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  1. Thought Taylor was brilliant. Given who he was up against, didn't shirk it and will have given a young prospect like him a real shot in the arm O'Donnell was fine as well Despite the result, I'll sleep better knowing Clarke is the man. He's got into them already not to panic with the ball and try and play it out instead of hoofing it. And we kept our shape as best we could. With a fully fit squad and Griff to come back, I can't wait for the Russia game now.
  2. Did anyone clock the ballboys behind the goal giving the United players the Vicky when they were taking their penalties 😂😂😂😂 Batshit mental scenes at the end. Crazy. Didn't honestly think we would see a day like this given that we were atone point 6 points behind Dundee at one stage
  3. It was never going to be a classic. Two teams who knew what was at stake. Not easy on the eye for the neutral butfor yours truly who went up to Tannadice, nervous excitement. It's going to be even worse on Sunday. Both teams will be terrified that one mistake could be curtains. It's just too tight to call. It's in our own hands at home, but United will feel as confident. All to play for
  4. He's got one of those faces you'd never tire of stamping on
  5. Where is poor old Squirrehumper this eve. Poor bugger must be hiding in a darkened room!!!!! Fabulous appointment. Took Killie from the bottom of the table to European football. Can empathise with Killie fans as the same happened to ourselves with Jack Ross Not to mention he was the best right back to have graced the stripes. Looking forward to the Cyprus already
  6. Far too tight to call this one. We are going into the first leg on a good run of form (1 defeat in our last eight). But United will fancy it as well. Would happily take a draw up at Tannadice. We don't have a great record there. Seems strange we have a far better record at Dens. Whats the odds on that utter fanny Stubbs being part of the pundits on both games. No doubt BT Sport will be salivating at the prospect of the gloating Scouse cunt creaming himself if this goes tits up for us
  7. The fact that she is never held to account on party policy is beyond me. Not to mention the stink of dark money. There have been instances of some tough questioning and she has been found wanting. I'm sure she has cut short interviews when having such questions The SNP must home in on this. Make it personal, particularly on the dark money stuff.
  8. This is the sort of stuff that Ruth the Mooth has to be seriously challenged on. Which of course she will have no answers to. Sadly, a compliant, snivelling media up here will never properly hold her to account
  9. He had a long and distinguished career. Think his last game was the 1980 Scottish Cup final, 13 years after Lisbon and cuffing the English at Wembley
  10. The great man's boozer was in Torrisdale Street in Queens Park. Think McNeills is still on the go although he gave up the pub game a long while back
  11. Why are they giving that screaming harpie Swinson airtime? About as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike
  12. I take that back. How could Gordon have booted out Eck for that drooling cunt Colin Clark?
  13. Indeed. What sane human being would vote for someone as buckled as Ross Thomson?
  14. Ye deserve aw ye get for revealing you wear dungarees...
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