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  1. I like Brown, but fucking animal is about right, he should have 5 or 6 red cards every season, he gets away with dozens of offences. Haven’t seen today’s game, but no surprise he lashed out.
  2. The only reason that I know what that is, is because I googled it years ago, after you mentioned it on here 😂 Its similar to why you can’t rely on social media for anything, for example half of say ‘Ruth Davidson’ trending on Twitter is her getting slaughtered for being useless, and the other half is her getting lauded. The Q Anon stuff is mental, although I must admit I’ve spent less than 5 minutes looking at it, before losing the will to live, and giving up. It’s either someone taking the piss, or someone making good money out of it, or probably both. Trump going won’t suddenly ma
  3. I remember being shocked when we had a death total of about 24 per day, and yet you still have utter morons thinking it’s fake. Modern society really does have some draw backs. People believe a YouTube or a Facebook twat over stats, evidence etc
  4. There’s so many twists in that, honest to god, how can people believe such pish. That’s gotta be somebody ripping the piss.
  5. That’s a fair point. Suppose you only see the arseholes on tv.
  6. And then there’s cunts like me, who don’t have any sympathy, but find the whole thing tremendously funny, unbelievably funny really. They get what they deserve.
  7. He is digging a hole big enough for the club, not just him now. Like a spoiled toddler, hitting out at anything and everyone.
  8. USDAW going for Anas, just seen an interview with him, he is comedy gold. Why can’t Labour see how bad they have become, their nominees just keep getting worse.
  9. I thought it was a fake video at first 😳. He has lost the plot, comes across like a complete and utter moron, talk about being blinkered beyond belief.
  10. Michael Stewart is excellent, there’s no doubt about that.
  11. Aberdeen fans wanting McInnes sacked will be right. I hate the media nonsense of be careful what you wish for, he is the best you can get, who will replace him etc Fans actually watch the games, and will know what kind of place the club are in, how players are performing against how they should, how entertaining they are, likelihood of achieving their goals etc Most pundits are useless morons, in place for one of two reasons, as cheerleaders of a certain club (Boyd) or to irritate people (Provan), good ones like Stewart are few and far between.
  12. Just listened to Fitzpatrick on last nights BBC Scotland, what a pathetic excuse of a chief executive, completely passing the buck, blaming restaurants, blaming external sources. You knew the regulations, saying you didn’t only shows your own ineptitude, absolutely pathetic response from him.
  13. Kilmarnock and St Mirren breached the rules, causing games to be suspended. IMO the 3-0 defeats were justified. From what I’ve read from Dyer and Fitzpatrick, both are arrogant, delusional and simply wrong. Both saying we haven’t done anything wrong, apart from doing stuff wrong, but you know, that’s not our fault, paraphrasing obviously.
  14. Rumours that it’s Inverness who want the league suspended.
  15. Very strange, if one club doesn’t want to play, then fine, they can take 3-0 defeats in each game.
  16. Concentrate on the positives, is such British nonsense. Let’s pretend everything is ok, let’s not let everyone know how incompetent and moronic those governing the people are. Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong didn’t do that shite, and controlled the virus. Even third world countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia got things sorted out. The UK and The USA are examples of countries thinking they are big and clever, despite being frankly fucking pathetic.
  17. Think you’re being far too kind. Dugdale was a two faced incompetent liar, who wasn’t able to string a sentence together without mentioning independence or the SNP. She was worse than Davidson or Rennie, in being absolutely unable to speak about themselves or their parties goals, all they could speak about was the ‘enemy’. Even Dugdales dad was embarrassed by her.
  18. It has got worse every single time, I made the same point when Dugdale left. Its a sad day when Wendy Alexander looks almost competent. As much as I’ve enjoyed their demise, it isn’t good on a UK level, but hopefully Scotland can gain out of it.
  19. Anas Sarwar tipped to replace him 😂😂😂😂. I might need new boxers from pissing myself laughing for the next month.
  20. I loved seeing redneck inbred morons thanking their Trump for the $500 dollars they got in November, knowing fine well they are against socialism, communism etc
  21. Be very interesting if any Hibs players get infected by the manky mob.
  22. Racist violence to beat racist violence is never going to work though. And sadly there were people willing to ignore it, and even worse, back it up. America is fucked up beyond most people’s worst thoughts, people thinking it’s the start of healing now, simply by getting a Democrat in power, are going to be massively disappointed.
  23. Between Antifa terrorists and MAGA terrorists, America really is utterly screwed up
  24. 13 players self isolating, 3 coaches. Fucking shambolic from Celtic, they should be hammered to fuck.
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