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  1. it really is a vote losing stance with little to gain, bizarre really
  2. The party will not split IMHO had it been a normal run of the party it possibly would however i would like to think the goal of indy would stave this off,,, Sturgeon needs to start listening to her party and not her ego, and as i am reading up on internal affairs within the party just now, this may well be the case as she seems to have taken heed slightly, i am glad that some of the old guard were re-elected as it will bring much wanted balance back,, when i stated earlier about Angus Robertson as msp i got a response i did not expect, i always thought of hi mas a salmond leaning politician?
  3. excuse my ignorance but where is the party at in regards to the gender reform act, i thought it had been kicked to the kerb? i have taken a step back from the politics since the election so i am not up to speed.Am i right that katie forbes and others were against the reforms and thats why they were ditched?
  4. @thplinth you are correct in as much as this should be avoided until a later date, AS prior to indy ref introduced some eye catching policies such as council tax freeze ect that were long term unsustainable, NS seems to be doing the opposite, she really does my tits in at times, all who are unhappy about it need to get onto their mp/msp and show their opposition against it. It does make you wonder if she is sabotaging the snp from the inside sometimes with irrational vote losing policies
  5. 1. i would be gob smacked 2. despair as that would finish the snp 3.ANGRY Without giving too much away is this a possibility as if it is it has completely blind sided me
  6. I hope robertson steam rolls over the top of her, we need balance back to the party, cherry and a few other new snp mp’s are pulling the part in a different direction and its a direction i am not overly fond of. Team angus all the way. Cherry is manoeuvring into a position to stand for leader, it can not be allowed to happen
  7. The post brexit migration policy will be absolutely brutal to some industries in scotland, i see the tories losing swathes of voters in rural scotland
  8. If they were smart they would call it now, its their chance to kill it off, they would win if it were held in the next 6 months
  9. Lets be honest its nea a good look at all however had the snp not acted so swiftly it would have been a million times worse, they have done what they could and what was right
  10. Absolutely, it put a shudder through me anytime folk would touted him for FM. i am starting to become a bit nervous as i have a feeling that they(unionists) may have a bigger grenade to throw at a more crucial time in the indy scenario. Why use this just now is my question when it could have been more effective at a later stage?
  11. Absolutely agree with this, the riot act must be read, however with such a large pool of people its very difficult micro manage their behaviour
  12. Agreed that would be to soon for her to go into such a high and intense position
  13. Is she set to replace derek? Ii see big things for katie, ticks all the boxes, if anything she is too nice and needs a bit of bite. She has done good things for her constituency
  14. The snp are the most scrutinised party, each msp and mp need to be aware that if they are to do anything wrong, legally or morally, they willbe caught out
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