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  1. I like this jersey, hopefully we'll go for something mental with the away shirt next time.
  2. Did you get the Gibraltar ticket? I have a spare you can have
  3. The problem is that it's just about the only thing he's good at, or rather lucky with. Knowing our luck we will beat Hibs and he will stay even longer, hate to admit it but I'd take a draw or worse to get rid of him.
  4. Bzzzz

    Russian visa

  5. Bzzzz


    Well that was easy, tickets secured by 12:02
  6. Bzzzz

    Russian visa

    Took exactly as long as the Russian application said to get the passport back, unsurprisingly efficient.
  7. Bzzzz

    Club v Country

    It's always been country first for me, it's so much more than just supporting a fitba team.
  8. Bzzzz


    Yes, I think it's brilliant!
  9. Difficult to find positives out of that performance, seriously hope this isn't the sign of things to come, we used to step our performances up against the better teams, we did nothing of the sort last night.
  10. Bzzzz


    Excellent, no bad price and a decent allocation, thought we could prob have shifted more tho!
  11. Halkett's not just a defender, he's a real goal threat, it's unfortunate that he was playing along side Berra on Sat, CDB was awful and Halkett didn't get a chance to show what he's made of, he'll def be a future international and I think he's good enough now but he needs to show it more.
  12. I wouldn't start McGinn, still think he's very overrated and a liability in our own half.
  13. Should get 2 points for an away game.
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