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  1. Are you a fan of the EPL and EFL? Do you watch it regularly? Do you even have a 'team' there? I would watch both our league and the English league every week, and often every Super Sunday etc there was ; but the last 3-4 years I've found my interest in their football to dwindle down to not much at all - often don't even bother with Match Of The Day. I'll still watch the odd big game and if I am in a setting where there's an English game on I'll watch it ; but if given the choice of watching e.g Everton v Spurs or Killie v Rangers ; I'd pick the Scottish game every time. Each to their own and that, but hearing Scottish people say ''we'' about Man Utd, etc really does craw a bit.
  2. FFS, close the thread!
  3. I don't rely on them for work or use them every week, but exactly the same experience as you - whilst the trains are a bit foosty, I've never had an issue.
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    Thanks Andy

    A top man, and very funny too. And also the greatest sportsperson these islands has ever produced. Maybe that's a bit too much, but I think so. A lot of very VERY bitter, probably depressed, negative, deeply unhappy people on the BBC site here https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/46833018
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Haha. Sure there's a pic of a Nun outside the Rangers Shop somewhere and the caption was ''THE ETERNAL OPTIMIST'' :
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    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    There was Ferguson at East Fife (I think) who signed for Tottenham, but didn't seem to do much. Ah, just seen Ayr beside him
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    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    Having seen Linn a few times (ok, in lower league action) he has stood out every time I've seen him. Definitely could have played at a much higher level, IMO. Natural awareness, skill, and reading of the game is second to none.
  8. Nationalist Party? You ken that's not their name
  9. Just spotted the Scottish GAA top and its a fucking belter. The colours are the magnificent navy blue/purple combo that I wish more Scottish national teams would use.. I thought the Shinty team had a belter last time I seen it (was similar to the GAA colours), but the most recent one looked IMO, a rather uninspiring royal blue.
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    Happy New Year..

    Have you got a wee dram ready for the bells, Ramy?
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    Happy New Year..

    Same to yourself, Ramy when it comes around. Go give those pipes a blast at midnight! A wee while yet though and pace yourself.
  12. Hi, and apologies for a new thread ; but maybe this can be the new kilt thread (if there ever was/is one). If you need your kilt adjusted (unfortunately for putting on pounds) would you take it in to a retailer, or buy one of these strap extenders? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kilt-Strap-Buckle-Extender-1-25/dp/B00FZ49QSS I've put on about 8 pounds since I was fitted - 12 years ago - and the plan after putting on no doubt more weight over new year is to lose that half stone ; so I'm not too sure about it getting adjusted by a shop. Rambling a bit, but would be interested to hear your views
  13. Dons-Celtic game was cracking. Absolutely brilliant advert for the game up here, and Aberdeen were extremely unlucky not to get a point from that. At the same time, you can't argue that Celtic deserved their win. Celtic will most likely win the title by April ; but certainly enjoying Killie and the Dons recent form. McInnes has a done a great job at Aberdeen, but you feel they always seem to shite the big games. Also, quite like him telling that arse Levein where to go too
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    Kilt adjustment

    Cheers folks, the straps work perfect. Could almost fit in to the original kilt for Christmas Eve - probably out the windae now after the 'celebrations' over the past few days - but the straps worked excellent. Just realised I have never had a kilt on for airport security - any away games usually have kilt in the luggage for the day of the game ; but I take it going through security in Scotland is alright? As the straps will surely go off when going through the detector? Going away for new year, and been asked to bring the kilt but thinking of wearing it rather than the hassle of it potentially putting the case over the limit? Mucho cheers, and seasons greetings to all!
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    Kilt adjustment

    Cheers Slim Jim I'll give them a go and for that price, not to be turned down I don't think
  16. He is an oddball alright. Whilst I don't disagree with him on lots of issues e.g middle East, He has some very, very bizarre views. Take this quote from his show on Friday. Sounds very much like a nationalist(British) to me, this type of rhetoric is mental. 'Someone called Juncker' what an absolute arse.
  17. Rubbish article. Not a cat's chance of them 'splitting'. There is no such thing as 'Scottish' Tory group, mind when Journos like Deerin were trying to tell us (when they won their seats in 17) that they would go to Westminster as a separate entity, haha. They have caved in and voted with the government on every issue even ones Mundell, Davidson threatened to resign/not back e.g CFP ; but fold like an accordion when the time comes. The likes of Deerin and Massie, will never vote Yes - even if they huff and puff a bit straight after the Brexit vote. Not that all he writes is pish though, but this certainly is. How did it ake journalists from outwith Scotland to have Mundell and Davidson tied up in knots?
  18. Surely he's not a real journalist. It reads like a blog post or a drunken ancedote on here. Can't believe that was published. His message isn't necessarily wrong in places though, just it's a terribly written piece.
  19. I'd prefer EFTA too if given the choice rather than EU membership, but like you and Paris say ; we need to bide our time a bit. It'll either be May's deal (amended/jigged/changed to just short of being all in the EU but name) or staying in the EU. There's nae chance a no deal/WTO Brexit can happen. The SNP just need to get on with doing a decent and only job as government in Scotland, whilst nudging the pro-EU/soft No rUK/EU residents in Scotland that ''see it doesn't really matter what we do in the grand scheme of the UK ; if England votes for a huge mess, then Scotland is coming with it''. The Brexit vote in England was 53% (then add in Remain wins of 22% in Sco ; 10% in NI) it nudged the Brexit vote only down a fraction to 52% It'll be interesting to see what type of policy on independence the SNP come up with for the 2021 election. Even if the Scots parli voted this term for the right to hold a referendum, the Brexit mess may still be going on or the UK in a transition/extended negotiating period during the next Scots election. Just have to sit tight and see what happens in the next few weeks. May's deal vote will likely get hammered on Tuesday (if it even goes ahead) by a 100 odd majority and we could either be heading for a new UK election ; a second referendum ; remaining in the EU or an extended deadline for EU departure. Also, the part of two 'strong' Union argument for some Scots has completely crumbled. It showed up how little influence we have (if England votes another way) and the ones who jeered at the thought of an independent Scotland being a disaster/embarrassment on the world stage, well just look at the absolute minter the United Kingdom is during these past two years and how inept the UK government and their ministers have been shown to be with dealing with Brexit.
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    This might be my only trip of the qualifiers, but is Brussels that bad? Might end up staying in Bruges too down to it does look very pretty and that famous film with Farrell and Gleeson
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    Music. Do you play?

    Good on ye, Ramy. Were the pipes difficult to learn? I started off playing bass guitar then moved on to guitar, and can play a bit of drums (just your basic 4/4, keep a beat, etc) played all three in bands at some point. And now I'm trying to learn piano. It is going slowly, but I am enjoying it.
  22. Spence is a good guy, and a definite Yesser. With a legitimate Tweet there, and like they'll allow us to have a second vote (if polls are showing 60% yes). It'll be a diet Coke version of Catalonia. Some Yessers need to focus on winning minds rather than conspiracies or doubting the converted.
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    2020 Draw Thread

    The June games look cracking! All ifs and buts, but if we can beat Cyprus and have taken 6pts from the first two games, we'll come to Belgium at the start of summer riding high! That Russia game in Glasgow is huge too. Time to not get too carried away and see if we can actually do the business in Astana first and so on before we start thinking about that. I have a feeling Cyprus will pick up a few points too (they beat Slovenia -albeit had a stinking Nations League) and drew with Bulgaria, Slovenia too and beat Bosnia/Herz in qualifying. 0-1 will do fine, and a Russian stumble there please