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  1. Exactly. He is frustrating as hell at times, even warrants benched a fair few times, but he tends to deliver the goods so I do let him off with trying too much. Forrest doesn't and hasn't for a long time. Broony needs rested more too. He's 36 and Lenny still playing every game is mental.
  2. No. He's done with Scotland and he can GTF. Should never had any caps for us.
  3. I was gutted that weekend we lost, but starting to come around a wee bity by now and seeing the number of people not giving up. After a year or so and the emotions had gone and tried to clearly look back at it. Getting 45% was terrific! We had everything against us! Mind that mental week when all the 3 UK leaders came to Scotland ; the banks all threatening to go ; every day was a 'bad' news story about Scotland being a backwater ; no getting in the EU again - wee Barossa on Marr etc. Yet, we were a bawhair fae getting over the line. Pretty incredible really. 200,000 votes of
  4. McInnes always shites it when they are on a run or meet the Old Firm. No doubt they'll get horsed 5-0 away. McKenna will be a big loss if he goes to Forest, Taylor & Considine, Yikes! Well done Motherwell though. Hibs well worthy of their point. Nisbet is fair coming on to a game, shed a bit of timber too and a clever, niggly, and intelligent player. Ross has bought well (it looks like from the start to their season). Lenny playing Broon again. Mad behaviour. He should be rested regularly. Still makes some odd decisions, maybe big Pat doesn't suit Celtic's style of play as
  5. Well done Aberdeen, what a cracker of a result and looking forward to next week. These one-legs have produced surprises and you never know what might happen if it goes in to ET or so. Motherwell absolutely honking. No excuses really. Soft penalties, but fair dues to Coleraine. If the answer is Seedorf, then surely the question will be about Clarence!
  6. Dykes looks better than McBurnie in a Scotland jersey. Paterson did alright. McGinn was our best midfielder and he played about 15 minutes. Marshall is a solid enough goalkeeper. You could argue unbeaten in five games going in to the play off, but that will come to an end in the semi final or play off final. If we do don't qualify, another positive is not inflecting our national team on neutral audiences around the globe. And finally, if we don't get to the Euros, I have a feeling it'll be limited-capacity or fan-less due to Covid. Probably best that we don't turn
  7. That was probably worse than Friday. Well done Czech's make shift team. They were put together on Saturday night, at most they've had two training sessions - two players among their team had been capped. We looked like the side cobbled together. So slow, cumbersome, and poor basic skills - how many times do we needesley give it away or can't even pass it straight or string 5-6 passes together before its back to a red shirt. We were offside about 10 times to their 1 ; they had 7 corners to our 0 ; and they had about 18 chances to our 3. We were lucky with the penalty, incredibly
  8. Not a hope in hell of us going to the Euros. If he doesn't change this at half-time, he's surely got to go. I backed him, but fuck me, absolute dross against a team chucked together on Saturday night. Fair dues to the Czechs, they look better.
  9. Interesting. What are most Czech fans thinking of this? From what I've quickly read, it seems the young goalkeeper is highly rated Markovic? And Nyguen was a very good second division player? It's the fifteen from yesterday, plus eight between the ages of 17-21. I think this will be a difficult game for Scotland. I am not confident of our chances of winning this and a lot of journeymen Czechs making their debut is a recipe for disaster (from a Scottish perspective).
  10. The current format is good and its even better for the minnows too playing teams at their level where they can actually earn a well-deserved win. Couldn't think of anything worse than doing a 'British' championship every odd year.
  11. Wee look at the squad and think only two of their 15 have been cappped.
  12. Surely just field their 21s?
  13. They are, and they no doubt would beat us. The only positive about tonight is the other 'big two' lost as well. Albeit against much better sides. We might sneak through against Israel next month, but November is going to be a tough watch, and I think our only chance is probably doing a 'Coleraine' and shitting out a penalty shoot out and winning it.
  14. Really poor. We played like we were away. We didn't create one chance, or have a shot on goal. No urgency, nor sadly, good enough players to make something happen. We were severely flattered by getting the penalty before half time. Robertson was poor again. Tierney was excellent. I thought McKenna did alright. Dykes played very well. Considering he was working his arse off with very little support or help, he did very well and already looks a better player than McBurnie for Scotland - nice wee touches, clever fouls, knock downs, one or two things didn't pay off, but did wel
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