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  1. Except Swinston is a complete snake. Voting is bad enough without giving one to the Lib Dems
  2. Couldn’t watch it but the link screamed propaganda. Incredible stuff.
  3. I didn’t watch the game and know very little about the u21’s but tactics aside, the manager can’t do much if the players coming through aren’t good enough. By 19 / 20 the damage has been done in terms of basic technique and skills. We’re behind the vast majority of Europe and have been for generations.
  4. He still won’t be one of the worlds best imo
  5. Don’t know, as bad as it can get on here, reading Rodgers as one of the world best was something else. Probably laughed at your post rather than McTominay’s injury.
  6. It’s where he’s managed the most recently. To say he’s one of the best managers in the world based on his EPL record is ludicrous.
  7. The English guy? In shocked
  8. Surprised by your comment for someone who’s dismissive of Scottish football and Rodgers has been Leicester manager for less than a season, to then claim he’s one of the best in the world is some leap.
  9. Rodgers is one of the best managers in the world?
  10. Even the term fake news is a load of shite. Probably don’t even know the half of what’s it true and lies or propaganda now a days. The part in this book about East Timor especially really changed now I look at politics etc
  11. Don’t think that would ever happen. The burning part anyway.
  12. It was tremendous. Cinema was full of old Napoli fans when I seen it and that added to it. Came across a documentary on the 80’s boxer Roberto Duran last night “I Am Durán” Never heard of him but was a brilliant watch. Fascinating guy. The Joker is probably the best thing to come of Hollywood in years.
  13. I thought it was an interesting take on the story and I’ve a lot of time for the author based on his work on isis and Syria. That’s all.
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