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  1. He definitely needs to do something or risk being looked at as weak and being bullied by the greens
  2. The amount of casual snp voters I have hear saying they can’t vote for him is unreal, likewise those floating voters who would have voted for Kate
  3. Wouldn’t be very “progressive” to miss someone out who is on maternity leave, agree though, finance is her strong point and no one would do a better job than her.
  4. I have no idea, it would make sense however is she too much a threat
  5. Correct if he somehow manages to keep clear of all the behind the scenes sagas
  6. Well there needs to be some sign that the new SNP leader will stick up for the snp. It comes across as everything the greens want they get, Kates constituency will be massively hit with this MPA’s (10% of waters not fished, even creel fishing) so much so that blackford would do well to hold his seat at the next election. Kate has already said the legislation is wrong and doesn’t support it, will humza pull that legislation back in? It would be a start
  7. Humza would do well to distance himself from the GRR, but kinda backed himself into a corner on the vote losing policy, also the MPA’s on fishing areas that the greens have pushed will be a disaster forthe rural areas of Scotland, actually he should step back from the greens and work as a minority.
  8. I had high hopes for McAllan however she showed herself up in her unfounded attacks on Forbes, Gray is a roaster as well, gilruth I wouldn’t grudge in a less important roll.
  9. She definitely won’t refuse to work in his cabinet, I think her reaction compared to regans, showed her in a different light to many, she is a very pleasant, kind person, the character assassination at the start of her campaign hid that side of her. The question is whether humza takes Kate onboard
  10. Humzas cabinet will be interesting, will it have the lightweights of Todd,Somerville, ect or have the best talent at his disposal? A wee bit of a headache for humza as if he places Forbes at the top of government again then she will outshine him but he needs every bit of help he can get and Forbes supporters onboard,, any idea when he will name his cabinet… it will be very interesting
  11. Oh you heard it from aaid, it’s not a good comparison, what a roaster. One good thing from this election is that most folk realise now what you are
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