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  1. Wee prediction, and no doubt at least half of these will be wrong. Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Bosnia Herzegovina, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Croatia, Poland plus Czech Rep, Austria. No easy games and all that, and going on those predictions we would need something from Denmark (to be seeded) - they also probably going for 10 wins 0 goals against too, so a bit of an incentive for both of us at Hampden. I'd fancy Austria, Bosnia, Wales, Poland, and possibly Norway - albeit with Haaland being injured for that week of the playoffs A - Portugal should do enough to win the group (Ireland (a) and Serbia (h). They have lost to Serbia at home before, and were hardly inspiring against Ireland, still you'd imagine they will win the group. B - Sweden are away to first Georgia then Spain. The Swedes are 2 pts clear of Spain. Spain's last games are (a) to Greece and then home to Sweden. The Swedes are really good at qualifying and getting results. I think they will beat Georgia, and possibly get enough in Spain to win the group. Mighty Spain in the playoffs. C -Italy and Switzerland both on 14pts. The Italians the Swiss, even if they draw, Italy then go to NI, so unless Switzerland either beat Italy, they'll be needing NI to do them a favour or score 2 more goals than IF Italy beat NI by - that made sense in my head, but Italy to win the group. D - a really interesting group. 1-4 can all qualify. Bosnia Herz v Finland and France v Kazakhstan followed by Bosnia/Herz v Ukraine and Finland v France. Quite hard to predict, Ukraine are undefeated (1 win, 6 draws) Bosnia (1 w, 4 d, 1 l). Finland have knocked Bosnia out before, so a lot can happen, but I reckon it'll be Bosnia/Herz who come second. E - Belgium should beat Estonia, Wales will do the business against Belarus. The Czechs will then easily beat Estonia (GD in the last game?) then who knows what happens in Cardiff for Wales - Belgium. The Welsh seem to have a knack of getting results when it matters, 1-1 and they end up on 15pts. F - Hopefully us. G - I've seen Turkey a couple of times since the Euros, they were awful against Latvia and I wouldn't trust them to win in Montenegro. I reckon Norway will get second. Norway play Lativa at home, they'll put at least 3 past them so their GD will be double figures before going to Amsterdam to play Holland. H - Russia are a good team, Croatia have been a bit up and down of late and in a bit of transition (they are still an excellent team) but I think Russia might sneak a draw here, and it could well be Croatia who are second! I - Albania and Hungary are needing a lot of favours/results. Seems unlikely either will make it. Poland for runners up.
  2. Ah yeah! Yikes, we are surely due Wales a hiding!
  3. Where to start with that. The first 45 minutes were simply awful. They were the better team and if not for Gordon, they could have been 1 or 2 nil up at half time. A better-ish second half, but nowhere near enough urgency, or ability to break them down. I'm pretty happy Christie is out for the Moldova game. He's a decent addition to the squad, but he is nowhere near a starter these days. For every trick he tries, too many don't come off, and for a team that struggles to create or even score enough goals, we can't have him wasting 4 chances for every 1 on target. Dykes. Where do you start with him? Probably a 10,000 word essay. What a whirlwind of a player, who for some reason gets a lot of the breaks. If Christie misses 4 changes for every good one then Dykes will find himself off side, run the ball out of play, get booked, yet he gets the breaks too - his goal on Saturday, his goal tonight, and the luck of the penalty rebound. Can't drop him as he's almost an engima, but we need again to be doing much better than having to rely on him to score. McGregor - maybe a bit OTT now, but is he our best player? His last 4/5 games for Scotland have been outstanding. Such a clever, quick and intelligent player. Doesn't get enough plaudits IMO. He didn't turn the game, but he certainly gave us a lot more oompph and drive going forward when he came on. Patterson did more in 9 minutes than Fraser did alright. Rather Patterson's curlers in to the box than Fraser's. Nisbet deserved more than 10 minutes as well. Lots to take on board. We are A LONG way from Qatar or being a decent side, but we are grinding along, and all these wee 1-0 and late winners over Israel add up. Whilst we are a bit away from even being competitive at a tournament, we have a good young squad - 3 of the 23 are over 30, 2 keepers and 1 is a subby defender (Cooper). IF, and again, let's just see what happens, but if we can somehow do it again and get there - another 13 months from now, with a lot more caps for many e.g Dykes' 20th cap tonight, 18 months again he was playing in Palmerston for his mum and dad's home town team. Still lots of baffling decisions that Clarke makes. And I do like him, but too slow to make tactical changes. I don't think the Faroese deserved to win that, but at that same time I don't quite know if we did either. Basically, are we turning in to a better to watch version of Ireland a decade or more ago - where they would go to places like Georgia, Moldova etc, not play great, but win? We'll find out in 4 weeks. Moldova are the 'worst' team in the group. The table doesn't lie, but again, we are so bi-polar as a team, that I have no idea if it'll be more of the same of tonight, or more like that second half performance against Israel. Anyhoos, I am a hypocrite. I said I'd take an ugly 1-0 win, and we got it. Let's move on and see what November brings, but certainly a lot to think about, and Clarke got away with that (again), kinda, a bit like Dykes', he/we have certainly had our fair share of the green in qualifying. VAR - being kind over all to us. Dykes scoring goals with every bit of his body. Israel scelping Austria, and now for Austria to do that to them in the return leg! P.S What has happened to Austria. They were excellent in the Euros, and now out of the WC before the last set of fixtures.
  4. Clarke again WAY too slow to change! Get Nisbet on.
  5. As good as a 30 mins McTominay had on Saturday, get him off, absolutely pish.
  6. They are a GOOD side. The best minnows, IMO. Still, this is absolutely honking from us. Fair dues to them! Christie is a frustrating player, nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. Fraser is basically shite too, I can't see what he offers.
  7. Best team out there, play them all, suspensions impending or not. I'd love an early goal, wouldn't we all! I'll take a honking 1-0 win to Scotia. The Faroes are very good minnows. Ken Austria and Israel seemed to put them to the sword, but it's somewhat of a derby (for them at least to a certain extent. The Faroese I've met have all been, know of or even say they have a distant relative from Scotland). Barring a miracle, Moldova will be 6th in this group (3pts behind Faroese with far worse GD) I wouldn't be encouraging it, but if we were to only get 4 PTS from next 2 then 3 tonight and 1 in Moldova. No, scrap that. Win tonight, Mon, this new generation and make sure that win against Israel means something!
  8. I imagine the lad might or might not feel a connection to both Portugal and Scotland, but he's English it seems. Played for them at every age level, and fair dues. Still, good for him to know that at 25 or so he has a fall back, haha in us.
  9. WOW, what a second half! The turnout from the first 45 was truly unbelievable. Patterson, Dykes, and McGinn all basically turned in zero to hero performances, especially Paterson who had a pretty poor first half, he really had a brilliant second half, what a talent. McGregor had a brilliant game, outstanding. Robertson and Tierney were both excellent. Adams has some moments and is a great addition to the squad, but he needs four chances for every goal. Dykes is well, his own man, he alone has me going from despair to joy and that was just his performance tonight. What a spirit, comeback and performance really. That second half was the best I've seen us play in a LONG, LONG time, possibly since that 3-1 win over Kazakhstan. Also, the gallus nature of the team, the fighting spirit, that was a HUGE win tonight and that many Scotland teams would never have achieved, it would have ended 2-2. Now, on to Torshavn. 1/2-0 would be fine. They are a very decent side, the best of the minnows IMO, and even if Israel beat them well, I'll honestly take a 1-0 right now for us and a meh performance. Well done everyone in a blue shirt tonight. FANTASTIC.
  10. I don't know. I may well put another prediction in on Saturday pre-KO. That Austria performance, the going there and winning (whilst with a wee rub of the green) was a excellent result, and yet when you look back on that triple header - barring the first 20 minutes against Denmark ; we were actually pretty decent, goals are a huge win, but if we can win 1-0 again, then féck, aye! Israel are tough, there's nothing between us of late, and to 'even' up the score - we NEED to win! Almost three years to the day we first met them in 2018, we've played Israel 7 times in three years! We've won 1 ; Israel 2 ; drawn 3. 2-2-3 sounds good, any way of achieving that please lads! Then again, I'll take a 1-0 in Tórshavn again! Head Scotland 1 Israel 1 Faroes 0 Scotland 1 Heart Scotland 2 Israel 0 Faroes 0 Scotland 3
  11. Aye, you are quite right, and I apoligse for being so flippant and an arsey there saying that. No excuse really. You have a point and I agree that just like Gerrard, O'Neill, Le Guen, Strachan anyone really who ends up boss at the Old Firm, their priority is to win games, but I think Rodgers, Lennon (the least) and now Ange are regularly playing at least 4/5 Scots in the Celtic XI. Ange probably through being down the minimum and lack of transfer activity.
  12. Lack of talent? What planet are you on?
  13. On the phone, so apologise for quoting you twice. My point really is who cares how Rangers do in Europe or at home, when they're don't even play Scottish players.
  14. They regularly start 9/10 non Scots every week!
  15. Aberdeen have been absolutely shite. Long balls to nowhere. The Dons love a mediocre Anglo who's level is probably League 2 in England.
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