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  1. I have no idea how this will go. The polls don't look great (UK wide) but I think the polls will be out again come the exit poll. As for the SNP, I no know 7 people who didn't vote in 2017 or voted elsewhere backing the SNP. No doubt in those former SNP heartland seats there will be another 7 people voting Tory so it'll be ticht ; but the people I know - 4 didn't vote in 17 (were SNP/Yes ; but like many for some reason, didn't vote like many SNP voters didn't turn up) the other 2 were Labour and Green ; and I think there person has voted TWICE in his old age of 36 as he's very non-political but his words from Saturday afternoon were "Kev, I'll need to vote SNP to get the Tories out," I've backed the Tories in Aberdeen South, Angus as an outside bet - as in if it remains blue at least I'll make some money on the back of it. Some of those SNP-Tory seats will be incredibly tight ; but the Tories have turned in to the Coke Zero version of the DUP basically their only election bump is ''No tae Indyref2'' Then again, I had a bad feeling about the EU election, but it turned out well for the SNP - mostly thanks to the Brexit Party though for standing. Nae Brexit Party in many seats, so we'll see. Those former SNP heartland seats will be super tight, down to the wire I reckon.
  2. How's things looking up your way, Loon? I know 4 people in Angus who are voting/voted SNP. 2 are Yes/SNP voters but for whatever reason didn't vote in 2017 ; one was a Labour voter and the last one recently moved from Monifieth to outside Arbroath. If the SNP can GOTV and even poll 45% on the day (some tactical voting from Labour, Libs, Greens) and apathy with Tories drops them down to 25% or so ; I think most of those former SNP heartland seats would go back. The Labour vote now SNP - didn't have much interest in politics, and I think he's a soft Yes for indy - but he never really noticed how bad Labour poll in Angus that he's decided to vote SNP to keep the Tories out. Not long now, and we'll see soon.
  3. Possibly last (unless there's another this weekend) full Scotand poll before the election. Times tomorrow - so the full breakdown will be there. SNP 44% (+2) Conservative 28% (+6) Labour 15% (+3) Lib Dem 12% (-1) Greens 1% (-3) Electoral Calculus has SNP 45 seats ; Tories 8 ; Libs 6 ; Lab 1. I'd imagine if there could be some further squeeze from Labour and LD to the SNP ; then more Tory seats could go. Or even if a few Tories stay at home and they are down 2-3% Would make a huge difference between SNP most of the old heartland seats back and not.
  4. Is he any use? The four or five games I've seen him for the U21s he's not looked great. Lots of running and commitment, but I can't recall him even getting a shot on target in the Lithuania or Czech away game.
  5. Absolutely. Unbelievable how many idiots are in the UK - that mind sound harsh - but they fucking are if they vote for him as PM. All the working class people too who will vote for him and JRM. Well, the joke is on them useful idiots. Bit like the Hicks in rhe American south who don't have two dimes to rub together but vote Republican. I'd never vote Labour in Scotland, but certainly would consider it depending on the candidate in England.
  6. Labour were 11/8 til this morning. A great bet, but its down to evens with 365.
  7. Aye, know a few who went through to see ''their'' English.
  8. Loony, you're our SNP prophet. So it's looking good. I remember well the jip you got 'being negative' etc about the NE and you were right. I'm Dundee East but know a few Angus voters. 4 of them all SNP/Yes previously but for some reason didn't vote in 17 and look what happened , all of them voting or postal voted for the SNP. It'll be ticht but like yourself, feeling optimistic but not getting carried away. There's still too many Tories, TBH but going from general mood there's certainly less hospitality towards Sturgeon or the party (or even independence). Another poll is 50/50 today on that. Whilst some might say only! I'd feel very comfortable going into a campaign with 49/50 support in the polls. I think our bigger problem rather than 50/50 for indy, willbe there's not a hope hell they will allow us a referendum.
  9. Win win isn't it. I'm tempted to put a big bet on then again the again maybe they've moved from voting for a monkey in a red rosette to a yellow one these days.
  10. 11/8 Bet365 for Labour in Kirkcaldy/Cowdenbeath. Get on it!
  11. Nothing more embarrassing than Scots saying ''we'' about an English side.
  12. That YouGov MRP poll from yesterday had the SNP 1-3% behind in all the NE former heartland seats. They were all tossups and so was Ayr. So if the SNP get the vote out there's a chance of taking them all or most. Aye , think Mori had before the last election SNP on something similar yet we all know what happened. I'll be astonished if Angus votes for Hair again though.
  13. Anyone close to the SFA on here, any indication for the tickets and sale date? Next year?
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