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  1. breaks on Wednesday which is the day i am due home,then cold and not great at all, typical,,,take the good of it
  2. WOS will serve its purpose when it matter IMHO, the YES camp is made up of various political stances and so it should be, a few yes lads on here hate the snp that is understandable at independence is not about everyday politics, it goes much further than that, my worry is that the snp sicken lads like thplinth so much that if a vote came around they may not vote, thats scary... And when we are talking about plants WOS are not however there are a few withing the SNP which are being sniffed out
  3. The problem is, sturgeon could pull the house down, salmond could burn it down, i just hope independence is taken into consideration what ever hapens in the shit storm which is away to come
  4. how alec wants to proceed, i will follow as i believe his judgement will always be to further the likelihood of independence, he will know best how to handle it. on a personal level where do you want this to lead?what would have you happy? sturgeon gone given but with what fallout behind it?
  5. I will state, I still believe sturgeon has been outflanked rather than in on it
  6. Yes you’re right, i will hold the hand up and say i read this one wrong from the outset, i didnt like miss cherry before however she is starting to be one whom i am starting to warm too. There is something so wrong with this whole thing
  7. Having been speaking to a lad who knows the ins and outs of the trial, it really is civil war in there, rather shocked how high up in the party it is
  8. Unionists now desperate to dig some dirt on blackford
  9. Correct however It now appears the tories have Served their purpose to the higher powers and are now being disposed of, Labour are now the puppets and seem to have the backing
  10. They are going for the jugular https://twitter.com/gully_burrows/status/1264536644901797891?s=20
  11. The shift in Labour is noteworthy, there is someone of very capable hands steering and advising the ship there, this will be the last tory government for a while
  12. https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/conlist_scot.html going through the projections the Dominance of the snp Is stagering, is this a result of the more senior no voting members of our society paSing and the youth voting yes voters becoming more influential, it really is staggering stuff. The final push we need to sell. Vision of a Indy scotland to the right of centre voters, they are key IMO
  13. Not to say too much however its the logical and right thing to do, their are obviously factions within the party that a rotten, they need to go. I dont believe sturgeon will fall on this, it may even make the party stronger, there are some nasty folk infiltrated the party,, the hippy/green socialists that cause trouble everywhere they go, time to give them back to harvie. There will be a few folk dreading the end of this shut down
  14. Guy out here had previously tested positive for covid had a antibody test which came back that he didnt have the antibodies, not sure what to read from that
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