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  1. Hoping for a shorter package with direct flight to come up for this one. Wonky Sheep saying they plan to offer a four day/three night package which is too long for me unfortunately.
  2. Sure we will be fine to travel come June. Managed to get the Aer Lingus flights from Edinburgh before the prices went crazy. Should be a great trip.
  3. Watching the game back again for the umpteenth time today. What a night it was at Hampden. Ups and downs as we've come to expect but that ending was right up there in the top moments following Scotland. Fantastic to have a full stadium rocking again.
  4. Has to be Nathan Patterson. A far better player than Stephen O'Donnell. Will make mistakes as he's 19 years old but should be the right back for Scotland for many years to come if he keeps progressing.
  5. Some of the antics of those protesting outside the ground were over the top. No issue with them sharing their views but some among them were doing it in the wrong way and not taking into account those around them as the OP mentioned. Fantastic second half! Turned it round and showed brilliant character. The crowd stayed with the team tonight which made a difference.
  6. Definitely an opportunity for someone to make some decent profit out of a charter flight day trip now the travel restrictions and tickets are known.
  7. Disappointing news but not a huge surprise. Was hoping for the best and that it may be decided country by country. More details here - October and November still possible: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12098/12378888/world-cup-2022-no-away-supporters-at-septembers-qualifiers-with-uefa-and-fifa-pointing-to-rising-covid-cases
  8. Was pleasantly surprised when I saw that. Fingers crossed the quarantine rules are relaxed in the next few weeks.
  9. Yeah, disappointing news. No sensible way of making the trip now.
  10. This Wednesday flight has now been moved to the Friday so no longer an option.
  11. Fingers crossed the vaccination passport will enable us to get there. A few weeks yet for everything to be worked out.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Have booked with Sport Options. Fingers crossed for good news on tickets.
  13. I agree with your description. They do still have the Edinburgh flight out on the Wednesday available so looks like they've cancelled those that were scheduled up to the end of August.
  14. Plenty of time for that to change and with the progress of the vaccines I'm really optimistic we will be there.
  15. Wednesday one may work with an 8.45pm kick off too.
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