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  1. And Gordon Brown writing for the guardian this weekend with his Brexit doom warning. The same experts that claimed Scottish indy would be a disaster. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think leaving the EU will be brilliant either.
  2. Aye but does a can of coke affect the body differently to a banana?
  3. So different from the added shite. You did this in the other thread as well.
  4. How long before the other parties and the media are calling for a People’s vote? ...
  5. Quick google there and Vox and the like are saying his numbers are looking weak. Trump win then.
  6. Independence for the sake of it never appealed, be some weekend though.
  7. I think a referendum on the EU following Indy would suit most since a yes to join would appear to be a formality
  8. Different opinions are staggering. It was a hypothetical question.
  9. I don’t know, if what he said in the lead up to 2016 didn’t put you off then I doubt this will.
  10. Not sure about that. Sovereignty always comes at a price.
  11. No but allowing him to isolate certain democrats with views that swing voters won’t really like doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy, assuming winning in 2020 is the most important thing.
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