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12,000 of us allowed into hampden

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3 hours ago, Bristolhibby said:

Think our wires are crossed.

My preference is for all tickets to be allocated via the SSC. Cancel the ones sold in the public sale, net off any tickets going to the Czechs or Croats then allocate all spare through the SSC.

What I was saying is they are giving the SSC a reduced %, and a ballot for those who have pre ordered general sale tickets.

There will be low pointers who will luck out in the presale ballot because they bought a ticket a year ago.

My point is there are a lot of SSC supporters with a decent points total who will miss out, who would have got tickets pre COVID and put off even applying for general sale as we knew we would be alright to the them through the usual SSC allocation. (I’m in this camp. Would have walked into all three games with my points).

COVID has holed that idea below the waterline.


Understood... and I agree with you.

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