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  1. Bayern, PSG and Dortmund the other three teams. The leagues should deduct all 12 teams points, and screw them over as much as possible, nothing but money grabbing bastards.
  2. Ally McCoist is a cunt, granted an entertaining cunt at times. On Open Goal, he told a story about him and Tommy Burns while they were assistants to Walter Smith for Scotland. They were attending a show racism the red card event, Ally was late as usual, after they event, they had a bit of banter, one of them called the other one a fenian bastard, or a proddie bastard, obviously depending on who was speaking, and it was all a great big laugh. No wonder that that shite continues to thrive in Glasgow.
  3. Gordon - Marshall - McLaughlin O’Donnell - Palmer Hendry - McTominay - Hanley - Cooper - McKenna - Gallagher - Tierney Robertson McGregor - McGinn - Armstrong - Fleck - McLean - Christie - Turnbull Fraser - Forrest Adams - Dykes - Burke I’d guess that will be out 25 man squad. I’d leave Palmer, Fleck and Burke out, but Clarke likes them all.
  4. That’s a big blow, we will definitely miss him.
  5. Every time I read a Brexiteer complaining about Brexit making their life, business, holidays, working conditions etc worse, I get a happy glow. One of life’s genuine nice moments these days.
  6. Kudela only getting 10 games seems to be very light. Obviously I haven’t read the report, but if they have enough evidence to find him guilty of calling a fellow player a monkey, then it should be a longer ban IMO. They had a chance to really show that this behaviour isn’t acceptable, but giving the bare minimum ban seems poor to me. Kamara getting a 3 game an for assaulting him is justified. Despite what a lot of morons seem to think, you can’t hit out at a player, especially twenty odd minutes later. Roofe getting banned for 4 games is ridiculous, it was a definite red card, but I
  7. Complaining that it is too easy to complain, how incredibly British 😂😂
  8. Would be quite apt if there was fitba on the day of Diana killers funeral.
  9. Did you need to pre register for the tickets that go on sale in May?
  10. The sad emoji twat gave me a dozen at 6:30 the other day, it’s sad that he can be arsed doing it, or that he thinks it winds people up.
  11. Do you not think that it’s the wake issues alone that have driven him. He was good at analytics, but does seem to be a complete and utter cunt in regards to anything woke, he should really just calm down and reassess what he is doing, he has turned, or shown himself to be a raving mad lunatic.
  12. Cancelling fitba for anyone’s death is ridiculous, the SFA need to get this idea right to fuck. A 99 year old guy dies, it’s hardly a bloody tragedy.
  13. The lowering age pish doesn’t even make sense. So the government are allegedly giving money to a group, who are lobbying the government to change the age of consent. Is that the gist of the issue? Or have I mis-skimmed it? I think some people need to take a step back and consider what conspiracy shite they are engaging in, because even Scotty would say Naw fuck this shite to this one.
  14. Even now, the dead duke still has more personality than that fucker.
  15. Seeing Galloways puss, when he hopefully gets his arse handed to him, will almost be as good as Swinson getting booted out, almost. Galloway is nothing but a money and attention seeking hoor.
  16. What’s the story with Clackmannanshire? The figures there are ridiculous 😳
  17. That’s kinda been my fear for the last 5 years.
  18. That’s definitely 8/10 on the cringe scale.
  19. The religious bigots would have to suck it up and try to move into the 19th century, or they would leave Ireland in droves, hence why we better go first. It’s certainly a hell of a lot more nuanced than a picture I’d paint, but the loyalists, unionists or whatever grouping you’d give them, seem to thrive on hatred and bigotry. A reunited Ireland doesn’t deserve them, but neither do we.
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