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  1. The shit is hitting the fan up here, the torys are out, i can see them being down to 6 seats in scotland if a GE was called however you lads down in glasgow need to hit the ground running, many unionst who voted tory will now be voting labour
  2. hampden_loon2878

    EU Referendum

    I Never knew he posted on here, i dare say that his farming knowledge would have came in useful
  3. A call of no confidence tomorrow doing the rounds
  4. hampden_loon2878

    EU Referendum

    Is that the same jim fairlie who campaigned for farming for yes?
  5. hampden_loon2878

    The Brexit Thread

    😂 well i have no idea where this is heading, something just not sitting right with me about it, has she laid this cards on the table with an agenda to get something else out of the reaction, god knows.
  6. hampden_loon2878

    Jeremy Corbyn - fecked?

    😂 av had worse i would live if it had been
  7. hampden_loon2878

    Jeremy Corbyn - fecked?

    The worst bit is i am a active SNP member, i like to think i am open minded i will alway support independence and that means trying to influence or hold to account the party when i think they are steering off course, as independence relies completely on the SNP
  8. hampden_loon2878

    Jeremy Corbyn - fecked?

    I get what you are saying, however sometimes to get what you want in politics you need to do what you dont want to first(if that makes sense🤔) although shit, doing the right thing doesn’t always mean its a vote winner, and thats what i think nicola lacks, i have no doubt her heart is in the right place in many of her policies but i think she leaves herself wide open at times
  9. hampden_loon2878

    Jeremy Corbyn - fecked?

    Although i am not a corbyn man he has played the brexit issue like i would have had i been the SNP, they have held onto their support in northeast brexit voting england while picking up pro europe votes throughout the country. i think a labour government under corbyn in the middle of brexit would have the arse fall out of the markets
  10. hampden_loon2878

    The Weather thread

    Looking at the GFS charts for next weekend, absolutely phenomenal if you like cold and snow, i would go as far as saying its one of the best charts i have ever seen, just a pitty that its not a month later when the sea temperature is just that little bit cooler its over a week away and much can change, you can but hope
  11. Our local snp branch have been out canvassing for the last two months in preparation for one
  12. To be fair it could have been a lot worse, its very tough to see my constituency which to me,was the SNP heartland, i was once told that banff and buchan represented the true scotland, not left nor right with a naturally nationalist population whom want to work hard and better themselves, That election was the perfect storm for the snp, the buisness rate fiasco just prior to the local elections, brexit cemennting a stick on increase tory vote, the results in the local elections giving unionists the obvious choice who to vote for tactically.They all joined together to have the snp’s back against the wall. The northeast will go back to yellow next elections if you take the snp vote in moray and BnB their vote was similar to that in 2010 it was just that the brexit contingent voted tory, that wont happen next time My opinion on sturgeon is still that she is compromised, however its not near so bad as you think(i really hope its not that bad haha) she is still the best we have but the media are just relentless in their smears against her, the party have done some fantastic things such as crime rates, homicide, road deaths, employed, Renewables ect but some policies have been introduced to quickly, the timing of introducing a policy is as important as the policy itself as far as i am concerned.
  13. hampden_loon2878

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    Its strange because my grandfather and a lot of acquaintances know him really well, he stays 10miles from me and all say hes a gentleman, i have stopped and spoke to him on the golf course a few times and he always had time to speak. One thing eveyone agrees on with alec is that he is a very clever and strategic man so for him to in anyway jeopardise the snp/independence is hard for me to believe. Thats why i am very confident any allegations will not be in anyway serious, as you say possibly being a obnoxious arse but in no way anything the wrong side of the law
  14. hampden_loon2878

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    I agree they need to be investigated however if a “incident” happened at a airport my guess is that it would be no more than a passing comment nothing to justify splashing it across the front pages of every tabloid. Would any other politician recieve the same level as exposure as alec if the shoe was on the other foot? No definitely not m. The allegations will come to nothing but the media will have achieved their objective by tarnishing alecs name
  15. hampden_loon2878

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    The press are getting silly now, investigating a claim from Edinburgh airport 10 years ago. Come on this is charcater sabotage.