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  1. "Mr Hancock said that all the South Africa variant cases in the UK were linked to travel. "That's why we have got such stringent border measures in place against movement from South Africa," he added." There aren't very fukin stringent if you've already let at least 77 cases in. It's probably already a lot more than that.
  2. This is one of the ones I read. I'm sure they will be pretty much the same. https://www.fr24news.com/a/2021/01/israel-finds-single-dose-gives-high-resistance.html
  3. That article is behind a paywall but I read couple of other articles which will probably have the same info. From what I've seen so far, they studied 1800 medical staff and 91% of them had "significant levels of antibodies" after 3 weeks. 50% of them were "above the threshold" after 2 weeks. I haven't yet managed to find out what those two things mean. Again this bears little relation to Pfizer's own 52% and 95% numbers as they are measuring different things. I'm not sure scientists have agreed what level of antibodies are required to give significant protection. Still very good information th
  4. Aye, I think they should have stuck to the original schedule for care homes. I could see us following NI example soon.
  5. Here's is a really good (fairly concise) article about single dose and booster dose. I think it's important to remind ourselves that the JCVI isn't advocating single dosing of any vaccine. They are telling the health boards to extend the time between doses from 3/4 weeks to 10 to 12 weeks. That is a very big distinction. This is what Prof Danny Altmann of ICL says about the Israel 33% number. "In a more recent development, an Israeli academic who coordinated the country’s Covid-19 response – Professor Nachman Ash – has claimed that a single dose of the vaccine is not as effective as
  6. I often sit in the outside lane at 70 to 75. Just doing my bit to try to discourage other folk from speeding.
  7. Aye, I'm pretty sure that's the most important rule. Sounds like the safest option.
  8. Most of Scotland doesn't have motorway. Over a year since I've seen a motorway. I'll have forgotten what the rules are.
  9. Anybody who thinks £200 for a coat is a "bargain" deserves everything they get.
  10. Why would he walk if he thinks he has done nothing wrong?
  11. Another thing that a lot of people might not realise is that Pfizer's 95% efficacy number is based on a fairly small number of cases. The study followed about 37,000 people but out of that number there were only 170 positive cases. 8 of those positive were in the vaccinated group and 162 were in the placebo group. They only include symptomatic cases. We only start to really understand how well the vaccine works when we start vaccinating a lot more people. Which basically starts now. We still have loads of stuff to learn about all the different vaccines. And the more different vaccines we
  12. That bit is pretty much the same as the Pfizer study said that I posted earlier in the thread. Pfizer arrived at their 52% figure by a totally different method though. So, the efficacy could still be above 50%. But as your post says, even at 33% it's still good news. One important thing to mention is that Pfizer's numbers (both the 95% and 52%) are based on symptomatic infections. Those numbers do not take any account of people who might have been infected but are asymptomatic.
  13. 92 is the 3rd highest daily total in Scotland since the start of the pandemic. The number of new cases seems to have plateaued, hopefully. They seem to have peaked around 8th Jan. Two weeks after xmas. We are now getting towards two weeks after that peak so hopefully hospital admissions will start to plateau soon, then deaths start to come down about a week after that? That's if we don't get another surge in cases.
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