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  1. It would not be a good look if the Tories kept saying no. I think they know that themselves. They can keep that pretence up for so long
  2. Oh aye. He has enemies all right. But in the wider sphere of the party. I can't for the life of me think that Sturgeon would knife someone who she saw as her mentor. Indeed, she stated recently about her deep sadness at the breakdown of her relationship with Salmond
  3. Which is why the movement needs to unite now more than ever and put petty differences aside. The whole independence issue is far too important to be derailed by individuals who have too much self importance and agendas
  4. I think what thlinpth needs to bear in mind that the campaign isn't the SNP's. It's OURS as a movement. The SNP is simply the vehicle to achieve that goal. If anything, I believe that a figurehead independent of the SNP should spearhead the campaign.
  5. This whole thing has been nagging away at me everytime I see latest polls and that the whole Indy deck of cards could come crashing down. But your post and aaid's one has got me thinking. What would the SNP top brass gain in trying to slay a man whose top line career in politics was finished, especially when he was fronting a Russian political show. This issue just doesn't add up for me
  6. Agreed. If we make a cunt of this, Scotland is finished. Along with Holyrood
  7. The Salmond trial was sensational enough and even that hasn't tipped the scales. Yes, there may be some that could be easily swayed but not large swathes for the reasons mentioned. If Scots can't see the bigger picture then it says a lot about us as an electorate. Lets be honest here, when it comes to Unionist shit stirring in the coming months you ain't seen nothing yet. This is going to get dirtier. This is where we have to stand big as a movement. They are terrified and will pull out all the stops to derail the SG
  8. In the John Major years his government was absolutely up to its neck in sleaze, yet it wasn't enough for voters to flock to Neil Kinnock in their droves to win the 1992 election. Even if Sturgeon did go, no one person is bigger than the independence movement. I think the horse has long since bolted with Scots when the have seen how Labour have sided with the Tories on just about everything, Brexit and the clusterfuck that is BoJo and his contempt for out Parliament. Scots won't all of a sudden rush back to Unionist parties. They have too long memories of the events of the last 6 year
  9. Imagine the fury if it were Yes supporters attacking Unionists.......
  10. I work for a firm based in Yorkshire (I'm home based) and you couldn't meet a sounder bunch. No problems at all. There are so called Scots that I wouldn't piss on if they were in flames. The types you saw in George Square the day after indyref1 being a prime example. And of course Scots Tories
  11. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Jeezo 🤣🤣🤣
  12. I wouldn't change my local for one or two bitter and twisted individuals.
  13. Was in my local on Monday for the Czech game and prior to kick off some of the chat was bitter and beyond belief. Sturgeon is a Nazi rug muncher We wouldn't survive without Government money We would be begging in the streets if we voted Yes The 15m 'deficit' I could have ripped them a new arsehole on the deficit etc but I bit my lip and let them get on with it. The thing I have learned is not to bother engaging with people like that. Their Union, Queen and Country at all costs attitude is too deep rooted. Absolutely pointless in trying to educate these type of folk
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