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  1. UEFA really fecked up with the final for these games. They should have either played all these games as almost a mini tournament in a neutral venue or the top seeds hosted it e.g. And for the game no one wanted, the third place play off, should be a winner gets a ton of coefficient points for the next qualifiers or NL. Norway v Israel /Losing semi finalists- Easter Rd/Tynecastle Scotland v Israel/Final Hampden
  2. Not the same, but a generation in Ireland (regarding referendums on unification etc) in the GFA is 7 years.
  3. Watched a link via Reddit and it took an hour to see everything come through. Surely 80k or so there? Not bad for being organised on the back of the election win. I was trying to keep an eye on the flags (just out of interest) and spotted Saltires, Lion Rampant, EU, Yes, Catalan, Welsh, Irish, English, Italian, and even New Caledonia! I've never been to one, but tempted to get to one this year.
  4. This will surely sell out. Must have sold all in all about 35k.
  5. He is a nice guy, but he has always been a big sook/house Jock. Even Alan Brazil who´s been in England since he was 19 or so, doesn't even support them.
  6. Some encouraging stuff from Labour types today. Whilst Monica Lennon and Neil Finlday are still against independence, it's encouraging that they are looking up from the blinkered Labour position. Ged Killen and Paul Sweeney - who both lost their seats - have both made noises about that Scotland voted differently, and the constitution question should be looked at. Lennon is basically advocating what Murdo Fraser sugggested about 15 years ago when the Scots Tories were in the doldrums - indpendent party, but vote with the 'sister' party in London for Westminister issues, but not soley and remain independent. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/its-time-scottish-labour-takes-21203100?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar No idea if he is a ''top'' chief or what a ''top union chief'' is, but that seems to suggest he's highly-ranked/regarded. Again, it's not a Yes vote, but its encouraging that people who may even be on the opposite side in a referendum and willing to at least think outside the box and see the bigger picture. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18135395.top-union-chief-calls-labour-back-indyref2/ You do feel Labour are finished. Even if they started up as a social democratic party who are neutral on the constitution, people will have the Greens or SNP to vote for. The SNP played a blinder in winning over in 07 and 11 softly-softly Labour voters and then the 35% of Laboru voters who then backed independence and many the SNP since then. The Tories were done 15-20 years ago, but had a second wind so I'm not saying Labour are finished in Scotland, but it almost feels like that. There's no longer the shock of them losing places like Glasgow, Fife, Lothians, Invercylde etc - all natural SNP hotbeds now for the past 10 years.
  7. Happy New Year to everyone on the TAMB! FINGERS crossed this is the year we'll be back on the main stage again at a fitba tournament!
  8. The elephant in the room really is, there won't be an independence referendum. At the very earliest, it'll be 2022 or 23. The Tories are not going to transfer the powers to hold referendum to Holyrood and if the Scots Government asks again, they'll just rubber it. We'll be told to wait until the 2021 election before even thinking of holding one, and that result is far from certain of producing an SNP/Green/pro-indy majority in the Parliament. I suppose a lot will depend on how things are going in general. The EU saying that a deal will most likely not be available by the end of Dec 2020, so it'll be interesting to see what the Tories will do. I don't trust them at all, but I don't think we'll see a hard Brexit at all. He's got a majority of 80 odd so he can just tell the madcap ERG types to pipe down and get a softer Brexit through parliament or a half in-out extension period. The Brexit fishermen will be the first to be sold down the river. It'll be interesting to see what Scotland will do through all this. We'll basically be told to pipe down the whole time and the SNP will need to wait until May 2021. If Johnson has a mandate with 43% then we most certainly do with 45% of Scotland and 48 seats. The Tories will just continue shouting NO2INDYREF2 ; but it will be interesting to see what folk in Labour do - if Labour continue to vote against a second referendum - considering a few of their now ex MPs and MSPs have come out saying the constitution question needs to be looked at. I'm not expecting them to vote or campaign for independence, but if they kick up enough of a fuss about Labour's general position it may well split their party. Labour are finished though in Scotland. They really should do what Murdo Fraser wanted to do with the Tories - start up as a new independent party under a different colour/name etc.
  9. weekevie04

    New jerseys?

    The training kit I've seen looks just generic Adidas tat. Eg stick a "NI/Wales/Scotland" badge over it.
  10. I really need to start reading more. I seem to go year about with reading (read loads in 18, not so much in 19). I bought Malcom Gladwell's Speaking To Strangers book and hopefully get fired in to it. I read a decent book in the summer about the CONFIA World Cup held in London. Forgotten Nations by Chris Deeley
  11. That's it past then 68-54 with 2 abstensions. Out of the unionist side who are against it - Neil Finlday had a point or half of a point in amongst his usual mad ramble of dourness and anger ; Pauline McNeill probably the soundest of the opposition with her points. You had Murdo Fraser claiming the SNP have no mandate as they only got 45% of the vote, yet no mention of his own beloved Conseravtive Party only receiving 44% of the UK vote and steam rolling Brexit through. Angela Constance with the most passionate/best speech regarding the future and how she sees the lay of the land etc. Mike Rumbles and the Libs really are the nasty party. Presenting himself as a big round-faced teddy bear trying to be reasonable laced with doubt and snide comments. Alex Cole Hamilton surely is the worst and smugest arsehole in that parliament and possibly Scottish politics in general - at least you know where you stand with Murdo Fraser, Tompkins and Ruth etc. Really dislike them, and glad they made absolutley no gains last week (even if they're vote went slightly up both in Scotland and rUK). Anyhoos, it'll most likely get rubbered by Westminister. What happens next? Court cases in 2020? A pal of mine, who is in no way radical texted "Politics so boring just now, you know what every party hack is going to say. Sturgeon will let this drag on until 2021 election," and asked him what do you suggest, he was basically implying civil disobience. Another pal of mine has started a Facebook group about marching to Westminister - both are Yessers, but to hear both so fécked off and wanting to do something is quite interesting. Is Scotland finally going to do something? In fthe form of protesting and civil disobience?
  12. Those Labour voices today and over the weekend should be welcomed. I don't care if they are all against independence, they are at least onside for the 'hard' bit of getting a referendum. Just as hilarious as it was seeing Lib Dem MPs wanting a second European Union referendum but "that was settled in 2014" regarding a new Scottish one. It's going to be hilarious hearing Tories saying "Boris has a mandate for Brexit" with 43% of the vote yet the SNP with 45% of the vote aren't even allowed to hold a second referendum. The Tories failed in Scotland. Their vote went down. Their only message was "SAY NO 2 INDYREF2". I know some have been unsure about the SNP's moves since the Brexit vote e.g trying to win over the previous remain in both Union camps, but it looks like it has somewhat worked. And if a few Yessers but against the EU vote no this time then, they aren't exactly missed - even if you are against the EU but for Scottish independence. Surely you vote for Indy, then start up or join the anti-EU party that will no doubt exist. A bit like when you heard the odd voter saying they won't be voting for independence because it isn't going far enough with keeping the Queen as head of state. Wings is an absolute roaster, by the way. I say that as someone who even donated to his blogs and Wee Blue Book stuff in the past. He's far too agressive and arrogant and a loose cannon. Even if you have sympathy for his view or support it, he's way too hostile in his approach that does nothing but have people move the other direction. He's done his bit anyway, what reastically can he add to the independnece movement? Anyhoos, it's about to get very interesting. Looking forward also to seeing the SDLP back in the Parliament and the Alliance Party too (even if they are basically a Lib Dem Norn Irish party) about time we heard what the other side NI are saying about all this.
  13. Absolutely. No doubt he´s been very useful to the cause, but he´s a loose cannon - always has. Far too easily strung and aggressive as well. Cheers for yer heart work and all that, but see you later I reckon regardng him. I´m in agreement, extraordinary he´s going to be rememember for this rather than any possible good work he did for independence. His blog has been on its knees for a year, so it does give him some publicity etc.
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