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  1. Exposed stitching up some Australian Jewish right winger with some skilful editing. Pretty funny. Jeffries was / is an Australian comedian who’s made it big doing one of these liberal late night shows.
  2. I’m sure there’s a few commie’s in the SNP, would explain there love for then EUSSR ..
  3. Climate change and sustainable development is bullshit
  4. Fair enough if he thinks he can turn it around, he can’t and that’s when the SFA should be stepping in but fuck him if he decides to stay, he’s way out of his depth and actively ruining our chances of qualifying. I’d like to think I’d walk away in his situation but who knows.
  5. True just trusting any politician is probably gonna end up in disappointment.
  6. There was a fairly strong Stugeon love in I remember at the start, a lot of seflie’s, feels a bit embarrassing getting taken in by it now.
  7. Seems insensitive but if there’s a legal loophole I can see why Cardiff don’t want to pay
  8. I’d have a lot more respect for McLeish if he walked away himself rather than waiting for the inevitable sacking by the time our hopes of qualifying will either be over or resting on the nations league playoffs.
  9. “You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”
  10. Ridiculous. Something similar happened in La Liga the other week.
  11. No offence to Killie but if we can’t attract Clarke then it shows either how bad the SFA are as an employer and / or how low the lure of the Scotland job is to half decent managers
  12. Aye not a lot to disagree with there. McTominay’s touch, passing and general speed of thought was on another’s level to anyone else in midfield. Sadly this is déjàvu in terms of the manager, knowing we won’t progress under him but having to wait for bad results before the SFA will act.
  13. Worringly against San Marino we played with no right sided attack. The laboured performance would have been easier to stomach if we’d beaten Kazakhstan.
  14. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-16/evidence-indicates-link-between-north-korean-embassy-break-and-christchurch-attacks
  15. Best thing about Trump has been the reaction to him from the mainstream media and progressive politicians. The mask well and truely slipped from both, journalists who are activists and liberal politicians who are totalitarian and dogmatic.
  16. McLeish blaming the booing for why the players appeared nervous.
  17. In today’s game McGregor created nothing.
  18. McTominay created more than McGregor in one pass.
  19. Still playing with no attack down the right. Fuck it, cmon San Marino
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