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  1. I don't think we'll see many resignations from her cabinet, maybe even now at all. Some Brexit backbench MPs will mouth off, but not many will follow their lead, and many even Brexit-voting Tories along with remainers will back their party in the vote. I expect it will pass both cabinet and Parliament. DUP, SNP ,Lib Dem may vote against it along with a number of Labour and Tory too ; but it'll be the Labour abstain and Tory 'rebels' that will allow this deal (whatever it may be in full) to go through. I COULD BE HORRIBLY WRONG THOUGH, but that's my gut prediction before these ''showdown talks'' commence in 20 mins with May and her cabinet.
  2. weekevie04

    Team/crowd for Albania and Isreal

    Was half-listening (H and J, talkSPORT) and Snodgrass without coming out with it saying he has had injury issues ''took a pain killer for the Iceland game'' (eh??!!) so is focusing on West Ham, so guessing he's sort of retired. Should have been listening better, as probably half of this is false, but it was something like that! Ooops
  3. weekevie04

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    I hope we qualify, but surely two loses or a point form these two games and he's gone? Although, no doubt we'll end up out on goal difference/head to head. The clueless SFA will keep him and it'll be all over by next November. AHEM... Just ranting, and I hope to god we get two wins, and somehow we become team. MON SCOTLAND, for f├ęcking once, just do it DIFFERENTLY and win this Group! TWO WINS!
  4. Just like the old Caledonia and looks very likely most native-Caledonians voted yes too. Still, they've got 2 more referendums possibly to come. And the polls had No winning at 60-70, Yes on mid-late 30s. So, Yes polled higher than expected
  5. Exile's review of QT is excellent. It's no way to measure political thought as the crowd is mostly made up of people who are firmly decided, political activists. It's incredibly easy to lie in the application too. Interesting how people perceive things too. Last time I seen it in Edinburgh (not this one) I watched it fearing the worst eg lots of angry English, Brexit Tories etc and found it to be very local, and mostly pro-indy in cheers/applause. Yet a pal of mine thought it was the opposite. I'm amazed the Tories are giving the likes of Ross Thomson air time. Then again out of their 13, there's a lot of dead wood in there eg Kirsten Hair is probably the worst.
  6. weekevie04

    Israel- Albania

    That'll be Israel winning the group then. We'll lose or draw in Albania and draw with Israel.
  7. weekevie04

    Toulon Tournament

    Excellent stuff. Think they won 10-1!
  8. weekevie04

    Team for israel

    That's what I meant. I'm not doubting McTominey, Cairney, Jordan Archer etc loyalty. Poor choice of words using proper I suppose, but I'm meaning the journeymen who played for us because England didn't come calling.
  9. weekevie04

    Scotland U21's v England U21's Tickets on sale

    Aye, he looks good, but like Macca I've only seen highlights. Looks a terrific prospect though.
  10. weekevie04

    Team for israel

    TBH, no complaints with the squad and happy to see so many SPFL players in there. Not that I'm a chest-pumping Scots-born/bred squad ; but its very nice to see a squad with 'proper' Scots in there too. I'm not Eck's biggest fan, but he gets us 3pts in Israel then fair dues and if we win this group ; then he deserves a lot of credit.
  11. Much obliged to you all. Thanks.
  12. Hi folks, A couple of pals are coming from Iceland to Glasgow in late November for a conference and making a weekend of it. They were asking me about good folk music venues, both for ceilidh/trad music or just singer-songwriter Scottish or even Irish folk songs. I said the Park Bar was always good, and I've always enjoyed The Scotia ; but could anyone from the area or someone in the know recommend a few great places for them to hear some music, and a good atmosphere? Thanks very much.