off The Balls productive but critical of the team. I think the BBC's lovely dovery coverage yes is a bit patronising ; but I think Sportsound and BBC/Radio Scotland on the whole have covered it well with respect/criticism when required too. Only one who's a bit soft on them would be Richard Gordon but he's not a pundit.
  17. I really hope we don't go down the ''Var robbed us'' route of anaylsing this match. Yes, we didn't get many breaks with VAR throughout the tournament nor the penalty and re-take ; but we blew that ourselves royally and to deflect from losing three goals in sixteen minutes is criminal and the reason we are going home. Kerr should stay on, but she surely has to look back at things and realise there were major errors made by herself and the coaching team. Even at 3-1, why didn't they start rolling the changes, slow the game right down. There was a hype about it, and quite rightly so - our first WC for 21 years and the Womens first one ever. Look at how far the Scottish Womens team have come in 15-20 years is breathtaking so they deserve credit and even a bit of hype. I'll be disappointed if once the dust is settled and they look back on this, they don't all realise that they blew it last night. And they re-group work on the areas we are poor in for the next campaign. They talk about learning from experience/caps under your belt etc, so hopefully last night was an incredibly harsh lesson for the group. There's a good wee squad there and we will hopefully push on in the qualifiers for the Euros. Lessons to be learned, and yes the ref was horrendous and quite rightly should be criticised for an inept performance ; but she isn't the reason we lost the match.
  18. VAR has serious problems and the ref was horrendous, but we can't blame it for all our misfortune tonight. In all three games, we have been very late at making changes. Why did we make our first change(s) in about the 85th minute. Surely at 3-0, you should be looking to slow the game down and change some of the runners. The team have done amazing just to qualify, it's even harder to qualify for a Women's World Cup than the Mens and there were good European teams not there ; but we really have no one to blame but ourselves for crashing out. There's a decent nucleus of players there though. And I hope we can go from strength to strength and they have inspired some to play the game, and go along to their qualifiers in August. Back-to-back tournaments is a great achievement, but I hope they can really push on and learn from the mistakes of last night. We're hosting the U19 Euros as well in July, so we'll see if there is a bit more talent coming through. There's also a great opportunity to qualify for the U20s World Cup. 8 teams, 2 groups and 5 qualify for the World Cup. Two groups ; four teams - go through to semi finals whilst the two 3rd placed teams playoff for the last WC spot. I'm guessing by looking at the names of the teams in our group, we have a difficult draw but if we can get through the group or in to the playoff for the last WC spot and win that then it would surely be another great achievement for the ladies game. As disappointing as crashing out has been tonight, and some of the play/decision making has been at times throughout the WC, there is certainly been a lot of excitement and there's a side there alright. A lot to be positive about and to push on for, and whilst it feels like a defeat and we did blow it tonight, I hope folk get behind them and go to the qualifiers. They made mistakes, but let's hope we can learn and move on from this.
  19. And to save the penalty and have it re-taken takes it to another level. MENTAL.
  20. Jesus christ! Horrendous. Find new ways. How can you blow a 3-0 lead in 15 minutes! No changes until the 80th minute.
  21. What a wee star Erin is! Well done Scotland. Let's hope no one gets injured though, these Argentinians are a bit of a mob.
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