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  1. If he did that in Scotland, there is a good chance he would have been lifted for BOP. I've seen folk lifted for much less. He would probably have been released a couple of hours later.
  2. Clever marketing. They will all have to buy two .
  3. Orraloon

    Worst player to wear a scotland strip

    There are loads of them. Most of them are big fat ugly guys in the stands though.
  4. It doesn't waste very much of your time.
  5. Orraloon

    Independence Reminders

    I think she knew before the polling stations opened.
  6. Would that not push the prices down as the Yanks try to mussel in on other markets? Or do you think we are now selling more to China?
  7. Just tie yourself to a trampoline. See where you end up.
  8. Orraloon

    Nations League

    They could make it a wee bit more competitive if they use the Nations League rankings for the WC draw. I'm not sure FIFA would allow them to do that though?
  9. Some selective quoting going on here, you also predicted 60% YES.
  10. Orraloon

    Nation League Group C

    Those 4 points would need to have been taken off the two teams above them, though.
  11. Orraloon

    russia poisioning

    Scary stuff, slush. Salsbury slush is particularly nasty stuff.
  12. Orraloon

    russia poisioning

    Do you speak Russian? Or is it the translation that sounds stilted?