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  1. My office building has 8 floors with two massive offices on each, we are the only office in and working.
  2. McBurnie's rubbish
  3. Totally understand, I'm the same, collect all kinds of stuff, only got 1 matchworn jersey, Scott Brown's from the Italy home defeat in 2007... II'm really struggling with framing it for obvious reasons... got a jersey signed by the 98 WC squad, that's braw.
  4. Nope. I used a Russian sim card and I've had no bother at all, mibbae jist yer phone's on it's last legs fella?
  5. Excellent. No worth much tho unfortunately.
  6. Hmm... there were a few inaccuracies but it was v enjoyable. Arthur Kinnaird, the beardy lah dee dah in the series actually played for Scotland in the game at the Oval in 1873....
  7. Got a 98 home jersey "signed by the WC squad" cheap as fk with no COA, is there any way of verifying or is it destined to become a cool framed pic?
  8. Aberdeen jersey is boggin. Like the Falkirk yins tho.
  9. Apologies, my comment was not clear, I was referring to our games v England.
  10. The modern game was developed in Scotland yes, have a look into the Scotch Professors... we also took the modern game all over the world, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay and of course England... we used to pump them regularly in the first internationals and they got fed up with it as our style was hammering them, so they took on our pass and move tactics and dumped their kick and rush. Have a wee look at this site... https://hampdencollection.com/the-hampden-collection-team/
  11. I agree, Slovakia was a great trip and Trnava was braw! (agree re the game, was burst, cannae mind anything about it and how I managed to get on the right bus back to Bratislava is beyond me)
  12. I think they'll bin it, it is one of the few tournaments that could be binned with few complaints.
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