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  1. Sorry to see Celtic go out. I enjoyed the midweek champions league games the last few years.
  2. 71 million pounds for keeper kepa who has played 54 first team games!! Must have great stats in football manager
  3. Must have hurt too. Right off the face
  4. France have been really dislikeable so far. Arrogant and not trying as far as I can see. Hope they get horsed in the knockouts.
  5. Considering how much Gary linekar and shearer get paid and the fact that the BBC keep getting pulled up for gender pay. I imagine the lady will make more from the world cup TV gig than in years of playing
  6. Mee

    Toulon Tournament

    https://www.freesports.tv Channel 95 Freeview
  7. Mee


    Big question is does he go to the world cup after retiring and not playing in the qualifiers
  8. Mee

    Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    Decent squad. Surprised to see Phillips start he must be dynamite in training. I would expect to see a different keeper and striker in the second half, hopefully McLeish desnt wait until the last 15 mins to make the subs but I wouldn't be surprised if he sticks with the strongest team considering the pressure he is under already from the fans.
  9. Mee

    SFA organisation shocking.

    I can imagine the abuse the SFA would be taking on here if folk had just paid 50 quid for SSC membership and then couldn't get a ticket to a Costa Rica friendly cause it was sold out
  10. Mee

    I dont watch friendlies

    They just said on Clyde 1 that the crowd wouldn't have fitted in a stadium outside of Glasgow (I am assuming excluding murrayfield)
  11. Mee

    I dont watch friendlies

    I try to watch every Scotland game. There aren't that many on per year. Is the Hungary game on TV?
  12. Mee

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    I couldn't work that out either. But judging by the response of people on here I'm surprised they didn't invade the pitch and start a rammy
  13. Mee

    SFA organisation shocking.

    There were loads of stewards there last night standing in the tunnels under the south stand. We were actually talking about what kind of trouble they were expecting.
  14. Mee

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    First half midfield was too defensive by the end of the game we were playing alot better. I hope that McLeish has learned quickly that the players playing in Scotland deserve a game before second tier English players. In my opinion that was what let Strachan down in the end. I don't think we are far from being a really good team. I think our best players are now attacking and not defensive and we need to adjust our tactics accordingly
  15. Mee

    Scotland v Costa Rica

    I'm really looking forward to the game on Friday. New manager, new young players, haven't been to a game in a while and it's against a south American team I have never seen before.