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  1. I grew up in a street where everybody kent everyone, and it felt like one big party(just at a different house) each night til about the 3rd or 4th (or the last Sunday before the Monday going back to school/work). There's still ceilidhs, and I know folk who still do the traditions ; but even 20-30 years ago, Christmas was a lot less in your face as it is now, but I think that's Americanisation in general really, pals in Iceland have said its changing here too. I've always liked Boxing Day for the fitba.
  2. Its one of the saddest things for me, and I'm in my mid 30s seeing a lot of the New Year traditions basically die out. Opening the back door and then the front to let the new year in ; a dark haired guest after the bells ; the Dook on the 1st and parties in the street for what felt like a week or so.
  3. THAT accent too, he sounds like the Glasgow uni squad these days.
  4. Great pics, lads! I love hiking. Growing up close to Dundee, we weren't too far from a fair few munros. A few of my pals would do it every second Saturday morning from spring to October or so and get up about 6am and go for it. I really regret not going more than a handful of times, but since I hit my early to mid 30s, I've really got into hiking and walking. I really fancy getting a dug, always wanted something like a Newfie, but they are expensive, eat a lot, slaver, and don't live long ; but they are magical wee dogs. Maybe something like yours, is that a chocolate lab? Someone
  5. Very impressive last season - haven't seen enough this year - but has he been a bit disappointing? Maybe just Motherwell in general have.
  6. Haha, we'd find a way of sending the Faroes to their first WC.
  7. Very happy with the draw. Denmark are the best top seeds we could have drawn, and Austria - whilst a very decent side these days - it could have been a lot worse. It was always going to be Israel. Whilst we have struggled against them, we surely can get over the hoodoo, surely! They are a decent side under their new boss too, so they may well beat Austria again or even Denmark too. They'll no doubt be fancying at least pushing for third in this group. Faroes are ever improving and had a fantastic Nations League campaign, but I still think we'll be able to win 2-0 or so over ther
  8. Draw will be streamed live on Fifa.com for folk looking to see it.
  9. I wish the lad all the success in the world, but from the limited times I've seen him at U21 level I don't think he's anywhere near as good as some folk imagine him to be. He's big and makes a nuisance of himself, and he does give everything ; but his first touch is quite poor, he's missed a few golden chances as well. He's maybe not a natural striker, but he does get in to good positions although doesn't always score. 21 is still young, and hopefully it works out ; but I don't think he'll be our great white hope up front for the future.
  10. Yes 56% No 44% latest IPSOS Poll out today. Holyrood SNP 54% Tory 21% Labour 15% List vote : SNP 45% Tory 22% Labour 16% Greens 7% Lib 6% Labour are fecked eh, amazing to think 10-15 years ago how strong a force they were in Scotland. Absolute icing on the cake would be if the Greens would match them or get ahead of them in the list vote!
  11. The likes of Wings can GTF, TBH. The lad is a nutter obsessed with an issue 1% give a shit about. He's written pish about the SNP for almost two years now. And now he's going to change his tune thanks to the NEC results?
  12. They had the same issue against Finland. Played reasonably well, but trying too much and couldn't score. These two results are probably going to stop them from qualifying. Unless, they do win the next three and get a favour in the Finland-Portugal game.
  13. Croatia and Denmark are probably the teams from Pot 1, possibly Holland and Germany - on current form - but whoever we get in Pot 1 will be a hard slog. Would certainly take Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Wales, Poland and possibly Austria. Really would like to avoid Switzerland, Serbia (they'll click and they tend to go from horror qualifying campaign to belter, and no doubt will want 6 pts from us), Ukraine have been very good under Shevchenko, and some talented youngsters coming through. Pot 3 - would happily have taken Iceland, NI, Ireland, possibly Finland in our group. Happ
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