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  1. Absolutely. We used to wear a poppy the week leading up to remembrance Sunday. That seemed pretty respectful. Sad what it's turned into.
  2. Yes I know that as does anyone who has an interest in Scottish football 👍
  3. Charlie Adam player manager soon or a S.O.S for wee Gordon?
  4. Off topic but if I was Lyndon Dykes I'd be telling Mark Warburton to keep his trap shut and stop jeopardising his chance of playing in a major international tournament.
  5. As much as new restrictions are a pain it has to be done now to get the stats down and not in the run up to the festive season which is crucial for the retail and hospitality industries survival.
  6. Aye. Didn't expect our two Scottish internationalists to balls it up.
  7. We'll never have a better chance of getting to the group stage. Just a pity we're playing so shit.
  8. So we've now got our very own Katie fuckin Hopkins. Sit and and think up contraversal shlt to get a reaction (yes I know this isn't new). Admin must be desperate for the click bait. Ffs I'm even missing Alan. At least you got the impression he believed in the crap he was posting.
  9. Please speak to someone who worked in a hospital. Ask them what it was like during March, April and May.
  10. More pathetic business from Motherwell. We should actively have been touting him to English clubs. I can only assume he didn't want to leave home. £15 M for Kent ffs. I'd rather have Turnbull any day.
  11. Also got an early memory of him sclaffing the ball over the goalline with his studs. Think it was maybe a cup final.
  12. Sad news. 206 appearances for Motherwell. 22 Scotland caps as well as his Rangers career. Set the tone for hard as nails centre backs ay Fir Park, Wullie McVie, Stewart McLaran, Gregor Stevens, and was assistant manager to Tommy McLean during the best times to be a Well fan in my lifetime. RIP Big Tam.
  13. Good to see the boy O'Donnell get his big move at last. Happy with that signing 😊
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