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  1. Easy to say that now. They have better players all over the pitch, pinning our hopes on someone who’s barely played 20 games is desperate.
  2. We’d have still have lossed though Beaten by a superior team.
  3. This needs be be pinned. Everything else doesn’t matter.
  4. Arguing about management or players is irrelevant until we produce technically gifted players.
  5. Who gives a fuck, we’re out and outclasses
  6. Fraser barely plays for Newcastle and didn’t start a game for us
  7. I don’t disagree but saying we’ve players in the EPL means very little
  8. Doesn’t matter how many EPL players we have when most of them are mid table games or relegation. Isn’t this the same shite England comes out with?
  9. We’ve only beaten those teams because we’ve not got good enough players
  10. It was fun while we qualified but we’re not good enough. Simple as that.
  11. Correct. as much as it’s hard to accept that’s just as fact. We qualified through the back door and it shows
  12. No the players aren’t good enough as well. Look who our players for compared to Croatia
  13. You’re not entirely wrong but we can’t keep blaming managers when half our team is clearly not good enough
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