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  1. Why are they giving that screaming harpie Swinson airtime? About as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike
  2. King Of Paisley

    The Brexit Thread

    I take that back. How could Gordon have booted out Eck for that drooling cunt Colin Clark?
  3. King Of Paisley

    The Brexit Thread

    Indeed. What sane human being would vote for someone as buckled as Ross Thomson?
  4. King Of Paisley

    Tel Aviv Bars

    Ye deserve aw ye get for revealing you wear dungarees...
  5. King Of Paisley

    Clueless Scottish Labour Leader

    Looks like the branch office simply haven't learned their lessons from 2015. Just wish Labour in Scotland would fuck off and die a horrible death.
  6. King Of Paisley

    Israel tickets on sale

    Got sorted no bother (3 pointer). Wonder how many we have sold?
  7. King Of Paisley

    Israel tickets on sale

    How many tickets are left? I'm not eligible to buy one until Monday (3 PST)
  8. King Of Paisley

    September 18 2014

    Like that utter cretin Jimmy Hood
  9. King Of Paisley

    Independence Reminders

    When Clackmannanshire, reputedly a Yes stronghold, voted No I knew the game was up. The following day was worse. There was one gloating fanny wearing a butchers apron tshirt in work. The mood I was inI desperately wanted to smack the dick right in the puss
  10. King Of Paisley

    Israel tickets on sale

    Can see this going to 0 points. Can't see there being a huge clamour for this one. I'd genuinely be surprised if we take anywhere over 2500 over there
  11. King Of Paisley

    Tel Aviv Bars

    Aye , the price of a couple of drinks over there is almost on the verge of having to remortgage yer gaff if reviews on Tripadvisor are to be believed!!!
  12. King Of Paisley

    Stubbs sacked

    The right decision. And hopefully that crusty bellend Jackson will follow. Should never have got near us. Silver lining for Stubbs though. The Palmolive bereft ones from Inverclyde are seeking one clueless idiot for their dug out. Just saying......
  13. Horrible odious cretin of a guy. Was on a par in seeing Murphy getting punted from Eastwood when Sheridan lost his seat in 2015. Good riddance
  14. King Of Paisley

    Indy Ref 2

    Murray Foote coming out as a Yesser a game changer. Will he influence his old chums at the Record into moving towards a pro-Indy stance?
  15. King Of Paisley

    suicide is funny.

    Better Together eh? Leader in this sham of a family of nations The 55% that fell for this shite are clearly buttoned up the back