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  1. The funniest ones are the expats in Spain who voted Leave all of a sudden complaining they are being flung out for being illegal immigrants 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You honestly couldn’t make it up. Fuck them. Have no sympathy for these swivel eyed wankers
  2. Think it would have been more fitting if they had wheeled out some of his notorious gaffes. He was a genius stand up comic without ever realising
  3. Not sure if this has been clarified but is the 25% the Scottish Government’s line in the sand or if the Covid numbers continue to drop then is there any scope to further increase the capacity
  4. Part of me thinks you’re right but live in hope 🙏🏻
  5. The hospital numbers are way down as well. The vast majority of all adults and vulnerable people will have had at least one does, maybe their second. Just hoping this is a cautious approach by the SFA with a private hope they can get more in.
  6. The positivity rate per 100,000 today is 49.5. And it’s 2 months until the Czech game. You’d like to think if the numbers improve even further there would be scope to increase the capacity further
  7. It takes a special kind of lunatic to orchestrate a social media pile-on on a guy recovering from a stroke
  8. You would hope but he’s pretty popular in Fife. Not sure what majority he holds
  9. Rennie holds a constituency seat. NE Fife. He’ll be a stick on to retain that seat
  10. Think he’s taking time out until after the election. Sums up how poisonous this campaign already is and we still have over 4 weeks left. Campbell and his pals are absolute pondlife
  11. What that tells me is that the Unionists hope of Salmondgate having had a damaging and ultra negative effect has been dashed. 50% is a very strong base to build from in the event of a referendum campaign kicking off
  12. Clydebank and Milngavie will be a comfortable SNP hold. Given that the SNP will clean up the constituency seats in West Scotland, I’m torn whether to lend my list vote to the Greens to keep out the Yoons
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