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  1. For about 2 years a guy I know was excitedly counting down the days till his retirement, state pension and a modest private pension.. Met him a few months after his retirement. Because he had a private pension his wife's benefit was cut, lost his housing benefit and he no longer got a council tax rebate, The poor sod was back working 3 days a week taxi driving to get by..
  2. And when most people do that we can scrap the state pension altogether and just force workers and employers to pay for their retirement through the work place pension.
  3. Must've been a awful last season for coupons no one talked about it for a while 😕 And whats happened to Zicoladud? Anyway 4 trebles and four fold tonight. Middlesbourgh, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Swindon.
  4. Unbelievable I've given up on my pension. Making no provision for it, waste of time imo. Worst of all people putting into the Government work place pension. A total scam to eradicate other benefits you'd be entitled to in your old age.
  5. Going off tonic a bit. At Motherwell you still hear Oh Wullie Wullie Wullie Wullie Wullie Wullie Pettigrew. After all these years never realised the tune was from this song until some young guys put it on the juke box to sing along too in the pub on Friday night. Can't believe I missed that!
  6. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/dundee-united/stars-of-the-80s-no-9-tommy-coyne-1-2615978
  7. One of the worst games I've seen in some time. Hearts agracultural style won't excite many this season. As for Well just not good enough. Hand out a few doings playing lower league opposition and fans talking of a comfortable top 6 finish - Aye Right. Just can't see where the goals are going to come from. Modern day football = a loan striker running about like a headless chicken. Remember strike partnerships? Coyne and Wright. McCoist and Hately. etc. I miss that.
  8. Ffs 1st prematch drink and I've just spilled most of it down my front. Definately Glassius half emptius Thanks Fairbairn
  9. It is a tough one, it is frustrating when Yes people in interviews aren't aggressive enough. A more firey approach is definately needed in certain public situations which Wings would be smart enough and capable enough to do and far better him on Question Time than the likes of Eddie Reader (not critisising her) to shoot down the unionist pish. Would it get us that 6% swing from the 2014 result? Or do we have to play the sickly mainstream political game to get us over the line.. After 2014 my morals went right oot the window, I want independence by any means possible. If someone can convince me of the winning way I'll be right on that bandwagon.
  10. Another qualifying round in Europa Cup Sherriff or AIK not easy.
  11. Check out the comments in link below.The Unionists are organised for social media this time round. On another note and excuse my ignorance but will EU nationals still living in Scotland after brexit be allowed to vote in an independence referendum? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-49316478
  12. When Well fans are over confident thats usuallly when we end up getting gubbed. Club motto should be - Always Expect The Worst. (wonder what that'd be in Latin)
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