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  1. Because the vast majority have male genitalia, an index offence of sexual crimes against women in around 50% apparently. https://fairplayforwomen.com/transgender-prisoners/
  2. No worries. I’m sure it will come up again or more information will be made available.
  3. Well biological males with a GRC are recorded as females so it’s hard to know exactly from what I can see.
  4. https://fairplayforwomen.com/transgender-male-criminality-sex-offences/ “We first revealed this in 2017 based on our own analysis of prison inspection reportsthat allowed us to estimate how many transgender prisoners were being housed in prisons reserved for sex offenders. Our findings were then confirmed by prison statistics obtained from the MOJ through Freedom of Information requests revealing 60 out of the 125 transgender prisoners in England and Wales in 2017 had at least one conviction for a sexual offence” This is England and Wales and doesn’t include Biological males who have
  5. I’ll try and find the source I remember seeing. I’m not denying that transgender males and females are highly vulnerable in prisons. But I don’t think putting biological males in female prisons is the solution without segregation. The discourse is failing women and transgender people. People are worried if by asking questions or raising concerns they’ll be labeled transphobic.
  6. It’s almost definitely more than 7 given the lack of transparency. At what number do we say that’s too many? Biological males raping women in prisons is easily stopped.
  7. I’m not sure, probably a few different reasons, mainly it doesn’t affect most people day in day out. It’s divided a very small fraction of the yes movement, maybe some are using it as a stick to beat the SNP with.
  8. I see what you’re saying. I think at this stage all parties know it will be passed, Alba will just be using it as way of attracting voters who are against it.
  9. That’s on the SNP then for pursing a divisive policy and ideological agenda.
  10. Like I said, I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening because, as you say, the vast majority of people don’t know or aren’t interested in this at the moment. As aaid says as well, it has almost universal political party support, in other countries too.
  11. It’s not for me to say what people should and shouldn’t be talking about. If you can’t scrutinise a parties policy now when can you? I don’t think it will harm the SNP vote because people still want independence and they are the main party to do it.
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