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  1. Rents


    Got a paper copy printed off. I was hoping that a picture of it would be enough.
  2. Rents


    Cheers mate Yeh we are hoping for a quick turnaround myself. The Air Moldova flight was put back 1 hour so that cuts into our time over in Chisnau.
  3. Rents


    Is anybody aware on how the restrictions are affecting the opening times? We dont get there till until around 10pm on Thursday and what to head out for some beers.
  4. I have downloaded my pass again and also getting it printed off. Similar to @Bristolhibbygoing to go for the belts and braces approach.
  5. I downloaded a certificate back in early September. It’s says it’s valid for a year. Is this article saying it’s not valid full stop and should be downloading a new one
  6. Yeh at least its not been cancelled. Maybe just a standard change for this time of year. The fact that the return one has been moved puts my mind at rest. This however does mean 1 less hour drinking 60p pints.
  7. I notice the Air Moldova flight from Stanstead on Thursday, has been put back by one hour. I am hoping this is not a prelude to a cancellation.
  8. I was thinking Euros and I would also imagine that you will be able to use the cashlines. I think I still have notes from the last time as I brought it home and nobody would accept it for a swap into Sterling.
  9. I was not aware of this and was going to fill in the Dublin Airport locator form. My party is going back via Dublin. Edit just seen Tattiescone's post
  10. I seen the crisis garda link on twitter.
  11. Totally agree. We are now taking decent seats in the stadium ahead of locals. Nae Luck
  12. I see the restrictions are to continue until 30th of November. Just praying now that my Air Moldova flights does not get cancelled
  13. 5 of us in Section 38 I bet the Moldovan FA have got a shock on the ticket sales today.
  14. Thanks for keeping me right @Bristolhibby and @Easy_1967 I will keep an eye out for any news over the weekend. Hopefully some positive news, springs the SFA into action on tickets.
  15. Hopefully hear by Monday on restrictions in Moldova. Then look to book a LFD at that point.
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