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  1. I think that if Wales had done what we did today, to go 38 - 31 up at Twickenham, they would have finished them off. They are very good at controlling a game. Time will tell if they are strong enough to do it against the Southern hemisphere teams.
  2. If I live to 100 I don't think I will ever see a game of rugby like that again. Fantastic advert for the sport. Farrell should have been off though. Ref wis a homer.
  3. It was a point a minute for the first half hour. They will be looking for 80 points.
  4. Aye, at least we don't need to worry about England winning the Championship now.
  5. Nah, Wales need to win. Otherwise England can take the title by beating us.
  6. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/dates-announced-for-uefa-european-championship-qualifiers-tickets-sale/?rid=4206
  7. That's the team I would go with. If we win with a decent performance, I would play the same team against San Marino, barring injuries.
  8. Am I reading the table right? It looks to me, that if Ireland beat Wales, even if they also get a bonus point, then any victory for England would win them the title, due to their far superior points difference? I don't think England would need the bonus point, although they will probably get it anyway.
  9. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scotland/supporters-tickets/scotland-supporters-club-membership/
  10. I don't get this idea that we should punish the majority of the population for the perceived bad behaviour of the small minority. It just doesn't work and it's bad politics. It just makes politicians think that they are doing sometime progressive to solve a problem, but they are really not. If they were to put as much effort into catching the folk who break existing laws and then modifying their behaviour, there would be little need for new laws punishing the majority of the population. Speed limits are a good example. Average speed cameras are helping to enforce existing laws and they work, and they don't annoy most normal people. A blanket speed limit in towns of 20 is just a bonkers idea.
  11. Ah right. I get you now. I didn't think you would make a statement like that without a good reason.
  12. I don't think Scotland would be able to negotiate those opt outs, but I don't see any reason why we couldn't do the same as Sweden?
  13. It might be badly worded but it's still correct. At least in my head anyway. The current rules of the EU do not compel a new members to use the Euro. There may be plans to change those rules that I don't know about though?
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