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  1. I would imagine that most folk already know what side they are on, not that it makes much difference.
  2. We'll find out when we play Albania. Might be harder than some folk think?
  3. Bitcoin is a wee bit more complicated IMO. I got bored reading about that so I stopped. I only got a wee bit interested in the first place because of the link to prime numbers. Most 7 year old children could understand the Nations League if they were interested. Next time you see one you could ask them if they could help you out.
  4. Orraloon

    Russia 2018

  5. It's pretty straight forward if you can be bothered doing a wee bit of reading. Like many things in life, if you can't be bothered to learn, you won't understand.
  6. If England and Scotland both qualify one of those teams will play all 3 group games at home. No prizes for guessing who that will be.
  7. The play-offs in March will be played in lots of different countries. The Nations League final and semi finals will be played in June and will be played in one country. Italy, Poland and Portugal have expressed an interest in hosting this. This venue will be decided in December.
  8. It's of those weird situations. If you just read about it, you might feel a wee bit sorry for him but if you actually saw him doing it, you might want to boot him in the baws.
  9. Couldn't be bothered reading it all, but sounds like he must have mental health issues. He might get a helping hand in prison?
  10. Orraloon

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Nae need to make a song and dance aboot it.
  11. Only if you ignore the "hot baws" theory. England need to get an easy group, so they will probably get us.
  12. Orraloon

    Russia 2018

    And the ITV folk are back to talking about England again. We've just watched the best WC final since the 80s and all they want to do is talk about is England.
  13. Orraloon

    Golfers Forum.

    The course record has been broken three times in the space of this week. Brandon Stone has just recorded a 10 under par 60 to win the Scottish Open. Some scoring.