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  1. Utd have got the begging cap out. Im not one of these fans to criticise their local rivals, but I think this is pretty iffy.
  2. Its harder to think of a bigger cunt in politics than him. He is also staggeringly inept, pretty much Labour levels of stupidity. Although a few are trying to get there.
  3. I listen to The Guardian Football podcasts, they had an episode on racism in the UK. Some black ex footballer, I didn’t catch his name, thinks racism in England is worse than America, because in England they are nice to your face, but call you names in private. So black people in America, think you are lucky, only to get killed or even shot. While there is obviously an issue, as usual it’s being hijacked by complete wallopers on far left and far right, who are far closer to each other than they would ever think they are.
  4. I sadly agree, but when wee Hitler thought police follow you around, it gets tedious. Anyway, now been called auld by the moron, so full bingo card now.
  5. Hopefully it’s the first, can’t imagine we could have the second. Either way, terrible day.
  6. Ramy and Hills think this is Grindr apparently. Scissor sistering to the end.
  7. None of the Arabs I know are upset about this either. Mixu should be given a chance to redeem himself IMO.
  8. Ive said it a thousand times, English fitba is absolutely vastly over rated. 9/10 games are utter shite, take away the big build up, the whiney stadiums and its pish.
  9. Ditches the DABs for the Tarts. Didnt think he was impressive at Tannadice, Utd shouldnt be too upset at this IMO.
  10. Honest to fuck man, you need to learn how to take a fucking joke. Your wee brain is going to explode one day FFS.
  11. You love collecting insults, you clearly get off on it.
  12. A cheese cake is not a urinal cake, and vice versa. One tastes very good, the other one probably doesn't. Despite both saying cake, they are different. Scotland is not England, and vice verse. One has a blue flag, and the other is white. Despite both saying land, they are different. That was my college class today, hopefully everyone can understand that simple lesson. Tomorrow we will learn to count to 10 in a row.
  13. It would be covered by his insurance.
  14. Quite literally couldnt disagree any more.
  15. Ryan Fraser refuses to sign a short term extension at Bournemouth to finish the season. Poor show, lacks loyalty, commitment and decency IMO.
  16. You have sex with your right hand, but why not The Queens hand, cause its not the same fucking thing. See how easy that is. Different is different, ie not the same.
  17. I will send you a bottle of Glenlivet if you stop posting the same shite, its been 3 months of this pish. Celtic won the league, Lennon is a Champion, Rangers are still shite, and Gerrard is a wanker. 4 easy wee facts for you to digest.
  18. Stranraer can fuck off. Their chairman was interviewed far too many times, they have won two games all season, and were 8 points behind 9th place Forfar, having picked up 16 points from 27 games, they were almost certainly down. Acting like some great injustice against them is fantastical, Partick and Hearts have a case, they don't.
  19. Ive no intention of reading that statement, but the clubs and companies that come away with this kinda pish must be mental, no one ever believes it. They always act so innocent and shocked that anyone would accuse them of being whatever they are.
  20. I cant believe Im doing this, I feel sickened by it and I know its wrong, but I kinda agree with the absolute boot that is Julia Hartley-Brewer, he didnt pee on it, he peed next to it. Not a massive distinction, but 14 days for that seems a bit OTT IMO, no idea what would have been right though.
  21. Rangers both over achieved and under achieved in the same season. 2019 form was better than expected, 2020 form was worse, overall, the league table is correct, better than the rest, but not at Celtics level. Apart from McGregor in goal and Barisic at LB, I don't think any other Rangers player gets close to being in Celtics team IMO.
  22. 😂 When Faddy scores against Ukraine at Hampden, I think about 4 entire rows of people swapped seats.
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