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  1. The lurch away from the left got the last labour government into power.Hopefully it won't be Scotland s problem soon mate
  2. Looks like a bit of disagreement behind the scenes not helped by Mr Gerrard. In October 2020 Rangers coach Steven Gerrard suggested that Arfield had retired from international duty.[40] Arfield later refuted the claim in an interview with Rangers TV, stating that his continued involvement with Canada would be up to coach John Herdman.[41] After missing Canada's 2022 World Cup qualifiers in March and June of 2021, Arfield was named to the to the provisional 60-man squad for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup,[42] but did not make the final 23-man team.[43]
  3. The Tory Party would definitely love that. Splitting the opposition's vote.
  4. Looking at the above qualifying table it seems a strange time to pack it in. What a finish to a footballing career playing in a world cup would be and it's only ten months away.
  5. The incredible thing AGAIN is how the public ask no questions of the media when the powers want rid of someone. Simple questions like who has been sitting on all this damning information of last years wrong doings before releasing it to the press or more than likely instructing the press when to release it, as they've obviously had the stories from the day it happened. I mean how the f#*k can you have so many piss ups in one of the most media covered buildings in the world without the press knowing. If memory serves me right there was no restrictions on reporters during lockdown.
  6. Was that on The Outer Hebrides Broadcasting Corporation?
  7. Tragic news breaking just now https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-60120367
  8. Absolutely. Everyone should be able to work out Davidson and Ross are well aware the long knives are out for Boris within their party. They know the coup is coming otherwise they'd be saying feck all.
  9. Was convinced he was heading south (Championship) for a final payday which we could understand and maybe test himself now that Motherwell (Stephen Robinson especially) put in the hard work getting him fit and back on form. Dundee United tho??? I wish him as much success as he had at Hearts and St Johnstone i.e. f#ck all.
  10. Did you not used to get an indirect free kick if it happened inside the penalty box? You never see it now, assume that rule changed.
  11. Yep, decisions on halting Christmas and Hogmanay parties in the hospitality industry were made couple of weeks ago when the cancellations started flooding in.
  12. My mate always wanted to be run over by a steam train. When it eventually happened he was chuffed to bits.
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