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  1. Nope, nothing apart from a letter of invitation.
  2. Don’t think there’s any relevance of ‘left’. I won’t support my country, let alone the UK or the USA when I think they are wrong.
  3. Just put down any old shite, they don't even check it. I picked random hotels from booking.com, and got my visa, no questions asked.
  4. There are two genders. True, you will get rare genetic mutations (correct use of the word) but that doesn't change the answer IMO. People can identify as whatever they want, I don't care one little bit. thats entirely up to them. But in plain terms, if you have a knob and can't piss for an easy example, you will see someone trained in male specific medicine, and the opposite for female issues. We can be inclusive to people, without needing to create new genders, it just seems a load of new shite to me.
  5. Is it wrong to hope that Iran absolutely annihilates America and indeed us if we decide to pal up to the yank wanks. The greatest danger to the world is Washington, not Tehran.
  6. I’ve never understood why Saudi Arabia are given a free pass in the West, yet Iran are constantly pained as the bad guys. Well I do understand, but can’t think of the correct word to use. We haven’t had a good Middle East war for a while, so it’s probably due. Would pretty much seal a second term for Trump, and give Boris a chance to cosy up. We can focus on bad Muslims while Brexit is a fucking clusterfuck.
  7. I think the abuse and comments thplinth is on the end off is quite funny. People are arguing that the mens games financial rewards should be used to subsidise the womens because of equality. Yet when you equate the womens game to the mens, it’s not fair.
  8. Having just watched the latest edition of Ruth cunt Davidsons flip flop, I can’t wait to see her get politically stabbed in the back, not win her seat, get badly sunburned or whatever. She is an utterly contemptible bastard, even amongst Tories she stands out as the cunts cunt. If she thought it would help her win votes, or power from those above, she would promote homophobia, or sexist behaviour. She is nothing but a self interested witch.
  9. Where is the line in the sand though? Can I get a 50m head start in the 100m Olympics final. Do thick deserve a doctors salary just to even things up. Do Kenyans have to run with a weighted backpack in marathons to give others a chance. I watch fitba, Scotland rugby, Grand Slam Tennis, Ryder Cup and the occasional Golf Major. But I have no interest in women sport, of any kind, Id say the last women sport I paid any attention to was the Curling about a decade ago. Doctors, teachers, nurses Asda staff, deserve equal pay between the sexes. Sports, like movie stars, actors, writers etc etc are based on sales, revenue generated, advertising etc They deserve a pro rata split of what the generate, nothing more.
  10. She is pretty much spot on.
  11. I watched the Scotland Jamaica game, and thought the standard was dismal, didn't see todays game. I don't really see the point of being overly critical of it though, they are the best that they can be, and seem to be improving all the time. Comparisons to the mens game will always be made, but its pretty pointless, Id guess that most junior teams would win at a canter. Hopefully we can do the business in the next two games, would be brilliant to qualify for the knock out games, something that the men have never done. I do believe that the issue of sexual equality in the sport is ridiculous however. The BBC had a game as the main story, at the same time Wales were playing against Croatia, thats just absolute nonsense. I read that an ex player believes in same wages, again, thats just ridiculous, wages come from sponsorship, attendances etc, when women games can see out stadiums at full prices, have similar income streams as the mens game, then they would of course deserve equal pay.
  12. As you say, that would be great news to the SNP, it would definitely split the right wing OAP mentalist vote, the Tories would take a beating, that would be outstanding.
  13. The Tories won’t call an election, they would get wiped out. This government will run the full term, there can’t be any alternatives to that.
  14. I couldn’t sleep last night, and had the BBC on tv, kinda watched the results show. Ok, Labour won, but in reality it looked to me like it was a result for pro Brexit parties. Tories and Brexit between them had multiples more than Lib Dems and The Greens, who knows where Labour are these days. Incidentally, I thought that the std of candidates up here was poor, the Labour winner was terrible, her interview with Andrew Neill was car crash TV.
  15. Fucking typo again. Denial isn’t even close on the keyboard to detail.
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