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  1. If anything it’s resulting in more incorrect decisions? Maybe that’s an exaggeration but in the Barcelona game both penalties might be considered incorrect / harsh, the handball non goal didn’t look like a handball and the first goal was probably a push. Didn't like the idea of VAR in the first place but at the very least assumed it would mean less controversial decisions.
  2. Cheers wings & Robin, I’ve been reminded how much of a chancer Alyn Smith is all over again
  3. “Prof Paterson told the Scotsman newspaper that this was unfair because it could mean "an outstanding student in an average school will be likely to have had their grades pulled down".” Which to any ordinary voter is just ridiculous. Funny watching the mental gymnastics some take to defend the government though.
  4. That does seem the key point, there’s little to no political will to change this.
  5. Yep. I was working in NSW until Monday there and even as a hospital you could see standards dropping, ED staff no longer wearing masks or checking people’s temps as the came in, high temps not getting covid tested like previously.
  6. Biden is almost certainly cognitively impaired, reckon Trump will win, be close though.
  7. My badly made point is the SNP probably won’t be in power for ever so need to capitalise on their support and push through independence whenever possible. Maybe I’m wrong but independence doesn’t seem to be as big a priority for them as it should be.
  8. Yeah I get all that, I want independence as well.
  9. Also, Ramy this must be the worst thread ever, well done I guess
  10. Well if that happens then who’s to blame? Its naive to think the SNP can stay in power forever.
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