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  1. Batistuta is my favourite player, I loved watching Fiorentina with him and Rui Costa. But I don’t think he near the best players sadly.
  2. For me, Id go with Messi as the best with Zidane, Ronaldo, Kaka & Cristiano Ronaldo filling out my top 5.
  3. Dominic Raab, the guy who didnt realise that a port was important for trade on an island, that guy? He is next in line? Fuck me!!
  4. Gonna fuck off and not ruin another thread you boring tedious bastard. Away and lick door handles, please.
  5. All words are made up. Now, this virus, what a bastard eh.
  6. I agree, all made up words should be banned. In desperate times, such as these, when people are literally collapsing and passing away, we should be worried about what people type. Its whats really important.
  7. Thats damning. If Salmond is baying for blood, and Im sure he is, I actually hope he is, I hope he gets absolute revenge on the people guilty. Id be disappointed if Sturgeons involved, very disappointed actually. Salmond was almost finished, I don't see why (some of) the SNP would go after him. Like him or not, he has done more for Scotland than anyone in generations.
  8. I’d be spitting blood, and I guess he will be too.
  9. Surely Salmond will be seeing this rag in court very soon.
  10. I haven’t paid any attention to the case, but questions do need to be asked about this. He is now tarred by cunts who will say no smoke without fire etc etc.
  11. Just read about this on Twitter, he really is an absolute fucking cretin.
  12. Typically fairytales arent backed up by science, which all of these are. One of the major plusses of science over religion, when scientists arent sure of whats happened, they tend to say just that. When religious people cant explain something, god works in mysterious ways. Oh thats just utter pish of a truly 'biblical proportion'. Prayer does fuck all apart from let delusional people feel better. Thoughts and prayers are worthless, they achieve the square root of fuck all. Only absolute wankstains offer thoughts and prayers, more dead school kids in a Yankee school shooting, thoughts and prayers all round, Mike Pence to lead Coronavirus response by having a prayer day, what utter fucking shite. If God can make things better, but you need to pray to him, then he can fuck right off. If Im wrong, and in xx many years, I meet him or any of his representatives in the after life, then rest assured I will let him know what a spineless sanctimonious evil bastard he is. Why am I replying to this shite anyway. Scotty, you will no doubt reply to this, with yet more drivel that only a religious freak thinks makes any sense, but Im done here.
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