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  1. Really? Thought that was something the vast majority of us on here could agree on.
  2. Barcelona v Espanyol in 2013, to be honest the atmosphere was pretty shite, not helped that our tickets were surrounded by other football tourists but good to see Messi and Xavi live.
  3. Feet tickling would bring me back to life as well
  4. Anyone able to recommend a company that I can use to transfer money from Australia to Scotland? Looking at moving back to Glasgow next year and the exchange rate isn’t too bad at the moment.
  5. We won’t be silence, cried the club who won’t shut the fuck up
  6. If half of this is true it takes football down a path that it can never return from. Although it’s been there for awhile anyway
  7. Think they’ll start lifting restrictions here over the next few weeks.
  8. The last dance on Netflix, documentary about the 90’s Chicago Bulls team is brilliant and I’m not a basketball fan.
  9. Tried to cut my own hair after one random YouTube video. Turns out a phone camera isn’t a substitute for a hand mirror. Nothing a pair of clippers couldn’t fix
  10. Haha well aye but it’s happening to a lot of teams now. Nothing beats going and watching your team with a few players from the academy, even if they all leave after a season or 2, fans being robbed of that now, just so Chelsea etc can have 40 kids out on loan
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