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  1. Would be very much like the SFA to cancel this before we’ve seen any real benefits from what I can produce. It’s blatantly obvious that we don’t produce very good players compared with even countries of similar and lower population. Unfortunately nobody involved our game appears to really want to change this long term.
  2. The end stage of a troll. The desperate attempt for attention.
  3. Losing a foot to type 2 diabetes because of a bad diet seems more extreme than therapeutic fasting. The 10 - 21 is a course of treatment for various health issues.
  4. In terms of evolution, I think the change of diet (added sugar, processed carbs) and snacking is having huge affects on society. Type 2 diabetes is slowly becoming an epidemic.
  5. I’ve did 18/6 IM before and a couple of 48’s the past few weeks
  6. Depends on your goals I suppose and if eating that way works for you then great. However every time you eat you spike insulin and when elevated your body will not be able to burn fat (from what I’ve read) so that’s why intermittent fasting without changing what you eat can be successful for losing body fat.
  7. I’d say eating several times a day is less natural than fasting for a period of time.
  8. I’m attempting a 7 day fast, half way through day 4 now. Day 2 was the worst for hunger, but was less intense day 3 and now I only occasionally feel hungry. Probably not an ideal week to do it, shifts all over the place in work so my sleep hasn’t been great and now driving long distances over the next few days. Not doing it for weight loss but it’s inevitable that I’ll lose water weight and some body fat.
  9. No they don’t. We rightly laughed at England when their golden generation failed, I know it’s not on the same scale but being a good winger for Bournemouth doesn’t mean you’ll be a good international player. We’re like an England C team. Results almost reflect that. Sure but a captain can only do so much and it’s way down the list in terms of our problems. By all means change the captain, results won’t improve because of it (likely)
  10. Especially if he replaces McInnes next year ....
  11. And phone your next door neighbour takeaways that he might not have wanted ...
  12. But some of them play in the bestest league in the world .... A team that needs a captain to influence results is probably fucked.
  13. Not used a house phone since I used to phone the box tv channel and request Britney Spears videos
  14. Thats brilliant Watching another video the that talks about a study they did years ago. 2 groups, one didn’t eat at all and the other eat a 1000 calories a day. The group that didn’t eat didn’t lose much muscle but lost significant amounts of body fat. The calorie restriction group lost more muscle mass and developed intense food cravings and behaviours associated with starvation.
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