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  1. Maybe it’s not but I have a degree of sympathy with parents who are uncomfortable with the state teaching their kids about anal sex. Personally I wouldn’t want the state teaching my kids anything about sex or relationships but it is what it is
  2. Yeah I know, just clarifying my own position incase I’m accused of being anti gay. Maybe I am being overly old fashioned, it’s not a question I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about.
  3. Not all sex acts, although I’m thinking of anal sex from a heterosexual point of view.
  4. Would depend on how it’s taught I suppose. My first thought is that it shouldn’t be taught in school at all though.
  5. The World Cup should be more difficult to qualify than the euros, as hard as it seems, a favourable draw and a bit of luck and we might make one in the future
  6. To what degree form will matter next month is anyone’s guess but obviously very happy we’re unbeaten and Clarke seems to have created a settled squad. Still think Serbia are a better team and start favourites but we’ve a chance.
  7. You’re on record saying the playoffs didn’t matter and now you’re on here after we win the semi final claiming others are negative. You’ve some brass neck on you.
  8. Definitely not, I’d hope nobody would suggest they are.
  9. We can talk for a month about they did this with x playing or missing against x and y. They are clearly a decent side, probably better than us but not as consistent or good as a Belgium.
  10. If you’d have said we’d go a year unbeaten after Russia away last year I’d have said no chance, no pleasantly surprised Clarke has got us more solid, even if we’ve been somewhat lucky at times but we’ve deserved a bit of that luck as well. Being hard to beat and breakdown is a massive improvement especially if we can play like that against the better teams.
  11. Mitrović might only play for Fulham but he has 35 goals for Serbia, 24 of them since 2018
  12. Easier to tolerate and defend grim football if it’s successful against better teams, like it was for Greece. Don’t think we’ve ever played particularly expansive football, well not for a decent amount of time.
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