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  1. I think what's worse is that they think this will go down well with the public, like its a big hey look what we are doing. Id like to think that even most Tory voters would look at this and think hang on a minute. They are in effect trying to kill the NHS, then they can open it to the 'free market' and fuck all of us all of the time. Little England is going to strop the whole of this damned UK, I dread that we will be a part of it.
  2. I don't mind Sutton, yes he is a bit of a dick and obviously pro Celtic, but I don't think he is anywhere near Miller, Boyd & Rae etc in either mentality or lack of IQ, plus he is very vocal in defending Scottish fitba. The Celtic equivalent would be Hartson who is quite probably borderline deficient, and shouldn't be given media jobs. Its hard to think of a Rangers man who isn't thick as shit, Im sure they do exist, possibly Neil McCann, but he is too busy tonguing Gerrards arse, and as a result qualifies as a complete thicko.
  3. Don't want to upset either side of the bigots. Haven't watched the game, but is the Aberdeen goalie not a bit dodgy, seen both goals, and he can't push the ball out wide.
  4. I didn't want to pick on her, I didn't want her fleeing the country to some horrid 5 star luxury resort. TBH, she makes Boyd look like a genius.
  5. Boyds position as über Hun cheerleader is a joke, I can't understand them wanting one, but can they not at the very least get one that has an IQ of above 80. I can't think of a bigger moron on tv than him.
  6. Kenny Miller is against Warnock being appointed at the Dons, that almost guarantees that its a good idea then.
  7. Jim Spence commented on this. Granted Spence has turned into a bigger knob than normal recently, and Toby Young is one of the biggest knobs going, but I decided to watch the 8 minute video anyway. If what is said in it true, then its absolutely appalling. This nonsense will only create more division, not won't help anyone.
  8. I don’t think you need to be far right to think this is ridiculous. If you go to a country, and try to claim asylum, the very least thing that you should be expected of, is to be a law abiding citizen. He should never have been granted this, if you’re convicted of a sexual crime before this is granted, you should be deported straight away. No it’s, no buts.
  9. Humza might well be useless, no idea who Humzah is though.
  10. My garden fence is no longer where it should be. Its having a wee rest flat on the ground a few meters from where it should be. Hopefully its had enough of an adventure, and doesn't get any further away.
  11. Id like to congratulate Tony Docherty for fucking up a game in 15 seconds. When a manager picks a side that every single supporter looks at and says what the fuck, thats some achievement.
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