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  1. Wouldn't be at all surprised if Earl Spencer has had a hand in all this given his attack on the benefit scroungers at his sisters funeral
  2. Time it was banished from our screens. It had its day like Scotch and Wry.
  3. Way beyond its sell by date. Almost as cringeworthy as the Selling Scotland programme before it
  4. Indeed. The Tory was making comments about Larkhall being a Unionist, royalist Rangers supporting area. No shit Sherlock but it was dog whistling politics at its worst.
  5. Yep. Because if he continues to rail against indyref2 then it will swell support for Yes. It won't be Johnsons idea though. More like Dominic Cummings.....
  6. Kevin Keegan moment. And this cretinous boot thought she was next PM 🤣😥😥😥
  7. Midlothian won by a huge margin. Please God, Let Ian Murray get papped. Then I'll go to bed. Honestinjun.....
  8. Pete Wishart and John Nic romp it. It's clear Scotland is rejecting Johnson in huge swathes
  9. Some stonking SNP majorities. Looks like we got our vote out
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