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  1. That second goal for Poland could prove crucial in this group. Might go to GD.
  2. I think Lee Dixon has disappeared to spew up. sounds like he is as sick as a parrot.
  3. I could see three teams finishing on 6 points and Japan go out on GD.
  4. This is great game tonight. What the WC is all about. It could go either way, but I'm predicting at least one sending off.
  5. There is good chance that Australia could be going into the last game against Denmark needing a point to progress to the last 16. Right now I'm fairly sure Harry Souttar will be thinking that he made the right decision.
  6. I agree. They played better once he went off, although to be fair, Serbia had had the legs run off them by that point. He is one of those players who thinks he is better than he really is. Does the manager have the baws to drop him though?
  7. They have looked like the best team in the tournament so far which probably means they won't win it.
  8. Apparently Michelle Mone's company PPE Medpro is based in Chancery Lane. That's just taking the fukin pish.
  9. I think it was OUR fault both times. My shudder was more to do with the tackling than the result.
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