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  1. Mee

    Scottish Born Players

    I would say the stand out players were the Scottish based ones. Real positive for Scottish football
  2. Interesting video that. What a life those lads lead
  3. They shouldn't be trying to set up a repeating fan zone on a football pitch used for exercise in one of the most deprived areas in the city. People arrange games on a weekly basis, if the pitches are randomly closed down for evenings it will stop people exercising and breaking up routines.
  4. Says 31st here for the big European leagues. Maybe Scotland is later https://www.si.com/soccer/2018/08/21/transfer-deadline-summer-la-liga-bundesliga-ligue-1-spain-germany-france Or Rodgers is talking p1sh
  5. This is stealing too. He is paying someone who doesn't own what they are selling. Maybe a better analogy is buying a jacket for a fiver from a dodgy character in the pub. Not a penny of that cash will be going to the people who make the programmes, movies and sports. If you don't have an issue with stealing then that's fine but you can't pretend this is anything but that
  6. Another top money saving tips is to just walk out of clothes shops without paying for them.
  7. Hopefully they get the paperwork through in time but what were they thinking? They should be travelling Tuesday at the latest before the game so should have arranged the visas last week at the latest. Most teams would probably get visas for both possible opponents when the draw was made weeks ago.
  8. Leaving a visa application until 4 days before a game seems foolish. Especially when the expedited process takes 5
  9. Sorry to see Celtic go out. I enjoyed the midweek champions league games the last few years.
  10. 71 million pounds for keeper kepa who has played 54 first team games!! Must have great stats in football manager
  11. Must have hurt too. Right off the face
  12. France have been really dislikeable so far. Arrogant and not trying as far as I can see. Hope they get horsed in the knockouts.
  13. Considering how much Gary linekar and shearer get paid and the fact that the BBC keep getting pulled up for gender pay. I imagine the lady will make more from the world cup TV gig than in years of playing