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  1. Nah, I would take Thompson. Michael Stewart is a poor pundit. Doesn’t add much at all.
  2. Each to their own. He’s not impressed me when I’ve heard him. Rory Hamilton is good on BT Sport and Premier Sports. Personally don’t mind Crocker that much. Eilidh Barbour will be presenting for Sky next season.
  3. Positives to take from tonight and some good signs despite the score line. Greg Taylor did really well on his debut. McLean and McTominay were solid in midfield. Thought the final score was harsh. Should definitely have had one goal. Shambles that led to that not going in.
  4. Definitely a game of opinions. I thought James Forrest offered very little which is frustrating as he showed what he’s capable of in some of the Nations League matches. McKenna’s use of the ball was really poor at times last night. Has to work at that. Great to see and hear a more positive mood in our support last night. The response to the equaliser was to get back behind the team for the most part and brilliant we could cheer them on for the winner. A solid start for Clarke.
  5. Thanks, Davy. Payment just sent. Thanks as always for organising the buses and doing such a great thing to raise money for TASA. It’s much appreciated.
  6. Hi Davy, can I book one seat please? Thanks.
  7. Superb. Thanks as always, Davy. Will be travelling from Larnaca.
  8. Have booked Rimini. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Used them during the World Cup for internal flights. Service was good.
  10. Looking at Bologna as a base for this one. Around 1h 30m drive. Anyone booked somewhere else?
  11. Just to confirm again SSC discount doesn’t apply as confirmed by Edinburgh store. Still managed to get it for just under £38 with the additional 10% cashback offer at JD with my Santander debit card. Worth checking your banks equivalent offers.
  12. Thanks for the tip re: Abraham Tours. Have made contact.
  13. Just to add worth checking your bank account offers as 10% cashback currently on mine so that’s a bit more off it.
  14. I thought that would be the case. Thanks for confirming. 👍
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