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  1. Best way to watch it imo is to put a wee coupon on, go to BT Sports 3, hit the red button an choose option 6. You get to see all the chances and goals. Put some music on in the background and pour some vodka. chambourcy nouvelle, everyone's a winner.
  2. I'd heard this prick Cummings would sell his own parents but to put their lives at risk! 😮
  3. Mmmmm some dont agree https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/motherwell.121158/
  4. Anyone seen these flyers? https://news.stv.tv/scotland/planned-mass-gatherings-with-picnics-to-protest-lockdown?top
  5. Nappies good too. VID-20200512-WA0005.mp4
  6. Did he? I wound him up a while back about Wright being hopeless and St Johnstone should get shot of him (can't believe he fell for that coming from a Motherwell fan) I'm sure he thought Wright was the best Saints manager ever.
  7. Good luck Slasher. Should do well here in Motherwell. My uncle appeared in the Daily Record in a quite spectacular picture iin front of molten steel being poured when he worked in the 'Craig. A few interesting items were allegedly disposed of in those furnaces. Any promotional stuff you can put on here so we can share on Facebook, etc.
  8. Another cracking day here in tropical Motherwell. A few going by with back packs and cool boxes heading for a session obviously. Must admit if I was in my teens/early 20"s and this happened I doubt I could have stayed in especially on a Friday. Would have tied the bed sheets together and climbed out the bedroom window by now and been down the Clyde or in the woods with a carry out. So hats off to the young team who are sticking with the rules.
  9. If she was from Bathgate she'd have said 'ken' and 'like eh'...... Non Weegie.
  10. Everyone who refer to Lanarkshire folk as Weegies 🖕
  11. Just got a text from a nurse I know saying they're testing patients who clearly have the virus but it's taking 2 or 3 attempts to get a positive result.
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