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  1. Its always amazed me that managers are absolutely blind to certain aspects of their teams, yet every fan and pundit can see it. Celtic defence has been an issue for years, in central defence, some German pensioner who is never fit, and Hendry who is liable to bloopers were never going to sort it, and Lustig and Gamboa as the right back options are pretty poor for what Celtic want to achieve. Saying that, they should have beat AEK in my opinion, wasteful in both games, and mistakes a plenty.
  2. £50 for the years subscription seems to be very good value for money.
  3. http://slives.me/1491-aek-athens-vs-celtic-f1
  4. kumnio

    What currency?

    Halifax Clarity card, no transaction fees, and the official exchange rate is the way to go.
  5. kumnio

    The Mighty Rangers

    So Belfast isnt in Ireland then? If youre concerned with the Novo thing, you could have started a thread, or brought it up. Instead you used it as a what abouttery nonsense as usual. My personal opinion on Novo is that he is a retarded fuckwit cunt who acts up to sectarian bigots, it makes him fell wanted, its pathetic when a Billy Brit wanker does it, its even worse when a foreigner acts in that way. However, that doesnt make a difference to what happened, so no, I wouldnt want him attacked, but in absolutely the same was as I wouldnt want anyone else attacked.
  6. kumnio

    The Mighty Rangers

    Has Belfast moved? Twisted logic? An ex Rangers player, gets abused in a foreign country, thats entirely different to a stabbing in a Scottish city is it not? Last sentence is just absolute nonsense, I hope youre smart enough to understand that.
  7. kumnio

    The Mighty Rangers

    It happened in Ireland, to a non Scottish player, why would it be a news story here?
  8. Great result for the Hibees.
  9. Efe Ambrose and a tattie pitch, what a combination.
  10. Fucking great goal, cmon the Dons.
  11. Why are the No voters singing Flower of Scotland?
  12. kumnio

    John Fleck

    No thanks, nowhere near good enough to even be seriously considered.
  13. Perfectly calm, if there’s one club that comes to mind for using the loan system in my mind it’s Aberdeen. You guys had several last season.
  14. Bit rich of an Aberdeen fan to use Dundee as an example of a club loaning players.
  15. kumnio

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy Can I book 3 seats please.