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  1. Cases of the South African and Brazilian variants detected in the U.K. Linked to travel but still quite worrying
  2. It's all about supply. Im not falling for all this stuff by the Yoons that this is a competition.
  3. The Osborne post should be getting shared far and wide and a golden opportunity by the SNP to make serious capital about what we knew all along about what the Tories really think about this country. Osborne really has blown a hole below the waterline about this ridiculous notion that an independent Scotland is too wee, too poor, too stupid to govern itself. The mask has well and truly slipped
  4. If, as expected, Angus Robertson wins Edinburgh Central then you have a ready made replacement if Sturgeon does step down. Was a great leader of the Westminster bloc and would chew up Dross for arsepaper. Forbes definitely one for the future.
  5. Interesting to look back to last year that following an interview between Nicola Sturgeon and Sophy Ridge about Salmond being possibly angry at her in not covering this up, he stated that he would have no further comment in public until he was in front of the committee. So who is behind this leak? I wouldn't put it past the mad Reverend
  6. Yep. Like I said, Sturgeon is a lawyer. She will bide her time until the time she gives evidence. All told, it's sad it's came to this. I don't honestly know what Salmond stands to gain here. He was proven innocent, he knows he is finished politically. Why would he take a flamethrower to a cause he has championed all his life when we are on the cusp of delivering what was unthinkable a decade ago.
  7. It's a leaked testimony which the Yoon media have jumped on. Googled it and it's telling it's the Hootsmon, Herald and The Times screaming from the rooftops about this. Innocent until proven guilty
  8. Douglas Ross in full 'look at me, look at me' mode. People forget Sturgeon is a lawyer by profession. She'll bide her time
  9. Prof John Bell of Oxford University said that it would only take a few weeks to adapt the vaccine if the SA variant didn't respond to the current one
  10. Oxford University vaccine now approved. Roll out starts next week. Fantastic news
  11. Scotland's version of Brian Clough in so many ways. Came within a whisker of a European trophy and robbed of a European Cup final thanks to a bent and tapped up ref. Would have been unbelievable to have seen United up against that brilliant Liverpool side. RIP Wee Jum
  12. I'm sure the North East fishermen and the tottie farmers will concur. This will finish the Tories up here next May
  13. I'm actually grateful that I possess my tablet and get my news digitally rather than relay on scurrilous print media like that shower and the Daily Liecord
  14. Well, this won't please folk but hell mend them. If you sleep with dogs you will catch fleas. They get all they deserve when they vote in cunts like Douglas Ross and David Duguid. And I wonder how the folk of Great Grimsby will feel now given they voted in a Tory for the first time in 74 years last year.
  15. Bet that wee Tory loving gobshite Jimmy Buchan will be mightily pleased.
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