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  1. McInnes, yes, but not exactly inspiring Moyes, absolutely not, he is yesterdays man with an absolutely shambolic last 5 years, he is McLeish 2 Ross, not yet, I dont think he has done nearly enough Gemmill, hasnt been a great success in his current role, absolutely uninspiring MacKay, I would never go back, a sexist, racist, homophobic cunt Clarke, yes, but Id be very surprised if they approached him, and he accepted it Thats a pretty appalling list, they shouldnt be allowed to replace McLeish, if thats what they consider a shortlist.
  2. Fucking shortlist pish. How about looking at applications and then deciding. I just have this notion of these old decrepit bastards listing who they like. If they don’t get this manager right, there should be a complete mutiny. Alan McRae and co should be told where to go.
  3. That exact point is when I posted. It doesn’t get better.
  4. Thats one strange weird sickening story. WTF is wrong with Americans.
  5. Just from the Sky Sports one minute highlights Broadfoot, stupid tackle, I would only have given a booking, but can see why a red was given. Findlay, only seen the second yellow card, which was correct. McKenzie, kicked/flicked out at the defender on the ground, I agree with the sending off.
  6. Very long time ago, but I think thats what I remembered feeling as well. Getting beat by Italy wasnt a bad thing, if we had drawn the game, both us and France would have had 25 points, and we would all be glued to Ukraine v France a few days later like desperate lunatics hoping for a home win.
  7. It ended up with Italy 29, France 26, Scotland 24. France drew their final game in Ukraine 2-2, but the result effectively didn’t matter. Had we won in Georgia, we would have had 27, but we most likely needed a draw against Italy to guarantee qualification.
  8. Steve Clarkes interview after todays game has probably ruined his chances, no way will the SFA want him now.
  9. Thats forgetting Walter Smith managed the first 4 games of that group, Under Smith.. Beat Faroe Islands at home Beat Lithuania away Beat France at home Lost to Ukraine away Smith then resigned to go back to Ibrox, and McLeish came in.. Beat Georgia at home Lost to Italy away Beat Faroe Islands away Beat Lithuania at home Beat France away Beat Ukraine at home Lost to Georgia away Lost to Italy at home My recollection was that McLeish kept things going after Smith left, that tactics and players were pretty much consistent during that time. Some bad words aimed towards him online is tame, the way some people have reacted on here, you would think fans were outside his door ready to burn him at the stake. IMO, Scotland fans are far too placid, and put up with far too much shite. San Marino was the first game that Ive witnessed booing and chanting towards the SFA at any real level, and even then it was half hearted.
  10. Can only speak about my time as a Scotland fan, Id rank them like this Craig Brown Walter Smith Alex McLeish (1st edition) Gordon Strachan Berti Vogts Burley, Levein and McLeish (2nd edition) were all equally woeful.
  11. Gibberish is now unacceptable, I find this absolutely staggering. If he is that clearly not well, then he should A, never have been appointed B, not put himself in this situation C, seek help, instead of willfully destroying his reputation for one final pay cheque. This is an internet forum, people being happy that someone has been sacked, and pointing out their very obvious flaws is incredibly tame. No one is knocking down McLeishs door, shouting abuse at him on the street, talking aim at him in public etc. Respect is both earned, and a two way street. McLeish deserved it the first time, he certainly didnt earn it the second time. Although I doubt we will agree on this.
  12. McLeish said something along the lines of 'We started the game very well', this was in reference to the Kazakhstan game where we were 2-0 after 10 minutes. Thats absolute gibberish. If thats out of line, jesus, we must be living through the softest time ever.
  13. So no answer then. I was 13 when McLeish last played for Scotland, I quite simply cant remember him as a player. His first spell as a manager was (relatively speaking) a success, that was however a decade ago, since then, he has been a monumental flop. Why should he get special treatment for that? Thats a serious question, I dont buy into this loyalty nonsense.
  14. What has ElChris04 said thats so abusive?
  15. His first spell as a manager is absolutely utterly irrelevant, his spell as a player is absolutely utterly irrelevant, his status as a 'legend' is absolutely utterly irrelevant. He didnt abuse McLeish, many others have done. Lets all accept failure because McLeish played for us 30 years ago, or managed us a decade ago, lets all clap along happily to yet another defeat.
  16. There was absolutely nothing wrong with your post.
  17. Can the board maybe accept applications for the job this time. Im sick of the useless cvnts going for the same tired Scottish wankers that always get mentioned, despite being failures.
  18. If youre going to spam fuck out of this place with your insane crap, its Paul Dickov for fuck sake.
  19. Havent read it, but its spot on.
  20. Yesssssssssssssssssssss!!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!
  21. Didnt see the game last night, just watched the highlights and thought VAR was spot on. Getting the decision correct is whats important, as a neutral watching it, it adds to the excitement IMO.
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