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  1. And if they can't find something they will make something up. I'm just waiting to see what it is. I have to admit that I am so biased that I have already decided that I won't believe it. We look, and laugh, at what is accepted in North Korea, but the UK is heading down that route as well.
  2. A lot of things didn't stack up with the Salmond investigation either. You seem to be taking a very different tack on this one. 😉
  3. You should go with tens of billions for that one. Even Lord Snooty has admitted to £20 billion. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/feb/23/parliament-renovation-could-take-76-years-and-cost-22bn-report-says
  4. Can't see that slogan being a vote winner.
  5. "Britain is becoming a more closed economy due to Brexit, with damaging long-term implications for productivity and wages which will leave the average worker 470 pounds ($577) a year poorer by the end of the decade, a study forecast on Wednesday." End of the decade????? We must be almost that much worse off already.
  6. So, then you get to the problem of who decides what is fair and what isn't, and how much are they going to charge for deciding. We could make you the Tzar of two home grants, but you wouldn't manage to do it all by yourself, so you would have to employ folk to help you do it. How many folk do you need, and how much are you going to pay them. You would need to train them up for doing a one off job and then make them all redundant. Hardly worth the bother.
  7. I am a wee bit surprised that they didn't take the opportunity to cash in on this once again. I wouldn't have put it past them to pay some Lady Moan type character a few hundred million to administer the system then folk would have something proper to mone about.
  8. They are entitled to it though, it's just that you have decided that they shouldn't be. This is just the age old discussion about universal benefits. I have had umpteen discussions about this over the years and I often revisit my thinking, but I always come back to universal benefits being the logically sensible solution. Some folk would argue that ALL benefits should be universal.
  9. It's a universal benefit, as far as i can see. I am guessing that the this is the easiest and cheapest way to deliver it. As soon as you start to apply any kind of means testing you incur high costs which are often much more than any money saved. It looks like the energy companies are doing the admin for this. Not sure how much they are getting paid for that though? It will be just like the fuel duty. Ordinary folk will hardly notice it, and somebody who already has loads of money will make even more money out of it.
  10. Orraloon


    I'm not sure I'm getting what you are saying here. Does that mean that every team that has won the Champions League has had at least one Spanish, Brazilian and Croatian player in it?
  11. I think that's the strongest team we have, if everybody is available. That's still weak in central defence so we will concede goals. We just have to make sure we score more. We could do with finding a keeper who comes for cross balls more than Gordon does, to help the defence out a bit. That's one of his big weaknesses.
  12. Why should he have any better package than anyone else? A months notice and oot the door.
  13. Wow. That should help you enjoy your round even more. 🤣
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