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  1. The way things are I wouldn’t be surprised if we are on Moldova’s red list. Lesson learned. Don’t think I’ll be booking anything further until this is done
  2. Me as well, given Moldova is one of the least developed countries in Europe which gives great uncertainty about how far they are with their vaccination programme
  3. I’m booked for Austria but in all honesty I’ve written that one off now. Like Denmark, the UK is on Austria’s Red list and that won’t change for the foreseeable. Can only see the inevitable flight cancellation in a few weeks time 🤥
  4. I’ve certainly not heard many folk desperately wanting to rush back to the office
  5. Hoping Belgium turn it on against the Finns, Denmark take something and Austria beat Ukraine
  6. Is it just me or do I have the feeling all this could bite us on the arse
  7. Looking very hopeful 🙏🏻
  8. On the sauce already? You’d never have guessed 🤣🤣
  9. That was heartbreaking watching that bit.
  10. Correct. The point has been made about George Floyd. And if it offends wokeists, too bad. It’s all about freedom of expression. It’s got to a point where if you don’t take a knee then you are in cahoots with Tommy Robinson and his band of arse wipes
  11. Absolutely brilliant programme. Brought back so many memories. Personally, Paris 2007 won it out the park. Found out the night before I was going to France that I was going to be a dad. Then Faddy...well guess the rest...... Really hitting home we are back in a tournament at long last. Out of office on tomorrow. Then it begins........
  12. Actually, it shows how far we have come in being pissed off at drawing with Holland. On the eve of a tournament
  13. Superb performance tonight. Couldn’t fault them. But we need to be streetwise in not conceding free kicks in shite areas, especially with wanker refs who will punish you for merely breathing
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