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  1. I see you are also on the "Premium Membership". Not everybody knows about the free bonus pint in every destination we go to. I was trying to keep it quiet. At only an extra £5 a year, it's well worth it.
  2. 3 points back then would be the equivalent of 18 points in new money, assuming you go to all the home games.
  3. Last 10 Away Matches Israel v Scotland 11 October 2018 Allocation 2730 (Open to all members) Albania v Scotland 17 November 2018 Allocation 2150 (Open to all members) Kazakhstan v Scotland 21 March 2019 Allocation 1300 (Open to all members) San Marino v Scotland 24 March 2019 Allocation 2949 (Open to all members) Belgium v Scotland 11 June 2019 Allocation 4,289 (open to all members) Russia v Scotland 10 October 2019 Allocation 1,524 (open to all members) Cyprus v Scotland 16 November 2019 Allocation 2,400 (open to all members) Faroe Islands v Scotland 12 October 2021 Allocation 460 (32 to 17 points) Moldova v Scotland 12 November 2021 Allocation 294 (32 to 25 points) Austria v Scotland 29 April 2022 Allocation 1425 (Open to all members)
  4. Liam Morrison? He's only just turned 19, give him a chance.
  5. Probably the same thing happened to the ITV map drawers. 🤣
  6. Very good. 👍 Took me a wee while to get that one. 😂
  7. Why do they constantly try to make Scotland look smaller than it really is? Is the excuse for the weather map that Scotland gets less weather than RUK?
  8. Wow, that's worse than the weather map. Scotland must be really badly hit. It's getting smaller every day. I thought the figures were just for RUK, then I realised that tiny blob at the top is supposed to be Scotland.
  9. 🤣 😂 Are you an after dinner speaker? I think there might be a vacancy?
  10. You'll get more sense out of the sofa.
  11. I'd let you off if you were going out into the wilderness hunting for them yourself.
  12. I giving Mr Copeland the benefit of the doubt until somebody tells me the jokes. I wonder if she would get offended by Fringo's joke thread on here? 🤔
  13. I don't suppose there is any chance of us getting a Russian ref? 😂 Or are they banned as well?
  14. You mean insisting on driving a 4x4 when your car never leaves a tarmac road? 😉
  15. Could you tell us some of the jokes so that we can decide for ourselves how bad we think they are? 😉
  16. You mean you missed the two foot putt? 🤔
  17. What a finish to the Betfred Masters. Olesen looked to have blown his overnight lead and was sitting +4 for the day with only two holes to play. Then bang!!! Eagle, Birdie finish to win by one shot. Ritchie Ramsay had taken the lead with one hole to play then double bogeyed the last after plopping it in the water. He and Connor Syme finished 3rd equal and both of them move into the top 50 of the European Tour.
  18. I think you could be right, because, the way things are going, he'll be about 102 by the time it happens.
  19. Snap. 😂 Looks like he has hooked two of us. 🤣
  20. Ach c'mon min. What happened to that "No one likes us, we don't care" attitude? I'm sure you've sung the song? You're letting down the traditions of the Mighty Rangers by pretending to give a fuk about what other people think. Seriously though, well done to Rangers on a fantastic achievement. I actually think that just getting to the final, in today's footballing climate, is on a par with Celtic winning that diddy cup back in 1967.
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