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  1. The story on sky news regarding a question on bully policy change in 2010 and how the question was handled shows a worrying way in which things are dealt with in the hierarchy of the party,, very bizarre
  2. One of the lads i land too is right in the thick of it, the industry has been well and truely “kippered”
  3. If Angus robertson becomes leader there will be hell on and the party WILL split,, if sturgeon goes down my bet is robertson will also
  4. In all aspects history will decide over sturgeon, in normal times possibly she would have resigned? However the telling part for me is no replacement is being lined up, insane!! She must know That her time will shallow off? Give me forbes(and i am going out on a limb) Very likeable, strong woman, with strong beliefs, a woman of culture 👍
  5. Looked closely into his political stance, seems to be very similar to myself, euro sceptic to a degree fro what comes across,, seems to know his stuff
  6. Yes i just hope shit holds together until may. Another independence party, a real serious, Professional party would ensure the safety of the yes movement
  7. I agree But folk need confidence in the ruling government, thats where the problem will come from.
  8. Was nothing like that,i just think we are in a real bad situation. And it all comes from the top. I hope angus robertson loses his bid for msp
  9. One of the weirdest things i have just realised is that all the worries i expressed prior to the snap 2017 GE have came to fruition, primarily the loss of seats in that election and the agenda driven sturgeon, i said at the time she will lead the party to ruin and going from a email i received tonight. That is exactly what is going to happen. Lets hope she stands down to “lead the fight against covid“ or manages to lead us to may without the full details coming out, bad craick
  10. Was he on? Damn i would have liked to have heard him squirm, the amount of bullshit he spouted to get elected was criminal
  11. Read wings today and personally i think he is pushing it to far, maybe that is me being selfish for the purposes of keeping the party together, really is not pleasant reading
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