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  1. Won’t be thin on the ground when the vast majority of the media, banking and business likely backs another no vote.
  2. I thought McTeeko was having a “go” at the players for celebrating like they did, not the fans.
  3. Scotland voted overwhelmingly for that democratic deficit
  4. Not sure, just a feeling but I think leaving one Union might make fence sitters more conservative when deciding to leave the UK
  5. “We are a pro European party and strongly believe in the European Union but also believe in democracy and respect the referendum result” And then shut up and let the other parties deal with it.
  6. It’s all they have this season, let them enjoy themselves
  7. depends how far you wanna take it but aye there’s an argument that no country is independent anymore, the leave side is hypocritical if they think leave the EU will suddenly make the UK an independent sovereign national with democracy
  8. Thank Lennon for his time and appointment a better manager.
  9. They taking advice from the SFA? Can see Rangers running them close next season
  10. Arguably the weakest competition in Scottish football history but 9 trophies in a row is still an impressive achievement.
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