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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I see everyone's favourite linesman Douglas Ross made a complete tit of himself. Said on one hand it would be 'sad and crass' if the Scotland-England border was shut but in the same breath felt the Victoria-NSW border closure in Australia was the correct thing to do, Another glaring example of The Union being above all else and to hell with the rest. One to throw back at The deranged Yoons who think a border closure is racist
  2. On reflection, it wouldn't surprise me if this was a bunch of Unionist plants disguised as Indy supporters in a desperate attempt to smear the Indy cause. Probably led by manky jaiket Maconnachie. Make no mistake, given recent polls these cunts will stoop to anything to stoke all sorts of SG/SNPbaddery.
  3. I see some Tory MSP said in response to the poll that it's all the fault of the BBC for the coverage of the daily briefings 😂
  4. Turdo and Brian Wilson have been running him a very close second this week
  5. Heatwave supposed to be on the way next week. Hope so since I was supposed to be in bloody Menorca right now
  6. Think Pamela Nash has firmly taken over the mantle of wee angry shouty summing. Noticeable she is nowhere to be seen in the print media following this latest poll 🤣
  7. Clearly the actions of a man who is terrified about the hammering his party will suffer next year and his precious Union disintegrating by the day
  8. Quelle surprise there. Wilson has never hidden his hatred for the SNP. Coming out with this nonsense during a pandemic is a new low for a scumbag like Wilson. God knows how he will react if the SG ever has to close the border
  9. The state broadcaster are simply not hiding their constant misreporting and attacks on the SG. Absolute disgrace
  10. Also see that Carlaw already trying to play the constitutional card with regards the borders. Final proof the he and the rest of ilk are more interested in the Union than people's lives. He really is a nasty, toadying cunt
  11. Yet you can be sure as night follows day that if the roles were reversed the Tories would have the Army on the border to keep us Jocks out from spreading our germs amongst the English populace
  12. Don't think he would have needed Murray to convince Starmer. Given he is a knight of the realm, he's more in entrenched in protecting the Establishment than Murray will ever be
  13. Think he said schools would be back provided the numbers continue to fall and the virus is suppressed.
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