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  1. I think Alans a cunt, I believe that to be very accurate. He used to post and try to debate stuff, now he just posts utter shite, even he knows that he is posting shite. He is the very example of SNP bad online. He has stated that there are no circumstances that he will ever support Scottish independence, which is fine, its his ideals and morals. He believes Scotland to be a country incapable of running itself, and one that needs handouts from the UK to survive, again, thats his opinion and he is entitled to it. The UK government could do anything, and he would still want to be a part of that country, and I think that says a lot. The SNP, the Scottish Government and independence in general, can be debated, debunked, criticised etc etc, but not by him. Theres British Nationalists on here, and they are capable of putting across their views, points and stats, and they should feel free to do so, but no one is as blinkered and obnoxious. I want independence for Scotland, but that doesnt make me a nationalist as Alan tries to paint it, the exact opposite as far as Im concerned.
  2. fuck sake, have Celtic just won the Champions League or something.
  3. He wasnt booked, but he should have been. Clearly deliberate handball.
  4. Coverage of the funeral in Argentina was pathetic.
  5. Thats an old clip, but always worth watching.
  6. Ive heard a lot of absolute nonsense about her from both sides, she is either a terrorist who is an imminent danger to the UK, or a poor child victim who has been trafficked. She is a British citizen who went abroad, and signed up for something that most people would think is pretty unsavoury. When she returns, she should face relevant charges, and be dealt with accordingly.
  7. Steady, Dundee are more than capable of screwing up and going straight down, as are Hamilton, theres still so much to play for, or so many more games to lose to be more accurate.
  8. Ive been thinking about getting a macbook pro, looking at around £1500, are they worth the money?
  9. Oh Alan, your cunt level just keeps increasing.
  10. As I have stated on this thread before, the BBC is left wing, and pro EU, QT is the exact opposite.
  11. In the context of QT audiences, yes.
  12. You have to wonder about peoples decision making. Inviting him onto QT last week was asking for trouble, do the producers not realise that twitter, facebook etc exist? The need for balance is understandable and reasonable, however, whenever Ive watched it recently, its been far from balanced, the audience tend to be white middle aged foaming at the mouth rabid English/British nationalists who despise the EU, despise 48% of people etc etc If they want a right wing reactionary wankfest, then fine, but dont pretend to be balanced, neutral or unbiased.
  13. Terribly strange way of spelling cunt.
  14. kumnio


    Hi Davy, I have two seats booked on bus 20, can I add another to make three please?