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  1. John Hartson says you're deranged. Former Celtic striker John Hartson fears his old club will lose the league to Rangers before the split and says anyone still talking up the possibility of 10 In A Row is "deranged".
  2. Adam Rooney for Motherwell? Obviously a connection with the new gaffer from his Salford days.
  3. Clearly the Coronavirus in just a big let's see who can do it best competition when you listen to Fiona Bruce.
  4. Absolute joke. Frozen pitch last time. Game wouldn't have been called off last time with grass and undersoil heating. No one to blame other than the Scottish League bigwigs who allow these shitty pitches in the top league. Been to Hamilton v Motherwell a couple of times won't be back til they revert to grass. Not football as we know it.
  5. Aye but is he a proddy Well fan or a kafflic Well fan. 🙃
  6. You maybe should have worded that a bit better 😉
  7. Can I just point out its not me putting those confused looking emojis on your comments. I totally get what you're saying.
  8. Funnily enough that was quite similar to the responses I was getting to completely deflect from the questions I was asking about the Labour Party.
  9. Just been blocked on Neil Findlay Facebook page 🙄 Sad what the Labour Party has become in Scotland. They're hatred for SNP voters (their former supporters) is incredible. They just seem to turn a blind eye to anything the Conservatives are doing.
  10. Just saw footage of Trumps inauguration and the dignity of Obama. Speaks volumes.
  11. Yes, played havoc with the lower leagues in England last week too. I fear the worst. Really hope Motherwell get those 6 points back soon 😳
  12. So looking like Gary Alexander at Fir Park. Got his work cut out. Campbell and Gallagher probably away, injured international keeper, Lang's loan finished, defence leaking goals and forwards not scoring. His management skills could very well be put to the test 🙁
  13. The puzzling thing for me is how the fuck can anyone afford to go to Dubai just now, let alone a whole football team. You'd have thought they'd have put the money towards a decent centre back.
  14. Think Motherwell may still be haggling over a development fee for Cadden. Bit vague as he went to US but came back to England on loan very quickly.
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