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  1. So you assume something, and thats correct, people watch McBurnie but are not allowed to judge him, as they haven't watched him 1436 times. Ok, your logic is outstanding. Youre obviously biased towards McBurnie, and ignore anything against that bias, poor show.
  2. Mate, stop while youre only a marathon behind, youre spouting more pish than the next top ten people on here combined.
  3. I don't think youre getting the simple idea, a Scotsman denies England ever won anything joke. The other two are (IMO) obviously English, Id guess Hurst and and someone else.
  4. Could really have picked a better example than the 28 year old with 34 caps. He's not a young up and coming kid.
  5. Not having it, the other two didnt win anything in my opinion 😃
  6. Id take him, what a player he was. And yep, probably still better than McBurnie, certainly quitter.
  7. A loan striker? Can we get Ronaldo then?
  8. You're wrong, only Simone Perrotta has won the World Cup born there.
  9. Cmon, you're not that fucking stupid. Try better trolling if you must.
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