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  1. northernscum

    Scott Brown Getting His Excuses In Early

    Poor Scotty is in need of an ego massage. He wants to hear that he is loved and needed before he can fully commit to the country again.
  2. northernscum


    ....or not, as the case may be?
  3. northernscum

    Friendly Next Month

    I just bought a couple of tickets for the main stand for my father in law (non member) and me. So they are selling them as a mixed purchase right from the off, so you and your son should be fine if you want to buy them now.
  4. northernscum

    Friendly Next Month

    Is that the sort of attendance you reckon there will be, 9k? We got way more than that in the last 2 games at Pittodrie against Estonia & The Faroes.
  5. northernscum

    Squad for Netherlands game

    http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=2986&newsID=17316&newsCategoryID=1 Tickets on sale tomorrow for SSC members
  6. northernscum

    Please not Alex McLeish

    If McLeish got the gig look out for a few journeymen Rangers players being elevated to the squad as "operation knuckle dragger appeasement" kicks in.
  7. northernscum

    BBC Sportsound

    Great line up, I would add Stuart Cosgrove to that panel. Those whose entire existence revolves round the ugly sisters would hate every moment of it though!
  8. northernscum

    BBC Sportsound

    It would be well worth it if you broke it by throwing it at David Curries face!
  9. northernscum

    BBC Sportsound

    I wish some fvcker would unplug David Curries mic.
  10. northernscum

    Strachan's gone

    Anyone at the SFA got Billy Davies mobile number I wonder?
  11. northernscum

    Strachan "stay" or "go" vote

    Going by the reports this morning it sounds like he is going. I'm not really all that fussed either way. I try not to get too fixated with either scenario as I can see positives on both sides. I have absolutely no confidence in the SFA choosing the most appropriate replacement if there is going to be one anyway. They have proven that on a regular basis.
  12. northernscum

    Strachan "stay" or "go" vote

    I know, the "party 1st" crews attitude doesn't really help when they would applaud regardless of what went on in front of them on the pitch. But from my perspective the situation is a bit different this time because we are on a pretty decent run of results over the last year or so, so that obviously gives him a bit more leeway that the likes of last time round with that embarrassing cheer-fest in Portugal or when Levein finally got the elbow. Obviously plenty of others think he should just GTF now, and he may well not get a new contract, or decide to bin it himself but I just think of all 5 years he has been in charge, this is the most settled the team has been. Who knows!?!? **Forgot to mention....the SFA are completely useless, so whatever decision they make, you can be sure it will end up a fvck up!
  13. northernscum

    Strachan "stay" or "go" vote

    To be honest, I don't think a TAMB poll is going to be all that high a priority in tomorrows meeting at Hampden!
  14. northernscum

    Strachan "stay" or "go" vote

    I'm making it 11-8 in favour of stay so far. Must admit, I wasn't expecting that!