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Question Time Tonight

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They pick the location, the guests, the audience, the host, and the questions. And you like getting annoyed by this? I don't get it.


The alternative is only watching, listening and reading things that I agree with, and that would just be pointless.

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Had a look at this. Though there were no 'kippers officially on the panel, there were a few in the audience. Which makes you wonder, even if the BBC were not 'promoting' UKIP by giving them disproportionate farage-time, it's possible the audiences would keep bringing up UKIP issues anyway. Or, seen the other way around, were those actual deliberate UKIP plants in the audience, so that whenever there' a QT on and no 'kipper on the panel, they ensure to have the 'people's army ' represented in the audience? And why not you may say?

Maybe if the Greens were that keen, they should send people along to the audience to ensure there are Green voices every week. (and even the SNP?...)

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It wasn't intended to be supportive of the people in the house. If you switch the flags for saltires it wouldn't have gone down well here either.

Eh? I must be missing something here. If somebody took a photo of my house with a saltire on it, I am supposed to be offended? I just don't get it.

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