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  1. Pish. I told you to grow up to a childish belittling insult, you get the gold medal.
  2. You started the insulting shite, I replied to it. I will buy you some self awareness if required.
  3. I’m a shite bag for disagreeing with you 😂 outstanding pish.
  4. Aye ok Pep Clarke, get a grip of yourself, fucking child.
  5. Yet it was absolutely predictable. For the 327th time in a row.
  6. Grow up 😂😂. Im sure you didn’t agree with people who claimed everything was good under previous managers, different opinions are allowed. Clarke might appeal to you, I’m sure some opposition managers love him as well 👍
  7. The World Cup was lost after two games. It’s over after we didn’t even try to win those two games.
  8. The tactics were utter shite. If you’re happy with what we did over the three games, then good for you, but I’m certainly not. I mentioned Clarke’s miserable style after Austria and Israel, and these games just continue. He is more interested in trying to bore the opposition than trying to win games.
  9. It is. A better manager would have given us a chance. Clarke has been lucky with penalty results, apart from that he has been poor. Cautious, negative, miserable football, it’s all he can do. The sooner he goes, the better.
  10. Subs not to blame, entirely the game plan at fault.
  11. He really doesn’t. He has cost us any chance of Qatar.
  12. Complete lack of effort in winning has cost us. We got here by two penalty shoot outs, that won’t happen again. A complete rebuild is required. And mr nomark isn’t the man we need.
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