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  1. He is an absolute nugget. He's either insane or a heavy drinker. He is almost veering into Historywoman madness.
  2. Have you tried their chat? I had to change a few things about 6 months ago and it was pretty good and the staff very helpful - even if you are just typing to them.
  3. Aye, no doubt. I do love how the Unionists seem to think it's a ''Nat' conspiracy Salmond winning yet the thicker ones not realising that the deeper picture e.g the trouble in the SNP that will come from this.
  4. Not that it matters, but I didn't realise it was Gordon Jackson former MSP - who lost his seat to Sturgeon - that Gordon Jackson.
  5. I can't see Salmond rejoining the SNP. A moderate/centre-left list party with a few high profile candidates in constituencies separate of the SNP. People talked about him being 'smug' and a person who divides opinion in the past, but he's if not the sole/but a huge reason the SNP are. If he starts a party or joins one, they will attract voters and no doubt sitting SNP MPs to join. I have no idea if he wants to do that, and I was scepitcal of the success of a Wings Party but if a new Salmond party would surely poll at least 5% to win list seats.
  6. You've also got Johanna Cherry up against Angus Robertson for next year's election (if that goes ahead with this Covid stuff). Could see the likes of Macaskill, Cherry, MacNeil joining a Salmond list party. It seems the natural direction of travel. Salmond has always divided opinion and for all those that don't like him/there's a hell of a lot who do ; a party headed by him would win seats. Then again, does he really want to go back in to politics? Didn't he describe himself as a ''retired politician'' in one of the statements. I didn't follow the case much at all, but this certainly is not the end of it, just the start of another new chapter in Scottish politics.
  7. Keep his surgeries and office open. He's such an arse and liability, and like Kumnio, wouldn't be too fussed if Labour won his seat back.
  8. I'm a support worker for individual with autism and learning difficulties. We serve 6 service users who all live independently. Most are very self sufficient, and just need a wee hand with cooking, financial matters, socialising even.
  9. Seeing those pictures of Venice and the fishes, clear waters along with the boars roaming wild along with the rampant elephants in China drunk on wine really have warmed the heart. I really, really hope we start again all of us. Restart everything. Our mass consumption, egotism, selfishness, arrogance, instant gratification. I'm just a gobshite with an internet connection, but I think automation will be brought in quicker than before.
  10. For the ones who've followed the case - I haven't really so shouldn't comment - what's the predictions for the verdict?
  11. God bless you, Slasher. Hang in there pal and I hope once you feel up to it, you continue to write.
  12. 15k Corona Virus cases is a big thing, IMO, but him preparing Ireland for more cases was dealt well, IMO. I'm certainly not Team Leo (if such a thing ever exists) but I thought he was really good tonight and very statesmanlike and 100x more than Johnson, makes me so fucked off Scotland is stuck with them but then again Scotland doesn't want independence so it gets what England votes for and should suck it up.
  13. And yours too, big man. Only year I've actively done lent in a long time. Yikes should go back to being relapsed and lazy.
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