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  1. Well done mate! I’m down about 8kg in nearly 3 weeks
  2. That was a great documentary. Especially watching Martin Bain make a tit of himself.
  3. Filth My name is Joe Sunshine on Leith - bit cheesy but can’t help sing along Dog Soldiers - set in Scotland and Kevin McKidd is in it.
  4. Mind watching the England game in pub on a school trip to Millport. Would have been 12 at the time. Was great fun, until Gazza scored and one guy in particular lost his shit and we were swiftly outside.
  5. Is it overly cynical to think this might just be a ploy to help reinforce the “we’re in it together”?
  6. My Dad’s works shut down now, ideal since my mum would be defined as moderate risk.
  7. Fallout and the last of us might be more realistic than once expected 😬
  8. That’s ridiculous that bank nurses are able to sign up and then go off sick with pay. Its the same here in New South Wales with protective equipment. Both our ward managers made their one appearance in the nurses station today, moan about the clutter but still refuse to restrict visitors and patient leave off the ward.
  9. I know I’ll regret it but think I’ll buy a PlayStation 4. Healthier than watching YouTube and falling down the corona black hole
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