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  1. IMO we will not be having a referendum in this parliament, the SNP need to hit the ball out of the park at the Holyrood elections next year to even have a hope
  2. And i am kindly pointing out there is precedent for 2nd referendums
  3. I hope that this is just part of the jigsaw which is not visible to us at the moment, i am really happy that a good few old guard snp mps got reselected like mcaskill, I'm hoping this will stop to far of a lurch to the left, it cant be underestimated how good strategists the snp are, sometimes to get to a certain point you need to do some unsavoury detours.
  4. Well what will be , will be, let the voting electorate decide, if they want a referendum, vote for a party with it in their manifesto, if they dont, vote for a party with it in their manifesto not to hold one. Can we agree on that
  5. The SNP have won every election since the indy ref with a manifesto which wants to pursue independence so that needs to be respected, would you not agree? The “No lot” haven't the appetite or support to carry out such a march or they would, you would most likely be there championing it.
  6. Time for the serious work to start, away with the marches and the flags, we need to wipe away the flag waving nationalist and put across the forward thinking, economic savvy Case for independence, Limit the use of “dragged out the Eu against our will” slogan and replace it with “give scotland the power to decide whats best for her”(or along that lines) i feel the yes movement have turned into some sort of side show that can not be taken seriously.
  7. sorry i wasn't very clear, it was a banner that was about Irish unity that i seen. Personally i think we should keep that at arms length as it will be used as a tool to stir up division
  8. I seen a few republican flags dotted through social media, i have no idea if these have been photoshopped however it’s something that need ls kept clear of the yes movement
  9. The past election really has changed you’re gear into overdrive
  10. It would be interesting to see what polling for independence is after the GE
  11. No but at the same time IMO her fronting an Indy ref will have us lose, there would need to be another strong character for her to stand along side, even disagree with ir play devil’s advocate when required, who could fit this position? I honestly don't know. Someone who possibly supported the union at some point
  12. Scotland has independence as close as ever, as i have always said, we need to get the Euro sceptic, yes voters back on board, how we do this? I don’t know. I was talking to my mother yesterday, yes voter and previous snp voter, she voted tory which i was shocked about,, all down to brexit,,, this is someone who was a single mother of three, struggled a lot to provide to me and my siblings. When i asked her “so is brexit the most important thing that concerns you” to which she took second thought. That will be the last she votes for them (i blood hope) as i could see she regretted it. Brexit blindness has a weird effect on folk. One last push to win back previous yes voters while retaining current support 👍
  13. Erm i am not sure i never stated it would go back labour, however its not a time to play with electorate and become cocky, we have fought hard to regain these seats so lets not get complacent
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