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  1. I backed Stennie to win the league. Part of a Celtic, Dundee, Dunfermline and them accumulator. Can't believe how bad you've been.
  2. Im glad I didn't respond to this before last nights walk in the park 😂.
  3. Gordon Brown and Keir Starmers latest pish is beyond a joke, surely no one can take anything these two twats say seriously.
  4. Putting my cunt hat on, Rosie Jones is the worst of the lot, sorry, but timing and quick responses are an absolute minimum in comedy, and well..
  5. I think England have a very good squad, either the 2nd or 3rd best in the tournament. France are a good bit ahead of everyone, then Id say England and Spain are the next 2. If England beat France, I will be very worried, whoever wins that game will go on and win the tournament IMO. Please God, we need France to beat them badly.
  6. Roberto Martinez is a fraud, and he has been a fraud for a decade, genuinely no idea how he got that job, or has somehow retained it.
  7. That was tremendous to be fair. Brazilian fans seem to be rich, right wing & strangely racist wankstains.
  8. Only 47 on the page now, surely we can increase it a bit?
  9. Infantino is the cunts cunt, just an money grabbing apologist slut. This WC is a shambles, and it’s not even started yet. Don’t know anyone who is remotely looking forward to it. Russia was dubious, but at least they are a footballing country, Qatar should never have got it, I hope everyone who took a bung suffers a long agonising demise.
  10. Rumours that several Ecuadorian players have accepted a $7.4 million bribe to lose against Qatar. Probably pish, but wouldn’t be surprised at all.
  11. In his defence, at least he remembers which team he supports. For a man of his standards, he is doing well. Quite possibly the thickest fucker ever to post on here.
  12. Please commit TAMB suicide and fuck off again. You are an imbecile, a moron of a man who shouldn't be allowed outside a padded cell. The brass neck of a midget to call anyone wee man is astonishing. Youre the definition of wee, in every context.
  13. Get what up me, I don't give a flying fuck if you score against Utd. You seem to be confused again you blithering idiot.
  14. Celtic cunts on twitter going mental over a correct refereeing decision, is comical. Why don't Tims try to understand why to was given, nah, its all a conspiracy to stop them winning. I mean they've only won the league a million times, imagine what they would do if they weren't cheated every week.
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