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  1. 100% she knew the majority of them 🤣 considering the position some were in and then some went into its impossible she didn’t
  2. There’s a top snp politician with links to Siol nan Gaidheal,, I am surprised it hasn’t came out yet
  3. I actually and genuinely believe Alec will be remembered as a “great man” I am a very honest loon and wear my heart on my sleeve. He is simply the best politician we have EVER produced,, shame he has been SLIGHTLY nullified
  4. I have a worrying feeling I may have read blackford wrongly as in being part of salmond stitch up, I dare say he had been delighted salmond was dragged through the dirt however I don’t think he would have been smart enough to see what was going on,, now the poisonous snakes are after him and have been for the last year or so
  5. Speaking of salmond and him being stitched up, I was talking to a pal from Skye yesterday and got onto politics as you do, he has canvassed for blackford many times and knows him on a personal basis, anyways he resigned from the snp after a conversation he had with blackford prior to the salmond verdict coming out and it went like this “I asked blackford before Alex’s trial if Alex was guilty and his reply was stop this shit!!!!definitely, with an arsey grin on blackfords face, that was the first time I resigned from the SNP, ten minutes after that chat, I knew then that Salmond was being stitched up””” now look at how blackford has dealt with the current MP’s sexual misconduct at the moment,,very odd indeed
  6. It really was brilliant the last few months leading up to the 18th,, I loved it and wish I could have bottled up the sense of hope and excitement that was built up, I just can’t see sturgeon whipping up those sort of emotions if she ever get a referendum
  7. I don’t see any hate coming through in my comment, how odd
  8. I completely and totally agree, ignorance regarding what happened is so widespread unfortunately. It will take a while to rebuild his reputation but I do think if a referendum happens that it will propell him right into the centre of Scottish politics,, sturgeon is petrified that this will happen
  9. Salmond is definitely damaged goods thanks to the stitch up however, there’s is a significant portion of voters who he appeals to especially in the northeast,, businesses trust him also.
  10. Something will give this time, let’s see how Indy voters react if she doesn’t deliver a referendum,, if we get a referendum the only way will win is if momentum builds outside the SNP ranks,, you can only hope
  11. Hates a very strong word, I don’t hate her,, she’s just not got the tools to deliver independence. I hope I am wrong
  12. I see myself cringing every time I see her on the tv and I am a full blown nat, that’s what worries me about her leading the Indy charge,, she’s damaged goods
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