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  1. kumnio

    Back McLeish

    That is exactly why failures get to continue for so long. Its absolutely the wrong attitude for fans to have.
  2. Season 2 of Making A Murderer starts tomorrow, should be good.
  3. Ive only heard of Nish Kumar, but that last person cant be a real name, without googling, they have to be a right wing lunatic pork?
  4. kumnio


    Wizzair from Luton is incredibly cheap, means an overnight stay down there, but it might help some.
  5. kumnio

    McCann away

    Dodds is hated for several reasons, his media interviews, being very critical of the club, lied about the CVA, the CVA itself, his attitude towards fans during his time both playing against us, and while being at Dens. He is a thoroughly dis-likeable prick. Ive met him, and the whole BBC squad on several away games, most people like Willie Miller, Steven Thomson, Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove etc were really nice people, Dodds wasnt, he didnt even speak to his colleagues, he just sat in the corner looking lost. Bonetti cant be held responsible for the Marrs allowing the club to spend ridiculous money, plus he was bat shit crazy in an endearing way, so yes DFC fans do quite like him, great talent spotter, but as a manager he was pretty useless, we should have done much better with the talent we had back then. The Marrs fucked up, but it wasnt intentional, I dont think anyone really has a positive or negative opinion on them, if the club died and went into liquidation, the reaction would be quite different.
  6. kumnio

    McCann away

    Thankfully that idea has been put to bed, although McIntyre did want him, and he was interested. If that jug eared bellend cunt of a twat came back to Dens, there would be protests, boycotts and walk outs galore. Without a doubt the most hated figure amongst Dundee supporters. Fuck him, and most likely his mate McIntyre soon enough.
  7. kumnio


    No worries, it looks like a nice hotel and very cheap. Only 4 weeks now...
  8. kumnio

    McCann away

    He dived, he cheated the referee into giving a penalty. Only a Killie fan could possibly argue otherwise. I dont blame him for McCann going, he takes full responsibility for that. He can claim all he wants, its not like people lie or anything. Incredibly unpopular appointment, from social media and texts, Id say at least 80% of fans think its a ridiculous appointment, including myself.
  9. Youve been pointing that out for 4, sorry 2 years. The exact same point.
  10. I dont speak about the SNP, Sturgeon or independence on an incredibly regular basis. You seem to have the same conversation daily, with dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of people.
  11. That is the exact same post that he has been posting for four years, almost word for word.
  12. kumnio

    Back McLeish

    Unless Baresi, Maldini, Costacurta, Nesta and Cannavaro are coming out of retirement, and have somehow changed their nationality, its a fucking ridiculously stupid comparison. Its almost as daft as comparing them to the current Italian back line, none of whom are even remotely close those names mentioned. In the last few months, weve seen German defenders look like juniors, Brazils look like statues etc etc Youre comparing steak with spam, whats the point of doing that, seriously?
  13. kumnio

    McCann away

    I support Dundee and Scotland FFS, my glass isnt even half full, its a paper cup soaked through with pish.
  14. kumnio

    McCann away

    Anyone but Yogi 'Im in the football trade' Hughes, John Brown or Jim McIntyre would do, we couldnt get any worse. Apparently McCann refused to have Jim Jefferies as an adviser, and was then sacked. Wouldnt be a surprise if he was appointed as manager to the end of the season.
  15. kumnio

    McCann away

    God bless that diving cheating cunt.