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  1. Was a jolly spiffing moment watching the unwashed inbreds crying salty tears. Up there with the purple menaces shitting the bed at Dens in 86. Happy days!!!!
  2. The whole of India is in complete lockdown. No one getting out at all. Africa, though, is a huge concern
  3. My missus was on the WHO site and there appears to be a shift in the guidance on social distancing. Recommending 1m rather than 2. Not sure what it means in the grand scheme of things but thought worth sharing
  4. Wouldn't eat in any of that cunts restaurants even if I could afford it. Another luvvie, selfish prick who has forgotten his roots, in his case Port Glasgow. Up there with Mone in the cunt stakes
  5. Have self isolated from listening to the 1982 World Cup song. Given that the opening line is of course 'I awoke in the night with a fever'.........
  6. Those editors who were rubbing their hands in glee about headlining Salmond's descent into oblivion must be fucking spitting blood this evening
  7. Unless Ottawa is in West Dunbartonshire, naw!!
  8. Quite right. There was an old guy at one of the shops wearing a face mask and gloves
  9. You look like a member of the Green Brigade 不不不不不
  10. Seen on the BBC that the Iranians have fucked the US off big time with regards an offer of emergency aid. The Iranians are actually blaming the Yanks for this pandemic
  11. Work in the insurance industry. Home based role so no big step change in terms of my day to day routine but that can't be said for others. Putting the coronavirus issue to one side, WFH is great. Get so much done and work/life balance so much better.
  12. Horrible mate. Bad enough saying goodbye to your mam but in these circumstances? Condolences.
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