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  1. Have you got any of the symptoms? Fever, cough or loss of taste or smell?
  2. Just another part of the continued anglification of the Scottish public. The BBC have very little interest in promoting anything Scottish.
  3. Not sure about right in the middle? Maybe a bit further right-ish considering he was a Tory candidate before he stood for the SNP.
  4. I'm not sure why Iain Lawson thinks he should decide who can and who can't apply to be a candidate. I don't think he is even in the SNP anymore?
  5. He knows who they are but has so far refrained from naming them himself. He wants somebody else to do it for him. It is something which is very important to him, and I can understand why, but it's not so important that he is prepared to risk going to jail for it.
  6. I think he knows that nobody in the SNP leadership can answer that question.
  7. He is injured. Won't be back until next month at the earliest.
  8. I think you might have hit on the root of your problem here. I think you can do exercises to strengthen the ring muscles. The anal sphincter is an amazing evolutionary development. Most of the time (clearly not always) it allows the free movement of gases whilst holding back liquids and solids. It is only relatively recently that humans have come up with the technology to manufacture something which can do a similar job.
  9. You shat yourself in a kebab house and it was so bad that they had to shut it down?
  10. I think this takes us back to the mask discussion. The evidence is leaning more and more towards showing that mask wearing is overall beneficial. But, one of the arguments, which has always been there, against masks is that they can lead to a feeling of ever confidence. People think that wearing a mask makes them invincible and they stop doing all the other things which are actually more important. Like distancing. Two meters is still the guideline (more if you can manage it), but I have lost count of the number of folk I have met who think it's now one meter. And, one meter in their heads is
  11. Aye, that map just shows how close we were to eliminating it in Scotland. If only we could have put the right measures in place at that time, we could now be in a similar position to New Zealand.
  12. I think there is a very good chance that you are the only person who thinks Mr Tidy mumbles. That could mean that he only mumbles around round you, which could be due to fear and long term subjugation. Or, it could be just your excuse for not paying attention.
  13. You might be turning into one of those really annoying auld codgers who automatically say "Eh?" every time somebody says something to them. Then when you are half way through repeating yourself they start to answer you. They have heard perfectly well what you said, it's just an automatic thing they do to buy some time before replying. A lot of them get quite angry when you point out to them what they are doing. I think most of them don't realise they are doing it.
  14. Shaun Maloney? Squad player????? He is 35th on the all time list, by number of caps. He played 47 times for Scotland (which is about 30 times too many IMO ). That's no my definition of a "squad player".
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