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  1. Not sure about banning it but dealing better with the associated anti social behaviours would be a start
  2. Denmark haven’t dropped any points to our rivals, that’s a big one in helping us be second in the group so far. We’re able to grind out wins when not playing particular flashy but always feel we’re just one bad result away from everything being shite again.
  3. Agreed. At the very least he’s the potential to play at a higher level for the rest of his career than what McGregor does. I think the 3 of them could potentially play in midfield together with McGinn further up in some games. I don’t think it’s all McTominay’s fault either why he’s not been able to shine in midfield for us yet so far.
  4. Absolutely not but McTominay for whatever reason, hasn’t performed in the midfield for us yet.
  5. Did not see that result coming. Defended well and had a bit of luck when we needed it. Must be a long time since we’ve been second after 6 games!
  6. Exactly. It’s the main part you’d think.
  7. Haha well aye but sometimes people need to travel
  8. Urgh that must be horrendous. Must be a better way of managing international and inter state travel without locking people up in a room for 2 weeks.
  9. I wished I shared your optimism because realistically we could be back to 4th after 6 games. A lot of football to play still with twists and turns but I wouldn’t bet on us finishing 2nd on what I’ve seen so far. Ive watched the game and the highlights and I’m still not overly impressed, we should have scored more and they didn’t trouble us but need to remember who we’re playing.
  10. Moldova are garbage and our best chances only came because they made some shocking mistakes, out with set pieces we didn’t really open them up otherwise. We continue to be really passive as well. Does Clarke know that goal difference is the deciding factor? Not sure I’d look at the Israel result doing us a favour when they are our direct rival and at this stage at least look likely to finish above us.
  11. Maybe not just this performance but ongoing? That seems fair enough to me, Clarke’s record speaks for itself. Just to be clear, say that you like, as others with different opinions
  12. Unlikely since the last time we topped our group with a 100% record . . . Ah wait we haven’t, we’ll not in my lifetime. Instead we’re struggling to finish 2nd again! I can understand the odd bad performance, happens to the best teams but we don’t look like beating Austria or Israel if we’re playing like this.
  13. Probably because they are top with 5 wins out of 5 😂
  14. He’s not saying that, he’s saying it was a pish performance. If you think otherwise, that’s fine but don’t patronise people who thought it was a grim night of football
  15. I wouldn’t be so confident
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