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  1. Cheers. I don't smoke or use it, but curious to hear the experience. Guess there is brands etc, edibles?
  2. For the places where it is legal, is it basically like going to a government-run booze shop etc like you do in Scandinavia, Canada etc?
  3. weekevie04

    Independence Reminders

    Hugely disappointing night it was. I had told myself and a few pals on the Tuesday before the vote that I don't think there was enough people. I was hoping I was wrong and that come the day, there would be a surge to Yes. Yet, the more I think back ; its amazing we actually managed to get 45% of the vote. Considering the onslaught and that last week where BBC, Sky etc didn't even attempt to report anything neutrally. Not that I am a conspiracy theorist, but I don't know if we would be allowed to be an independent country if we had voted Yes, a bit like Catalonia at present. I'm a bit pessimistic regarding when and if a second Indyref can be won soon. I think we need a bad Brexit for it to come to forefront or win and possibly wait a few years to see the effects of Brexit, before we see any widespread support of Yes. A lot of the maybe/no sure, will probably vote No again, IMO. Of course if there is a second referendum, I will do something though and leave the negativity for here, :)
  4. weekevie04

    Scotland Retro gear

    Was there ever (I don't know if there was) or is a tracksuit top with SCOTLAND on the back? A bit like CCCP, ITALIA, EIRE etc available to buy? Thanks in advance!
  5. weekevie04

    Nation League Group C

    Absolutely. When Ireland were qualifying for playoffs and tournaments, their results in places like Georgia were the difference and would often go there or the Balkans and win. Whilst we would always falter, often due to us sitting back and hoping for a draw. We should be going to Israel with the aim of winning. Not sitting back due it being "too hot" etc that some pundits like to spout about.
  6. weekevie04

    Nation League Group C

    Slovakia were on a bad run too and we got pumped 3-0 there. I hope we win in Tel Aviv, but it will be a difficult game. Iceland are definitely on the down curve, I can't see them winning a point in their group (They've not won -friendly or competitve game since a B friendly v Indonesia in January ; before that their final WC qualifier against Kosovo in October) . Northern Ireland are a decent side and were very unlucky against Bosnia-Herz. The better side lost.
  7. weekevie04

    Nation League Group C

    Indeed. Haha.
  8. weekevie04

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Don't blame you, Lairdy. We have a good squad, in the sense that Northern Ireland, Iceland, Hungary, Albania, all qualified for the recent Euros and are decent sides these days, we have a similar standard of player if not better, and are underachieving. We should be qualifying for the Euros, maybe the WC is a bridge too far, but definitely the Euros. I'm willing to judge McLeish on this Nations League campaign, but I don't have high hopes. We really should have appointment a non-Scot or if it was between him and Gord, kept Strach. Let's see how Monday goes.
  9. weekevie04

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Never seen the game, but that's a honker of a result. How the feck did the SFA dilly dally by sacking Strachan and end up appointing McLeish. I was up for a change of management, but not Eck, I'd have kept Gordon if it was between those two. We deserve everything though. We accept failure and buy their overpriced tickets. If we don't win the group, we should get rid of McLeish, and winning the group will be very difficult - it'll be too intimating in northern Albania and Tel Aviv no doubt for the likes of Willie Miller on Radio Scotland and the team, but we need to win this group and secure our playoff spot, if not, then time to get rid of Eck.
  10. weekevie04

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Wonderful stuff! I seen about 5 of the games (both Poland ones) so always fancied them to do well against the Swiss. Absolutely brilliant! Its incredibly difficult to qualify for the World Cup - the playoffs between the four best runners up play two semis and then a two-legged final for one team seems pretty, pretty harsh. WELL DONE though!
  11. weekevie04


    Good luck to him. A great wee player and a decent guy as well. Hopefully a future Scotland boss!
  12. weekevie04

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    1-0 going on 6.
  13. weekevie04

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    A wee kip Ramy? Or is that you up til 7 for the game? Was watching a Canadian stream for the AEK game and then nipped oot to a pals before coming home to Steven Caldwell talking about Toronto FC on Sports Report or something 3 hrs later
  14. weekevie04

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    It's hilarious, the hyperbole regarding Gerrard, eh? 6 wins 6 draws and fair enough, nae losses ; but you've got Stevie Clarke and Hertz who deserve more acclaim. 3-1 Celtic without a doubt tomorrow/today.