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  1. Okay but I asked you what you’re doing differently? Without being personal or insulting, I bet you have a smartphone, use banks, might have a mortgage etc Its fine having a different world view but attacking others who don’t share that is just boring
  2. What are you doing differently? I just see people getting on with things as best they can.
  3. It’s not that simple though, how do you determine what facts to use?
  4. After watching hundreds of hours of “alternative media / conspiracy videos” I can’t honestly say I’m not any wiser about almost everything but if anything less happy. Each to their own obviously but spending hours on this stuff over the years, while interesting at the time, does it make your life any better?
  5. Will likely remain an irrelevance until independence or a massive SNP fuck up, too many in Scotland want independence and Scottish Labour will probably never be able to support it.
  6. I hope this isn’t true, the independence movement needs to be bigger than one person, sure it will need the SNP to bring it to a vote but if one leader leaving can derail that, then it would be easy for the UK establishment to bring it down. That’s one of the reasons why I never bought the Salmond conspiracy theory, that it was directed from London, if that was the case they’d have did it before 2014 surely? I’ve no love for the SNP but even if Sturgeon went, labour are such a mess and the Tories toxic that any competent replacement could continue the momentum.
  7. Yeah probably, I’m in Australia still and planned on coming back for it, even just to be in the cities the games are on but even that seems unlikely unfortunately.
  8. I loved the original min series 😂😂😂 Gary Sinise is brilliant as Stu, although don’t know how well it’s aged. Mind watching in on Sky as a kid and being scared of the crows walking to school on a Monday morning haha. Aye the book is brilliant, might be a good time to read it again.
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