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  1. Amazing what a few games can do for you, 3 games ago the 'EPL' fans had Tierney away to Leicester. Like some of said, lets see him turn up for these games in September and October before I get excited about him doing well down there.
  2. Never seen it, but Tierney apparently was MOTM. Plus a nonsense Tesco bag for his kit
  3. I love both. Thanks for the tip. Do you like Max Richter? Some of Aphex's Twin's more ambient stuff is amazing too.
  4. Forgot to add, I absolutely love trad music - both Scottish and Irish. My pal's dad gave me a Bodhrán (Irish drum) which I can jiggle away on, but not brilliant at.
  5. I think the last Euros I went through a huge Fleetwood Mac stage. They are brilliant, the early stuff, the Rumours/Tusk famous era, and newer stuff is alright too. Never Going Back Again is a fantastic song. Lat few years I've stuck them on a lot in the summer. Nothing better on a racking day than sticking on one of their records or playlists from Spotify and out in the sun. He's great, Ramy. A shame he was sacked, but then again they probably would never have written those great songs without hot headed personalities. Silver Springs written by Stevie about Lindsay wasn't meant to be on Rumours and it wasn't until the new updated version. It's one of their best songs.
  6. Similar to you, Vandy. Britpop got me 'in to music' and listened to a lot of that when I was young. Got into Radiohead, and more American indie rock stuff when I was in my late teens/20s ; followed by post-rock stuff and Sigur Rós, Mogwai, Wheat etc. Lo-fi electronica stuff ; classical piano - don't like the orchestra stuff - more Einaudi style. Then in my 30s I went back and started listening to older 70s and 80s stuff - the classic stuff like Fleetwood Mac, Jim Croce, James Taylor but also cheesey stuff like REO Speedwagon etc. I basically like everything apart from hardcore metal/rave, nu-metal, gangster-rap and opera.
  7. IIR, the FAI chief said he thought it would be something like the Nations League games in September and October, with the first playoff game in October and the final in November. If that's true, maybe makes it a bit easier for booking (if we beat Israel) Oslo or Belgrade. Don't know if we'll see any games with large crowd numbers this year, TBH. Might even be the Nations League moved to behind closed doors and the playoffs in Feb/March?
  8. I did it last month and it was pretty decent, some tough questions - especially journeymen SPFL players - but some prizes too.
  9. Very good that! Haha. Also the detail as well puts both the UK government's shambles in to perspective. Eyes across the water and I'm sure he's not that great (and I wouldn't vote for his party) but in the words of Alan ''Nicola (Leo) is pretty good in front of a lectern," IMO. Think the Irish government have dealt with it pretty well considering it. Not sure what the Greens are going to do though going in to power with FG/FF?
  10. 😁 At least they returned an SNP MP last time around although Monikie may well be Dundee East like Snootie.
  11. Take it if you're a Weegie (all west coasters) it's north of Falkirk? I always thought it was the Highlands and Islands.
  12. He won't be. 67% of the population (UK) support the Government and for every story that makes the same rounds to the same people on Twitter it'll be matched up with the Major Tom funding story or a boat doing donuts for the NHS. British people are basically American Europeans when it comes to Trump/Johnson and 50% or a baw hair away fae that will support him.
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