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  1. Och Aye

    Russia 2018

    Laughed at one of the post match comments. Gareth Southgate seems as flustered as I've ever seen him after a match. Maybe something to do with his World Cup record potentially being 2 defeats and 2 victories, one of those victories v Panama, a team I'd bet Motherwell to beat.
  2. Och Aye

    World Cup 2018

  3. Och Aye

    World Cup 2018

    0-0 in our predictions league + joker played for double points 😀
  4. Och Aye

    World Cup 2018

  5. 😁 that takes me back. Blackmail I think they call it now. What a waste of a Sunday morning.
  6. On facebook there is a Motherwell past and present page. There was a picture on it with banners wishing Motherwell all the best in the cup final. It turned into a right bitter bitch fest. This would not have happened if any other club was involved other than Celtic/Rangers. Instant mayhem when these f#ckers are involved. I don't know why the two of them don't go and look at struggling clubs in the north of England buy them over, relocate there, rename them and bingo they're on the way to the place they want to be, the English Premiership. It would also give them a much bigger platform for their political stances.
  7. Looks like the Independence campaign is about to step up. Looking at the comments on BBC news website it's going to be pretty nasty this time round. The Billy Brits are all over social media and political forums where they weren't as quick to use last time. Going to be hard not to get so confrontational imo. Having said that I hope the YES political parties take a more aggressive stance.
  8. Been awake from ten to feckin 4. You'd think you'd grow out of this by now.
  9. My stomach started churning just thinking of that scenario. You really should be allowed a drink at the football.
  10. A perfomace like the semi versus The Dons and The Well have a chance. Tough ask tho. C'mon The Well.
  11. Och Aye

    Welcome to Scotland

    Scotty CTA 23 Posted 28 minutes ago I never disguise truth. It's called 'hitting the nail on the head'
  12. Yes. Just trying lighten up the thread. It's heading down a dark road.
  13. Someone who talks nonsence I think. I could be wrong tho.