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  1. Sounds more like Cheese 'n' Egg.
  2. Folk who think that they need to drink sugary water. What's wrong with just turning on the tap. It's free (well kinda) and it's much better for you.
  3. He only got "half decent" because he should have sent off twice as many.
  4. At least you've got a new name to add to your list.
  5. So, I guess what you are trying to tell us is that Thomson is the only half decent ref in Scotland?
  6. Orraloon

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    I think it would wise for her to keep her gob shut as much as possible until the judicial review is done. Salmond wants to sort this out by himself whilst causing as little damage as possible to Sturgeon and the SNP. I'm not sure that anything Sturgeon says is going to help him do that.
  7. I am a wee bit more confident for this game than I usually am for away games. Albania know that they need to win by a good few goals. If we could somehow manage to score first, they would then need to score 4. Maybe their confidence and enthusiasm might drain a wee bit and we might hold on to a scrappy 0-1 win? That would do for me. We would still need to beat Israel though.
  8. We need to beat Israel no matter what happens in Albania. The result in Albania will determine how many goals we need to beat Israel by at Hampden. If we get 1 or 3 points in Albania then any victory over Israel will see us win the group. If we lose 3-0 (or worse) in Albania that brings Albania back into contention and we would need to beat Israel by at least 3 goals. Away goals might also come into play. So far we are the only team to score an away goal. Another one (or two even) in Albania would be very handy. One interesting combination of results would be if we lost 1-0 in Albania and beat Israel 2-1 we would be dead level with Israel and it would go down to disciplinary record. I think we are currently on 6 points and Israel are on 5. We have two games to play to their one so we are probably more likely to pick more cautions than them. So I think Israel would win that one. The bottom line is though, that we need two wins to get home advantage in the first play off semi final. 7 points probably won't be enough for that.
  9. Orraloon

    Golfers Forum.

    That's a pretty good deal. A lot of folk will be paying that for just the golf.
  10. Does a "NO deal brexit" not give him both?
  11. I wonder how many leading Tories would be quite happy to see a hard border in Ireland? https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/11/the-price-of-peace/
  12. Orraloon

    The Mighty Rangers

    On this board anybody who wants even one of the teams to win is in the minority.