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  1. It would be very high i believe, i often wonder if this is part of the reason why the elderly vote no overwhelmingly, would be interesting to se that breakdown
  2. Aye yer maybe right thats why we should start off at a position like EFTA, gauge what the country really wants
  3. i get that however if scotland were to rejoin the EU there will be a massive effort on the EU front to ensure scotland benefits massively from membership, to show the ruk what they are missing
  4. Angus robertson will be the next leader of the snp, best case scenario for me would be for Westminster to reject a referendum, resulting in sturgeon standing down and letting Robertson lead the snp into the next holyrood election on a independence manifesto, achieve independence, join EFTA and go from there
  5. So as it stands if there were a vote tomorrow, what would you vote?
  6. I think you are reading too much into this, although i agree with some of it. mass migration is not the answer, increasing fertility rate should be seen as one of the top priorities of governance, immigration is a short term patch fix. I couldn’t read the full article, does it say how long a period it would require the 400k migrants over? I will also add that the amount of ruk “migrants” in scotland at the moment is above 400k. Although a concern i think we have bigger worries in a Independent scotland
  7. Could you post the link as its the first i have heard that they want to bring that much migrants and cannot see that being accurate , however i do agree that the government should be giving tax breaks to have larger families, its a no brainer
  8. I agree an disagree with the above, had Westminster not been in such disarray things would probably be a bad as you think however the party are lucky that the governance down south are ten times worse, that makes it more frustrating as we should be well on our way to independence
  9. Worst start to a summer in the northeast that i can ever remember
  10. From where i am standing if an indy ref gets off and running NS should in no way run the campaign, Angus Robertson and i might get nailed for this but Henry Mcliesh also,, Labour voters are the key to independence
  11. Encountered a few folk of late who have said they will vote yes this time around, for me being from a brexit leaning part of the country, this is a change from the norm, i have seen yes pages flaunting polls showing massive swings to yes, this is nonsense and will give indy supporters a false sense of what is going on,, from where i am standing both sides have all to play for.
  12. I believe there is something after we pass, it’s obviously not life, maybe the soul lives on,,my mother says my granny had foresight and would tell the future by looking in the fire, 6months prior to my grannys death she swore never to “look into the fire again” my mam thinks she saw her own death.
  13. Al wager its better than outlaw king which wasnt great tbh
  14. I See the robert the bruce film has just been released, poor that cineworld is not showing it, the reviews i have read indicate its half decent, a bit different from Braveheart and outlaw king
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