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  1. Ive never heard of this MP before the tragedy happened. There may be some good Tories out there, and there may be some who get into politics to make their constituents better off, and he may well be one of them. But from the little Ive paid attention to this story, he was reported as being in favour of animal welfare and christian values. Good for animals, not so much for a lassie wanting an abortion or the gay couple wanted to get married. I don't think any 'famous' person has received anything other than glowing praise at their passing, well apart from Thatcher, that I can recall.
  2. Just finished Squid Game, which is absolutely brilliant, genuinely brilliant from start to finish.
  3. I think Im pretty fair minded at looking at games, well apart from Scotland under Steve Clarke 😐, but that's the worst performance from a ref that Ive ever seen. He lost it from the 1st minute, and things only got worse, he isn't even Sunday league standard. Have never felt confident about facing Aberdeen, and even though we have played much better in most games although usually lost, we won that pretty easily, even at 2-1 Aberdeen did very little.
  4. A Tory MP was stabbed today at a surgery, absolutely appalling.
  5. Being an EPL player is no sign of quality, and doesn't guarantee that you will be good at international level. Theres an absolute litany of complete donkeys who play in the bestest league in the world, but are crap.
  6. The ‘hard’ English fans are tubby middle aged twats who can’t throw a punch, so throw patio furniture instead. Some of those Hungarian fans look like properly trained psychotic bastards. Didnt England fans fight Russian fans in Marseille once? it was like a bad comedy of twats getting destroyed by KGB.
  7. Their B team did. Still had about 15-20 chances.
  8. No doubt it will be spun, but everything about that was an utter disgrace. Delighted that we won, but that was worse than anything we have seen in a decade.
  9. If we do win this, it’s a massive let off. It’s completely undeserved. We can’t be anywhere near this poor again.
  10. Golden boy. Like for like change effectively, so great tactics Clarke.
  11. Can someone in the crowd please tell Clarke that we need to win this. There’s no penalties at the full time whistle.
  12. 90% of our first half performances are an absolute disgrace. Tonight just continues this. They should be in the lead, maybe by a few.
  13. Don't see any point in playing Hanley over Hendry or McTominay against the Faroes. Its a game that we should dominate possession, and for all that Hanley has really improved his form for us over the last year, in terms of passing technique and keeping the ball, he is miles behind both of them. If we were playing someone good, then Id bring him back. Nisbet hasnt impressed me in a Scotland shirt, but he should start tonight in our only change, and we should go two up front. McGinn playing deep for us is a non starter for me, in the few games he has played there for us, he has been pretty useless, keep him where is. Unless there's any injuries, same again.
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