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  1. Agreed. It's like the - ' I'm a Celtic man but I'm wishing Fernando Ricksen all the best' stuff you see
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-championship/table Now thats a relegation battle.
  3. Strange when theres a banning/shut down you get an incredible urge to check it out. Monkey Hole 😁
  4. He deserves to be banned. I mean how the f#ck did he miss Tavernier from that distance!!!
  5. Not a joke. Just highlighting the absurd reaction we often see on social media after previous atacks.
  6. It's about time we rounded up these white Christians and sent them back to Jerusalem or Bethlehem or wherever their crackpot religion started. If they're white Christians SEND EM BACK!
  7. I get that but I'm not asking for much just 2 or 3 seasons with the exciting young players we have to build a team around. These young guys will still be in their early 20's after that. This is the most hope I've had in a Motherwell team for a while but it's 2 steps back as usual.
  8. Candellis, Murphy, Kent, Jordan Jones will all be in front of him. Hope he enjoys his reserve team football. Who the feck are advising these young boys? Agents are ruining careers before they've started. How tae piss aff yir Friday!
  9. It's utter madness tho he was on loan to Alloa came back and has had a handful of 1st team games. As for Gerrard he'll be off to manage an English team pretty soon imo. Maybe get one more season here if that.
  10. Jeezo. Here we go again another Paul Slane or Lee Irwin in the making. Still he'll be financially well off for 4 or 5 years before hitting the skids. Nice to see young Turnball is more interested in a career developing his talent with 1st team football.
  11. Watched Reporting Scotland for 1st time since new channel started. Makes sense now giving us 'our own' channel. Few will watch the new channel, most will continue watching the main channel. The 'Britishization' of Scotland continues unchecked.
  12. You can start worrying now Squirrelhumper. Ranieri sacked
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