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  1. You obviously haven't skied in Scotland enough.I've skied all over Europe and Canada too and at its best, albeit it doesn't happen that often, Scotland is a match for anywhere.
  2. Well, winter is here again and that can mean only one thing. Snow. And the best thing about snow is being able to ski on it. The Lecht, Cairngorm and Glenshee are open for business today, so vast has been the snowfall in the last week. It'll take a few more dumps for the western areas to get a filling before they can open but great to see the ski areas opening now. Ye cannae beat a gey braw snaw on the the hills and gravity as yer pal. Boarders and Skiers, have a great winter on the snow.
  3. Nothing wrong with adding to the fuel of yer ain fire.
  4. I feel sorry for the state of politics in England with yon UKIP guy's comments. The pursuit of the LCD is scary.
  5. The greatest misrepresenation of the word 'comedian' ever. Comedians in a subtle way make you angry about society, that twat just makes you angry that society ever placed him as a comedian.
  6. Alan Johnson! There is nothing in Labour worth voting for now. Nothing.
  7. Melanie Phillips just unwittingly described Alec Salmond as the sort of principled politician we're all apparently lacking.
  8. I've never heard of the comedian Matt Forde but I'm willing to bet he's not funny.....
  9. Electrosynthpop magnificence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdcdFZ0irTk
  10. Jonny

    Johann Lamont

    "I am not going to shout at or about the SNP" I wonder how long that vow will last...
  11. Might be too slow to get to the slopes You any plans for the snow yet? - PM me