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  1. I called on Derek Mackay and Margaret Ferrier to be sacked, so accusing me of playing party politics is so far wide of the truth that I don’t even know why I’m replying to that nonsense. You can’t say it’s not a case of mud sticking, while using that very mud to have a go.
  2. My point is, regardless of your opinion of him, he was cleared of anything illegal. But you’re obviously of the opinion that mud sticks, and he is guilty of several things, which you’re happy to beat him with. Bad judgement doesn’t equate to criminality.
  3. Or that people will see it and extrapolate things ridiculously. You could do things in a car, an office, on a plane, the location is a minor issue.
  4. It is possible that absolutely nothing would either go wrong or happen inappropriate.
  5. Effectively a person can never be alone with anyone in case they fabricate a story then. You can’t even be with a couple of people in case they both decide to fabricate a story. A canny person would implement a 24/7 recording of their every move, in case they need evidence of no wrong doing. I remember seeing you rob a charity tin from a bar, despicable behaviour really. Of course that’s made up, and I’m sure you wouldn’t be found guilty, but would it be right for everyone to use it as a reason to have a go at you forever more?
  6. Attacking a man for something he was found innocent of is a bit poor isn’t it?
  7. Celtic and Aberdeen players did stuff wrong away from the clubs. St Mirren and Killie did things wrong while on club time, and when the club should have been ensuring that protocols were fully implemented. I think the SPFL are fucking useless, but they have acted correctly here IMO.
  8. Hopefully that’s true. I’m scared we end up with him once we sack the dullest man alive.
  9. Pretty much all of the nationalist crap is from mental Brit nats, they are obsessed with it. There is a small minority of Scottish nationalists, but they are 1 in 10000 compared to Union Flag waving lunatics.
  10. Fuck me, Ramy makes a funny post. Well done chap, it’s been coming 👍
  11. Leave wee Raymond alone, he wouldn’t have been able to throw anything over the barriers.
  12. Get it up you, you glory hunting pretend fan. Your bitching is gloriously funny.
  13. Huns having a go at Humza Yousaf over Tim behaviour, oh Scotland change quickly FFS.
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