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  1. A bit off topic, does anyone know what happened with the act of union when charles stuart revoked it on seizing edinburgh castle in 1745? Was it just a case the act just continued after he fled to france?
  2. Sorry it had nothing to do with the article i was just wanting you’re input on the situation, locally by me the resentment against the NEC is massive, i was just trying to gauge the feeling elsewhere and i knew you were a member. They really do look Corrupt to the core
  3. There are plants, 100%,,time is running out for them To Save the union, the anti has been upped
  4. Any snp members on here really need to start making their voice heard against NEC, i have been a silent member for years however this bunch of woke maniacs are going to tear the party apart if allowed,, as i have not been a active member regarding internal votes ect, i am not sure if it would be a case of voting them out at the next conference? Anyways its time to reclaim the party
  5. Good by election win in ellon and district, 10% swing To the snp
  6. It was more like the SG dont want to work on the positives of the internal market bill
  7. Katie is a darling,, ian wood rolling off his old unionist shite again
  8. This canary is getting light headed thats for sure, maybe my gut feeling just after brexit was correct even if it did/does sound crazy.
  9. I will not get into it just now, as at the moment they are only rumours and hopefully stay that way
  10. Yet, if half the “rumours” floating about have any truth to them I dread to think of the fallout
  11. Where did i say there was anything wrong with being gay, your feeling would be 100% incorrect like many of your “feelings” expressed on this board over the years
  12. Haha here we go, take something i say then turn it around and imply i mean something else,,, i said she was a good christian quine wary of the woke brigade,, where have i implied that? One thing i will say is theres no way someone with traditional values would allow school kids to be educated in anal sex like my nephew had a few weeks back, along with the transgender bullshit,,, an utter disgrace and the current snp leader is all for accommodating the woke brigade,,,
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