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  1. Meanwhile, a few miles over the border. https://news.stv.tv/world/michael-gove-grants-planning-permission-for-new-coal-mine
  2. https://news.stv.tv/sport/football/partick-thistle-chair-and-board-members-quit-after-ownership-row-at-firhill
  3. Thought it'd be nice for you two to have your own personal chat room. You're welcome.
  4. One win in four for Spain in Qatar. They must be worried about qualifying for the Euros 😙🎶 Pinning my hopes on France and Brazil to stop England. Not sure anyone else are that good.
  5. Spain not impressive at all. Never seen a team so reluctant to put a cross in.
  6. ☝️☝️☝️ Cant understand why this isn't a flagship policy. Starts to make you wonder 🤔
  7. Wasn't sure what thread to put this on (don't shout at me Ramy). Michael O'Neil signing long term contract to be Northern Ireland manager again. That next qualification group must helped him make that decision.
  8. Yesterday my train from Waverly to Cleland (Edinburgh to Motherwell is difficult to do now for some reason) was cancelled for the 3rd time on the trot. Yesterday they laid on a mini bus which had to stop at every station making miles off the designated train times. I was the only person on it. No one else got on at the dozen stations and the driver had a right few still to go before Glasgow Central before doing the same journey on the way back. There'll always be too cars on the road until there's a serious alternative.
  9. Imagine that may put the brakes on the signing for Morton story. If it there was any truth in it to begin with
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