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  1. If this does happen do you think then if you go abroad you won't have to isolate on your return if you have both jags?
  2. According to Sky News the government are considering waiving the requirement of self isolating when people come in to contact with people who are positive if they've had 2 vaccinations. Not seen the science behind this but weren't we being told you can still catch it and pass it on?
  3. Wee update. Taken to hospital in a neckbrace, has a back injury but thankfully no damage to the spine.
  4. Finland Russia game. Co commentator Martin Keown after Russian guy lands on his shoulder/neck after watching it 2 or 3 times "oh he should be fine" Guy will be lucky not to be spending the night in hospital. Absolutely horrible landing.
  5. Will always remember Wright saying Joe Hart shouldn't be playing in the next round when they were losing to Iceland at half time, he still assumed they were going through. Thankfully he got his wish.
  6. Spot on. As a Motherwell fan I'm proud to be a Dirty Orange Fenian
  7. Fs what a sad state of affairs. The VICTIM trophy has well and truly been won over from the other lot (for the time being).
  8. Just been slaughtered by my mate on a group chat for watching it. Yes he thought I was raving about Mrs Brown's Boys. The wee fud 😄
  9. Best football show for a long time. Really enjoyed it
  10. This is happening to me and robbo cop. Just back on today after another week unable to access site. Were you able to change settings or anything to rectify the problem?
  11. Another week unable to get site, back on today. I see others have had issues in April. See technical support above.
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