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  1. Wales were a pot six team at that time. We beat the pot 1 team twice and lost to the pot 6 team twice.
  2. I went to check what I voted for because I couldn't remember. Couldn't find my vote. Pretty sure I've voted for this six times already.
  3. Well, I wouldn't quite go that far, our crowds are low enough as it is.
  4. You're not fooling anybody. We all know that you wid.
  5. FFS how many times do some folk need to be told how things work?
  6. I think I got that bit wrong. If Hungary don't stay in second place in that group they will be added to the play off teams in the draw. They won't replace Romania. So we could still get Bulgaria, israel, Romania or Hungary in the semi final. I want Bulgaria or Israel. They are about the same level as us. I think Hungary and Romania are better then we are. For once I'm hoping that football corruption will work in our favour. They might want to give us a an easier draw because they would prefer the host nations to qualify. Then again, Hungary and Romania are also host nations so they might want to give them an easier draw by pairing them against Scotland?
  7. Sorry, the Hungary bit above isn't quite correct. If Hungary don't finish 2nd, they won't replace Romania but they will be added to the list of play off teams. So we could still get Bulgaria, Israel, Romania or Hungary, I think? I've confused myself now. But I'm pretty sure Romania are guaranteed a play off spot.
  8. Because Finland have qualified directly by getting second place in their group. Finland should have been our opponents in the play off, so one of the lower ranked League C needs to replace them. As it stands at present we will get either Bulgaria, Israel or Romania. Draw is on 22Nov. If Hungary don't get 2nd place in their qualifying group, they will take Romania's place in the draw.
  9. It will be Norway or Serbia in the final. Norway are at home for that semi final. As it stands at present, our opponents in the Semi final will be Bulgaria, Israel or Romania. If Wales beat Hungary on Tuesday Hungary will take Romania's place in the play off draw. The draw is on 22nd Nov when we will find out who our opponents are in the semi. We are at home for that game. They will also do a draw for who will have home advantage in the final should we get there.
  10. Think we should change his name to Daftydunn?
  11. I don't think they have been upgraded to that level yet.
  12. Any away win is a good result. We've never even managed to thrash San Marino away from home.
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