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  1. Yes, I'm having a mare. Correct. SNP 3 Brexit 1 Lib 1 Tory 1.
  2. The SNP have won every single constituency on the mainland.
  3. David Martin MEP seems a good guy. SNP 3 Lib 1 Brexit 1 Lab 1 is decent enough return.
  4. SNP are surely going to win every single mainland Scottish council? And they'll win Na h-Eileanan Iar tomorrow surely.
  5. That Brian Montieth that lives in France.That same Brian Montieth who didn't want a Scottish parliament yet stood 2 years later as an MSP. YES.
  6. Brexit Party are on 32 and Plaid 19. I really hope Plaid win, but it looks like Brexit will win there.
  7. Looking very, very good so far! SNP rumoured to be on 50% in Edinburgh. Won central belt councils like Renfrew, and Dunbarton with 41% and 45%, win in Borders. Surely going to be a very good night for an SNP (perspective).
  8. Turnout looks to be up in every council area I've seen so far! South Lanarkshire up 7.5% - was 64% Leave Most councils seem to be anything from 3-10% up.
  9. Absolutely. Shite like ''those fuckers over there'' is pretty distasteful. Considering they would more than likely be our best pals/allies if Scotland was an independent country, and the rich links/history we have with Ireland. I think Mikey will play for Scotland. Ireland were trying to twist his arm last year and he stuck with Scotland went to the Toulon and played brilliantly and scoring a couple of peaches, I think he may well be in the squad for the next game.
  10. Absolutely. FFS, O'Neill. How in any way are they ''whores?'' considering we do the same by trying to get English players to play for us. ''Them fuckers over there'' as well, is stinking language. We have some Irish posters on here, O'Neill including the very friendly and helpful Newry Rep.
  11. Pal in Carnoustie said if was about 10% although I never know how much I can trust folk with figures etc and he's not even an activist himself or manning the station. You would imagine if it's low turnout in rural areas and decent in GLA and EDI, then that might be good. We'll see on Sunday I suppose.
  12. Having a look at Twitter, seems low turnout in rural areas but quite decent in the bigger cities? Interesting.
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