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  1. Surely you should be happy with fellow Brits winning it!
  2. Ireland seem to be doing something right. https://www.fai.ie/ireland/match/24/2019/2026317?tab=preview
  3. Not that it matters, but that XI are all Scottish. Let's see if we ''don't have the players coming through'' or not that lazy arseholes like Durham and Parry on talkSHITE spout.
  4. Bain/McLaughlin SOD McKenna Souttar Roberson Armstrong McTominay Forrest McGregor Fraser McNulty
  5. Listening to Off The Ball podcast and as nice a guy as Craig Brown is, he doesn't talk a half amount of shite when it comes to this game : Travel fatigue ; players went too late to Israel and maybe went too early to Kazakhstan ; backs big Eck ; Celtic/Aberdeen lost there, but Celtic hammered them 5-0 at home. Then goes on to mention funding for pitches, development in places like Kazakhstan and Norway. Cosgrove says "Aye, but are oil-rich nations," silence, then Cosgrove again "Independent countries with hands to the oil revenue," then silence again from Broon.
  6. I'm worried about Sunday due to we'll probably stumble to a 0-2 win, and it'll be "We need to push on from that disaster. We won well here," and all will be rosy again within the SFA. Regarding Michael O'Neill - they have their 'easier' games first e.g Estonia, Belarus and then again in June - so they could be sitting with 12pts in June before they play the Netherlands and Germany x2. The first of the harder double header for them is Germany at home, which they could well win!
  7. Aye, pretty much. Just listened to the Sportsound podcast. Of course Willie Miller is backing him. Tom English was spot on and Neil McCann was somewhere in the middle.
  8. Be sure to have some prozac before your coffee.
  9. Not to vilify or anything, but seen a few posters saying there are folk on here who are actually backing McLeish. Do these people still exist? Genuinely interested in why you are still behind him and I promise I won't get uppity or angry. Just fascinated how anyone could still be back his management of the team.
  10. weekevie04

    Next Manager?

    Agree. Moyes has had his day. No doubt he'll be in next when Eck is sacked in the summer or autumn. Jack Ross and Steve Clarke are the two standouts, but I doubt both would touch the job.
  11. weekevie04

    Next Manager?

    Really disappointing its San Marino up next. Imagine it was Belgium away, it could have been a 7-0 if not more hammering and he'd be away. We'll probably win 3-0 on Sunday and it'll be "time to move on. Plenty of games left to get a qualifying spot," pish that will come undone in the next round of fixtures in June against Cyprus and Belgium.
  12. The bigman is spot on here https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/scotland-accused-treating-kazakhstan-like-14171594
  13. McLeish has to go. Already looking at results in the group e.g 1-1 in Astana on Sunday between Russia and Kazakhstan.
  14. No, but it would keep that fud in a fucking job. I don't ever want to see us lose, but I want a horrible, ugly, very fortunate to win 0-1 to Scotland and he's punted!
  15. I didn't want him, but he certainly deserved a crack at the campaign after the NL campaign, but he's had that crack at it already! He has to go. Not just for the performance, but the lack of fightback in the second half, tactics, directions etc. Plastic pitches, time zones, players out are all pathetic and week excuses. Every other team has to go there and there's no doubt they'll get the job done. I'm not one for sackings straight in to a campaign, but he has to be sacked tonight.
  16. Aye, like McGinn, Palmer, McBurnie have been outstanding eh!
  17. I missed the Israel away game, but surely this is worse? They look outstanding compared to us. Coming up to 15 years of us saying the same about our players. They look a secure, good, skilfull and like they have 4 extra players to us team. Hit and hope to McBurnie. Only positives probably are Burke, Armstrong, McGregor and Palmer has been 50/50. Now just watch Russia stroll in to town and hump them 0-3 on Sunday.
  18. Hahah, honestly just laugh! Don't let this shite get you angry. What a bunch of diddies.
  19. Kazakhstan 1 - 0 Scotland San Marino 0 - 3 Scotland Hope that first result is wrong! Just going with instincts : first game of the campaign ; only game on at the time - cue maximum exposure from Sky etc ''Scotland LOST'' ; injuries ; it's far away etc. Again, 0-1 for us, I'd take right now with horrid performance would do fine. Oops, I'm havering on when you just asked for scores... 😛
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