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  1. The mod is clearly a midget who is sick of being handcuffed to people.
  2. Souness, anyone seriously suggesting him should get a lobotomy.
  3. And Sri Lanka was widely reported, across all channels, so that point isnt valid here. Terrorist attacked are pretty much daily, sadly people get bored of them and switch off to them.
  4. Willie Rennie, FFS, that man is the retards retard. Only Fifers could vote for a cunt as bad as him.
  5. One of the funnier things about it IMO, was that aliens travel all the way to earth, but communicate to humans on a shitey tape. Is it too much to ask for fancy lights, or something cool, nah, here is a clapped out tape deck.
  6. First post on this thread. See above, everybody knows exactly what kind of person will make the SFAs useless failure list. Theres no prizes for getting it right.
  7. Based in Scotland, the only names Id accept would be Clarke, McInnes and Lennon. So they are 2 out of 3 correct in my eyes. I dont know who is interested, but my point, as it was when McLeish was appointed in 2017 was, I want this position to be treated like 99% of jobs in the world, open it to applications, you never know who will apply. 90% might be absolutely unsuitable, 5% might be unattainable, but there will be a small percentage that would be exciting, suitable and really keen on the job. I dont buy into this jingoistic self defeating thing of 'no one would want it' I believe that to be nonsense. The same nonsense as people saying 'we dont have the players', no one thinks we will be world champions, but the squad we have should not be getting scudded 3-0 to Kazakhstan. The negativity is self fulfilling, and the SFA seem to revel in it, the media encourage and profit from it, and Ive had enough of it to last a lifetime.
  8. McInnes, yes, but not exactly inspiring Moyes, absolutely not, he is yesterdays man with an absolutely shambolic last 5 years, he is McLeish 2 Ross, not yet, I dont think he has done nearly enough Gemmill, hasnt been a great success in his current role, absolutely uninspiring MacKay, I would never go back, a sexist, racist, homophobic cunt Clarke, yes, but Id be very surprised if they approached him, and he accepted it Thats a pretty appalling list, they shouldnt be allowed to replace McLeish, if thats what they consider a shortlist.
  9. Fucking shortlist pish. How about looking at applications and then deciding. I just have this notion of these old decrepit bastards listing who they like. If they don’t get this manager right, there should be a complete mutiny. Alan McRae and co should be told where to go.
  10. That exact point is when I posted. It doesn’t get better.
  11. Thats one strange weird sickening story. WTF is wrong with Americans.
  12. Just from the Sky Sports one minute highlights Broadfoot, stupid tackle, I would only have given a booking, but can see why a red was given. Findlay, only seen the second yellow card, which was correct. McKenzie, kicked/flicked out at the defender on the ground, I agree with the sending off.
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