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  1. More that voting is a waste of time
  2. As politicians go, Trudeau is very unlikeable.
  3. It’s been a quick 4 years. The year leading up to the vote was really brilliant, was devastated at the time, and although my views may have changed, it’s a period in our history that I’ll never forget.
  4. ParisInAKilt

    St Faddy De Paris 11 years ago today

    First away game. Should’ve been my last . . . Cracking 24 hours that. Have a signed picture of the goal as well.
  5. ParisInAKilt

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Yeah definitely. Rather any money went on trying to improve youth development and cheaper tickets, anything but paying a premium so Belgium can hump us.
  6. ParisInAKilt

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Agreed. Moving to Murrayfield or anywhere else permanently won’t solve the issues of attendances and atomosphere. Only improved performances and results can do that. And with Monday night games we might just need to accept lower crowds unless it’s a massive game to qualify.
  7. ParisInAKilt

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Not sure if I’m in the minority but don’t see a great deal wrong with Hampden as it is. Being closer to the pitch would be ideal mind you. Improved performances and results, therefore more chance of important games is the best way to improve the atmosphere. Getting there and back from the city centre isn’t that difficult if you’re organised and leave enough time. Public transport to other parts of the country, especially after the game could be improved though. Don’t get to go as much these days but enjoyed Monday night.
  8. ParisInAKilt

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    Most likely booed by Aberdeen fans for how he moved to Rangers? Doubt it will bother him too much.
  9. ParisInAKilt

    Nation League Group C

    We’re generally unpredictable/ inconsistent, as is most teams around our level so it’s anyones guess what kind of Scotland, Israel and Albania will show up in the next games. Our mentality for away competitive games in particular needs to improve though. This sitting back shite has cost us too many points in every campaign that I’ve followed.
  10. ParisInAKilt

    Scottish Born Players

    Regardless of place of birth you’d hope the manager can identify who cares and who doesn’t.
  11. ParisInAKilt

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    One can wish hopefully the team can use Friday’s performance and mistakes as a positive for tonight.
  12. ParisInAKilt

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    No fan of McLeish’s appointment but he’ll be judged on competitive results.
  13. ParisInAKilt

    is there pay at the gate tonight?

    Assuming it’s the same tonight? ”subject to availability”
  14. ParisInAKilt

    Policing of Football Fans

    Police horses at a Scotland friendly. What a joke.