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  1. I’ll concede to your greater knowledge on what the politicians are saying publicly as reported by the mainstream media. I suspect what is said publicly is very diffident to what’s happening privately, like I said I’m not sure how to take what’s going on just now, which is okay, we shouldn’t be forced into picking a side.
  2. If you’ve a spare 58 mins this is a really interesting look into why trump and Brexit might have happened, Bannon’s name comes up a fair bit if I remember correctly
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/16/opinion/trump-and-putin-vs-america.html “Are you with Trump and Putin or are you with the C.I.A., F.B.I. and N.S.A.?” Is it any wonder more and more people are wanting to get their news and opinions from non mainstream sources?
  4. Vote the wrong way and you’ll be punished?
  5. Ballsing up would indicate mistakes. Bailing out the banks (endless debt that will never be paid), the war on terror and mass surveillance of us all aren’t mistakes. The sad thing is I don’t think these issues above would be avoided with independence. I do hope I’m wrong on that.
  6. Depends how you define safer I suppose. Never thought I’d say this but future referendums legacy will be to further divide voters while very little changes.
  7. Steve Bannon is a lot of things but he’s no idiot and I doubt he cares about Tommy Robinson but he knows certain people will love him for what he’s saying, playing to his side. Ex Goldman Sachs, which is conviently ignored by the media. Most of trumps “picks” are ex Goldman Sachs, ironically just like Obama’s . . .
  8. No I’m genuinely confused on what the bigger picture is here. Probably be decades before we’ve an idea. But picking a side, as we’re being manipulated into doing isn’t a good option.
  9. It would have hurt people with money that’s for sure
  10. But the people telling me Brexit will be a disaster are the same people who told me Scottish independence would be a disaster. I’m confused.
  11. Candidate Trump said that Assad and Putin were both fighting Isis (remember them?) so dropping bombs on Syria wasn’t a good idea. Guess things change when you’re the president. . . Expect military action of some kind in the next year or 2. Having trump as president is too good an opportunity to waste, also another market crash wouldn’t be a surprise.
  12. ParisInAKilt

    Russia 2018

    Would you say Mbappé was world class? I’m taking a slagging from my mates because I think he’s too young to be definied as world class yet, although he’s best player I’ve seen at that age for a long time
  13. ParisInAKilt

    russia poisioning

    *brought to you by the good people of western democracies
  14. ParisInAKilt

    russia poisioning

    It’s been a busy few years for Russia, invading Ukraine, Blowing up planes, supporting Assad, rigging the US and EU referendum and now poisoning folk.
  15. ParisInAKilt

    Russia 2018

    Problem for Lampard and Gerrard is that they had very good foreign players beside them at club level.