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  1. Don’t you dare insult his old account. FFS, what a genius post to make from the delusional one.
  2. A lot of people incredibly over rating English based players yet again, Skys cum gets swallowed yet again.
  3. A simple joke based on previous events.. Nae idea what that means.
  4. kumnio

    Russian visa

    If you don’t put it on, Vladimir Putin will refuse your visa when he phones the embassy in Rome to check. Don’t upset Vladimir.
  5. I organised that trip, it doesn’t feel that long ago, but it was before we all had good phones with cameras 😳. Hopefully you get some pictures. Still feel bad for the one guy who turned up in his kilt and didn’t get in, think it was the Cardiff fan if memory serves me right.
  6. Aww diddums. Away and claim your benefits ya big dirty hun bastard. 👍
  7. It was pathetic. Only a cunt would think otherwise.
  8. Utd have been utter shite IMO. Very good keeper and Shankland took his chance well, but their midfield is abysmal and their defence looks slow. Tackling has been industrial to say the least Although I may have Dee specs on.
  9. He is busy in Chicago, you know he lives in Chicago now, looking for some sow to molest, take the boy out of the pigsty, sorry Perth..... Ive never seen anyonee as tight as him, never bought a drink all day, then pisses off when its his round, typical hun.
  10. Everyone in the know knows that it’s 200k signing on fee, and 3k a week. Rumours eh..
  11. kumnio

    Russian visa

    We do it to them, they return the favour. People stressing over the visa, sorry, but it’s a simple form to fill in, you don’t even need to be accurate with the details.
  12. I honestly can’t remember him as a player, for me, he has only ever been a bigoted Hun hanger on, then DFC Manager.
  13. Who would have thought that the useless hobo cunt would’ve the best manager we have had in 5 years. The club had a massive clusterfuck in replacing him with two absolute bellends.
  14. Westminster to review the issue of devolution, they can get right to fuck.
  15. Opposition Cunts Billy Dodds Nacho Novo Stilian Petrov, the biggest diving cheating cunt the world has ever seen, when he goes to hell, Pol Pot and Joesph Stalin will give him a wide berth Gary Mackay-Steven John Hartson Alan Main Stephane Mahe Michael Lustig Fernando Ricksen Martin O'Neill Craig Levein John Boyle, think thats his name, wee fat Motherwell owner Dundee Cunts Jim McIntyre Billy Dodds Nacho Novo Martin Woods Craig Curran John Brown Craig Burley Tom Hateley
  16. Well that was quick. If the Scottish Government didn't allow non Scots to vote in an independence referendum, imagine the media outrage at treating people as second class citizens.
  17. Gordon Brown, Jesus is that myopic cunt still spouting shite. Someone should lock him to a chair, and quiz him on his 2014 stuff, everything he said back then was drivel.
  18. Agreed, you’re the shining example of it. You’re a Nationalist, British forever, and would never contemplate anything else, you’ve said as much in the past. At least you’re consistent.
  19. It was Perth that I stayed for the best part of a year. I was treated fine, as I am white, and not quite a pommie, but even I got annoyed at the anti British shite during the Olympics. I worked with a Botswanan, he used to get a ridiculous amount of racist shite. The general population seemed to hate the Japanese and Koreans, and pretty much everyone was homophobic. The aboriginal community were treated like utter shite. There were 4 Aussies on my tour of North Korea last year, you’d think the people into that kinda thing would be a bit more worldly, but 3 were outright bigots, the other guy was fine. Great country, ruined by the settlers.
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