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  1. Aye but it's been redone and tweaked loads of times. I think this one is REALLY boring. Hoping we get a decent away jersey!
  2. Dunno why the collar couldn't have been the same as the yellae wan!? white collar just looks daft with all the rest being purple etc. Collars and cuffs dinnae match!!! 🤣
  3. Not exactly a commentator but I liked Richard Gordon, gutted he's away from sportsound, no real insterest in listening to it now especially now Craig Levein is on it.
  4. Yer no wrong, the SFA should be going to UEFA demanding action.
  5. It's very clear what their tactic is now, they're trying to make us look like ethnic nationalists, there's loads of anti-English accusations and they're desperately looking for stuff like this daftie that went for the libdem councillor yesterday. There's STILL no positive case for "union" just attack attack smear smear lie lie. Fkin sick of the arrogance and ignorance of it, it's infuriating.
  6. Looking more than likely Krakow, which is great!
  7. Funnily enough I was so obsessed with WWII I loved "allo allo" 😂
  8. Nothing solid unfortunately. I'm hoping for Warsaw tho...
  9. Speaking of which, embdy seen the film "The Bombardment"? ooft... (true story)
  10. I LOVED that series when I was a kid, was obsessed with WWII, I'll have to find it and watch again.
  11. I'm hearing various things and none of the Lodz, all Poland tho, annoying as fk!!!
  12. Ah. Interesting...
  13. Couldn't agree more. Is kind of taking the pash noo.
  14. wtf is "dark tourism"? lol
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