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  1. Was he? I don't remember much end product. He got up the pitch a bit but never seemed confident with what to do when he got there.
  2. Is it THAT much of a disaster? Hickey not making it? he's a good young player but I seem to have the impression that as a wing back his end product isn't that great and he's prone to a mistake or too at the back? I loved SoD in 2021, not seen much of him this season, is he still there or thereabouts? his attitude was outstanding, that's half the battle...
  3. There's a highly inappropriate joke in there somewhere... 🤐
  4. Can't say that's a description of the TA I recognise at all, the game in London in the last Euros, I've never seen anything like it, I've been about a bit but I can honestly say I've never seen so much coke in my life. The English fans were vile, they kept away from us because they were too busy fighting with eachother. Now I'll openly admit to having a bit of an issue with certain types of England fans having been stabbed by one in 1999 but they really are something else. You just don't see that kind of shite, that kind of attitiude from the TA.
  5. Same 😂 I actually felt sorry for the fowk running and working in the stadium, their fatal mistake was failing to understand what an absolute shower of CUNTS their own support are. It's a disgrace that they've not been punished suitably for this, and I mean "they" as in the England support. Not a chance Wembley (and probably not England) should be anywhere near hosting a tournament after that disgrace. The other nations involved now should all have come out and said "no ta" to co-hosting a tournament with them...
  6. If you've no seen this yet have a watch, it's amazing. (oh and they lose in the end!! 😂😉) How the FUCK Wembley is being allowed to host another international MATCH nevermind a tournament is beyond me, must have been a healthy flock of envelopes flying around at that meeting! Watch The Final: Attack on Wembley | Netflix Official Site
  7. Bzzzz

    New jersey

    Was just thinking it's been a while since we had a new jersey... anyone heard anything?
  8. Agreed, Livramento? the guy who's played for England U15s, U16s, U17s, U18s, U19s and U21s? clearly desperate to play for Scotland...
  9. Not for me, he couldn't and didn't handle Haaland and gave away a stupid penalty at the 2nd attempt, he was clearly out his depth v Spain away, I worry when he actually has to step up. He's a strange character, he looks half the time like he cannae be ersed.
  10. OOFT. Massively overrated player and a bombscare.
  11. He's a player I'd be least worried about missing out. Terrifies me everytime there's a loose ball.
  12. Che Adams just limped off
  13. Got mine yesterday, they're very nice. 😁
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