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  1. i know exactly who you will be on about, view with a pew maybe... for your information, sandhaven and pitullie held the highest snp sampling of any town or village in scotland in 2011.. the broch is a very nationalist place, maybe not as much as before but it is(especially towards independence) ,, i have leafleted and done sampling there for the snp,, but yet you will tell me differently as you know better
  2. going down that road since you have managed to get the thplinth banned and the whole thread deleted to hide the slander you aimed towards him,, everyone is starting to see right through you now
  3. brochs always been a nationalist town, some die hard torys,, brexit did change the dynamics a bit though,, i heard he got slaughtered today haha
  4. pretty much what the SNP offered 10 years ago, especially their energy policy, its pretty much identical,, middle politics
  5. to me the alba party is on the side lines saying look after the cause of independence and do right by it or we will be ready to take the votes from you if you mess up. Having a monopoly over things can corrupt the mind or edge in complacency, the snp have a monopoly over independence leaning voters. Alba is a good counter balance imo
  6. That’s probably his biggest mistake in jumping the gun prior the holyrood election with alba maybe you could argue he shouldn’t have stepped aside after the referendum in 2014.. i firmly believe we would have been independent by now.The creation of the alba party to me is a deterrent to the snp and should be welcomed IMHO
  7. He’s a strategist, there is no move he plays that has no purpose, everything he does has a reason, maybe just hard to see it just now. He is finished in main stream politics imo but in a referendum campaign he would be invaluable
  8. The likes of Pete Wishart in the snp are every bit as bad as the roasters in Alba so it will work both ways,, honestly no idea what whisharts beef is nowadays, he’s went totally off track
  9. i am not ashamed or make no apologies to say that salmond is one of my heroes. They say you should never meet your heroes as it usually disappoints, well it didn't for me after i met him in 2015, every time i have met him since he gives me that little boost thats needed. He is always very optimistic in us achieving independence. The one thing i love about his politics is that is is always positive and forward thinking. politics is all about selling a vision more so in Scottish politics, this is something the current SNP should take note of
  10. i hope come the referendum (that may never happen) the general mood will change, the very narrow vison of the current snp opens up and some of the 2014 spark is injected. the mood in 2013 compared to 2014 was night and day. we can only hope that is the case when the starting gun is fired
  11. am sure when/if the vote comes again you will choose the correct answer again
  12. from a personal view, i am shocked the polls show so favorable for yes
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