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  1. Are you refering to Nouble? He's not their main man, and he's only scored 4 goals. Whilst he has done well, and can beat 3 or 4 players, his next move is often to run it out for a goal kick or over cook a pass. A very good player for Arbroath, but you can see why he hasn't played for a bigger team. Arbroath team revlolves around Stewart, McKenna, O'Brien, Low, Gold and Craigen. Dowds has been very decent as well. The Lichties probably will fall away - sitting pretty but it could have been even better, I can think of 3 home games, we should have won yet only drew. Its fantastic though, and we'll see. PS I think McInnes is a great appointment and the boot up yer arse needed to go on and win the league.
  2. Good to see you back, Irish. I've noticed a huge improvement in Ireland of late and it'll be a tight game with not much in it either way. Arrogance doesn't suit us at all, so anyway Scots boasting could be left with a lot of custard on their puss come the end of a pretty difficult (tight) group - Ireland v Armenia v Scotland v Ukraine, could go anyway.
  3. I've not seen Norwich enough, but as long as he does his stuff for us then who cares about the Canaries and their petty fans. Even if someone wasn't great, imaging singing that at one of your own players! Watch him have a marvelous couple of games for us in March and cue the fickle "why didn't he do that for us" Norwich fans.
  4. Also let's remember England is the outlier here not us, Wales or NI.
  5. No, not at all. Folk constantly moaning about it though are. First day back at work yesterday and it was all we heard, so maybe I just needed to vent. It's more the "me, me, me," culture I was fed up of. Agreed that makes no sense folk can go shopping in a busy shopping centre yet football down to 500 seems odd. Im a hypocrite though. Fed up hearing about it yet post in here to moan about it
  6. It doesn't surprise me. Was out a week before Christmas and tons of them around 20 or so, were doing the same (and openly taking more illegal substances) without a care in the world. Probably best you didn't say anything, they might have given it back or went for you. To sound like yer grumpy Da, but even in the last 20 years the levels of selfishness and ego in many folk are off the level. I blame watching too much US shite and social media in general.
  7. He can GTF. He has turned us down countless times. No doubt if we make the WC, he'll be up for a cap!
  8. Exactly. Wish more folk would think of that than bumping their gums. All those arseholes boasting about heading to Newcastle to party will be the first in the queue to use the NHS if they were poorly with COVID. It's three weeks too, you selfish arseholes. Think about others less vulnerable than yourself - it might be non symptomatic for a 21 year old but that could knock another person off their feet for a few days, weeks. And spare the stats, 40% less deadly, SA doing well with it etc. PS not a go at you, vander. Also, what Scotland, wales and NI are doing is basically what most European states are doing. I feel for folk in the hospitality sector who are out of work right now. I'm just fed up of mostly grown men behaving like spoilt little tarts really when they basically do what they want anyway, but the fitba is off for their winter break earlier.
  9. Know quite a few SNP voters who are really annoyed by this. Not an election for ages, but I reckon they'll take a hit in the polls
  10. Those Hibs Union Jacks are feckin bowfin. Mind a Hibee trying to tell me it was for Basque 😅
  11. I've fired through a lot of Succession in about 3 days! On the Dundee episode, just brilliant! Hearts Football Club? 😀 Brilliant acting throughout this series.
  12. The trial stinks. Very little reporting on it this side of the pond considering she is a British citizen. There is tons of honking stuff on Twitter e.g beheading, pornography, violence etc yet the trial tracker account was banned fro the get go - for simply stating what was going on. Here's my own conspiracy - I think anyone who wears a pinky ring is one for the watching, and an awfae lot of the alleged passengers on his jet have these.
  13. Can we rely on the Wings/Alba crew even voting Yes IF there is a second referendum? Seen a few comments on his blog saying basically if this is the Scotland we are voting for, I'll abstain. I don't think there will be a second one anytime soon. Not that the SNP don't want one. I just don't think any English PM would ever agree to it. Last time they probably thought it would be 65-35 at most. And with the polls roughly 50/50 over the past years, it could either way.
  14. I've always liked Clarke as a person - no nonsense, and obviously well liked by the squad. After the Euros, at the start to qualifying I was starting to get a bit itchy feet about him though and more so, because we had seen it all before under Levin, Burley, Berti of making a pig's ear of a start to qualifying especially at home, and TBH, maybe 20 years of this, after that 2-2 with Austria at home and that draw in Israel, that it was going to be another long way off second battling it out with Israel for 3rd finish. Key moments 1. Winning in Austria - I went in to that thinking a draw would be a fairly decent result (considering Israel had beaten Austria) but to win, against a very good side (they pushed Italy all the way in the Euros) was a huge result. When did we beat a higher seed away in the last 5-10 years? 2. Getting over the line against Israel. We were rank in that first half, and just thought it was going to be another draw. We also shot ourselves in the foot by equalising and then Israel going ahead almost straight after it. But to win in the last minute and by a bit of a flukey goal too, was amazing. The sort of thing you see other teams do! Not us! And if we ever did that it was against Liechtenstein FFS. 3. That Denmark performance. Just magic. They had injuries, they had won the group, but they were going for a 100% record and not many smaller (population) sides have done that in qualifying, so they had a huge incentive. We were well up for it, and EVERY single player was superb. 4. Moldova away - wasn't pretty, and the closer it got to half-time I was fearing a draw, but we were the better team and a 2-0 win was deserved. We are on a roll, but we have a very tough game in March, but Ukraine are beatable. Have a feeling it'll go to ET. If, and that's a big IF, we get past them I am really undecided on who I would want to play Wales - they have done well of late, and well worthy of their second place finish as well. I think we are just the better side on paper, but it's a derby, and they often find a way of beating us. Losing there would be awful, but winning there would be simply AMAZING. Austria - we did well there. I refuse to believe they have become a poor side in the space of 3-4 months after the Euros. They'll be well up for it and so will their fans. We did it in Serbia, we could do it again ; but I reckon I'd roll the dice and take the game in Cardiff hopefully with 10k of Scotland fans sneaked in around the ground.
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