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  1. Must be hundreds of ex players looking for a pundit role as well. Boyd is an idiot.
  2. Any videos of the power tackle? Wasn't included in the highlights on the SPFL YouTube, which probably says it all
  3. I’ll nibble. You can’t have nations without nationalism. The natural state of a country is to be independent, Scotland, England, Germany, Nigeria, Japan etc. Why I don’t trust unionists and EU folk alike
  4. Same. Watched both films full of IPA’s and barely laughed.
  5. Would have been 16 when I seen this on channel 4 late one night. Still never got round to seeing them live but first few albums still are great.
  6. Be happy enough with that, especially in the away game if we beat Israel. Against Israel I’d be tempted to play Armstrong for McTominay or Fleck and play Forrest right. Not seen Shankland before so not sure but don’t rate McBurnie.
  7. https://www.oldkemptondistillery.com.au Got a mate a bottle from these guys last year, he won’t have opened it yet though 🙄 Something I wish I liked more because of the Scottish influence / history etc.
  8. Hahaha. Even after all these years calculating Infinity still is harsh and abrasive no matter how many times you play it.
  9. Pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Mackay is great in everything I’ve seen him in.
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