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  1. Plenty folk thought that Leave could win. Opinion polls suggested that it would be very close which is what it turned out to be.
  2. Semi finals are on 26th to 28th March 2020. Finals are on 29th to 31st March 2020. It isn't guaranteed that we will be playing Finland though. That is just the "As it stands" situation at present. We could still get Israel again, or somebody else. Or we could be playing nobody? That last option seems very unlikely though.
  3. Orraloon

    Mays Away

    In any normal country there would have been a military coup by now, and parliament and the post of PM would have been abolished.
  4. Aye, in the last 14 months we have played 12 games and he has played in just 3 of them. Can any Celtic fans tell us how many game he has missed for them over the same period? I have always thought that Tierney should have loads more caps than he does. I used to blame Strachan for that. Now I'm not so sure.
  5. If someone supports the Green Party's policies then they should vote Green. If they are doing it to try to push for independence or to try to stop the Brexit Party getting one or maybe even two seats then they might be better to vote SNP. But there isn't much in it. I think this sums it up nicely. http://scotgoespop.blogspot.com/
  6. A playoff is a playoff. He needed a 75% win rate to get there. I will be very happy if Steve Clarke achieves a 75% win rate, or better.
  7. And anybody who votes LibDim after they sold out the last time they got a wee whiff of power, need their heads looking, IMO.
  8. I hadn't even thought about Brown, but now you mention it.......aye him as well. It just typifies the lack of commitment that players have for the national team. Hopefully that will change under Clarke, but I'm not sure why it would. Time will tell. I think we have now got a decent starting 11, if everyone is available. But as soon as we start to lose some of those players the quality drops off dramatically. When three of our best four players make themselves unavailable then just about anybody can give us a humping. As we witnessed in Kazakhstan.
  9. McLeish is the last guy who got us to a play off. And, he got about as much thanks as Berti did.
  10. Well, you're the only one that has even mentioned it so far.
  11. I think that whole idea of the timing of the surgery is that he doesn't give a fuk about playing for Scotland. His captain isn't any better, right enough.
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