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  1. jcluk

    Davy Bus Cyprus

    Superb. Thanks as always, Davy. Will be travelling from Larnaca.
  2. jcluk

    Where are you going to stay?

    Have booked Rimini. Thanks for the advice.
  3. jcluk


    Used them during the World Cup for internal flights. Service was good.
  4. jcluk


    Same here, Stevie.
  5. Looking at Bologna as a base for this one. Around 1h 30m drive. Anyone booked somewhere else?
  6. jcluk

    30% off away kit

    Just to confirm again SSC discount doesn’t apply as confirmed by Edinburgh store. Still managed to get it for just under £38 with the additional 10% cashback offer at JD with my Santander debit card. Worth checking your banks equivalent offers.
  7. jcluk

    Transport from Airport to Tel Aviv

    Thanks for the tip re: Abraham Tours. Have made contact.
  8. jcluk

    30% off away kit

    Just to add worth checking your bank account offers as 10% cashback currently on mine so that’s a bit more off it.
  9. jcluk

    30% off away kit

    I thought that would be the case. Thanks for confirming. 👍
  10. jcluk

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    He was booed by a very small number of morons. Heard at the stadium so definitely not something added by Sky as some ridiculously alleged. We need to police ourselves here and if we are standing near someone booing a Scotland player then tell them to shut up and get behind the full team. Club allegiances are left at the turnstile when you support Scotland.
  11. jcluk

    Scotland v Slovenia

    I'll be there but for those who can't/won't be going it's worth noting the match will be live on Sky Sports Mix so you don't need the full Sky Sports package to watch.
  12. jcluk

    Likely Pre-Slovenia Friendly

    What would be wrong with McDiarmid Park? Easy enough to get to. I'd rather see a full 10,000 seater stadium than a quarter full Hampden or half full Easter Road.
  13. jcluk

    Likely Pre-Slovenia Friendly

    I disagree. Think the experience of playing in a full, smaller stadium is better than a quarter full and quiet Hampden for games like these. Take it around the country - Perth a good option and fill a 10,000 seater. Creates a bit of atmosphere hopefully and demand for tickets.
  14. jcluk


    Is this confirmed? I know Strachan mentioned a friendly would be scheduled. McDiarmid Park would be a good option and hopefully ensure a full stadium.