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  1. Boyle is a hypocrite. Surprised Jerry S was booked for the fringe giving how his act seems to be at some level all about offending people. So to cancel him for being offensive is classic.
  2. I don’t doubt that, it’s really only a joke meme when someone says a failed communist country wasn’t proper communism.
  3. Every economic model is gonna be deeply flawed in practice because of human flaws
  4. Considering we voted no in 2014 this is an interesting take. When you leading the march into England?
  5. I’m laughing because it’s not in anyway relevant to Scotland in 2022. The fact you’re banging on about other countries and violence suggests it’s you who’s out of touch. Maybe your average voter isn’t inspired by the SNP in terms of them being able to change things for them? Maybe talk to these people and get an idea of why they don’t really care?
  6. I thought the same. I don’t watch a lot of Man U but maybe that’s not a good position for him and why Clarke plays him in defence.
  7. Think it was the Cyprus home game mctominay came off the bench and immediately looked the part, good touch, quick passing etc but he’s been average at best since then.
  8. This is going to hurt Funny and sad. Reading the book now, even as someone who works in health I can’t believe what is / was expected of junior doctors.
  9. Settle down. The polls are nearly 50 / 50. Die for the cause 😂😂
  10. Reminds me of the time I got a sausage supper in Bristol and it only came with the 1 sausage.
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