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  1. And, oh aye, I forgot to mention. I do know that GSK have a big contract to supply sterile water for any vaccine that might happen to be produced in the UK. He might have been checking up on that? They don't make that at Barnard Castle, though.
  2. Well you were obviously too pissed to stay upright. And I think a psycologist might be a wee bit concerned about that drawing.
  3. He isn't claiming this as a conspiracy. He is just speculating that there might be a better explanation of Cummings actions than the absolute bullshit we have been told and expected to believe. I think I'm closer to going down the route that the Russian/Ukrainian mob might be protecting him. If their patience runs out, he might have more problems than COVID can throw at him?
  4. I don't think there is anything to be debunked. Is there? I think most of that is some interesting facts which are already in the public domain. Might be just coincidence, might not? GSK have a well known history.
  5. My first thought was "resign from what?" After reading it I was even more shocked. How the fuk does a fukin idiot like him become a junior minister? Westminster has sunk even lower than I thought it had.
  6. They should have the same say as any other club. Why shouldn't they?
  7. Did anybody ask him how he celebrated his wife's birthday?
  8. Cummings is unsackable. His wife must have some hard core dirt on Boris.
  9. It took him a few days to come up with that one, too.
  10. He is just totally taking the pish now. "The PM's time is just about the most valuable commodity in the government."
  11. He went home to see his wife who had COVID symptoms, stayed with her for 2 hours then went back to work? He realy doesn't give a fuk about anybody but himself. No wonder the Tories like him.
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