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  1. Four hours???????? You cannae be much of a cook, Jamie Oliver would have done it in a fraction of that. And, probably got a hump anaw.
  2. I agree. It might not have worked very well in this case, as Salmond's name would probably have got out. But in general, I think it's a good idea. Loads of people's reputations, and sometimes their whole lives, have been ruined by accusations which couldn't be proved.
  3. They won't have spoken to each other for well over a year for legal reasons. There may be other reasons as well though?
  4. In this particular case the women involved are not really anonymous. Anybody within the SNP who need to know their identity (and plenty other people as well) already know who they are. Folk who simply want to know their identity are just being nosey.
  5. I'm waiting for today's numbers before reading too much into yesterday's. Hopefully we don't have a Monday spike. The HNS work a wee bit differently at the weekends.
  6. Aye, I was actually. Starting to fear the worst.
  7. John Greig, Danny McGrain, Sandy Jardine, Willie Miller.
  8. When Stu Campbell suggested this idea, I would have agreed with you. From memory, I think his own analysis suggested that the tipping point, for his plan to start working, was for him to get 13% of SNP voters to switch their votes to his party, on the regional list vote. You could argue all day about his analysis. But, I didn't think he had any chance of getting anywhere near his own tipping point. A similar party led by Alex Salmond on the other hand? I wouldn't be surprised if he got double that amount. Lots of things are going to happen before we could get any chance of finding out, but it is certainly worth considering. I think Alex Salmond is the only person with a chance of making it work.
  9. Our posties are doing a grand job. When are they going to get a clap? I read one study, using a different coronavirus, which suggested it could remain viable on a surface for up to 9 days depending on conditions. They gave an average range of a few hours up to 5 or 6 days. I suppose it might depend on how much slavers he transferred to each envelope? Hope you've had your dinner.
  10. Wonder if he licked all the envelopes himself? Mine will go straight in the bin without touching it.
  11. I'm not sure what this bit means? "Low fatality *rate* in Germany masks high death *numbers* "
  12. Did you get tested for COVU-19? How did the bog roll situation go? Did you ever get to the stage of rationing and/or recycling?
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