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  1. Ah right, I thought you meant it had some sort of exemption or something.
  2. And two of them more than 60 words. You'll never get a job for the Tele. Each sentence is longer than most of their articles. I never noticed the sentence length until Fringo pointed it out. What a saddo he is.
  3. I think 1350 will be more than enough. Roughly 1350 more than enough.
  4. You could send one username to each place.
  5. I'll have to wait until "B" comes round again. What date is that?
  6. That reminds me of a guy I knew years ago who's party piece was to recite the words from entire Bonzos albums word for word. He didn't try to sing them just recite them like they were poetry. Once he got started he couldn't stop, he had to go through the whole album. He didn't get invited very often.
  7. I'm old enough to remember them when they first hit the TV screen. I didn't think they were funny then, and I'm confident I would find them even less so now. But I'm not prepared to waste a minute of my life trying to find out. I think you're right about them being liked by a certain "type". Some folk I knew were raving about them. The type who were into the likes of Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull and stuff. So, I watched it, (think it was the "funny" walks one?) - utter pish. Gave them another go and watched another couple of episodes- still pish. There is no doubt that they were "different". They were competing against the likes of Dave Allen and "The Comedians", who were funny. But I never found MP to be funny. And you would think that Harry Enfield should be a bit of an expert when talking about things that are unfunny. But folk have different senses of humour. Some have none.
  8. I think it looks like a pretty decent squad if they can all stay injury free. Laidlaw will be a big miss, but he can't go on forever. I'm with you biffer, I would prefer George Horne to start.
  9. Wow! That takes me back a few years. Great sound. Went to see them loads of times. Pretty sure they once supported Robert Cray and BB King at the Playhouse. What a line up that was.
  10. I am guessing that your use of that phrase is different to mine?
  11. Ach he's awe left foot. Should be easy enough to mark him out of the game.
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