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  1. I was out leafleting today for the alba party, i got a good response in general, not understanding the voting system will be the partys biggest obstacle, i had a guy saying he cant vote for them due to the EU although he was a snp voter his entire life prior brexit, i explained alba is a different party, another snp voter said he wouldn’t take votes away from the snp and had to explain they were only standing for list votes that returned zero snp msps here last elections
  2. If the alba party fall flat this election, every member and supporter should join the snp, i can actually see that happening if they were to underperform
  3. Nonsense, most would agree who places GRA as a priority and its not th Alba party.
  4. Is jim fairlie standing on the list or constituency for perth and kinross? I would like to se him elected
  5. To a few twitter followers, hardlybthe general public, i would also argue that the actions of the hierarchy of the party is far more damaging
  6. Yes a few “wings” in the party need clipped, that will happen with him at the helm
  7. It wouldn’t take much for them to get a representation there, how successful they get the word out and how effectively will be more evident locally, it would be good as there is no snp list seat there?
  8. No you’re right however, under alec the snp’s campaign's were always positive, he went to great lengths to ensure the party followed this. The current hierarchy of the party would do well to remember this
  9. Had a very interesting chat with a Alba member who is running the campaign up here, (an ex snp councillor) saying Alec had 158 interviews in the past few days, everyone wanting to hear what he had to say, apart from stv and bbc. She was also saying that for the first time in her voting life that she was lost, had no one to vote for, now she had alba and is delighted. It had caused this ex snp member/councillor a bit of distress and I actually understand this.Alec has instructed every member that this is to be a positive campaign and to promote snp 1 alba 2. If only that was adopted by my party
  10. Theres one source,a long term SNP donor, which made me stand up and take notice,obviously hes heard it through other sources, its peter thats the main worry to me, if the rumours that i have heard about nicola came to light, it would not be unexpected. The rumours with peter would be very,very damaging,, it could be nonsense however what has went down in the salmond trial has massively rocked my faith in the leadership of the party.
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