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  1. The pantomime Tory villain. He’s exceptional based on that clip.
  2. Rather he was called up than someone like Ritchie or Phillips. Not seen him play, how good is he? 20 odd games for Celtic is enough to get a cap these days if you’re good enough. What we shouldn’t be doing is calling him up in case Ireland swoop in. It’s reasonable to guess that they’ve already made contact with him.
  3. There’s an ignore function that’s pretty handy for filtering the stuff you don’t wanna see.
  4. Yeah you replied to one of his posts a few pages back. Each to their own.
  5. And you’re feeding him by replying to his posts. Having a different opinion isn’t necessarily trolling The ignore function is a wonderful creation if you use it.
  6. Haha not sure about that
  7. Aye I work in mental health myself and ironically get abused verbally and physically on a weekly basis but it’s part of the job and I know that when I come to work, far from ideal but there you go. Theres been great strides for mainstream and non government organisations into promoting mental heath in young males, not sure what the relation is with footballer players taking stick, that can admittedly go too far at a game of football.
  8. I wouldn’t say being realistic is victim blaming.
  9. Who said they should fuck off? Verbal abuse from fans is part of the game and is unlikely to change anytime soon, if it’s affecting a players mental health then changing their own circumstances is more realistic than expecting a group of fans to change. Sticks and stones and all that.
  10. May has played her part well and will be well rewarded
  11. Back in the real world ...
  12. knew someone would link a story to someone getting assaulted off the pitch but the sexual assault at work was unexpected.
  13. I’ve not clicked that link but from the title I guess he’s been bottled, I don’t condone violence or harassment off the pitch, sure that and sexual assault in the work place are already crimes that can be dealt with under existence laws. Good luck trying to police verbal abuse from the stands.
  14. If you can’t handle the verbal abuse that will likely come with the game then go do something else.
  15. Would be easier to be more sympathetic towards Tierney if he wasn’t playing in the cup final and even got the surgery last month.
  16. Farage is as bad as the rest of them, a self serving liar
  17. The EU is essentially a corrupt political union that will do its best to protect its own interest and fuck those who try and leave it, fair enough, the UK isn’t any less corrupt and would do the exact same if Scotland or Wales / NI tried to leave. Pretending otherwise or that it’s some sort of benevolent political body just because you hate the Tories is short sighted I think.
  18. No much consolation for the generations fucked by the corrupt politicians, not just in Greece but all over Europe. No expert obviously but I’m sure a shared currency doesn’t help Greece get out of the mess they are in.
  19. The euro zone might not affect people in the UK directly but it’s a talking point at the very least when discussing the failures of the EU as a political union.
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