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  1. Still 8 goals in nearly 60 games down there suggests maybe there was issues before Aberdeen
  2. How is that measured?
  3. 3 pages mostly about managers when our main problem is not producing good enough players.
  4. Has to be, how can you not know it’s Ainsley Harriott
  5. Maybe exceptional in the league but never for Scotland
  6. 😂😂 was gonna say the same thing. for all you’d have won as well.
  7. I only watched the last 30 but Rangers did very well. Got a few breaks but took their chances. Feel they might need a couple away to go through.
  8. I don’t know, some political commentators in the US think sanders would have won in 2016.
  9. Not much incentive for Scottish clubs to produce your own players when any teenager who shows promise is targeted by clubs in England or abroad before they’ve played a full season in Scotland
  10. Magaluf 2002, 5 aside game, Scotland v England at the hotel, we came back from 5 goals down to win.
  11. I don’t share Murray’s belief that Sanders would win over Trump. Assuming the DNC allow him to get that far
  12. That’s why I got a graphics calculator at 17 Kept the girls away that thing 31 years old girl x 0 girls / 17 = 0 sex
  13. It’s really not normal or acceptable. People have been banned for much less.
  14. 100% would not be happy if my hypothetical 17 year old son or daughter was having a relationship with a 31 year old but beyond giving advice etc there’s not much you can do.
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