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  1. Did the house party app thing was good to see and hear folk, have drink a talk pish again. One of the guys even made up a wee pub quiz (alot Motherwell related)
  2. Condolences Slasher. The funeral director should offer you the option of having a memorial service at a later date if you wish.
  3. That's good mate and a relief. Of my close family (none living with me, older kids, brother and in laws) 5 are key workers. My only worry now is them.
  4. Right I've been biting my tongue. Do we praise God for bringing us the virus (creator of all)? I'm going to regret this ain't I 😬
  5. Fux sake help me. What's the theme now? I'll go wi this till someone points me in the right direction
  6. I came up with a brand new word today. Plagiarism
  7. This thread definitely needs resurrected. A guy has just driven by on a tractor shouting The End Is Nigh. Think it was Farmer Geddon.
  8. My mates 20 year daughter instructed to go to work (travelling Motherwell to Glasgow) as a key worker. Van insurance and renewals!!! Nothing in their plans to allow working from home. Utter madness. I think some businesses should be taking it more seriously.
  9. In that case, can you explain why you have written your username like you have?
  10. Laura Kuntybura on BBC news slaughtering Salmond because he admitted to two situations of having consensual sex. Honest tae fuck.
  11. Nothing will change. About 50% of people will still be selfish kunts. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-australia-51984725
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