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  1. Another goal for Croatia and we could have a great finish.
  2. Hardly in it, 3-1 up. Shite!!
  3. Idiots, hope Putin gives them a wee slap.
  4. VAR is fine, you can’t account for humans making stupid decisions though.
  5. Never a bloody penalty. Ridiculous.
  6. Good? Anyone who thinks Scholes was only good must be at it. He was much much better than any other English player Ive ever seen, you could debate world class either way, but he wasnt just good.
  7. Spot on, he was miles ahead of cunto Gerard or smash the ball and hope for a deflection Lampard. Scholes was never used correctly by England, thankfully. The obsession they had with trying to squeeze the big names in ruined their midfield.
  8. Whoever went to the trouble of typing that is obviously a wee bit fucking sad.
  9. After looking into it, that is the case. Quick thinking by Sterling for once though.
  10. https://twitter.com/BillOddiesBeard/status/1017165679949176832 Its from a few days ago, and is in England, but stuff like this never gets reported. I think England have behaved in Russia, so credit is due for that.
  11. kumnio

    Croatia support thread

    She is. Theres footage of several 'burly men' dancing on the same ambulance and smashing it up, but only the girl made the papers.
  12. Yep, totally agree.
  13. Would have been better had tonights game been on the BBC, Id love to see his cunty puss this evening.