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  1. Bzzzz

    New jerseys?

    Will do ta, although I believe he may be currently involved in "physical combat" with a Llama...
  2. Bzzzz

    New jerseys?

    What is this "DH" you speak of?
  3. Bzzzz

    Play off tickets

    You mean the Hearts end? 😂
  4. Bzzzz

    New jerseys?

    No keen on the white pash but love the jersey.
  5. Bzzzz

    New jerseys?

    I like it, it's very 90s
  6. Bzzzz

    Play off tickets

    I wonder how the play off final tickets might be organised. Bloody short notice whatever happens!
  7. Monday 30th @ 1805, still available at £52. It's one way so I thought I'd take a gamble on it. That means all I need to organise is a rtn flight. If its Oslo or Belgrade then cool and if we dont qualify theres an option to have a wee break in Tallin as it's way cheaper but I might just see if I can get a ticket to whichever game it might be anyway as further punishment 😂
  8. How can ye no make Serbia? flights are favourable.. I'm booked up on the Edi - Oslo and Oslo - Belgrade legs so only need a rtn flight for wherever the game is going to be. Am booked into same hotel as you for the Sunday night and got a free cancellation for the next few nights if we are in Oslo. I think if we get there it will be In Serbia tho.
  9. Bzzzz

    Play off tickets

    Oh my Gaaaaaahhhhddddd!!!!
  10. We said in 2014 that if we voted No then the Tories would do all they could to fuck us, and they have, and they continue to. I am just amazed that people will happily lie back and let them do it as though they are not doing to them too! Pathetic.
  11. Only £54 direct to Belgrade... just sayin
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