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  1. The final piece of the perfect storm is going fall place at end of the year. This guy sums up business at present (nice to see BBC reporting recognition of Brexit). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-62574997
  2. There is a shit storm coming in winter/spring and following the recent shit storms this will be the breaking point. The hospitality industry being the 1st to collapse through cost of food and the still to come energy price hikes. Is it SNP policy to nationalise energy companies? If so they really need to get that message out there asap.
  3. Everyone enjoying the Armageddon style reporting on TV of summer weather. Regularly showing pictures of recently cropped farmers fields as if it's some desolate parched wasteland
  4. It won't happen. The amount of people knocking about Motherwell wearing Old Firm tops is ridiculous (for Motherwell read most towns in Scotland).
  5. For a bonus point. What was the B side of Ally's Tartan Army? No googling mind!!!
  6. Great draw for Annan. A probable full house and good chance of getting through to the next round.
  7. 3. Hearts 4. Dundee Utd 5. Hibs 6. St Mirren 7. Kilmarnock 8. Aberdeen 9. Ross County 10. St Johnstone 11. Livingston 12. Motherwell 😥
  8. Not surprising as 3 wins in 22 tells you all you need to know about a hopeless manager. I'll say it again, how the f*#k did we qualify for Europe? If we don't sack this guy soon it's relegation.
  9. Went to the doctor. He said I have to stop masturbating. I asked why? He said because I'm trying to examine you.
  10. Aye and when not needed. Didn't he smash a young Icelandic player. He's a c#nt.
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