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  1. Right dudes my guess for tomorrow is 44 seats to the snp, notables are sutherland to go yellow, moray, gourdon, angus, ochil, possible aberdeen south. This is pure antidotal from me and just my gut feeling.Banff and buchan will be close, along with most of the above i have suggested going yellow. There you have it, my mystic loon title may well be destroyed tomorrow hahaha. I will say in 2017 i could have put my house on the result however this time the result will be very dependant on turn out and which demographic actually votes
  2. Is that how its looking down with you guys? Have you canvassed much this year and if so whats the general mood?
  3. I am really struggling to make my mind up how this is going to pan out, one minute i think its going to be a good night for the snp, the next i am thinking a damp squeeb
  4. At Fuc#ing bus shes driving about in does nobody any favours
  5. definitely a void in scottish politics that needs filled https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/12/09/meet-the-scottish-nationalists-who-voted-leave/
  6. Its strange you say that, one of the most vocal yes guys i knew has now gone to tory, he was one of those yes voters who disliked the english folk and gave the yes camp a bad name, he now hates immigrants and the snp, especially sturgeon
  7. Was speaking the the head of canvassing today, he is saying that polling has the snp and torys 70 votes apart, how that reflects in the grand scheme i don't know but its very Very close
  8. It really can go either way up here, what i will say is that if the tories do get in, it will be the last time for time they will Get in here as what they are promising can’t be delivered.its not helping that sturgeon is going full out “stop Brexit” her advisers need sacked
  9. Take 2-3% away from the tories as the brexit party nor ukip have been polled,
  10. Whats the script with WOS? Is he actually telling folk to vote Labour?
  11. Aye he gave a huge donation to yes scotland, i don't think he donated to the snp at the last election which had us worried however he has donated this time the exact figure i don't know but he's the largest single donator this election to us.i was always hoping he would go into politics but fishermen being fishermen, he will have a few skeletons thats for sure
  12. Willie has always been SNP, he’s as patriotic as they come, he is head and shoulders the biggest donator to the local snp branch. he was reluctant to put his head above the parapet and go to the press, so credit to him as i wasn't sure if he was going to when i last talked to him. Its a pitty as the snp used to have the backing of the majority of the skippers, some paid up members for over 30 years. Willie is as good a businessman man as you will come across and is usually ahead of the game so this will make folk stand up and take notice
  13. i would agree with that, he would try to hammer him if the interview ever came off
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