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  1. This day 5 years ago will stick with me until the day i die, it was truly heartbreaking, i knew by 11pm on the 18th that the vote was going the wrong way however it didn't set in until the 19th what scotland had actually done, it took me a good while to get over and i am not joking when i say i may have been slightly depressed in the few months that followed, that is why I don’t want another indy referendum unless we are sure we will win it. I don't think i will ever get over that vote completely
  2. Personally i would like to see gilmore in the squad and a few along with johnstons, if anything it would be more for the fans, a bit of hope looking to the future, thats why bertie mcvogts managed to keep a lot of fans onboard in-spite of some terrible results, the team was peppered with youngsters like faddy and fletcher.
  3. The seats which the torys hold usually don't have a strong libdem support, moray, gourdon, banff and buchan, aberdeen south, the lib dems stepping aside wont do much to held toe tory IMO, lib dems will hold their seats, possibly lose caithness. An election tomorrow will have the libs on 5 seats, torys 5, labour 3,, that would be my guess
  4. This will not work in tory seats, especially in the northeast, the reason the tories gained so much seats was due to the brexit bounce,
  5. I was once private messaged by a random guy calling me a “fucking taig” for debating scottish independence online, i had to look up what a Taig was haha.
  6. Correction, random week day games, before it was always home games on a Saturday, odd one was on a Wednesday, its a big ask for fans from the north to come down on a monday night
  7. Look these qualifiers were always a warm up to the play offs, mcliesh absolutely destroyed that team. We never played terrible tonight just they are far superior ATM. Mid week home games have killed the atmosphere if you ask me
  8. Its been hard to take a tory MP here, hopefully not for much longer
  9. Correct, however the norgies have it sussed just like the oil. Maybe its not “sussed” just normal practice.
  10. It funny as jimmy is all over the place. A bit of a back story on him owns the amity fishing vessel. Had quota (white fish primarily) years ago he went to build a new prawn vessel, to finance this he sold quota(dished out for free) guess who he sold his quota too? A Spanish company fast forward to just now he still own the amity, crewed all by phillipenos, apart from the skipper who takes the boat.he is chairman of the scottish sea food association who represents the processers as well as the fishermen(processers dead against hard brexit) hes a prominent member of the local tories and told everyone after brexit we would get “our fish back” so hes trying to argue for a hard brexit, retain his foreign workers, get quota back which he sold, have no tariffs for processers haha it’s impossible. to answer your question it’s impossible to get free access to the EU without access to our waters for their vessels as was the case with TM’s withdrawal agreement
  11. Yes i agree with some of what your saying and time will tell if she has handled brexit correctly, whether we get indy rests with her and her political IQ,, i hope to god she plays a blinder. regarding north sea oil she really needs to be very very careful as it effect ALL the northeast, caithness, Stornaway these place rely massively on employment from the rigs
  12. To me it is how sturgeon has treated yes/brexit supporters, had she been a bit more subtle we would be 55% yes IMHO. Its a tough one to balance i know. On a side note i hope she trades carefully with this “climate emergency” and the oil industry in the north east. As an oil industry worker her grandstanding on this subject is starting to make me uneasy. She hasnt the powers to do anything about the oul industry so why put your head above the parapet
  13. I hope you are right, and i hope your anticipated poll may be right, something just feels off too me
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