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  1. Junior standard? Behave yourself, most of the teams have players all playing in professional teams in Europe. Hard to moan about teams being shoehorned into a major tournament after uefa changed the euros 😬
  2. I’ve been taken in by them in the past and they did brew good beers but they’ve always been something about them. Did they not try and taken legal action a pub in England for using punk in the name?
  3. Bit early, least in the case of King and Lowry to be making grand statements about class.
  4. Young women murdered in Ireland. Apparently in the afternoon as well. Heartbreaking reading the comments from the family.
  5. Aye well said aaid The politics of all this has been predictably depressing.
  6. That’s right. Mistakes have definitely been made and will continue to be made unfortunately. Not often I say this but I do have sympathy with governments trying to make the right decisions when things can change so quickly.
  7. Can’t disagree with any of that. In many ways the government’s are damned either way.
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