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  1. kumnio

    Hotels in Astana

    My booking at the original price is still active so far.
  2. She might be utterly useless, but who in their right mind would want the job, hence I think she will survive. Politics hasn’t been this fucked up/interesting for years.
  3. Scottish Tories are absolute cunts, it must be in the selection criteria.
  4. kumnio

    Hotels in Astana

    G Empire for me, cheap but looks good.
  5. kumnio


    From Aeroflots website.. Holders of an onward ticket have the right to visa-free transit for up to 24 hours. Transit without visa does not apply to travellers to/from Belarus. Transit without visa does not extend to passengers travelling to airports in the Crimean Peninsula. They are subject to immigration and customs inspection. Warning: Passengers not holding a return/onward ticket may be denied entry. Nationals of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan are exempt from this. Holders of valid visas are exempt.
  6. kumnio


    Just booked, £519 each 😓 Sunday Edinburgh - Rome (Ryanair) Sunday Rome - Moscow (Aeroflot) Monday Moscow - Astana (Aeroflot) Friday Astana - Moscow (Aeroflot) Friday Moscow - Bologna (Aeroflot) Monday Treviso - Edinburgh (Ryanair)
  7. kumnio


    Youve never heard of Aeroflot? Im assuming the game will be in Astana, thats what Im looking for anyway.
  8. kumnio

    League cup final thread

    Logans initial control and final ball are terrible, is he always this bad?
  9. kumnio

    League cup final thread

    What a fucking ridiculous decision.
  10. My 'glory hunting' boss hadnt been to Tannadice in years, but decided to go tonight as things were going well. Ah what a night for the twat.
  11. The men were all useless wankers, the two women not much better, but still better. Tory tosser. Poet, writer, boring bastard. Mentally deranged, shit pub owning lunatic
  12. kumnio


    Was that in Shkoder?
  13. FIFA forcing Boca to play, or they will get disqualified is pretty shocking. Videos and photos on twitter are shocking, if I were a Boca official, Id be telling FIFA where to go. Even River must be ashamed at this.
  14. kumnio


    Cool, I will be back home by then sadly.
  15. kumnio


    Im sorry that I was somewhat constantly pished, the voddies they gave were tremendous, but downing them was never going to end well. I loved Tirana though, thought it was really nice, with great locals. Id love to go back.