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  1. He's done a terrific job, although he needed a lot of time to get it working. Although they had a terrible Nations League campaign. Maybe that's a bit harsh IIRC, they lost all four games (Bosnia-Herz and Austria) but by the odd goal ; and were unlucky in most of their games. Although it shows you being A and B for the Nations League and having bad campaigns there (Iceland lost all 4 again in a group with the Swiss and Belgium) will more than likely give you a Playoff. Maybe not so much B now for this new system with the 4x4 groups? We'll see. Also, NI have two very good central defenders plus Jamal Lewis is decent plus a solid pro in McNair (if he does play in mid ; is a defender too). Still, fair dues to them ; but there's nae excuse for Scotland. We may lack a proper goal scorer, and decent defence but if Albania, Iceland, Ireland and NI can get to the Euros then we should at least being doing better than what we have of late.
  2. Haha, indeed. He'll be off for anything over 2 million.
  3. Interesting day tomorrow. I think it will pass by those Labour leave constituencies and retiring MPs.
  4. No doubt at all some of his work has been brilliant and very welcome to the independence debate in 2014. I even sent him a tenner for one of his first fundraisers - believe he took in about 300k or so. I never fully followed him on Twitter so was detached, but the Kezia thing and taking it to court started to have second thoughts. He's too much of a roaster though. Volatile, arrogant, aggressive and just a bit of a shitebag who is a loose cannon, and says some pretty nasty stuff. Some of the Hillsborough stuff as well. A shame cos no doubt what he did was very good and useful, but he can't just sit on his hands and ask to get the last word.
  5. And who knows with fundraisers or if they are part of an official group/club etc, they might even pay it for them. England are hardly whiter than white when it comes to racism and/or fans causing trouble ; but the only way to send a lesson to Bulgaria is ban them from the rest of WC qualifying and the possible Nations League Playoff to the Euros too.
  6. Wings is a roaster. Any work he did - and lots of it was very good and useful to the cause in 2014 ; but he's a loose cannon. Arrogant, doesn't take criticism well or if at all, and more of a liability these days than useful. Amazing he's willing to go all out on the issue of self-ID. I can understand criticism of the SNP. It feels all a bit New Labour-ish and the whole woke/trans-rights feuding is just really bizarre - that so many are willing to go out on that hill! Noticed Lesley Riddoch was talking about a new party. I take it RISE has been ditched all together then? I doubt (who knows) she'd team up with Wings to form a new list party. I agree with her regarding land reform, and would be interesting to see what any potential new party of hers looked/sounded like. Although, too many cooks spoiling the broth? And if the SNP's vote share goes down in a Holyrood vote which I think it will, it might end up with lots of ex-SNP votes being split between any two new potential parties and the Greens.
  7. Excellent result and win. Was fearing a bit of a dooing going on the back of the first two games and Germany humping Belarus 9 (YES, NINE) -2 ; but what a great win and fair dues to Stark and the coaching. For the Elite round IIRC, the teams are now seeded by their performance in this campaign and put in to groups of four again with the winners going to the tournament next year. That could be blethers, but I'm sure it's that Noticed its in Belfast next year! So if we do manage to get there, hopefully get a few fans will get over for it.
  8. Absolutely. What does it show to younger players too who have came through the ranks at U16s to U21s level. It must be nice being an average English player and having an Irish/Scottish/Welsh granny as you know if you are anywhere at a decent level and not in the England team by 26, you'll get a call up. Bad enough having the likes of Matt Phillips who played with England til 21. No one's doubting their ability or commitment - I'd be committed to San Marino if I had a link/chance to play for them at any level. Some might argue you play to your strengths, other teams do it etc ; but doesn't make it right. And the likes of Hornby, Cairney, Jordan Archer etc are Scottish ; they were there from the start. I wish Caulker well in his footballing career, but I don't want him to play for us.
  9. Winner does, second goes in to the playoffs.
  10. I watched it on a stream yesterday. It was an English guy on his own, and he did a fine job. No smarmy comments, trying to be funny, just talking stats about both teams and countries with the odd wee quip about the San Marino keeper being an accountant and the coach has difficult job with a population of 35k, one of the lad's immigrated to San Marino from Argentina 10 years ago, Shankland had two great seasons, etc etc. No 'co-commentator' filling up air either with negativity or cheeky comments like Robocop Provan tends to. No idea who the lad was, but he did a fine and quality job.
  11. A decent point. Czechs will no doubt be in among the battle for the top two. Next up Greece at home on November 15th.
  12. Does Gemmill ever crack a smile?
  13. More Scotland flegs than fans?!
  14. From the last two games, I'm not quite sure what to make of Hornby. Regularly been flagged for offside ; yet often finds himself in good positions. Arms constantly up looking a the refs for any form of decision. He had a great chance although was difficult to snatch at in the first place. He looks from the very little I've seen of a useful player to chuck on if you are winning 2-1 and need a big powerful striker to harass and chase balls. Not sure if he will be a natural goal scorer going on the back of this. More of a workman, useful squad addition. Porteous has been impressive. Played excellent in both games, and no-nonsense type defender. Noticed Johnstone fellow defender was booked and he was pulling at him/telling him to shut up and get back for the free kick etc. Gilmour hasn't done much. Had an excellent corner in the first half ; but very little apart from that.
  15. Even after the first round of fixtures, I thought that's us done for. That first game was just utterly disastrous, 2-0 down after 10 minutes and our realistic automatic qualification hopes hanging by a thread. If it wasn't over there and then, Russia then played them on the Sunday and turned them over 4-0, and that was already two games in basically needing 6 pts from the 2 Russian/Belgian games to have any chance of getting an automatic spot. After Clarke's first double header, I was reasonably happy. A lucky, but dogged win against Cyprus - luck of the green, first game etc I thought, followed up by a very decent -albeit outclassed/played and dominated by a Belgian side in Brussels - we looked a lot better defensively ; disciplined and 3-0 felt a bit harsher than it was (considering two Belgian goals came in added time of both halves). His second double header was just horrendous and possibly the most depressing moment in my history of following our team. Even though we lost 2-1, it could have been 5 or 6 if it wasn't for Marshall, some luck, and poor finishing from Russia. I can't remember a game we were so dominated and for want of a better word ''pished on'' by a team. The Belgium was the icing on what probably has to be in recent memory, Scotland's worst double header! The first half of the game in Russia looked reasonably promising in a 'we have next to no chance of winning this game, but might if lucky, get out of here with a point' before utterly capitulating after the first Russian goal. At 10pm on Thursday, I was just delighted those four games were over. A severely depressing time, and to sound like a madman, was quite happy to know it was San Marino next. Today - whilst very difficult conditions - and San Marino - the worst team in UEFA qualifying - as well couldn't have came at a better time. Four losses on the bounce, and 99.5% chance of taking all three points. I wanted to see what we can do as an attacking team, what do we have likewise albeit against part-timers ; and how much are the players fancying this and/or playing for the jersey/Clarke. I think 6-0 was a reasonably good return after a horror two months, and a perfect game to start licking some wounds. We now have won 1 game on the bounce. It's not much, and I'm not deluded - qualifying is going to be a very, very difficult task on the back of what we've just seen in this qualifying group - but with that one game and win tonight ; we and the new coach can hopefully build on this. It means nothing in the scheme of things, but beating San Marino is I hope the start of a new and positive beginning for us all. We seen today by the performance and taking the game to San Marino, that these players want to be there - some have questioned our commitment/confidence etc- but I think today hopefully is the first few miles in the marathon that will be Euro 2020.
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