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  1. An United Ireland will look different to what Sinn Fein are dreaming of. Wouldn't be surprised if things like Stormont, NI football team etc would even stay. The Unionists might always end up in power too as a junior coalition partner or like the DUP/Tory deal too. So a united Ireland would serve the likes of Mike Nesbitt etc very well.
  2. Ironic, that Ireland was seen as a 'backwater' in the ol' days and you could tell if you had left NI and entered Ireland by the (free) state of the roads. Fast forward a few years, and Ireland is -for some of its faults e.g far too neo-liberal, IMO - but a much modern and progessive thinking state than Northern Ireland by a country mile. Scotlad sums it up well in they are protesting for a Union that doesn't give two fecks for them. It must really baffle Unionists when they come to 'the mainland' and everyone who speaks to them barring a few at Ibrox or Douglas Ross, most just see
  3. It means very little in the grand scheme of things, but its interesting possibly to me. Know of 5 SNP voters who voted SNP in 2015 ; for whatever reason didn't vote in 2017 ; but came back to vote SNP in 2019. These same people are voting in the Angus South constituency - SNP/Graeme Dey and Green on the list. I'm surprised that all of them are going Green. Fingers crossed it gets a Green in and hopefully an Alba MSP too at the expense of a Tory and Lib.
  4. He really is. I'd even take Jackson Carlaw hanging on to his seat over ACH losing his.
  5. Apologies for clogging up this thread, but does anyone have the numbers for the 2016 list vote for NE Scotland? A pal of mine is voting SNP for his constituency, but unsure to back Green or Alba on the list vote. Eagerly awaiting the first Alba poll to see how they are fairing, TBH. I think someone posted it up here, but I've failed to find it. I do recall the SNP got 48% of the vote and 0 MSPs.
  6. Ireland have some decent young players coming through, they were a baw hair away from qualifying for the U21s tournament, and their 17s and 19s have been to tournaments of late. We too had a purple patch few years ago at that level as well, and it doesn't necessarily mean they will make the grade at the next level , but there's certainly some promising footballers coming through there. If Kenny is the man to guide them, I don't know. Imagine if Rice, Grealish and Bamford had pledged to play for them, they might be in a different situation altogether.
  7. Yes, I think that was their first ever game too! I rave about them to anyone who listens - which isn't many these days hah - but a town the size of Falkirk is their population basically. IIR there was a poll a year or two ago about best fans-per-population size in attending domestic leagues was 1) Faroes 2)Us 3)Norway.
  8. PS The Faroes are no San Marino, Gibraltar or Andorra. They are a decent side and recently went about 9 games undefeated albeit in the Nations League D, still though, they are massive improvement to what they were 30 years ago. They have not lost by more than 4 goals since 2017! I wonder if they can get a result against Israel or Austria ; I'll take a 1-0 win in T├│rshavn right now for us if possible. Also two games against Denmark! Their big rivals, with their ever improving side, you never know they might get a huge result at home against them.
  9. Israel beat Austria in the last campaign, so ideally the same again and for Austria to beat them in Vienna. The group is fairly wide open. Israel will also be fancying second as well, and maybe the Austrians will look at the 2-2 with us as a good result after last night. I thought at the start whoever wins in the Faroes, Israel and Moldova will win the group. Denmark have won in Israel and Austria, so they are firm favourites to win this now. 5 pts in the next set of fixtures - Austria, Denmark (a) and Moldova (h) would put us in a decent position. Anyways, I reckon ther
  10. Dykes will be an excellent sub. Someone to bring on with 25 minutes to go and if we are 2-1 up e.g against the Czechs or so ; we won't be relying on him for a goal but his determination, hold up play and for want of a better word his running about is a good asset to have in the squad.
  11. I would say a decent start for the three games. Last night made up for some of the disappointment of the first two games, my only concern is Clarke is too cautious and slow to react. The only reason he changed at half-time in Tel Aviv was due to them scoring, if it was 0-0, he would have came out with the same side until the 65th minute. But if you look at qualifying in the other groups, they are all wide open. Germany losing 2-1 at home to Macedonia ; Armenia with 9pts ; Romania beating Macedonia, makes their group almost a four team group. You'd imagine Germany would go on from this.
  12. A very good win indeed. Although we did struggle a bit after scoring early on. The Faroes are a decent side. Just look at their recent record, very rarely are they pumped these days. The Faroese Champions were 45 minutes away from making the group stages of the Europa League this year, I've been laughed at for this, but they are the best football team in the world per population in my opinion. A country the size of Arbroath, unbelievable. So fair dues to them, they played a bit of football and had a go. Adams was very good. He's nailed on now as the starter with those three performan
  13. If its anything to go by, qualifying looks extremely open in many groups. Imagine we were Slovenia - beat Croatia at home follow that up with a 1-0 loss in Cyprus. Or Turkey - hammer Holland 4-2 ; and again hump Norway 3-0 only to be held at home to Latvia.
  14. What would most people be predicting Alba is polling in the first poll? I'll go with 12% on the list vote. SNP down to abut 34%
  15. Stewart McDonald is very unlikable. A neo-con, hawk who has never came across well, IMO on QT or the media. I really would be holding my nose if I lived in his constituency in voting for him.
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