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  1. That second goal for Poland could prove crucial in this group. Might go to GD.
  2. I think Lee Dixon has disappeared to spew up. sounds like he is as sick as a parrot.
  3. I could see three teams finishing on 6 points and Japan go out on GD.
  4. This is great game tonight. What the WC is all about. It could go either way, but I'm predicting at least one sending off.
  5. There is good chance that Australia could be going into the last game against Denmark needing a point to progress to the last 16. Right now I'm fairly sure Harry Souttar will be thinking that he made the right decision.
  6. I agree. They played better once he went off, although to be fair, Serbia had had the legs run off them by that point. He is one of those players who thinks he is better than he really is. Does the manager have the baws to drop him though?
  7. They have looked like the best team in the tournament so far which probably means they won't win it.
  8. Apparently Michelle Mone's company PPE Medpro is based in Chancery Lane. That's just taking the fukin pish.
  9. I think it was OUR fault both times. My shudder was more to do with the tackling than the result.
  10. I think the situation is only going to start moving if the opinion polls start moving. As much as I hate opinion polls, I think this is now the only driver that can push us towards Independence. It's now getting on for a decade since Nicola suggested we should wait until the polls are consistently giving close to 60%, before we go again. She didn't put any timescale on this at the time. She is still playing the long game but the polls need to start moving or it could soon be game over for Nicola. This is fundamentally what started the split between her and AS. Alex wanted to go as soon as possible after the Brexit vote with the thinking that, if we start from a base of 45%, a good campaign would push us over the line. Effectively AS moved closer to the fundamentalist side of the SNP and Nicola has held doggedly on to the gradualist approach. We shouldn't forget that AS spent most of his time in leadership fighting against the fundamentalists in the SNP. Nicola has won that battle, just as AS won that battle within the party during the 80s and 90s. Time will tell whether her approach has worked. How much time it will take to find out is hard to guess at.
  11. I don't think he has ever denied being a Tory at heart?
  12. 😂 I like watching Uruguay. Nowadays they play very entertaining football. The manager needs to be brave enough to drop Suarez, although he wasn't their worst player. That Pellistri fella was awful. They do have some really cracking players and I hope they can progress to the later stages.
  13. Were you by any chance listening to the John Beattie radio program yesterday? There was no doubt in my mind that some of the folk on there were just itching for some shenanigans to kick off at the rallies last night. The BBC is filled with devious, odious fukers.
  14. If he still pays his membership (which he does) he can still take part in SNP votes. He is still a member unless his branch decide to kick him out. It doesn't happen automatically. Quite a few SNP members are members of other parties.
  15. I'm now closer to 60 than 50 and in the age group you are talking about. Another thing about "my generation" is that, although we remember how bad the Thatcher years were, we also know the the recent Tory bunch on mobsters are even worse. We had some hope that Tony B. Liar would be an improvement but in many ways his administration was just as bad as Thatchers. I spend quite a bit of time with auld codgers (aye, even older than me 😂) folk who are 10, 20 or 30 years older than me. In my experience the difference in attitudes that that 10+ years makes is huge.
  16. It opens up for new members on 7th December.
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