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  1. I am no Legal expert but there has been talk surrounding this for a while and just reading between the lines this will come into it at some point
  2. expect this to be in the manifesto in some form https://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2018-07-04a.406.0
  3. I disagree and called it from before any “u turn”was on the horizon as i stated on here. If your strategy is easy read it ineffective, even though i don't think this strategy was hard to see, it actually shows how shit the opposition party's are
  4. The manifesto will be interesting, how its worded will be the key, expect in depth, hard to see legally binding Policies in there
  5. Do you not realise the route taken was Required to keep the upgrades with as little outrage as possible, had they taken the path of just upgrading the pupils straight away then there would have been a similar uproar with the results in down grading? The way the media reacted to the initial down grading has pretty much rendered any arguments against upgrading useless. It sometimes amazes me how folk are unable to see past initial posturing which them helps the final goal. It would have always been the partys preferred option to up grade however the media and Snp bad ideology of the media would have made that impossible off the bat, instead they chose to go the only way allowable with a strategy
  6. The unionist fell for it hook line and sinker, the snp got the strategy spot on here.
  7. Some believe sturgeon chucked salmond under the bus, i however think she keep him at arms lenghth to protect the partyand indy and salmond will understand this. There will be some dramatic days ahead i am sure, i Am praying sturgeon had the political savvy to not have been snared by those withing the party with alternative motives
  8. Very encouraging and IMO the only thing that can stop the rise in support is the alec salmond saga which is ironic and a bit sad.thats why i see him rejoining the party,
  9. Well I actually dont know what i would have done had i been swinney, both decisions have their faults, i await more faux anger
  10. The next set of polls are going to be very very interesting, the tories are already in full blown panic.
  11. You judge swinney how you want, i will hold mine. Lets see how this pans out before passing judgement, its unprecedented and difficult,they will get it right
  12. Thats the faux anger i was referring to, not from actual students. Buch of charlatans the lot of them
  13. It was always going to be difficult, how would have you dealt with it
  14. Lets be honest, its a situation where there was always going to be a carry on, whether the went with the 20% better pass rate from teachers or the methodology that has been used,i am confident the appeal process will be fair And sturgeon is making the right noises
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