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  1. I have, funnily enough last year on the way back from Armenia way. Braw.
  2. There's just something about Belgian beer, I can't wait to go back. Really brings context to drinking here, the beer here is general gash. Saying that, everything here is generally gash in comparison.
  3. TBF Belgium's probably my favourite country to go drinking in. Came across this beer last time was there (March), tried it for the hell of it as it was on tap and fancied a change and ooft... braw! Home | Tripel Karmeliet Strange thing, don't seem to get hangovers over there.
  4. Must recommend a visit to Bar Des Amis in both... braw and the beer is magic!
  5. If you've got an SSC account there's tickets gone on sale this morning.
  6. He certainly had that about him when he played for the wee team but in a Scotland jersey his discipline and composure has been excellent. Will be interesting, over the years we've been undone too many times by "one man teams"...
  7. Well they don't believe in manifesto commitments do they? So are they planning to block the Welsh plan too because of glass or is it just Scotland's?
  8. Is the glass issue (approved in Wales but not in Scotland) true? I've not been following this story.
  9. Best way to deal with Haaland? stick Porteous on him for the game? I'm no tactical genius but what I've seen he tends to be less effective when he's got someone all over him... Porteous out of all the defensive bunch is the most energetic and enthusiastic...
  10. Biggest thing I've noticed about his game. He hardly ever gives the ball away and is very hard to get off the ball. What he's lacking in pace he makes up with his heid, reads the game so well. HUGE player for us and easily player of the season.
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