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  1. What do you get out of trolling? Im genuinely interested? Is it a mental thing, sexual, intellectual, why do you continue to do it, what are the benefits to you?
  2. I know you were ERG, thats why I said it, so 15 years of being a tedious troll cunt, well done. On one hand you think England r gay, on the other hand you want England to fuck Scotland forever more, make your mind up, or just fuck off.
  3. Some of the fans are, I don't think the club will be, and by club I mean Nelms who really is a dictator, we have no board to speak of, and he makes every decision single handedly, and for some reason he really likes McPake. The clubs a joke, as usual, Im passed caring. I hope he is guilty of homophobia, as Nelms boss will pretty much insist that McPake gets punted.
  4. No, ERG with his 20 sad reincarnations and Bonny with his few sad reincarnations, have all been boring troll cunts. I genuinely don't know what you get out of it, seriously, what is it, a dozen years now? Is trolling really that much fun, I can imagine winding up a couple of people for a day or two would be a laugh, but everyone knows you're just at it, so whats the point? Get a hobby, do something more than just spout pish that you don't even believe in, to people who view you as nothing more than an anal wart.
  5. Not an organised boycott, but the fans have had enough. Everyone hates the guy in charge, a Yank dictator called John Nelms, and 99% of fans dislike our latest useless fucking cunt of a manager James McPake, a manager without any redeeming features, he knows fuck all about football, and is the dullest man alive, he should never have been appointed, and he should have been sacked months ago. Dees have simply had enough, its been 5 years of cluelessness, its not worth it any more.
  6. You're a boring troll cunt, even you've admitted that, can you not at least be entertaining for once? If we have a democratic vote on here for you to shove a stick of dynamite up your arse, will you do it, what a way to go out.
  7. Not drink driving? Not for saying that playing for Scotland is shite? Not for looking like a Z movie star, performing like a mutant with legs taken from different corpses and stitched together with obvious results?
  8. Caught making obscene gestures at the game, and is possibly facing disciplinary procedures from the FA, but yeah lets bet on him doing well. He is an absolute clown, even Derek Riordan thinks he is a thick cunt.
  9. Its always staggering that people have different opinions isn't it. Your weird TA worthy comments are certainly different though, so crack on old chap.
  10. If he goes on a run of games where he doesn't look like a competition winner, then fine, people will reconsider their opinions that he is pretty fucking shite. He has played 889 league minutes, across 20 games, and has scored 4 goals, pure dead brilliant stats.
  11. Jesus, that sounds awful, hope she is ok. Bet it’s some daft wee wanker who has fucked up.
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