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  1. Let’s get back to fitba on here. There’s two Celtic related topics in this section for Ramy to lose his shit on, I would say dignity, but that’s long gone. Although strangely for Ramy, there’s a Celtic topic that he hasn’t got stuck in to.
  2. Frankie Boyle couldn’t write a better joke 😂😂😂
  3. Cmon now, there can only be one idiot, although Im not sure the Ramy is smart enough to qualify for that title. Malcolm is just your typical hun.
  4. McGhee leaves Dens with his reputation as intact as when he arrived. There are two big rumours regarding his replacement both are longstanding. First, is that Jack Ross agreed to be the Dees manager next season when McPake was sacked, but didn't want to take over until the summer, not sure I believe that. Second, is that the evil ginger hobbit Strachan, the newly appointed kinda DoF, not content with getting his useless gimp fucker of a mate a job, will appoint his son as new manager. Ive never bought into the Jack Ross hype TBH, but if we appoint another fucking Strachan, then Id be happy to see the club closed down.
  5. 439/468 points for Ukraine, that will never beaten, and must be a record by about 100 points.
  6. Congratulations to Ukraine. The pity vote has went a long long way there.
  7. Genuinely thought the UK song was pish. This is bizarre.
  8. Quite like Estonia, he looks like he would get lassies pregnant just by looking at them.
  9. It was a sensor that was misplaced. That was the stuff of nightmares, quite a dystopian entry to end on.
  10. Serbia are letting their latest android loose, it still needs development, a lot of development.
  11. Thought the UKs entry was meant to be decent this year? Looks like a 25% cheap ABBA tribute act.
  12. Moldova with some proper batshit crazy, thank god. That was more like it.
  13. Apart from Norway, there's no batshit crazy ones, this is a disappointment. Spoke too soon, well done Moldova.
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