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  1. Because England doesn’t give a toss about their weird religious shite, unfortunately the south west of Scotland has an issue with cunts that do. So, it’s home from home for them, jump on a ferry to an almost as bigoted warped culture as they are used to. They wont get the same in Sheffield or Leeds or wherever.
  2. I got told that at the end of last season, surely it can’t be true. Even if pity Hearts if that happened.
  3. Wouldn't wish that on Partick, he is an odious cunt of a man. Thats McCann and Caldwell that he was mates with who have both been sacked after signing him. Its not his fault, but Im blaming him.
  4. Ricksen was a bastard of a player to play against, the guy never stopped, his commitment and effort was second to none. He was also a pretty decent player ability wise. His illness shows that sometimes, no matter how fit, or strong you are, you just can’t win. I don’t mean this in a bad way, genuinely don’t, but it’s best that he has gone, his life couldn’t have been good recently. It must be hell being strong and fit, then just wasting away to what he did.
  5. We can, and have for far too long, danced around the edges of this issue. Saying its cultural, historic, societal or whatever is wrong, its racism, clear and simple. These people fit a certain stereotype, the photo above is what most people would imagine when asked to imagine an orange order member. They tend to be white bald overweight men, most likely uneducated, support a certain football club, and fly a certain flag out of absolute pure ignorance. I know fuck all about their supposed religion, but I bet I still know more than most of them, they symbolise the absolute worst of bigotry, they don't even follow what they spout. We need significant numbers of police to attend these marches, and arrest them in great numbers when they start their shite. This wont go away by ignoring it. You shout the N word on the street, you will rightly be arrested, you shout Paki cunt at someone, and you will rightly be arrested, shouting anti catholic stuff needs to be treated the same. If they feel violated, or picked on then tough. These morons unfortunately have the ability to reproduce, and bring more bastards into society. If they want to live in the 17th century, then buy them an island and tell them to fuck off.
  6. Its called human nature. Why are people so amazed at this?
  7. Better deal than Norway, better deal than Switzerland, or simply a better deal than we have now were all banded about, not one of them said we would leave without a deal. Even Farage and Boris were saying we will strike a great deal. To suggest the people voted believing we would leave without a deal is a crock of shite thats worthy of being on the side of a fucking bus.
  8. Straight fight between Heckingbottom and Levein in the sack race? Cmon Levein, finally win something you useless cunt.
  9. A significant number of bigoted bitter unionists would flee NI and come here IMO.
  10. It would be the end of Scottish independence if NI either rightly rejoins Ireland as one country, or even goes it alone. Mot really would be the ultimate double blow if they managed it.
  11. kumnio

    Russian visa

    Where the fuck do you think they would they put the visa? Honestly, the two visa threads on here are very worrying.
  12. Why? Because they were my examples, I will pick the best two examples to make my point, just as you have picked the best example to make your point. Greece should never have been in the Euro, their government fabricated their figures to gain entry, as they deemed it attractive. If their government didn't so absolutely fuck up, they would have kept more control. The EU couldn't let them fuck everything up and risk the single currency, so they lost control Poland, Sweden, Denmark and other countries such as us retained their currency, and significantly more power. But yeah, it was all the EUs fault.
  13. Obviously clear substance to the incident then. He should fuck off then, if he thinks its appropriate to diss Scotland, then he shouldnt be selected again. A pathetic clearing up is piss poor.
  14. So France and Germany aren't nation states, do they don't have freedom to decide their paths? We are no where near being a complete globalist society as some think. This isn't a black and white world, we will always need co-operation with other countries, either through blocks or individually, but this doesn't mean the end of nations. We can be paranoid of some dystopian idea that simply doesn't exist, or we could live in the real world. Trump, Putin, and Jinping are examples of nationalist leaders, whose ideals are based on controlling neighbours and spreading their influence by any means, Id say these leaders are the definition of scummy cunts, pushing their nationalist ideals.
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