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  1. You must have got McManus? Hard to forget his part in the game. 😉
  2. Just like Santa Claus. Only need to work one month a year. 😉
  3. The budget for next year got passed only a few weeks ago. The Finance Secretary will have bugger all to do for the next few months anyway. 😉
  4. How is it possible to type 14 names in two minutes? I reckon I might have got 7 if there was no typing involved. 😉 😂
  5. If she isn't in the cabinet it will be of her own choosing, IMO.
  6. Do you think that Humza won't offer her a job in the cabinet?
  7. It would need to be a deal that would suit both sides which I am confident could be achieved. And, I think Labour would do a deal if they had to, and the terms of the deal suited them. I think the SNP could come up with a route that would also suit Labour. It's only a glimmer of hope though, as it relies on the arithmetic being right.
  8. There isn't much point of suggesting that when you know it's not going to happen?
  9. He has to offer her a job in the cabinet. Even he isn't that daft.
  10. If Kate has any plans for a long term career in politics, then she will want to be as close to the heart of government as she can be. At the moment she is set up to be the next leader of the SNP. Coincidentally, she is almost the same age as Nicola was when she missed out first time round. She should be seen to support Humza as best she can, and continue to do as good a job as possible in any ministerial post she is given. In a few years time she could be the only candidate to replace him. If she refuses to serve in his cabinet she will probably just drift off into obscurity.
  11. I suspect Armstrong might start again.
  12. I'm with you on that one. I'm not convinced that Labour will just breeze into power as easily as some of them (and the media) seem to think. There is every chance of a hung parliament, and just maybe The Knight of the Bath will need some help from SNP MPs to get him into power? To me, that is the only flicker of light on the horizon at present which could push us towards another referendum.
  13. So, you think Brits living overseas shouldn't be allowed to vote in a General Election?
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